• Published 22nd Aug 2012
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Element of Loyalty - AirDasher

War is at the border of Equestria, the six elements of harmony will have to answer the call. They are to choose one among them to enter the war, but will that pony be the same when everything is setteled?

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Chapter 6

I'm sorry to all of who have been wainting for this chapter all those weeks, I've been unable to reach my editor so I'll just publish it and hope she gets the time to edit it after a while. Thank you all for waiting, hope this chapte was worth waiting for. Thanks too vVRainbow DashVv


The group assembled outside the hospital, all of them rudely awoken by the grave news. “I simply can’t understand how this could happen!” Rarity shouted with teary eyes as they walked towards the entrance. “Ah know sugar cube, It’s hard for any of us to get” Applejack tried to reassure her “But ya’all know how fast Rainbow recovers!”. They entered the hospital and found their way to the waiting room, knowing exactly where to go to find it. The sound of their hooves touching the tiles sent echoes through the corridors as they closed in on their destination.

The waiting room was empty, not a single pony in sight except for the nurse pony behind the counter. Twilight looked over her shoulder to her friends “You go ahead and sit down, I’ll just see if i can get any news from the nurse” Applejack took charge and walked towards the rows of seats. Twilight could hear the sobs of Fluttershy who had collapsed on one of the chairs. Pinkie pie tried to cheer her up, but nothing seems to reach the yellow Pegasus. Twilight trotted to the counter, the light pink nurse pony looked up from the parchment she was reading. “May I help you miss Sparkle?” Twilight faked a smile “Yes, I’m looking for a friend of mine. Her name is Rainbow Dash” The nurse smiled faded for a second before it was forced back “One second” The nurse walked through a door and out of sight, a few minutes passed before nurse Red heart came out of the door.

Twilight looked worried as the nurse walked past the counter and right up next to her. Red heart cleared her throat “She is in critical condition, Twilight” Twilight felt tears building up. Her head raced as pictures of an injured Rainbow Dash shot through her mind and sent a shiver down her spine.

Twilight waved a hoof to her friends so they could all get the news together.

Fluttershy broke down in tears as she heard about Rainbow Dash’s condition, Pinkie pie tried to reassure her yet again with little success. Red heart’s uneasy gaze shifted from the ponies in front of her. “We are doing everything we can to help her, we even got a team from Canterlot to watch over her day and night. We always have some ponies around to take care of her” Twilight gasped and covered her mouth with a hoof. She knew if they had to get a team from Canterlot her friends condition must be really bad.

Twilight looked to the group as each of them had an empty look on their face, the only one who wasn’t crying visibly was Applejack. Applejacks stetson was removed from her head and held firmly against her chest, while the rest of them had tears streamed down their faces. All having precious memories with the pony they were here to visit.

Applejack sat down on her haunches, tears finally streaming down her face as memories of Rainbow Dash and her in the running of the leaves. How their competitive spirit had nearly cost them their friendship, how they had to make for a second round to get the rest of the leaves to fall. She could still remember their conversation as they ran, the taste of the sweet cake they ate at Sugarcube corner after they had tied, again. Applejack walked over to the rows of seats and sat down, soon followed by Rarity.

Rarity sat down beside Applejack with the same empty expression. Her thoughts drifted to the one time she had actually managed to get Rainbow Dash to go with her and Fluttershy to the spa. How she had allowed them to style her mane and made her wear makeup. She had removed everything before they went out and insisted none them never spoke of it again, but to just let her friends see her like that was a big feat. Rarity who usually saw her friend without anything, was shocked at the transformation. Rarity found herself holding Applejack as she cried into her shoulder.

Fluttershy couldn’t help herself, all the memories she shared with Rainbow Dash, she was the only one help her with the bullies at flight camp. Her only friend during flight camp, all the late night talking, how excited she was when she heard that a rainbow maned pegasus had moved to ponyville from cloudsdale. How she had left to see her the first day she came to ponyville. That Rainbow Dash had noticed her at once and was right out excited to see her old friend again as they had spent all night at Fluttershy's cottage just talking about old times, sharing memories and laughing all night. Fluttershy felt herself being dragged up by Pinkie Pie. Fluttershy let herself drag along as memories of the brash pegasus still filled her every thoughts.

Pinkie Pie placed Fluttershy next to Rarity, Pinkie’s mane was straight as a waterfall, Pinkie Pie didn’t say anything, something that was highly unusual. Pinkie Pie looked up at the clock on the wall, she could have sworn that the clock moved...Backwards? Pinkie kept watching the clock as the image of her friends suddenly appeared on the clock. As the days went back the clock suddenly stopped. She found herself and Rainbow Dash pranking all their friends, from when they had painted all the apples at sweet apple acres, to the ink at Twilight's library, Pinkie watched as more memories unfolded as the time went back and forth to different times of her life.

Red heart gazed at the group sitting in the rows of chairs crying, Red heart lowered her gaze “I’m sorry Twilight, but we don’t know when she will wake up, or even if” Twillight felt the tears streaming down her cheeks like waterfalls. She had looked forward to their time with Rainbow Dash on hearts warming eve, and now she wasn’t even sure she or her friends would hear her voice again. Twilight sniffed “T-thanks f-for the information” Twilight walked with a heavy heart back to her friends and sat down.

Applejack looked up at Red heart, still crying “Jus’ what happened to ‘er?” Red heart looked in her direction “She was unconscious when she got here” Red heart looked at the door as the familiar sound of the door opening got her attention.

A dark gray pegasus with golden armor entered, the only thing unusual about his armor was that the mane of the helmet and tail was red. He looked around, obviously not sure where he was suppose to go or who exactly he was looking for. He looked around and saw the group of friends sitting in the waiting room, crying. He had a worried expression as he came to a halt in front of the group, “Any of you friends with Rainbow Dash?” Twilight looked over at him with teary eyes “We all are”. The Pegasus walked over to the group and looked at Twilight, his gaze moved over all six ponies in the room.

He stood in front of Twilight, General Red Mane removed his helmet before he spoke. “She served under my command in this war” Twilight looked at his armor with the golden engraving of a phoenix spreading its wings, Twilight's eyes widened “You're General Red mane! The leader of the 1’st battalion!” Red mane slowly nodded “Indeed, the elite units of Princess Celestia, hoof picked by her grace” Twilight looked at her friends who returned their watery stares.

The general stretched out his hoof “Can you give her this for me? I was sent on Princess Celestia's behalf"he gave her a small red leathered box with a golden phoenix pattern on top “ and tell her that her squad is well and alive, they wanted to thank her for saving their lives. They would have come here personally if it wasn't for this darn war, the whole 1’st battalion wanted me to send her their regards, as well as this old fool.” His gaze shifted uneasily among the ponies in front of him before it fell to the floor. “ I’m sorry but I don’t have the time to meet her, this war is at it’s end but there is still so much to do. If you want to ask any questions, now is the time” the room was silent.

Applejack’s broken voice was merely a whisper but she soon found her voice again as the question could be heard by all ponies in the room. “Can yeh tell us’all what happen’d to ‘er?” General Red Mane looked at her with a determined look “She managed to opened a large enough hole in the enemy defenses for the rest of the ground unit to push through” All the ponies in the room looked at him as he stopped. General red mane let out a sigh “ Group Alpha was the strongest of our flying squads” Red mane looked to the entrance, “Spear! Come in here”. A White unicorn entered the hospital in heavy golden armor and a full helmet. Covering his face completely, he gave a quick salute to the general “You wanted to see me sir!” Twilight could have swore she knew that voice. The general gave the same salute “Indeed sergeant, I want you to show them what happened to Rainbow Dash” Spear looked from the general to the group, his eyes widened as his gaze fell to a purple unicorn. Spear removed his helmet “Twilight?” Twilight’s ears perked up “Shining armor? Is that you!?” Twilight closed the distance between them and found herself in her brothers embrace.

Twilight looked up at her brother “Are you in this war as well!” Shining armor nodded “Mom and Dad know, didn’t they tell you?” Twilight shook her head making tears fall everywhere “I haven't heard from any of you since I moved to ponyville!” General Red Mane watched the reunion. Red Mane stood up and walked over to Spear “Spear, show them. This was suppose to be a short visit” Shining armor looked up at the general and let his sister out of the embrace “As you wish sir” His horn suddenly flared up in a pink aura as the room itself turned darker. The group of friends looked in horror as the white walls of the hospital disappeared and they found themselves in a whole new landscape.

“We need to get out of this death hole!” Spear looked over his shoulder to on of his squad mates, “If you want to get killed out there go ahead!” He yelled at the top of his lungs as another magical mortar hit the street and sent splinters flying through the window of the old building they were hiding in. Spear looked out the window and saw three griffins running down the street in their direction. Spears horn started to glow as he pointed it out the window, waiting for the griffins to come closer, making sure that he didn't miss. Spear closed his eyes as a three spear looking ice shard shattered the glass and pierced the three oncoming griffins to the house on the other side of the street. “NOW!” Spear charged out of the broken window making sure to jump over the shattered glass, he ran to the closest building and slammed into the wall. He looked over his shoulder and watched as his team came up behind him, Spear peaked around the corner to make sure the it was clear. Another magical mortar blew up the building they were hiding in. Spear looked as the building collapsed, something had caught fire as black smoke started to drift from the building.

Spear made sure no griffins were behind them as he past around the corner and ran down the street, keeping a watchful eye to the windows of the buildings making sure he didn't make the same mistake as the griffins. His orders were to get to the town square, one of the houses there was set up as the medical camp but the griffins had been able to push past their front line, they were assigned to evacuate and help relocate the medical base.

Spear ran past an alley, with his thoughts on the mission he forgot to check his corners. Just as he was in the middle of the opening something rammed into him, his horn lit up the instant he was hit. The moment he hit the ground several ice shards had already pierced the attacker. When he opened his eyes he saw a large griffin lying on the ground in front of him, five ice shards had pierced his wings, not lethal but the ice shard sitting a little to the right in his throat was, the griffin coughed up blood while eyeing the pony in front of him. His claw rose gingerly from the ground, Spears eyes meet with the griffins, they were not full of hate or despair, they were full of sorrow. His eyes pleaded for him to end his misery, Spear closed his eyes.

His horn light up again as an ice shard pierced the griffins head. “Whoa!” Spear looked to his right to find his squad looking at him in shock. “ You managed that even before you hit the ground!” Spear looked to his left “It was just instinct” The red stallion looked from the griffin to Spear “Remind me not to get on your bad side” Spear started to trot down the street “Delta on me!” He hurried down the street as the camp was only three blocks away.

Spear rushed in the door waiting for his squad to enter, “Shield strike, Golden catch and Silver dust make sure first floor is safe, Stargazer and light hoof, I want your eyes in the windows of the second floor making sure no unexpected visitors want to enter our perimeter, Sharp Sword and Techno Beat on me!” “You’re late Spear” Spear gazed around the room for the first time, fifteen ponies lied on the floor. His eyes immediately trailing to the color full mane of the pony in front of him. “Rainbow Dash! What are you doing here?” Rainbow Dash sent him a cocky smile “ Squad Alpha was sent here to be your backup. But we couldn’t find you once we arrived” Spear looked unamused “Where is your squad leader?” Rainbow rolled her eyes “Lightning Twist is upstairs” Spear shot her another glance before he walked up the stairs to meet with Lightning Twist.

Lightning Twist was busy talking to one of the nurse ponies as Spear reached the top of the stairs. Lightning Twist eyed him and turned around “So you’re finally here?” Spear looked around the room finding Stargazer and Light hoof in front a window pointing towards town square, his eyes shifted to the eight ponies on the floor. “We had some problems with mortars and griffin squads on the way here” Lightning Twist eyes widened a little “Already! It’s not even three minutes since they broke or front line!” Spears eyes drifted to the two ponies sitting in front of the window. “We need to hurry if we are to relocate the medical camp” Lightning Twist walked over to an open window “Lightning Charger, Shooting Springe get down here!” A few seconds later a Grey pegasus male and a Cyan pegasus entered the building through the window, Lighting Twists eyed both of them “You two are to help Shining Armor get all of this ponies together with the doctors out of here, follow his orders. Understood?” “Yes ma'am!” both ponies said in unison.

Spear watched as Lightning Twist walked downstairs “Rainbow Dash! Agile Haste! I want you two to fly out and take the heat off of this particular area. I want you to draw as many griffins away from here as possible” “Yes ma'am!” the firm voice of Rainbow Dash was unmistakable. Lightning Twist walked up the stairs again “Shining Armor, give the orders” Spear cleared his throat “Everpony that can walk on their own will follow me, all of you who can’t will get assistance from my team or the doctors!” It didn’t take long for everyone to take action.

Spear found himself in the back alley of the building, watching as Golden catch, Silver dust and Techno beat were helping three injured ponies out of the house. Three out of five of the medical staff began helping them relocate as the rest went inside the building taking care of the ponies left behind. Lightning Charger and Shooting Springe went up on the roof tops scouting for any enemy activity in the area. Spears eyes drifted back to the line of ponies in front of him as eight wounded ponies left the building “I hope we can take the last seven with us on the next rou-” a loud explosion sent roof tiles raining down on them. Spear looked up at the hiding spot to Lightning Charger and Shooting Springe, a large hole in the roof sent shivers down his spine. Once the dust fell he could see both of them still peaking over the rooftop.

They walked down the alley to the next crossing, Spear walked in front as he raised a hoof to indicate the rest of them to stop. He was leaning against the wall as he walked toward the street, making himself as small as possible as he peaked around the corner to the left. To his relief the street was empty, only wooden planks and glass on the ground as far as he could see. A sudden rain of stones and planks made him aware of the mortars had reloaded again. Spear could hear the clanging of metal and screams of agony from all over town. He slowly turned his head to the right, he just caught a glimpse of a shadow with a rainbow trail as eight griffins flew right after it.

Spear closed his eyes and dried the sweat from his forehead, Spear turned around and nodded for the group to follow him again. They didn’t have any problems getting down to the new camp that was on the outer edge of town. Spear looked over his shoulder as the doors to the new medical base closed. Spear looked at the five ponies in front of him, “Let’s get the rest of them and win this war!” Spear ran right behind Silver Dust back down the very same alley they came from.

Mortars had rained down more rapidly after they returned to the former medical base. The closer they came to the former medical camp the louder sound of metal became, the barrages of explosions became far more rapid and echoed twice as loud.

Spear hurried into the house to find his squad firing rapidly from the windows at incoming griffins. Spear could see Stargazer and Light hoof by the window, but he couldn’t see Shield strike or Sharp sword “Where is Shield strike and Sharp sword!?” Light hoof looked from the window to Spear, pointing a hoof out the window “They’re out there on the front line helping what’s left of Charley group!” Spear nodded to the two unicorns, “Okay, Techno beat,Lightning Charger and Shooting springe you're going to help the rest of the injured with the help of the doctors out of here, Golden catch and Silver dust we are going to help Sharp sword and Shield strike!”

As if on cue a Yellow pegasus with a light blue mane enter the room with two injured earth ponies, Spear got a glimpse of the red stallion known as Shield strike, his eyes drifted to the other earth pony she held and recognized his gray body as Sharp sword, Shield strike had only minor wounds, mostly small cuts. Sharp sword on the other half had claw marks all over his body, he had a rather nasty and most likely deep claw mark over his right eye.

Spear felt rage build up inside of him, Rainbow Dash walked in the door next to Agile haste, Rainbow’s armor was covered in scratch marks, her armor had several holes in it exposing her ripped skin, Spear could see blood through the holes. Her helmet was gone, Spear assumed lost in the fight, It wasn’t uncommon for a pegasus to lose their helmet in combat. Rainbow Dash was bleeding from a cut on her forehead, a small stream of blood ran down from her nostril, It looked like she had crashed into something, or someone.

"Still not done!” Spear snapped back to reality as his thoughts had been lost in studying the mare, Spear shook his head “Not yet Rainbow." What happened to you?” Rainbow stifled a laugh as it was obviously too painful “I had some contact” Spear looked at his two wounded teammates “Does this mean?” Agile Haste nodded “Front line is a living hell, Charley got reinforcements and were able to hold the line” Spear let out a sigh of relief “At least some good news” Spear closed his eyes for a moment, “Delta group! we are proceeding the evacuation!” Rainbow Dash and Agile Haste were already out the door, Agile Haste kicked from the ground and was airborne yet again.

Rainbow was about to do the same as a voice called out to her “Rainbow wait!” Rainbow Dash turned to see Spear in the doorway, “What?” Spear walked over to the mare “I want to cast a spell on you” Rainbow looked confused at him “What spell?” Spear stood beside her “A spell that lets us talk through our minds, a magical connection that will let me talk to you in your mind as well as let me see what you see once I close my eyes and reach out to you” Rainbow squinted her eyes “How long does this spell last?” Spear looked thoughtful for a moment “about 3 hours” Rainbow Dash looked at him for a moment before nodding “Okay,but don’t get any funny ideas” Spears horn lit up and after about one minute a pink aura shot out from it and hit Rainbow Dash.

“Did it work?” the sky blue mare shifted uneasy, Spear opened his eyes, blinked a couple of times and closed his eyes "Yep, it worked" Rainbow nearly jumped as his voice came from nowhere in her mind, it felt strange to have another voice inside her head. "Creepy..." Rainbow kicked from the ground and flew out of sight. Spear opened his eyes and helped his squad back to the relocated base.

Once Spear had got back to the medical base he had ordered his squad to defend the base. Only once he made sure Shield strike and Sharp sword had got medical attention did he walk upstairs next to the Stargazer who sat in front of the window, “If anything happens, nudge me” Stargazer looked at him a bit confused by the request but nodded “as you wish.” Once Spear closed his eyes the shadows started to bend and a whole new landscape entered his mind.

Rainbow Dash nearly lost her balance as Spears voice came from nowhere, "AT LEAST GIVE ME A WARNING" she yelled in her mind "Sorry..." Rainbow Dash dived down through the thick layer of clouds, the clouds felt soft against her exposed skin as armor plates had started to fall off. The clouds got thinner and Spear could see the town from the sky, he would have gasped if he could as the town below was in ruin. Houses had collapsed as smoke rose gingerly from all over town, the sound of metal against metal could be heard over the roar of the wind, "It’s horrible!" Rainbow squinted her eyes "Welcome to my point of view" Rainbow broke into a dive right over the front line.

Rainbow Dash flew right over the front line as she tried to get as many griffins to follow her as possible, just as she passed over the rows of griffins did her hoof make contact with an unlucky griffin's head as blood sprayed over her left hoof. Rainbow shot a glance over her back and saw that two griffins were hot in pursuit. Rainbow Dash flew with ease through the streets and made quick turns as she came to the next crossing, "How are you able to keep up with everything?" Rainbow Dash shot straight up in the air as the griffins finally had time to catch up, Rainbows speed decreased as she gained height, "Instinct" Rainbow’s speed came to a halt as she started to fall backwards down between both of the griffins, Rainbow looked behind her as both griffins had clustered their wings to their side and started gaining in on her.

Rainbow Dash knew they were heavier than her, so of course they would gain more speed. But it was all part of her plan, but the griffin that rammed her to the left wasn’t. Rainbow still gaining speed as she fell toward the hard surface of the street, Rainbow had just barely time to straighten her uncontrolled dive as she slammed against a rooftop, her momentum sending her through the roof into second floor as she rammed through the second floor and laid in first floor coughing up blood, an enormous pain in her chest forced her to close her eyes, her ears rang loud as she couldn't make out any sound, "Rainbow!" Rainbow forced open her eyes as she laid there motionless, the ringing in her ears died down slowly “Nopony could have survived that fall” she heard the deep voice of a griffin, “Let’s get back to the front line, can’t let the grass loving horses get back the city” Rainbow laid there for a while catching her breath, she coughed again and tried to stand up, she rose gingerly to her full height.

Rainbow stared out the window "Are you alright?" Rainbow used her left hoof to clean away the blood from her mouth "Yeah" Rainbow Dash looked around the building finding more pieces of her armor. "How in equestria can you still be alive?" Rainbow kept her gaze to the window for any movement "A promise". "A promise?" Rainbow smiled to herself “A promise to my friends, I promised them to get back alive. To be back before hearth's warming eve, I’m planning on keeping that promise!” Rainbow Dash found new energy as she kicked from the ground and flew out the same hole she had made.

Rainbow flew straight back to the front line, to Rainbows shock the front line had been pushed several meters. Rainbow flew past the last building before the towns square, a magical mortar hit the building to her left, Rainbow’s right hoof was badly burned as she squinted her eyes just barely able to dodge the heavy wooden support beam that flew straight at her, Rainbow did a barrel roll to evade the oncoming danger. Her right hoof was almost black, she looked down on it and saw that some of her skin had been burnt off.

Rainbow flew a couple of meters in the air and watched as the front line got bombarded with magical mortars sending ponies flying, the front line was a lost cause if nothing drastic happened soon. Rainbow closed her eyes, images of a ruined ponyville flashed before her eyes, dead ponies in the street, wildfires burning down sweet apple acres. Ponyville in the same state as this town. The last thing that came to her mind was the picture they all shared, a group picture of all six of them. Suddenly she found herself laughing with Pinkie Pie, racing with Applejack, reading daring do with Twilight, sharing breakfast with Fluttershy, how she was forced into trying out a dress Rarity had made and made a joke out of it. A small smile crept on her muzzle.

Rainbow opened her eyes, "I know what to do." Rainbow flew sky high in a matter of seconds "What are you doing? the battle is down there" Rainbow did a one hundred and eighty degree turn and shot straight towards the griffin front line, her timing had to be just right. "Tell the girls I’m sorry" "For what?" Rainbow’s front hoof touched an invisible barrier, "For this" Rainbow flapped her wings as fast as she could, the ground coming dangerously close "Rainbow Dash what are you doing?!" Just before she hit the ground did one last thought enter her mind "I’m sorry I couldn’t keep my promise" an explosion shook the very core of town, shaking Spear enough to wake him from his spell.

Spears vision was of an old house with wooden walls and floor, Spear shot a glance out the window just to see a rainbow colored mushroom rise in the direction of towns square. It didn’t take long for him to bolt to his hooves running towards town square. The silence of the town scared him to death. Just about ten minutes ago the air was filled with sounds of metal and screams, but now...dead silence. He ran as fast as his hooves would let him, he noticed all the broken glass on his way there. The explosion had shattered windows all the way out here. Just how strong was that explosion? and what did it come from were the only questions that fired through his mind as he ran. His legs nearly killing him as he finally made it to town square, he spotted a large crater, just behind the griffins lines. Charlie had used the opportunity to charge through the hole and kill any griffins in their way, just as Spear closed in on the hole did a armored pony climb up from the crater. Spears eyes widened as he saw the limp and bloodied pegasus on his back. Spear stood in shock. Nothing made sense to him, “THIS PONY IS IN NEED OF EXTREME MEDICAL ATTENTION RIGHT NOW!!!” Spear snapped out of his shocked state and ran over to the armored pony, “I know where the medical camp is located, give her to me and I’ll take her to them!” the armored pony didn’t hesitate as Spear levitated the limp pony from his back.

Spear ran as fast as he could, he really wished he could teleport now. Spear looked over his shoulder at the broken pegasus on his back, he could feel her heart just barely beating on his back. Spear looked forward again as the medical camp was just a stone cast away. Suddenly everything went black, the shadow began to fade as white walls appeared out of the darkness as they found themselves in the hospital once more.

The group stood in shock, not really able to take it all in. After several long minutes did General Red mane speak up “Do you know why she chose to go?” No answer, the group was still in shock. The general pointed a hoof at Twilight “Element of magic” He moved it to Applejack “Honesty” he pointed it in the other direction to Pinkie pie “Laughter” Than to Fluttershy “Kindness” And at last to Rarity “Generosity” There was a pause before he spoke again “ Do you know what all those five have in common? None of them belong in a war. Rainbow Dash is the Element of Loyalty. She was loyal enough to sacrifice herself for you, you saw her memory. She preformed a true act of loyalty to spare you of all that she had witnessed. She was loyal to all of you. She protected each and every one of you from what you saw. If you can find someone better suited to have the element of loyalty, point him or her out for me, If you want to take a better look on her armor, she came with it. We had her in the medical tent for two days before she was stable enough to move her here. I’m sorry, but we really have to go now”

General Red Mane walked out the doors, he didn’t give time for the group to ask anymore questions. Shining armor watched after the general as he walked out the door, “Could you give her my regards?” he turned to look on the group. Twilight nodded as he smiled “Thank you” he gave her a quick hug and turned too follow the general. The conversation had lasted longer than anyone had expected as the sun rose over the hillside. Red heart had listened to every word the general had said. Applejack turned to ask Red heart about the armor but she had already went to retrieve it.

It only took five minutes before she came back with a table, on the table was a set of pegasus armor. Twilight walked closer to the armor to inspect the damage it had incurred. She let out a loud gasp as the armor that once had been shining black was now covered in claw marks, some places had even been burnt, Twilight touched the leg protector as a thick layer of soot stuck to her hoof , pieces of the helmet had been ripped off. It was filled with holes and covered in a lot of visible scratch marks. It even had some blood on the shoulder protectors and rib cage armor, it was a claw mark that had pierced the ribcage and her guess was that it was Rainbow's blood. The group looked in horror at the damaged armor as they realized this wasn’t from some theater show. This was real, every scratch that was carved in it, every hole, every little blood mark. It had happened for real. Twilight and Applejack looked at each other, then to Red heart. Applejack broke the silence as the rest of the group inspected the armor “Can’ we see her?”

Read heart looked at Applejack “I strongly suggest you don't see her in this condition” Applejack gaze fell “Ah want te see her” Twilight looked away from what was left of the armor and to Red heart “Please, we all want to see her Red heart” Red heart closed her eyes “I can take you to her, but it’s not a pretty sight”. Red heart led the group through the halls of the hospital and past the rows of doors which held ponies with all kind of injuries and illnesses. Red heart stopped in front of a door with the number two hundred forty eight firmly over the door. Red heart turned to look at the group “Here we are, Rainbow Dash is just on the other side of this door” Applejack was about to enter but Red heart blocked the door with a hoof “Don’t touch anything, okay?” Applejack nodded and pushed away her hoof as she walked in the door.

Applejack was the first to enter the room, her eyes widened as fresh tears rolled down her cheeks. She hadn’t even seen Rainbow Dash yet, just the green curtains that surrounded her bed.

The double room was only occupied by her, wires were scattered all around the floor connected to various machines. A weak piip drew her back to reality as she moved further to let her friends see what she already saw. Applejack slowly walked over to the green hospital curtains and cautiously moved it aside. Applejack instantly stopped as she saw the right hoof at the end of the bed, it held burn marks together with small blood stains scattered around. Rainbow Dash's knee had been bandaged. Applejack didn’t know if she wanted to see the rest if this was only a hoof.

A sudden nudge moved the rest of the curtain and yanked it out of Applejack’s hoof as the Purple aura vanished again. Revealing the Sky blue pegasus. Rainbow’s chest was weakly rising and falling, Rainbow Dash’s mane was a mess, gauze covered her eyes, a large white wire was bandaged to her neck as the white tube disappeared down her mouth. Rainbows torso was bandaged up to her chest. Her right hoof was covered in gauze as well as the wire to the heart monitor. Her left hoof held a little bandage at the joint. Applejack noticed what appeared to be a claw mark from the top of her left hoof all the way down to her joint. Rainbow's wings were tightly wrapped to her side, her left hind hoof was without any bandages, revealing a lot of small cuts and bruises.

Applejack fell back on her haunches crying. Stifled gasps came from almost every pony in the room, Fluttershy broke down in tears as she had done all night, the sight of her friend like this was too much for the yellow pegasus, Pinkie pie covered her eyes as she cried out loud, Rarity was holding her stomach about to puke at the sight, Twilight stood frozen watching her friend in such a dire state.

They had been sitting there for what felt like forever, but in reality was about ten minutes. The constant sound of Rainbows heart monitor was a comforting sound. Applejacks ears perked up as the heart monitor suddenly pipped a little faster than last time, she was not the only one noticing as all eyes were on Dash, full of hope. Rainbows heart monitor pipped again, faster than last time. Rainbows eyes weakly opened. Rainbow Dash coughed a few times as the wire in her throat kept filling her lungs.

Applejack launched herself from her back hooves and stood beside the bed holding her hoof. It almost looked like Rainbow tried to say something, the doors suddenly flung open as the medical staff rushed through the door and in front of her bed, suddenly pushing Twilight and the rest of the girls out the door, Applejack held onto Rainbows hoof as the medical staff tried to push her out. Everything seems to go in slow motion as Applejack got a glimpse of Rainbow Dash's lips, Applejack could only make out “I’m sorry” Applejack was forced to let go of her hoof, Applejack was halfway out the room as a long piiiiiiiiiiiiip sent shivers down her spine. Applejack spun around only to see Rainbow’s heart monitor reach zero.