• Published 13th Oct 2019
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The Life and Times of Everypony - Leafdoggy

A collection of short stories set in the same ever-evolving world.

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Status Quo (Everyone)

“So, Pinkie, what exactly is this ‘Friendship Emergency’ you dragged us all out of bed for?” Twilight leaned forward on the big, round table that served as the castle's main meeting area and yawned.

All around the rest of the table, sitting in their respective chairs, were the five other ponies that were Twilight’s closest friends. Pinkie was bouncing excitedly, but the rest were all in various states of tiredness, and Rainbow Dash was already snoring quietly.

Behind Twilight stood Chrysalis, looking just as tired and very annoyed. “Yes,” she said, “and what exactly does it have to do with me? I don’t solve 'friendship problems.'” Her voice oozed with disdain for the world around her, although Twilight would have described it more as grumpiness.

“It has everything to do with you!” Pinkie shouted. Rainbow Dash jolted awake as Pinkie stood up in her chair, then mumbled something unintelligible and fell back asleep just as fast. “I’m happy you’re here and all, but you messed up the whole thing!

“You’ll have to be more specific,” Chrysalis told her. “I’ve messed up many things in my life.”

“Look around! It’s all just wrong.” Pinkie gestured wildly around herself. “Look, it’s simple, I have Fluttershy, Rarity has Rainbow Dash, Rainbow Dash has Rarity, Fluttershy has me, it was all set up! Now who is Applejack gonna date?”

“‘Scuse me?” Applejack spoke up, raising an eyebrow at Pinkie. “Why’s this about me now?”

“Cuz you were supposed to date Twilight,” Pinkie said. “It would’ve fit perfectly!”

“Me?” Twilight asked, pointing at herself incredulously. “That’s, uh…”

Applejack picked up when she trailed off. “It’s plum crazy is what it is. I mean, me and Twilight? Maybe in another world, but I just don’t see it. Heck, I woulda been more likely to be Rarity’s second girlfriend or somethin.”

“Ooh!” Pinkie gasped and jumped on the table so she could lean closer to Applejack. “Is that an option? It would solve everything!”

No!” Applejack slapped her hat down on the table. “Pinkie, my love life ain’t a box on a checklist for you to mark off.”

“Sure it is.” Pinkie pulled a scroll out of her mane and opened it towards Applejack. “See? Right here, below ‘Twilight falls in love with a villain,’ is ‘use that as an excuse to play matchmaker with Applejack.’ It’s all planned out!”

Applejack dropped her head onto the table with a heavy thunk. “Dagnabbit, Pinkie, I don’t need a girlfriend. I’m fine!”

Pinkie frowned. “But what if you get lonely? Or jealous? Or spiteful? Or lonely?

“I won’t,” Applejack told her.

“You don’t know that, though!” Pinkie argued.

“I do know it! I can guarantee you that I’m not gonna get lonely or… Whatever else you said.”

“But how?” Pinkie begged.

Applejack groaned and fell backwards to slump in her chair. “Cuz- Cuz…” She huffed in annoyance. “Cuz I already got a girlfriend.”

Pinkie gasped so loudly it seemed like she might suck all the air out of the room. “You did? Who is it?” She hopped off the table and started bouncing excitedly around Applejack. “Who is it who is it who is it who—”

“Pinkie!” Applejack hushed Pinkie with a hoof to the mouth. “I can’t tell you.”

Pinkie gasped again, twice as loud as the first time. “A secret girlfriend? Oh my gosh now we have to meet her!”

“I must admit,” Rarity said, “I’m quite curious now too. I hadn’t seen any indication at all that you were dating, and normally I can smell fresh love from a mile away!”

“No you can’t,” Chrysalis said. “She’s reeked of it for months now.”

Months?” Pinkie went to gasp again, but Applejack quickly shushed her.

“Listen, y’all, it ain’t that big a deal,” Applejack said. “There just hasn’t been a good chance to ask her about how… Public she wants it all to be.”

“Well, I can give you an excuse for that,” Pinkie said. “Besides, we have to celebrate now that none of us are single! I’m gonna throw the best ‘We’re Not Single Anymore And Need An Excuse To Meet Applejack’s Girlfriend’ party ever!”

“It’s a bit of a mouthful,” Fluttershy said.

“Aw, don’t worry sweetie,” Pinkie told her, “I can remember it for you.”

“That’s not why I—” Fluttershy sighed. “You can try I guess.”

“She’s so supportive,” Pinkie said dreamily. “Okay, everypony, how does this Friday sound?”

“I’m not sure if we can—” Chrysalis started, but Twilight elbowed her in the side and interrupted.

“We’ll be there, Pinkie,” Twilight told her. “Our schedule is clear for, like, weeks.”

“Well, she didn’t need to know that,” Chrysalis whispered. Twilight smiled politely and chose to ignore her.

“We’ll be there too,” Rarity said. “Isn’t that right, Rainbow, dear?” Rainbow Dash snored in response. “See,” Rarity said, “she agrees.”

Pinkie looked at Applejack with an excited grin. Applejack groaned and put her hat back on in defeat. “Fine. I’ll talk to her about it. Can’t expect she’ll say no to something like this, either.”

“Hooray!” Pinkie wrapped Applejack in a tight hug. “I can’t wait. Ooh, I gotta go plan! Let’s go, Fluttershy!”

“Huh- Whoa!” Before she knew what was happening, Pinkie had scooped Fluttershy up onto her back and was dashing out the door. “Um, bye everypony,” Fluttershy called behind them.

“I oughta head out too,” Applejack said as she stood up and started walking out. “Got a lotta farm work to catch up on.”

“Yes, us too,” Rarity said. Then she looked over at Rainbow Dash, fast asleep, and scoffed. “Really, Rainbow Dash, have some tact. You should at least wake up to walk me home.” She stuck her nose in the air indignantly and joined Applejack at the door. “If she wakes up while you're still here, could you let her know that she agreed to go to a party?”

“Sure,” Twilight said with a chuckle. She waved as the two ponies left together, then sighed and leaned back in her chair once they were alone. “It’s way too early for this.”

“I must say,” Chrysalis said, “your friends make our relationship seem almost normal.”

Twilight laughed. “Maybe. Hey, come on,” she said as she hopped out of her chair and motioned for Chrysalis to follow her, “I wanna go sit in the library and take a nap. Rainbow Dash will figure things out.”

Twilight clicked the door shut as the couple walked out, and the meeting room fell silent. Silent, that is, aside from Rainbow Dash’s snoring.

Pinkie was anxious the entire day leading up to the party. She zipped around Sugarcube Corner, adjusting and tweaking things, changing color schemes and party themes over and over. Fluttershy sat patiently at one of the tables, doing her best to reassure Pinkie.

“Do you think I should move these streamers?” Pinkie asked, bouncing frantically in place. “Or maybe I should put the table over here. I don’t know, what do you think she likes Fluttershy?”

“Pinkie, neither of us know who she’s bringing. How am I supposed to answer that?”

“Augh,” Pinkie groaned as she elected to start pushing a table. “I just want this party to be perfect!”

“All your parties are perfect,” Fluttershy told her.

“Aww.” Pinkie grinned giddily and looked at Fluttershy. “Thank you Fluttershy, you’re the best. But!” She gave the table one last swift kick into place. “It has to be perfecter!”

“I think perfect is the best you can get before the party starts,” Fluttershy said.

Pinkie sighed and laid down on the table in front of Fluttershy. “You’re probably right. What am I supposed to do ‘til it starts, though?”

“Well I’m here,” Fluttershy said. “We could just hang out.”

Pinkie rolled onto her back and smiled up at Fluttershy. “Now that’s a good idea.” Then she grabbed Fluttershy and yanked her up onto the table as well, pulling her into a tight hug as they both laughed together.

Fluttershy leaned down to kiss Pinkie, and the instant their lips touched the door to the bakery sprang open.

“We’re here!” Rarity announced dramatically as she walked inside, sporting a simple bright blue gown. Rainbow Dash followed close behind, a light gray scarf wrapped messily around her neck.

Immediately Fluttershy sprang up and scurried back away from Pinkie. Her face was flushed red, and she was so distracted that she completely forgot they were on a table, so a second later she lost her footing and plummeted down to the floor with a hard thump.

“Oh my, are we early?” Rarity asked as she took in the scene. Fluttershy’s blush only worsened, and she tried to hide it behind her wings.

Pinkie Pie looked up at them, not bothering to get up or even roll back over, and waved broadly in the air. “Hey guys! You’re right on time, we just got a little carried away.” She giggled to herself and grinned. “But hey, it is a date party, what can you expect?”

“Date party?” Rainbow Dash asked. “I thought it was supposed to be a, uh… What was it?” Rarity shrugged.

“Oh, that silly long name?” Pinkie flipped herself over and put her chin in her hooves. “Yeah, well, Fluttershy was supposed to remember it, but she forgot, so we just had to go with 'date party' instead.”

Fluttershy sighed and tried to shake away her embarrassment before pushing herself up off the ground and standing next to Pinkie. Her face was still bright red, but it was getting a little better. “Yeah, it’s been a real problem lately,” she said dryly, looking straight at Pinkie. “Who knows, next I might even forget her birthday.”

Pinkie chuckled. “Pssh, yeah right. You’d never pass up a chance to get me a present.”

“So is this whole party just going to be sitting around watching you two… Flirt?” Rarity looked at Rainbow Dash. “Was that flirting just now?” Rainbow Dash shrugged. “Well, whatever it is you two do.

“I can’t promise it won’t be,” Pinkie said.

Fluttershy smiled softly. “I’ll try to keep it under control.”

“Good luck with that,” Pinkie said. “So, Dashie!” Pinkie decided to change the subject. “What’s with the scarf?”

Rainbow Dash groaned. “Rarity said I had to wear something, and it was either this or a hat. At least with this you can still see my mane.”

“Oh, I could easily style your mane so that we could see it under a hat,” Rarity said.

“No way,” Rainbow Dash told her. “I’ll start wearing dresses before I let you touch my mane.”

“Well then I know where to start,” Rarity replied.

“Just give up, Rainbow Dash,” came a voice from behind them, “she’ll get to you eventually.”

They all turned to see Twilight, standing in the doorway and posing in a tattered looking green and black dress. Following shortly behind her was Chrysalis, wearing her usual disinterested frown, but it did lessen up a bit as she waved to the group of ponies.

“Ooh, you’re wearing the dress!” Rarity clapped her hooves together in excitement.

Twilight laughed. “Chrysalis really likes it,” she whispered loudly enough that the whole room could hear her.

“It is a very nice dress,” Chrysalis added.

“Awesome!” Pinkie cheered. “Now we just need—”

“I’m here,” Applejack said as she walked in the door. She tipped her hat to the room and made herself comfortable at a table.

“Hooray!” Pinkie said.

“Aren’t you missing somepony?” Rainbow Dash asked.

“She’ll be along soon enough,” Applejack said. “She’s probably still wakin up.”

“But it’s four in the afternoon,” Rainbow Dash replied.

“Mm-hm,” Applejack hummed.

“So you really are bringing somepony?” Pinkie asked.

“Well I said I was, didn’t I?” Applejack said.

“Well, yeah,” Pinkie said, “but I’ve been watching you all week and I haven’t seen you talk to anypony like you were dating them!”

“You’ve been—” Applejack sighed. “Of course you have. Well we don’t talk while I’m workin.”

“But you’re always working,” Pinkie said.

“Just about,” Applejack agreed.

“Then how are you talking?” Pinkie thought for a moment, then gasped loudly. “Are they psychic? Or do they know a psychic? Or do you know a psychic? Oh! I bet it’s Limestone helping you, isn’t it? I always thought she might be, I mean, have you ever noticed how she always seems to be able to tell what Marble is thinking? It’s super weird. Even Maud thinks so.”

“Have you asked Maud?” Fluttershy asked.

“Pfft, I don’t need to ask her. I can just tell.”

“Pinkie, Limestone just about works even more than I do,” Applejack told her. “How in the world do you think she’d find the time to be sendin telepathic messages all across Equestria?”

“All across Equestria, huh?” Pinkie hummed in thought and scratched her chin. “So then they’re not from Ponyville.”

Applejack sighed. “Pinkie, we ain’t playin twenty questions here.”

“Are they bigger than a bread box?” Pinkie asked.

“Of course! What, do you think I went and met a Breezie somewhere?”

“That would be cute,” Fluttershy chimed in.

“Pinkie,” Applejack continued, “there’s no way you’re gonna be able to just guess who I’m dating.”

“Just one more guess!” Pinkie insisted. “Is it, um… Oh! Did you yell at Princess Luna for spying on you in a dream and so she tried to make it up to you by being friendly but then you fell for each other and now she visits you in your dreams?”

Applejack stared wide-eyed at Pinkie Pie. “...No?”

Then a voice boomed from the doorway.

“Greetings, citizens of Partyville! It is I, Princess Luna!”

Luna posed dramatically for a moment, backlit brilliantly by the sun outside, before settling down and grinning wide at the ponies in the room.

There was a sharp thwack as Applejack slapped her own forehead.

All the ponies in the room were speechless as Luna walked in, dressed up in her full royal regalia. Twilight instinctively moved to bow, but Chrysalis stopped her and pulled her back up. The only other pony who wasn’t starstruck was Pinkie, who was grinning proudly at Applejack.

“Knew it,” Pinkie said with a poke to Applejack’s chest.

“You did not,” Applejack said. “That was just a lucky guess.”

“Yeah, but I knew I’d guess right.”

“That makes no sense.” Applejack sighed and pushed herself up, then walked over to stand beside Luna. “Well, everypony,” she announced, “here she is. My, uh, girlfriend.”

Luna nodded. “It’s a pleasure to be meeting you all under such different circumstances. I hope it can bring us closer than ever.”

“A-A-Are…” Rarity gulped as she tried to choke out the words. “Are you even allowed to date?”

Luna chuckled. “Oh, please. I’m no different from anypony else. Look.” With a quick bout of magic, Luna lifted off her crown, and then did the same to Applejack’s hat before swapping the two. It took her a moment to adjust the hat to fit well on her head, but she made it work. “There, now I’m just a normal pony.”

Applejack winced at first when Luna put the crown on her, but she didn’t make any move to take it off.

Slowly, the ponies in the room started to relax. "You look good in a crown," Rarity told Applejack.

"Don't get used to it," Applejack replied.

"So is it party time?" Rainbow Dash asked.

"We should probably let everypony get settled first," Rarity said.

"Good idea!" Pinkie said. She clapped her hooves loudly for attention. "Alright everypony, party starts in uhh... Ten minutes!"

Luna looked down at Applejack and grinned as the other ponies started to mingle. "Oh, I'm so excited! Princesses only ever get balls and galas, I haven't been to a party in a millennium! Do you think my entrance was grand enough?"

"Maybe a smidge too grand, actually," Applejack said. "Just about all of Ponyville probably heard it."

"Well, a party should be loud, should it not?" Luna asked. "Although I suppose the party has yet to begin. I should probably go say hello to the other ponies, yes?"

"Prob'ly," Applejack said. "You want me to tag along?"

"Oh, you don't need to," Luna said. "We'll have plenty of time together today, I'm sure."

"Alright, well I ain't really keen on bein interrogated, so I'm gonna sit this one out." Applejack looked around to see if they were being watched, then got up on her hind legs so she could give Luna a kiss on the cheek. "Enjoy yourself."

Luna stroked Applejack's mane briefly, then adjusted the crown on her head. "You too, my princess."

Across the room, Twilight finally managed to shake off her stunned expression and leaned over to whisper to Chrysalis. “Is this, um, going to be a problem?”

“I’ve never even met her,” Chrysalis told her. “I have no reason to dislike her yet.”

“You’ve never met?” Twilight asked. “Even in your dreams?”

“Please, I don’t have nightmares.” Chrysalis scoffed.

“Okay, that’s obviously a lie.”

Chrysalis groaned. “Well, I don’t let her help me when I do, alright?”

“That doesn’t seem healthy,” Twilight told her.

“Indeed,” Luna agreed as she walked over to greet the couple more personally. “I do hope you’ll let me in eventually, Chrysalis.”

“We’ll see,” Chrysalis said. Twilight tried to bow again, and Chrysalis pulled her back up. “Twilight, you’re a princess.”

“I know,” Twilight said, “but she’s…”

“Older?” Chrysalis suggested.

“No,” Twilight said, “she’s just, like, a princess princess. I’m just a princess.”

“Twilight, we are both just princesses,” Luna told her. “Beyond that, I like to think that we’re just… Friends.”

“Of course we’re friends,” Twilight said.

“Then quit bowing,” Chrysalis said. “You don’t let your friends here bow to you.”

“Precisely,” Luna agreed.

Twilight sighed. “Okay, I’ll try.”

Luna grinned. “Oh, Chrysalis, you really are a good influence on her. Speaking of which, how goes the overthrowing of my sister?”

“It’s slow,” Chrysalis said, “but we’re getting there. She’s bound to retire eventually.”

Luna laughed. “Foolproof. Well, it is lovely to meet you, Chrysalis, and I hope to get to know you well in the future."

"Likewise, I suppose," Chrysalis said. "It would not be a bad thing to have a good relationship with at least one of Twilight's fellow princesses."

Luna frowned. "Yes, I heard about the mess with Cadence. Twilight, are you doing well?"

"I'm alright I guess," Twilight said. She sighed. "Or I will be. At least Shining Armor is talking to me."

"Things will clear up," Luna told her. "Eventually."

"She might even like me some day," Chrysalis said. Twilight chuckled quietly at that, and Chrysalis started rubbing her back.

"Come on, Pinkie, really?" Applejack's voice rang out from across the room.

"Ah," Luna said, "I think I may need to go rescue Applejack from Pinkie Pie. I'll see you two again once the party begins. It's going to be so fun!”

Luna gave Chrysalis a polite nod and grinned at Twilight before turning and walking away. She found Applejack near where she had left her, sitting with a cross look on her face at an out of the way table.

On top of the table, giddily prodding Applejack with a hoof, was Pinkie Pie. “Admit it,” she was saying, “you like it. I know you do!”

“I ain’t admittin nothin,” Applejack told her stubbornly.

“What are we admitting?” Luna asked casually as she walked up.

“Hi Luna!” Pinkie said, waving excitedly. “I’m trying to get Applejack to admit that she likes wearing your doodad.” Pinkie pointed at the crown that was still sitting on Applejack’s head.

Luna chuckled. “Are you, now? That’s a tall task you’ve taken on. She won’t even admit that to me! Although,” she lowered her voice to a whisper, “she never complains when I do it either.”

“Maybe I just like hats,” Applejack said indignantly. “Why’s it gotta be about which hat it is?”

“So you do like it!” Pinkie said. “I knew it.” She laughed and turned her attention to Luna. “You switch hats a lot?”

“Oh, yes,” Luna said. “I always appreciate an opportunity to shed the weight of the crown. It’s just a nice bonus that Applejack looks so adorable in it.”

Applejack huffed and crossed her legs in front of her chest. “I didn’t know this was a ‘tease Applejack’ party.”

“It wasn’t ‘til you brought a princess with you,” Pinkie said. “I gotta get it out of my system.”

Applejack sighed. “So, Luna,” she said, trying to change the subject, “you havin fun?”

“Absolutely!” Luna grinned and gave Applejack a quick hug. “I’m so glad you’re ready to tell other ponies now.”

“I-It ain’t that I wasn’t ready,” Applejack insisted, “I just didn’t know the right time is all.”

“Mm-hm,” Luna hummed with a sly look on her face.

“So,” Pinkie said, “what do you guys actually do? I haven’t seen you around the farm once!”

“Daytime visits are… Difficult,” Luna explained, “thanks to our conflicting schedules. So, instead, I visit Applejack in her dreams.”

“I thought I was seeing you less,” Pinkie said. “That must be super fun, though! You can go on crazy rollercoasters and ski down dangerous mountains and swim through chocolate rivers and all sorts of other things!”

“We mostly just talk,” Applejack said.

Pinkie gasped. “But how? Do you at least talk while you swim through the chocolate rivers?”

“Nah, we just kinda sit on my porch or go on picnics,” Applejack said.

“We do other things sometimes,” Luna said, “but it’s nice to just relax. We both work so hard, we don’t often have the desire for the larger things.”

“Well, don’t let yourselves get too boring,” Pinkie told them. “Otherwise, before you know it that’ll just become your life. You’ll retire to the farm, sit in your rocking chair outside watching your little fillies run around in the orchard… Okay actually that sounds cute.” Pinkie giggled. “Carry on.”

Applejack coughed awkwardly. “Well, it’s uh, a little early to be talkin like that, don’t you think?”

“Iunno,” Pinkie said with a shrug. “How close are you? Have you kissed yet?”

Applejack pursed her lips as a tiny blush came to her cheeks, and Luna put her hoof to her mouth to cover a laugh. “So straightforward,” Luna said. Then she nodded. “Yes, Pinkie, we have indeed kissed.”

“Then you’re already, like, halfway there!” Pinkie said. “Halfway is close enough to talk about it.”

“Well, you and Fluttershy must be further along than us,” Applejack said. “We could talk about y’all instead.”

Pinkie blushed. “On second thought it seems kinda early for all that, don’t you think? Haha, silly Applejack, always thinking about the future.”

“Thought so,” Applejack said.

“Hey, Luna!” Without warning, Rainbow Dash flew up and butted into the conversation. “Rarity wants to talk to ya.”

“Oh? Well, then I’d better go,” Luna said. “Thank you for the party, Pinkie Pie, it’s lovely. Although, please do try to go a little easy on Applejack. At least until she’s more used to things, hm?”

“No promises,” Pinkie said.

Luna laughed and turned to follow Rainbow Dash away. Across the room they met up with Rarity, who was in the middle of telling Fluttershy all about the recent gossip from Manehattan.

“Oh, hey, it’s Luna!” Fluttershy said as soon as she saw the princess approaching. “Drat, looks like there’s no time to finish that story.”

“Oh, don’t worry darling, I’ll tell you the rest at our next spa meet.” Rarity turned to Luna and smiled politely. “Good afternoon, Princess. I hope our little soiree here didn’t make you lose too much sleep.”

“Hello,” Fluttershy added.

“Greetings to you both,” Luna said. She reached up and tipped the cowboy hat towards them, then chuckled to herself. “Rainbow Dash mentioned that you wished to speak to me?”

“I what?” Rarity looked at Rainbow Dash and sighed. “I didn’t mean to go get her, Rainbow. Oh, Princess, I’m terribly sorry if she interrupted you.”

“It’s no problem at all, and please, call me Luna.”

“I’m sorry, but I don’t know if I can do that,” Rarity said. “Social etiquette demands that I not refer to you so casually until we are properly acquainted. Until then, you’re just going to have to live with being called Princess.”

“Don’t worry,” Rainbow Dash said, “I’ll call you enough dumb stuff to cancel it out.” Rarity scoffed at her.

“Much appreciated,” Luna said. “And you, Fluttershy?”

“Um, whichever you’d like,” Fluttershy replied.

“Luna it is, then. Now, Rarity, you had something to talk to me about?”

“Oh, yes, of course,” Rarity said. “I just… Well, I wanted to ask you about your mane. I’d always assumed it was just something special about Alicorns, but then Twilight became a princess and her mane didn’t change, so now I don’t know what to think.”

“Oh, this?” Luna stroked her own mane in an elegant gesture. “Simply the result of age. Most ponies don’t live to be thousands of years old, so tragically, they’re unable to see their mane’s true beauty.”

“I see…” Rarity looked down in thought for a moment, then looked back up with a grin. “So all I have to do is live forever! That can’t be too difficult.”

Luna laughed. “I wish you luck.”

“Don’t expect me to become a princess for you, Rarity,” Rainbow Dash said. “Living forever is so not worth the workload.”

“Dear, if I become a princess, you’ll have the workload either way,” Rarity said. “I’m not going to let you be a trophy wife.”

“But I’m so good at getting trophies!” Rainbow Dash said.

“She is very good at it,” Fluttershy agreed.

Suddenly, a high pitched ding sounded out through the room. They all looked up to see Pinkie Pie, standing on a table and hitting a glass with a spoon.”Okay, everypony,” she announced, “we’re all here, so I say it’s time to get this party started! You better get ready, Luna, cuz you’ve never partied like you’re about to party!” Then she leapt off the table and yanked on a drawstring that released a load of balloons and confetti over them all.

Late that night, after Luna had already raised the moon, the party finally ended. Luna was the only one who wasn’t exhausted, thanks to having just woken up when it started, and so she had decided to carry Applejack back to the farm rather than make her walk. Applejack clung to her back, half asleep, her eyes closed and the crown almost falling off her head.

The orchard was quiet and peaceful as Luna walked through it, and at one point she paused in a clearing to look around. “Your dreams don’t do this justice, Applejack.”

Applejack yawned and squeezed her lovingly. “You oughta come see the real thing more often, then.”

“Maybe I should,” Luna agreed. She picked an apple off a nearby tree and idly looked it over. “We do have a lot of princesses now.”

“And Chrysalis is hankerin for a spot,” Applejack added.

“That she is,” Luna said. She floated the apple backwards to give it to Applejack and started walking again. “That she is. Maybe I’ll start looking at rocking chairs.”

“We could build one,” Applejack suggested. “If you get the time.”

“That sounds fun,” Luna said. “I’ll clear some space on my schedule for it.”

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