• Published 31st May 2019
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Faithful Devotion - Silent legion

Dumah the faithful follower watched in silence as his world burned, his God in a last ditch effort sent him to a new home somewhere far from what he was used to, now Dumah must be watchful of those of evil intent, his holy power will lure all who see

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Lapse in preparation

I started with "well its been nice meeting you Mythic but it seems we've reached the end of this trip" it wasn't that I don't like to talk it's just that everyone speaks a little louder then I would like I see his expression and I felt like I kicked a defenseless animal his ears were down and his eyes seemed to get bigger when he realized we made it to Canterlot it was fully dark and the only ponies out we're more bat ponies it was interesting to see them fly I was shaken out of my musing by an "oh, well it was nice meeting you silent." He went quiet for a little bit and I'd figured he'd flown away I'm sad to say I was startled when he spoke up "do you have a place to stay here?" WHY, why does he insist on talking to me, we've only met a few hours ago and now I'm apparently his best friend I didn't know what to tell him, it'd be shameful to admit I had nowhere to stay but if I lie he'd probably try to find me, I don't see why he's become attached to me like this or perhaps he just has no one to talk to and he's just dying for conversation

Maybe I'm being too harsh and my hospitality is taking the strike "I don't have anywhere to stay sadly but I'll find somewhere to be." I knew I made what was either a great decision or my most horrible mistake from the glint in his big eyes. "I have an idea!!" He basically yelled I looked around to see what others were doing before realizing that it's dark and the only ones up are bat ponies and they were ignoring us. "You could bunk with me!" My head almost snapped off with how quick it turned "yeah we could hang out and I have an extra room I don't use it's perfect!" I believe there's something wrong with the way he thinks I, a complete stranger, is being invited to live in his home for no more reason than having spoken to him for about 3 hours. I try do drop reality into the conversation "look mythic that's a very generous and kind offer but we met not even 4 hours ago, I'm a complete stranger to you." I should have known that it wouldn't keep him at bay, he seems to have a one-track mind.

"Come on where else would you sleep, do you have any bits to rent a room in a hotel?" I could wholeheartedly say that I didn't know what bits were, and safe to say I couldn't buy anything, thinking about it I'd need to find employment soon. I was interrupted from my inner dialogue by mythic "beside it would save you money and I'll have somepony to talk to." At this point, I relent due to my inability that is planning ahead for this trip. I should have thought about what I'd do when I got here but I'll just silently blame it on mythic for distracting me on my way here. After a bit of mulling it over, I agreed to "bunk" with him seeing as how he was offering and I had no real plans.

His response was a loud but decidedly happy one "great we can head over there now, this is gonna be awesome, I haven't had guests for a long time." I wonder why. So as he leads me to his home I look around and the architecture is splendid. It looks very well done and Polished perhaps a little old but that's to be expected. Somethings that caught my eye were the ponies in armor that hung off the rooftops of buildings, sometimes literally, it was too dark to tell but I wondered how they hung there so easily. Probably some kind of tool or something. Mythic has been strangely quiet so I try to strike up a conversation "how long have you and yours been living here?" I asked his response was interesting "well my clan, a long time ago, left our Homeland and went out exploring when we were taken in by Princess Luna to be her guardians of the night like most Batponies at the time. My grandparents were foals back then but they remember it well enough" I cut him off there in my head by thinking why would this princess need most of the population of Batponies to be guards? I tuned back in to hear "...and after all that when she came back from her exile we all came back from our homes to join back up again.." I tuned him back out with a WHAT, apparently this princess is either stupidly old and about to croak or she's immortal.

I very much dislike immortals, they always have this air around them that just makes you feel insignificant even my Lord has done this a few times to those that displeased him but I was raised not to pass judgment on someone I've never met before and the possibility that's she's immortal is small anyway so not much to worry here. Powerful magic is in the air more so then back home it's possible for a life-extending spell to be made. He was still talking when I returned my attention to him "after all that was done there's still a lot of ponies that are terrified of us and some even become aggressive, to be honest, I was surprised that you weren't scared of me, especially when you said you'd never seen a Batpony before."

I spoke in my normal whisper "my father was a strict but fair... Pony and he always said to look at ones character before passing judgment upon them." He hesitantly asked me "well.. what do you think of Batponies then?" I spoke truthfully "well from what I've seen your all devoted to what you do and seem to jump at the occasion to talk but maybe that's just you huh?" I let a little mirthful chuckle escape my throat before looking back to him he looked relieved, perhaps that anger towards them was worse then he let on, if he would be housing me then I'll be there to offer stern words to those that are misguided in their way of thinking.

We had finally made it to his house it was surprisingly bigger then I thought it would be as he opens the door I notice it wasn't locked normally that would seem off but due to the guards it wasn't worth worrying about speaking of which "hey mythic do you know why those guards are on watch out there, it looks like they're after something?" He looks towards my direction and says " the night guards have been more active ever since a powerful energy was detected near the Everfree Forest and the princesses were worried that it might be a sign of something bad coming" I'm sure that was the power of my god but how would they have been able to form a force so quickly I've been here for a maximum of 7 hours, two problems had made themselves apparent either they knew beforehand or they have extremely fast reaction times "how would you know that though?" I asked him "most of my family work in the guard so sometimes they tell me things that happen in their unit." it made sense to me and as we walked into the house I was impressed, it had very nice designs and the massive chair in one of the rooms looked as comfy as it was big. mythic was speaking so I paid attention, "ok here we are now both rooms are on the second-floor mines on the right side yours is on the left side in the hallway" I looked up the stairs and followed him up he was still explaining things when we made it to the rooms "your room is a little bare, I haven't had use for it so it practically empty, but that just means you can get your own stuff to put in it." he smiled as he talked

It was now my turn to speak after being so silent for this long "thank you for taking me in. I know you didn't have to and that I'm a complete stranger to you..." he cut me off with "you're no stranger were friends!" his smile was wider now "I know your name is silent oath and that you've come from very far away and that your dad is a blacksmith. See you're no stranger." I've never really had friends before, at the church we were all just aware about the existence of each other and perhaps a greeting every other time we saw each other but nothing much. Now I have this pony saying we're friends, this could be a new experience and might help me learn more about the culture here. "Then allow me to say thanks mythic you've been a grand friend and I appreciate the help you gave me." he blushes through his fur (how is that possible) and stutters out "w-well I'm just glad that I could help at all." I turn to enter the room "thank you for it, now I'm really tired so I'll be going to bed I'll see you in the morning"

He replied with "see ya and good night." with that the door closes and I'm left alone in the room. Looking around I see a bed with a pillow and blanket and I also see a mirror there's a window on the side letting me see the castle. All in all, it looks very nice. Placing my sword down by the bed I walk up to the mirror looking at my self for the first time since I've changed. My muzzle is white and so are my hooves I let out a brief chuckle at that the latter reminding me of socks. A pony with socks, hilarious. Looking at my eyes they're bright green with some hazel sprinkled in, I'm glad my eyes didn't change I'm quite fond of them. I plop down in the bed and begin saying my prayers "auspicium melioris aevi, aut pax aut Bellum, aut viam
Inveniam aut faciam, ave atque vale. Preparing myself for a brand new day I head to sleep. My dream is a beautiful one. I can see a clear blue sky and my family's home sitting below the trees that surround me are old but strong as I begin to relax I see smoke rising from afar the screams of combat are getting louder and closer, just as I see a hellish red glow through the tree line I gasp awake.

I remember that day, it was the day I lost everything, but it was also the day I found my lord. Getting up I see out the window lots of ponies walking around and can see the sun in the sky. It would seem that I've overslept. Walking downstairs yawning I see mythic making a bowl of vegetables he sees me " good morning silent I was just in the middle of making breakfast do you want any?" feeling it rude to say no and also feeling a little peckish "yes, please thank you." he places a bowl in front of me and a very tiny small pitchfork. I remember that those were used to shovel hay so I assumed that's what it was meant for, but seeing no way for me to use it I just try to pick it up with my hooves it seemed impossible of a task but with some mental effort it stuck to my hoof the shock of caused me to drop it but repeating it a few times got me over it. The vegetable bowl was ok nothing special, but I'm sure it was nutritious. I hear the front doors open

"I'm going to work silent, ill see you later when I get back." I muster out a "see you then." but I'm not so sure he heard me. After putting my bowl into the dish receptacle I prepared my leave. Leaving my sword behind I open the door and immediately I'm bombarded with the noise ponies make. I take my first step outside now I need to find somewhere to work.

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