• Published 21st Sep 2019
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You're in Equestria, Charlie Brown! - Strawberry Sunrise

Charlie Brown tries to kick the football and ends up in Equestria for some reason.

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Welcome Home, Charlie Brown!

Charlie Brown slowly opened his eyes, coughing up large amounts of water as he did so. No one had come to save him this time, but though he didn’t know it, Nurse Redheart had given him a 24-hour healing potion. The potion would keep working for 24 hours from when he had taken it even if he sustained new injuries, and in this case it had helped his body to push the water out of his lungs. (It couldn’t work while somepony was still inhaling water, but it could once the inhalation had stopped.)

He looked down and saw that he still had hooves. He must still be in Equestria, he thought at first. Then he heard Linus’s voice. “Is it just me or does that pony look kind of like Charlie Brown?” Linus asked. He turned around and saw his class coming toward him. As with the potion situation, he didn't know it, but only an hour or so had passed in his world. But something must have gone wrong with the magic of whatever portal had transported him between worlds, because he was still a pony. With his luck, it wasn't all that surprising.

“It is me,” he said, not sounding particularly enthusiastic, and the class gasped.