• Published 22nd Aug 2012
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Element of Loyalty - AirDasher

War is at the border of Equestria, the six elements of harmony will have to answer the call. They are to choose one among them to enter the war, but will that pony be the same when everything is setteled?

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Chapter 1

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Rainbow Dash watched as the sun outside the window as it was setting, the shadows grew longer. The last minutes of the sun provided the library with a unique glow. They had stayed together all day, thinking back at memories, good moments each and everyone shared. Most of the thinking was good or funny moments with Rainbow Dash in the center of attention in each of them. She looked back to her friends in the library. Rainbow couldn’t help but smile at the sight in front of her. All her friends gathered for the night to have one last moment with her. “Rainbow! Join in!” yelled the pink pony above the loud music. Just for her to snap back to reality. She smiled and walked over to her friend at the dance floor. Each and every one of them was together in a group, dancing and laughing. Rainbow looked at everyone as each of them possessed a smile. Laughter was heard, and she couldn’t help but think of this moment as one of the best with her friends this far.

Rainbow Dash felt a hoof in her shoulder; she slowly opened her eyes, only to meet Applejack’s emerald green gaze. “Up and at’m, Sugarcube.” Rainbow opened her eyes fully to see all her friends in front of her.

Dash slowly got up started to stretch like a cat. “Yeah… Probably for the best.” She lowered her head. “I’ll miss you guys.”

Applejack hugged her, Dash returning the embrace tightly. The group waited as Rainbow Dash made her way through the line of friends. First Applejack, then Pinkie who started to bounce when she hugged her and didn’t want to let go again; only after some fighting did she break loose from the grip of her pink friend. She then moved over to Rarity, who was followed by Fluttershy. Lastly came Twilight. Rainbow Dash looked at the group of friends. “Fluttershy?”

Fluttershy watched with teary eyes. “Y-yes Rainbow?”

Rainbow smiled weakly. “Could you take care of Tank for me while I’m away?”

Fluttershy dried her tears with a hoof. “It would be my pleasure.”

Rainbow smiled and gave her another hug. “See you later!” They didn’t have the chance to respond as she was already on her way to Canterlot.

Twilight looked at the rainbow trail as it disappeared in the distance. “Spike, take a note to the Princess.” Spike got a scroll and a quill. Twilight looked at him to confirm that he was ready. “Dear Princess Celestia: I have spoken to my friends and we have reached an agreement. Rainbow Dash, as the Element of Loyalty, will go. You don’t need to send a chariot. Your faithful student, Twilight Sparkle.”

Rainbow Dash was certainly the fastest flier in all of Equestria; It was a short two hours after Celestia had gotten the scroll from Twilight saying Rainbow would go that Rainbow Dash landed in front of the palace doors. Just as she landed and the dust had settled had she noticed two spears pointing at her chest.

She looked at the two white guards holding the spears, each in golden armor with a blue mane on their helmets. “Ummm, you do know that Princess Celestia asked one of the Elements of Harmony to join the war? Right?”

The guards glanced at each other before lowering their weapons. “Princess Celestia is waiting for you.” The other guard opened the door for her and she trotted in. As she entered, she saw Celestia on top of the stairs. Dash walked in front of the stairs and bowed. Celestia's soft voice filled the throne room. “Loyalty, it is a pleasure to meet you again. I only wish it could be under better circumstances.”

Rainbow rose up. “You’re not the only one…” She immediately looked up at the Princess, waiting for more information.

Celestia walked down the stairs and stood next to the cyan mare. “I have something special made just for you, Rainbow Dash; you will receive it when it is completed. For now, go to the white tent in the far east of Canterlot.”

Rainbow nodded. “As you wish, Princess.” She walked toward the door and opened it with a hoof. She looked over her shoulder to get one last glance at the Princess before spreading her wings and flying east.

As Rainbow landed in the camp, her first vision from the sky was twenty rows of black tents, one in their midst being white. She got a lot of looks from all the armored ponies in the camp as she approached the white tent. She had never seen iron pony armor as most of the guards she had ever seen used gold. She also noticed that it was a lack of mares in the army camp. She noticed a few; just as she was about to go into the tent, another armored Pegasus walked out of it.

Rainbow saw that it was a single earth pony behind a desk in the tent. Dash walked in and waited in front of the desk. Behind the desk was a grey-coated pony with a coal-black mane, matching with his tail. His eyes were greyish but what caught her attention a name tag that read. “Iron.” she said out loud, more to herself than anyone else. The grey earth pony looked up. “Name?”

Rainbow Dash looked from the name tag to his face, and quickly noticed all the scars. “Rainbow Dash.”

Iron looked up at her. “Rainbow Dash? The Element of Loyalty, and the winner of the best young flyer competition?”

Rainbow Dash puffed out her chest. “The one and only!”

Iron wasn’t impressed, and turned his attention back to the paper at hoof. “So you are the Element-wielder who was sent into the war.” Rainbow looked a bit annoyed at his response; Iron got to his hooves and walked around the table, Rainbow quickly noticing that his cutie mark was two blade crossing each other like an ‘X.’. “Let’s get this over with, we need to take some tests on you and see what you are most suited for, and what lucky company that will have the honor of having you in it,” he said in an ironic voice. Rainbow followed him with her gaze as he walked past her and to the opening of the tent. One thing was clear to her; she didn’t like Iron one bit.

Iron looked over his shoulder. “Are you coming, or what?” Rainbow let out a sigh and turned to follow him. He closed the entrance and turned to face her. “What was that?”

Rainbow Dash looked from the opening to him. “What do you care?”

Iron’s eyes turned hard. “I won’t tolerate lazy flanks; when I give an order, you follow it without any complaints!”

Dash looked even more annoyed. “Sure, whatever…” Rainbow was about to walk out of the tent when she found her exit blocked by a hoof.

“From now on, you say YES SIR, whenever I give you an order!”

Rainbow grew past annoyed and into frustration. “What difference would it make!?”


Rainbow swore all she could see was red. “WHAT THE BUCK IS YOUR PROBLEM!?” she yelled at him.

Iron grew angrier by the second. “MY BUCKING PROBLEM IS YOU! You are out of experience, your head strong, and you think you can take on the world alone! But you know what, Missy? The likes of you are the one that fall the first in a war!”

Rainbow stared him down.

Iron opened the entrance again. “Get out of here and find Spear. He should be directly north of here.” Rainbow Dash just walked out without looking back, her anger still flaring up inside of her. The whole commotion had been noticed as all eyes were on the tent when she walked out. 
Rainbow walked directly north until she came to a campfire on the outskirts of the roves of tents. There sat a group of ponies: three earth ponies, two Pegasi, and four unicorns.

One of the unicorns noticed her coming and nodded in her direction. He was a white unicorn bearing a dark blue mane with a light blue strip through it; his tail was similarly colored and reminded her of Twilight for some reason. He rose to his hooves and looked in her direction before he started a slow trot toward her. Rainbow watched as the armored unicorn came in her direction making it impossible to see his cutie mark. Rainbow Dash still wore an angry expression as the white unicorn came closer.

“Looks like someone has taken a beating.” Rainbow stared daggers at the white unicorn coming her way; he, however ignored it. “Name is Spear, I guess you were sent to me by Iron?”

Dash got a bad taste in her mouth just by the name and looked away. “Yeah.”

“Thought so.” Rainbow looked up at Spear and noticed his light blue eyes. “Every recruit I meet wear that expression after they first meet Iron.”

Rainbow’s expression didn’t change, though. “Say, what’s your name?”

Dash closed her eyes and tried to calm her anger. “Rainbow Dash.”

Spear noticed the change and pushed a little further. “You mean the wielder of the Element? Loyalty, was it not? And the winner of best young flier competition?”

Rainbow Dash opened her eyes again. “What’s it to you?”

Spear couldn’t help to smile a little at how easy it was to turn her anger. “I’m impressed, and you performed a Sonic Rainboom…”

Rainbow’s anger seemed to melt away, all forgotten and replaced by pride. “Yeah, that’s me.”

Spear knew he had gotten to her. “So what say? Ready to begin?”

Rainbow spoke. “Yeah.” Spear looked behind Rainbow Dash, who looked over her shoulder only to get the bad taste in her mouth again.

“Iron! What a nice surprise,” said Spear, saluting him.

Iron looked from Spear to Rainbow. “Still not done with her, Spear?”

Spear looked to Rainbow Dash. “Not yet sir, I was just about to sta-“

“Give her the hard version,” Iron interrupted.

Spear’s eyes widened a bit. “Uhhh, YES SIR!” he shouted, giving another salute as Iron walked away.

Spear looked to Rainbow Dash. “Looks like you get the Elite test.”

Dash looked at him. “Elite test?” she echoed.

Spear nodded. “Follow me.” He turned and started to walk outside the camp. Rainbow Dash followed close behind. 
They stopped in front of an exercise ground, about forty meters in width and 140 in length. Spear had brought with him a clipboard. “You’ll start flying around here for as long as you can, at full speed.”

Rainbow was just about to begin when he spoke again. “You need to at least make 5 rounds!”

Rainbow looked down at the now small unicorn. “Done in 10 seconds flat!” Rainbow then flapped her wings at full speed. The streak didn’t disappear before she was in it again, causing a rainbow circle around the training field.

Her wings burned to the very bone. She was breathing heavily and she felt needles of pain poke her wings. She was soon forced to land, Dash pushed further, using the last of her strength to muster another round. She glided down to the ground below, close to the white unicorn. Spear looked up as she came closer and closer. Rainbow landed with a thud, she stood still shaking for a moment before she walked over to him breathing heavily and sweat glistering from her coat.

She managed to push out some words in between gasp of air. “H-how…was t-that?” Spear looked down on the clipboard. “You managed sixty rounds, which is 4 rounds more than the old record, which was set by Spitfire.” Rainbow’s eyes widened as she got a huge grin on her face. She had beaten one of her idols old records. Spear than looked from the clipboard to her and noticed the large grin. “We’re not done yet, Rainbow Dash.” Rainbow’s smile didn’t disappear, though. Spear then moved a quill and wrote something down on the paper. “Prepared for the next test?”

Rainbow Dash frowned. “Already? No break in between?”

Spear shook his head. “Nope. Elite test, remember?”

Rainbow rolled her eyes, still shaking. “Let’s get this over with!”

Spear watched as Rainbow Dash had to run the width of the field; she had a heavy iron armor covering her body as she ran. “That’s round 7 Rainbow Dash!” Dash wasn’t able to hear anything at all sound from the armor. Rainbow Dash kept a steady speed for another 2 rounds, then her body starting to shake. She had gotten quiet large crowd watching her as she kept running. Spear looked down on the clipboard again. “I bet she’s able to make 10 rounds” a green colt said,. “I bet she’s done for, she’s not going to make it another round” a white stallion said. Spear looked up again. Rainbow Dash could feel her legs tighten; she was unable to place one hoof in front of the other and fell. A loud clinging sound filled the field as she fell.

Spear looked at her. “C’mon RAINBOW! You can make 1 more round!” he yelled.

“I told you she couldn’t do it!” yelled the white stallion. Spear sent the white colt a glare. The sound of moving metal caught everypony's attention, Rainbow Dash rising slowly to her hooves and starting to walk, the walk turning into an outright run. She ran the last bit to the line, and just to make the white colt swallow his word she turned and ran another run at full speed.

A loud cheer came from the crowd as she got to a halt in front of spear. Rainbow Dash was shaking heavily; she sat down on her haunches, breathing heavily and threw the helmet of as it landed in front of Spears hoofs. The helmet was removed and showed a worn out cyan Pegasus. Rainbow looked at Spear after catching her breath again. “What’s next?”