• Published 21st Sep 2019
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You're in Equestria, Charlie Brown! - Strawberry Sunrise

Charlie Brown tries to kick the football and ends up in Equestria for some reason.

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What Is Going On, Charlie Brown?

Roseluck nudged the unconscious body of the Earth pony she had found on her walk across the beach. He was mostly yellow with some black patches, and he didn’t respond. Luckily for Charlie Brown, she knew CPR. Several breaths and presses on his chest later and he was coughing up the water he had inhaled. “Thank you,” he said, his vision slowly coming into focus.

And then he saw Roseluck. “A - A pony?” he asked. He shook his head. “I must be hallucinating. This must just be a dream. My mind Is probably shutting down from lack of oxygen, or maybe I’m in a coma. Why did I have to try to kick that stupid football?”

“No, I’m real,” Roseluck said.

Charlie Brown flinched backward in surprise. The pony could talk, too? Now he knew this was a dream. “Ponies don’t talk,” Charlie Brown said, thinking he was stating something obvious.

“But you’re a pony and you’re talking...” Roseluck said, wondering if this other pony needed further medical attention.

Charlie Brown looked down at his hooves and gasped. "Good grief," he said, and fell unconscious again.