• Published 21st Sep 2019
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You're in Equestria, Charlie Brown! - Strawberry Sunrise

Charlie Brown tries to kick the football and ends up in Equestria for some reason.

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You Have Amnesia, Charlie Brown!

When Charlie Brown woke up again, he was in a hospital room. “So I was in a coma,” he thought. He sat up, looked down at his hooves, and nearly fainted again. But this time, his mind was a bit more prepared, and after a few moments of confusion and heavy breathing, he had calmed down and begun to accept the idea that he was in fact a pony. Or at least dreaming that he was one.

“Hello? Is anybody here?” he asked. The door of the room opened and a white pony with a Red Cross cutie mark walked in.

“You’re awake!” she said. “Do you remember anything?” After what Roseluck had told her, Nurse Redheart assumed that he must be suffering from amnesia – likely due to whatever accident had befallen him in the ocean.

“I…um…my name is Charlie Brown. Some people call me Chuck. I tried to kick a football, but I fell in the ocean and ended up here, I guess,” he said.

“A football?” Nurse Redheart asked. “Do you mean a buckball?”

“No, I mean a football,” Charlie Brown said. “I should go. If this is really happening, I need to get back home.” He climbed down from his hospital bed.

“Wait, the potion must not have taken effect yet. You should stay here,” Nurse Redheart said.

“Potion?” Charlie Brown asked.

“Yes, a memory potion. It should have restored your memory, but the effect might have been delayed for some reason,” Nurse Redheart said.

“I haven’t forgotten anything,” Charlie Brown said, and opened the door to leave.

“But you clearly have amnesia!” Nurse Redheart said.

“No, I’m fine,” Charlie Brown said, and he left.