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Element of Loyalty - AirDasher

War is at the border of Equestria, the six elements of harmony will have to answer the call. They are to choose one among them to enter the war, but will that pony be the same when everything is setteled?

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Chapter 3

Rainbow Dash bolted up from bed as a alarm over the speakers signaled it was time to get up, she looked horrified around the room as her eyes adjusted to the dark room, Rainbows eyes glanced over the sleeping form of Spear. Rainbow Dash covered her ears in an attempt to block out some of the volume with little success. Her eyes once again drifted to Spear who still was fast asleep. “How is he able to do that..” she grumbled under her breath as the alarm still pierced her ears. The alarm finished after a few minutes, it wasn’t a sound in the room, it were all quiet. Except from the sound that came from a sleeping earth pony. Rainbow Dash finally removed her hooves from her ears and looked around the room. Her eyes had adjusted to the dark a long time ago, She moved her hind legs over the edge of the bed, she was now in a sitting position. Rainbow let out a long yawn before she let her hind hooves touch the cold floor, soon followed by her front hooves. She made her way to the bathroom.

When Rainbow Dash came out of the bathroom she noticed that Spear was still asleep, an evil grin spread on her muscle, Rainbow went into the bathroom, after a few minutes she came out with a wooden bucket filled with cold water. She was just about to pour it over him when she realized another option for her evil plan. She went into the bathroom again and opened the door only the slightest and placed the bucket on top of it. She went out again and sat down in bed waiting for her victim to wake, 5 minutes passed and her patience had been tested for too long. She walked slowly over to his bed and rubbed his shoulder “Spear, Wake up!” the only sound that came from the earth pony was a grunt. Rainbow Dash grunted in response before she turned around and gave his flank a swift buck, Spear woke with a yelp and turned his attention to the pain in his flank “WHAT THE BUCK WAS THAT FOR!” Rainbow couldn't help but chuckle. “For not waking up by the alarm!” Spear rolled his eyes and hide his head under the pillow “I hate the army sometimes...” Rainbow let out a fake yawn, “I know what you mean, I’m heading for the bathroom” Spears head poked out from under the pillow in a flash “Wait!” Rainbow looked over her shoulder with a raised eyebrows “What?” before she could react he was already on his hooves and beside her “I really need to use the bathroom” Rainbow smiled to herself, “Sure. Go ahead”

Spear pushed his front hoof against the door, a sudden knock made both ponies turn their head to the source of the sound. Spear walked over to the door and opened it. Lightning twist stood in the door opening a confident smile on her face. “Ready for some real training Rainbow Dash?” Rainbow Dash smiled in response her prank all forgotten “Of course! I’m always ready!” Lightning twist chuckled “Good to see that you still have a fire in your heart” Lighting twist mood suddenly changed to a very serious one “ However, i have other news as well, to both of you” Spear and Rainbow Dash glanced at each other, Lightning Twists eyes had a sudden fire to them that none of them had seen before. “We are being called into the war. The 1’st battalion” Her gaze moved to Rainbow Dash “Is going to have a parade through the city before we leave for the war, Spear, I was told to make sure you get to the armory for a set of armor. You’ll meet the rest of your unit there” Spear nodded and walked out the door past Lightning Twist.

Rainbow Dash watched as Spears tail disappeared around a corner, Lightning Twist turned in the door “you coming?” Rainbow Dash gaze fell on her and for the first time noticed her cutimark, two yellow lightning bolts twisting around each other. “Of Course!” Lightning Twist chuckled “Let’s see if this kills your spirit!”

“I.HATE.THIS” Rainbow Dash said as she crawled in the mud. The rain had started to pour down from the sky the instant they had left the castle barrack. Rainbow found herself in the middle of the training field crawling under a brilliant light blue net. Obviously a spell by one of the unicorns to preventing the Pegasuses from standing up and get hit by a magical ice shard or fireball, together with her unit they made good progress. Rainbow was drenched from ears to hooves, the mud had covered the most of her heavy armor and even found its way inside of her armor, not to mention her mane as the mud was dripping from it..

After they left the room they walk down a long hallway, they came out into the garden of Canterlot castle. Rainbow dash had pointed out that the sky look unsafe, Lightning Twist had just laughed and kept on walking. They had entered a barrack on the outer side of Canterlot where 3 more Pegasi’s had waited for them. She had introduced her to them as part of her unit. A rather large pegasi colt with a short curly dark blond mane and tail. His coat was light grey and his eyes was blue. Rainbow couldn’t see his cutimark as he was wearing a heavy armor himself. his name was Lightning Charger. The other was a mare with yellow coat and pink eyes, her mane was light blue together with her tail her mane and tail was much like Rainbow Dash’s own except it was much shorter than Rainbow Dash's own.. She had a light armor so she could see her cutimark, a falling feather that twisted. Her name was Agile Haste, the last pony she was introduced to had a cyan coat with a long pink mane and tail almost like Fluttershy. her eyes was a deep blue. her name was Shooting Springe. Shooting Springe had a medium armor so you could only see the half bottom of her cutimark. Rainbow couldn’t make it out.

Lightning Charger crawled up beside her “A bit for your though” Rainbow Dash looked to her right directly at him, even though she couldn’t see much with her helmet on “ Finish this exercise as fast as possible and hit the shower” Lightning Charger smiled in response “Hey, It could be worse...” Rainbow eyes brows rose, even though none could see it “How so? It’s raining, we are crawling in the mud, MY armor is half filled with mud... ITS EVEN STUCK IN MY HAIR!” This burst out made Lightning Charge and Agile Haste chuckle. Agile Haste came up beside her to the left “Trust me, this is not the worst part” she was still chuckling. Rainbow Dash looked forward again ignoring her squad for the moment. Rainbow noticed it were only a short distance left so she speed up to get out from the net.

Rainbow Dash was the first out from the magical net. Lightning Twist look up from a clipboard “Great, about time you showed up” Rainbow Dash flared her wings and removed her helmet, Rainbow held the helmet firmly against her chest. “Just give m- Us the next exercise” The rest of the group came up behind her, Rainbow Dash waited for them to walk forward and into her field of vision, Only Shooting Springe stood beside her. Rainbow turned her head to see the other two pegasi staring at her.One of Rainbows eyebrows rose up again “What?” they suddenly avoided her gaze. Rainbow’s confusion was short as this was the first time they had seen her without the helmet on. Rainbow smiled to herself, “It’s my multicolored mane? isn’t it?” Agile Haste meet her gaze “I’ve never seen anyone with that many colors before...” Lightning Charger looked at her as well “And thinking of it, you’ve made a name of yourself around her. Wielder of the element of Loyalty, Sonic rainboom, best young flyer competition. Even saved the wonderbolts”

Shooting Springe looked at Lightning Twist “Can we get the next exercise already? Before all the attention goes to the head of our already multi colored RECRUIT here?” Rainbows smile faded and her gaze became hard, she glanced at Shooting Springe “What’s your problem?” Shooting Springe came closer “YOU are my problem, you’re new, you lack experience, have you ever been in a war? you do not deserve all the trust that is being thrown at you!” Rainbow flared her nostrils as she remembered how Iron used to treat her “Say that one more time!” “Hold it you two” Both mares looked at Lightning Twist. Rainbow Dash shoot Shooting Springe another glance before she turned and looked at Lightning Twist. Lightning Twist moved between them “You both get the honor of cleaning the armors after we are done with this exercise” Shooting Springe and Rainbow Dash moaned, Lightning Twist walked back in front of the group “The next exercise is...”

Rainbow Dash and Agile Haste had been paired up as well had Lightning Charger and Shooting Springe. The exercise was simple the team on the ground was to shoot with two cannons at the pair in the sky. The sky team mission was to stay up there for the longest of the two groups. It was a competition, and Rainbow were determined to show Shooting Springe who was the best flyer. However, both ponies would have to stay in the air for the time to count. The ammunition for the cannons were just a thin layer of iron that would break on impact, It was also a filled with a powder that would look like smoke when it detonated.

Lightning Twist looked from the ground team to the Sky team, “All ponies ready and set?” Rainbow Dash and Agile Haste nodded. Lightning Twist looked to the other team “Ready?” Both ponies nodded. “Well? What are you waiting for?!” Rainbow Dash shoot up in the sky like a rocket, Agile Haste didn’t have time to react but as she noticed Rainbow Dash in the air she shoot up in the air as well.

Agile Haste flew up beside Rainbow. They was to follow the exercise ground up and down until they were either hit or exhausted. Rainbow Dash and Agile Haste flew side by side, Rainbow looked over at her “let’s make it interesting!” Agile Haste met her gaze “What’s on your mind?” Rainbow Dash got a sly grin “Let’s see who’s the fastest!” Agile Haste nodded. Rainbow Dash was in lead as they turned for the 4’th time, the rain was still pouring down, making it hard to see what was in front of them. The Thundering explosions from the cannons made it hard to even think, Rainbow looked over her shoulder just in time to see Agile haste dodged another bullet.

Rainbow Dash heard a double explosion in front of her and automatically doing a barrel roll between two bullets that came speeding toward her, this maneuver made her lose a lot of speed making time for Agile Haste to pass her. Rainbow watched as Agile Haste kept on winning ground. Rainbow Dash bit her lips and started to flap her wings faster.
Lightning Charger and Shooting Springe watched as both ponies made another turn. Shooting Springe looked over at Lightning Charger “Give me the control of both your cannons ” Lightning Charger shoot her a quizzical look “What are you doing?” Shooting Springe rolled her eyes “ I’m just going to test something” Lightning Charger still a bit skeptical to the idea glanced over at Lighting Twist whose eyes was in the skies. He then looked back at Shooting Springe “I don’t know what you're up to...” He then moved away from the firing mechanism. Shooting Springe aimed at both ponies just as Rainbow caught up with Agile Haste. They disappeared in a stray cloud just as they turned around again.

Rainbow Dash was in front again, It had cost her but it was worth it if it meant winning. Rainbow Dash looked around as she found herself in a cloud. Rainbow slowed down to let Agile Haste catch up to her “Why haven't we heard any shooting yet?” Agile haste glanced at her “Is this some kind of trick? in that case..” Agile Haste flew right past Rainbow Dash.

Shooting Springe aimed just in front of the cloud, waiting for a certain multi colored mare to make her appearance. On the first sight she would fire, Shooting Springe watched intensified at the cloud for any movement. THERE!

Rainbow Dash was still in the cloud as she heard a deafening explosion that shocked her very core. Rainbow knew that moment something was right and accelerated forward with some powerful flaps of her wing. Agile Haste didn’t have time to dodge as four bullets came at full speed toward her, Agile Haste dogged the first but didn’t have time for the second as it hit her full force to the head, Agile Haste closed her eyes in pain. The second hit her in the gut forcing the air out of her lungs as the last bullet hit her hooves she was sent spinning toward the ground, and fast.

Lightning Charger watched in horror as the scene unfolded itself in front of them, He felt anger flare up inside him, he eyed the pony behind the the cannons “WHAT THE HELL!!?” Shooting Springe turned her head slowly her mouth agape and wide eyes. Obviously in shock. Lightning Twist entered the barrack “WHO FIRED THAT ROUND!?!?”

Rainbow Dash made a direct dive after Agile Haste that were spinning out of control towards the ground. Rainbow Dash looked in horror as the ground came closer and closer. Agile didn’t have a chance to gain her balance. Rainbow Dash flew as fast as her wings would carry her. Agile was just 20 feet in the air before Rainbow Dash got to her. Rainbow Dash wrapped her hooves around her and tried to slow down the speed as best she could. But the armor they both were wearing made it impossible for her to do so, Rainbow Dash tried to gain some angel to their fast approaching mud hole. Rainbows eyes widened as she knew what would happen, Rainbow Dash wrapped her hooves and wings around the unconscious body of Agile as she prepared for impact.

Rainbow Dash only feeling and reaction once she hit the ground was the world that spun around her. Rainbow held on to Agile as best she could but the second impact forced the air out of her, Agile was ripped out of her embrace.The only thing Dash could feel was overwhelming pain, her helmet was torn of her head as the shear force sent her head over hooves over the training field. Pieces of her armor was sent flying in all directions, Rainbow Dash rolled several more feet before she finally face planted on the ground diving her snout into the mud that finally slowed her down.

Rainbow Dash blinked a few times, everything was zooming in and out. The only thing she saw once she recovered enough to see was the rain pouring down in small pits all around her. The pain forced her to turn around and lie on her back, Rainbow yelped in pain as she leaned her weight on her wings and quickly changed position to her side. Rainbow Dash had the taste of blood in her mouth as a small stream of blood left her mouth and nose. It was washed out of the mud as the rain still poured down. Rainbow Dash closed her eyes and focused on the task at hoof. She still had to find Agile, and fast. Rainbow forced her hooves under her and rose gingerly.

Lightning Twist, Shooting Springe and Lightning Charger flew as fast as they could toward the crash site, Lightning Twist landed where the first impact had been “Charger go after Agile, Springe and me will go after Rainbow Dash!” Lightning Charger was already on his way toward where Agile had been ripped away from Rainbow Dash. Lightning Twist and Shooting Springe followed the trail of the impact. Lightning Twist and Shooting Springe ran alongside the crater. Lightning Twist eyes widened as she saw that Rainbow Dash was actually standing in front of them with her back towards them. Lightning Twist and Shooting Springe looked in shock as they noticed her armor was ripped in parts. Exposing the shoulder left shoulder, her right front hoof armor was completely gone her left hoof was missing the underside and up to her bending point.
Rainbows rib plates was gone on the left side and hanging in a small leather strap on her right side. both back hooves plates were still there except for the right knee armor. but a crimson red line could be traced from her ribcage and up to the point between her wings. Her exposed skin had small cuts all over it, making small rivers down her hooves neck and forehead.

Rainbow Dash looked around lazily before she turned around looking directly at two stiff frozen mares with wide eyes. Even though in great pain Rainbow couldn’t help but chuckle weakly, “Y-you s-s-shoude see the l-look on your f-faces” Rainbow Dashes chuckle was replaced by a groan of pain as she started to walk very slowly. Rainbow Dash was about to fall but before she hit the ground was Lightning Twist already beside her lending her a wing to stabilize her “E-easy Dash!” Rainbow ignored her advice and kept on walking alongside the trail. Shooting Springe looked in fear as Rainbow Dash passed her “W-where a-are you going?!” Rainbow Dash didn’t even turn “To look after Agile” Shooting Springes gaze fell “Y-you're not angry?” Rainbow Dash looked over her shoulder, glaring daggers at her “I’m not angry at you, I’m furious. But right now Agile need OUR attention NOW” Shooting Spring looked up tears in her eyes, Shooting Spring walked up to them “let’s go”

They used longer time than expected to find Agile, Rainbows vision started to blur as she came up to Lightning Charger. Rainbow looked at Agile’s body as her face was covered in blood. Agiles body had taken a soft landing compared to Rainbows. Agile was only covered in small wounds and bruises. she wasn’t bleeding much. Rainbows eyes started to blur again, Rainbow tried to blink it away but her body couldn’t handle the pressure any longer. She collapsed and fainted.

Rainbow Dash opened her eyes, trying to focus on the thing in front of her. Rainbow Dash bolted up as she remembered Agile. Her sudden move made a flaring pain up her side and she fell back down in the bed. Rainbow closed her eyes, “Finally awake?” Rainbow Dash squinted her eyes. Rainbow Dash noticed Lightning Twist and Lightning Charger, Rainbow saw Shooting Springe behind Lightning Charger. “How long have i been out?” Rainbow asked in a hoarse voice. Lightning Charger looked at the clock in the end of the medical hall “About.... 1 day and 3 hours” Rainbow looked to the left side of the bed and saw the sleeping form of Spear. “He’s been there the whole time, after he heard what happened to you” Lightning Twist explained. Rainbow Dash felt a sudden calmness taking over her mind. Rainbow looked over at the group to the right side of the bed “How is Agile?” “I’m doing fine thanks to you” Rainbows gaze moved to the source of the sound as she saw Agile walking up to the front of her bed with a bandage covering her forehead.

Agile shoot Shooting Springe a glance. Shooting Springe walked in front of Agile “Look...I’m sorry Rainbow Dash. It was never suppose to happen, I- I thought i was going to give you a hard time and swallow your words from earlier, I think I may have exaggerated a bit....but i thought you could handle it...Your reputation is amazing...And i wanted to set it to the test..I just went....” Shooting Springe was no longer able to make eyes contact as she started to sob, tears ran down her cheeks “I’m so sorry... to both of you..” Rainbow glanced at Agile who nodded in response, Rainbow looked back at the crying Pegasus in front of her “Just make sure it doesn't happen again” Rainbow Dash Signalized for Shooting Springe to come closer to the bed. Shooting Spring walked close to the bed and looked in anticipation. Rainbow Dash gave her a swift kick in the chest. Shooting Springe stumbled backwards but regained her balance before she fell. Shooting Springe looked up at Rainbow “We’re even”

Shooting Springe couldn’t believe her ears, “A-are you kidding?” Rainbow Dash removed the blanket around her and for the first time noticed how banged up her body was. all four hooves was bandaged, her chest was covered and she could feel her wings was wrapped close to her body. “yeah..... If I had noticed this sooner... I would have done something more, at least kicked you in the face..” She earned a few giggles from the group around her bed, Lightning Twist looked at Agile “Looks like someone got something they want to say” Agile moved closer to the bed “Thank you Rainbow Dash, for saving my life after the..Accident” Agiles eyes moved to Shooting Springe “ But it all ended well, and this will probably only make our unit more tied together”

“I hope so too” All five ponies turned around to see General red mane walk toward them. All of them saluted as he came closer “At ease” as he walked the rest of the distance did all the pegasi look at each other in confusion “A little bird told me, Rainbow Dash, that you saved Agiles life at the risk of you own” Rainbow Dash looked at him confused “I don’t know about the own life thing. But i did my best to save her” General red mane brought forth a box and opened it “You’ve even gained a medal miles away from the war. Congratulation Rainbow Dash, I give to you the medal of honor with crossed palms, It may only be awarded in exceptional cases to a youth member or a leader who has demonstrated unusual heroism and extraordinary skill or resourcefulness in saving or attempting to save a life at extreme risk to yourself. Haven't given many of these. Again, congratulation Rainbow Dash” General red mane saluted her and walked out of the medical hall.

Rainbow Dash looked at the medal in her hooves, It had a golden top, the fabric was red silk with a two gold colored feathers crossing in the middle of the fabric, the medal itself was round, the outer ring was red, before it went over to a golden circle with oak leaves around it. In the center was a circle with 3 colors fusion together, Red,Blue and White.Rainbow looked at the group beside her “How did he?...” Shooting Springe walked a few steps forth “I told him, about my mistake and your rescue” Rainbow looked at her wide eyed “T-Thanks” Rainbow Dash felt an enormous pride well up inside her. Rainbows eyes noticed something moving to her left. Spears eyes met hers “YOU’RE AWAKE! for how long!?” Rainbow Dash couldn’t help but giggle “Long enough to know you’ve been here for some time” Spear looked away “I was worried about you..” Rainbow Dash smiled “appreciated pal, but it takes more than that to kill me” Spear looked at her again “ohh, i found your bucket by the way....” Rainbow looked dumbfound “Bucket?...” Spear looked annoyed “You know, BUCKET!” Rainbow looked to the ceiling wondering what he meant. Her eyes widened and she burst out laughing. In all the commotion she had forgotten the bucket she sat up in the morning a few days ago.

One week later Rainbow Dash was found in the pegasi armory preparing for the parade through the city. That was the 1’st battalions custom as they went to war, before they left the city. Rainbow Dash looked to the other pegasis in her unit. She looked at Lightning Charger who had just equipped himself in the traditional golden heavy armor. Lightning Twist went for medium as usual and so did Agile Haste and Shooting Springe. Rainbow went for the heavy. They chatted among each other as they got equipped “..Did you see their faces?” busted Agile out as she was laughing of the previous night at the bar in camp. Shooting springe giggled “I think all of us saw it!” “Together with the rest of the camp!” laughed Lightning Charger. Rainbow laughed herself as she remembered the faces of the closest of the ground unit. And all Agile had to do was turn around for them to see her flank and say “see something you like boys?” Rainbow burst out laughing again and wondered if it would work for her as well. Their laugh was cut short as Lightning Twist moved forward “Get ready, we are leaving in five”

They left the armory and entered the royal garden, before they went to their spots in the parade, it was arranged for Unicorn, Pegasus, Earth pony the front row was built up nine ponies in width, and it continued backward. Rainbow Dash found her place in the front row beside Spear. Spear nodded to her, she smiled at him and whispered “New set of armor?” He didn’t wear the common golden armor, he had been given a purple armor with golden trim, In the middle of his chest plate was purple shield, it was a pink star on it that reminded her of Twilights cutimark for some reason. A smile grew on Spears face “I just got promoted to leader of my own battalion” Rainbow smiled “Congratulation! you’re really climbing in grades” Spear returned the smile. Spear got a sly smile”I wish I could say the same about your armor, Sky blue and gold is not a good combination” he laughed. Rainbows expression changed from happy to annoyed. Spear noticed “Hey, I was just kidding. You know that” Rainbow sent him an annoyed glance before a smile crept on her muzzle “It was true though” he laughed again as Rainbow joined in.

The general walked over to the the front row “Rainbow Dash,get your medal on your armor and come over here, and leave the helmet” Rainbow Dash did as he commanded before she followed after the general “Where are we going sir?” The general turned around in front of the battalion “WE are going in front Rainbow Dash” Rainbow Dash shocked her head “Why am i going in front? I though only the generals did that” General red mane kept looking at the gate in front of them “The general, and key ponies, You’re still the wielder of the element. You even got a rare medal” Rainbow was about to ask another question but was interrupted by a familiar voice.

Celestia's voice filled the air “My loyal subjects, we are here to witness an old tradition. It grieves my heart that it couldn’t be in better times. Our elite army, the first battalion will be sent to aid our army to drive the griffins back to their homeland. In front of the first battalion will General red mane together with the wilder of the element Loyalty, Rainbow Dash lead our army through the city to receive our blessing. Let’s give them something to remember in dark times” The air filled with cheers and stomping hooves, the large stone doors opened slowly, revealing the first battalions general and a golden armored Pegasus. The general started to march through the city with Rainbow Dash at his side, the first battalion followed soon after.

The march went through all of Canterlot before they made their way to the gates and marched out toward their destination. Rainbow Dash was disappointed she hadn’t seen her friends.
They set up camp near the foot of the mountain. All the tents were set up and Rainbow Dash had just taken off her armor, suddenly a white Pegasus entered her tent with a package in his hooves. “Rainbow Dash, a new armor have been arranged for you. It’s from Princess Celestia and was just finished.” The white Pegasus placed it on her bed and walked out. Rainbow Dash opened the package and looked inside of it. Her eyes widened and her jaw fell before she said in a low voice “ THIS.IS.AWSOMEEEeeee”

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