Faithful Devotion

by Silent legion

First published

Dumah the faithful follower watched in silence as his world burned, his God in a last ditch effort sent him to a new home somewhere far from what he was used to, now Dumah must be watchful of those of evil intent, his holy power will lure all who see

Dumah the faithful follower watched in silence as his world burned, his God in a last ditch effort sent him to a new home somewhere far from what he was used to, now Dumah must be watchful of those of evil intent, his holy power will lure all who see.

Now all he has is his holy powers, a blade, and his faith. The evil that writhes in the new world is sure to be attracted to his power like moths to a flame. Troubled by past regrets he shall wonder, his only goal now, is to survive


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I woke up tired and sore my body felt strange, my Lord told me that it would change to allow me to blend in better.As I look down at myself I can see a dark blue coat of fur and I see black hair cover my eyes. Further inspection shows that I'm now what appears to be a horse.

My Lord told me I'd be imbued with some information that I'd require for basic functions so standing on all four hooves wasn't a problem. But it was... Quiet, my Lord was always able to have a connection to his faithful followers. But my connection was, lessened somehow, I could still hear him but he was quiet. It was unsettling but I was told it would happen.

I could see a spiral horn peaking into my vision, it would appear I am a unicorn, a being of myths. As I fully stand I can tell that I'm definitely smaller then a normal horse... Great being of small stature will be a new experience.

I can tell that this world will be a challenge checking my surroundings I see a lush forest with some broken trees. A headache goes through me and I hear a quiet whisper into my mind "My faithful follower this new world is ripe with life and magic more then your old home."

I hear his voice and sigh in relief to hear his voice as weak as it brought peace to my mind I speak to him my voice as silent as a breeze through the grass "My Lord you Grace me with your voice. Tell me what must I do."

His response was quick "I've learned from my mistakes and will not make the same ones again." He continued "For your loyalty to me even through the darkest times I've used my power to bring you a gift." As he spoke a small dimensional rift opened in the air and a item dropped from it.

My response to this generosity was immediate "My Lord there is no need for such kindness. You saving me from the void was the greatest gift I could ever receive.." I cut myself off after seeing what I was being graced with, a blade that seemed to shine in holy brilliance and my old mask a symbol of hope and faith it was a smooth silver texture with small slits to see through I was stunned I'd never have expected such grand gifts! "My Lord these gifts, they're wonderful, but why? I've done nothing spectacular in your name like some legendary followers."

His response made him sound far older then I could have realized. "I've seen what happens when I'm not active in the lives of my followers they squabble with others and bring about ruin." He continued "Think of these gifts as a blessing, you never we're activate within the church. my followers dwindle and I must keep watch." He left with these parting words "we are low in number and our customs are seen as strange keep yourself hidden and do not show yourself unless absolutely needed you are alone trust nothing and be safe." As he went silent in my mind the reality of the situation hit me like a Warhammer I'm in a new body, in a new dimension, and with barely any knowledge of how I'm to survive.

I must find civilization going over everything in my head lead to a quiet chuckle I looked like a crazy horse thing talking to himself. Regardless I can see what appears to be a castle precariously placed on a mountain it would seem I've found a place to be.

Looking back to my blessings I see my mask taking a more detailed look it's silver with slit eye holes and smooth for the mouth except the spires carved into the sides the reach just underneath the eyes giving the appearance of tears. This was a grand gift and I was very pleased to have it my sword on the other side of me was made from black steel one of the hardest and strongest metals in my world I'm surprised that this was given to one such as me and due to this new body my skills with the blade shurly have dwindled.

I've a long road ahead of me but it's a journey that I have to make. Equipping my sword which sat snugly on my side I realized that I'd have to use it with my mouth... An unsanitary option but a option nonetheless as I go work placing the mask on my face it fades away!

I'm left in a almost state of panic until his voice returned even quieter than before but there "You can resummon it when you want to but not wearing it makes it harder to tell you are different simply ask it to appear and it shall." I try to summon it and sure enough it's there in my hoof hanging limply, placing it on me gives me a sense of peace and power. I take the mask off and watch as it fades away and begin to take my leave. A new world to explore and new beings to meet had it not taken all that I knew of as payment I might have been ecstatic for the opportunity but a sorrow feeling burrowed into my chest.

It had taken a couple hours of walking but I had finally made contact with another horse walking down the pathway it spots me and speaks in a distinctly male voice "oh hello didn't think anypony would be walking here at this time of day." Looking up I now notice that it's getting close to dusk, I speak up "hello I'm new to these parts and don't exactly..." He cuts me off "sorry there but I can't hear a word your saying could you speak up?" It appears that my way of speaking (a harsh whisper) would require me to get closer to these beings then I would like too regardless I have some questions that he will need to answer


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As I got closer I got a better look at him he was a little taller then me but not by much. What had caught my attention was the small Tufts at the end of his ears, the bat wings, and the fangs. Fangs were not the classic horse kit neither were bat wings and tufted ears I spoke slightly louder "I'm new to these parts and I need some help" his ears twitched "ah ok what do you need to know?" I hesitated With my question knowing some people on my world would get very agitated for questioning their appearance "I'm sorry but what are you? I've never seen something quite like you." Thankful to my Lord that he didn't seem to mind the question "oh I'm a bat pony were usually up at night though" that didn't really tell me much but I'll manage "oh ok then what are you doing up so early?" It seemed like a valid question due to the fact he was out here during daylight

He seems to think it over for some reason "I like the day and night so I wake mid-day and sleep midnight" he smiles and I could swear that there was a *squee* noise I didn't appreciate that smile, it looked... Guilty but I was pressed for time so I'll let it be "What's the name of the castle there on the mountain?" He seemed to find my question strange according to the look that was on his face "you must must have come a long way to not know that that's Canterlot the capital of Equestria"
I most certainly was not amused by what was either the joke or the puns but I have to let it slide.

"Yes I am pretty far from home, thanks for the help mister...?" I questioned "oh I'm sorry how rude of me, my name's Mythic Spector what's yours?" I think time had slowed down for a couple seconds as my mind raged I needed to stay under the radar and Dumah most definitely does NOT sound like a normal name compared to this guys, remembering my god telling me that I need to keep hidden, so after racking my brain I come up with "silent oath at your service" I swear that time ticked by forever before he smiled and raised his hoof and said "cool it's nice to meet you silent, you're headed to Canterlot right?" Staring at his hoof for a second before it hits me that he wants me to raise mine and presumably either bump it into his or shake it with his. Normally we would Bow to each other in the church but I never really greeted anyone or was greeted in general but it's a fifty fifty on what's going to happen now raising my hoof I bump it into his and say "Yes are you familiar with it?" He puffs out his chest and proclaims "Well I'd hope so I only live there." I finally notice that he is FLUFFY now I'm not very familiar with horses or ponies for that matter but I don't think they naturally get this fluffy it was... Intriguing, but wait.

"Hold on if you live there then why are you all the way down here?" It was a valid question that place is sure to be pretty far even now after a couple of hours walking. "Oh I can just walk really really fast." He says as he spreads his wings out. Apparently I seem to forget details in the heat of the moment. Also this one's a "funny guy" no matter, I should have remembered instead of just saying things without thinking. He continues with "it's only a 24 minute flight from here to there." Now it's my turn to be funny "oh ok sure I'll head out then." I'm somewhat excited that I made a sarcastic statement, untill I look at his face, just staring at me with a blank expression untill he blurts out "you have wings!?" My cheeky grin dropped, it would seem that the first person I met is either dimwitted, forgetful, or possibly a mixture of the two, regardless the time for sarcasm has died. "No I don't have wings it was a joke." I sighed as the opportunity passed "how long does it take one to walk from here to there?" Pointing down then pointing to the general direction of the castle city.

He makes no further comment to my hilarious statement and said "it'll be maybe a hour or two by hoof." With as much information as I'm willing to get, I make my leave "thank you very much for the help I'll leave you be, have a good afternoon." Before I can take so much as three steps I hear a loud "WAIT!" I turn my head and see him looking at me "I can go with you, I'm already heading home and this way you won't get lost!" I see his smile get larger as his fangs poke out, the excitement getting to him like a child that's been given a sweet. My heart drops not only will I have him following me, he probably won't stop talking if his excited attitude was any more of a giveaway.

"It's no problem you don't have to trouble yourself with even more time to get home I'm fine Making the trip alo-" he interrupts with "now I can't let anypony walk alone as it gets dark especially a day-pony, it just wouldn't be right, and besides I don't mind we can talk and the time will just fly by I wouldn't even notice it." Again with the anypony word it seems wrong to say it like that. Perhaps it's cultural and he's been raised with it, I'll have to catch up on these things if I'm to blend in properly I got lucky with the name I don't want to push it any further than I have.

"No, no really you don't have too it's fine" I feel like I'm begging at this point but he doesn't seem to notice, probably because he can't hear my voice or maybe he's just ignoring it, another flip of the coin there. "I don't mind it's good to talk to other ponies, besides I could use the exercise." He immediately falls in step besides me and I hadn't wanted to bring it up but he was... Squishy looking not a lot but noticable, and now he's following me..great

I relent he probably wouldn't take no for an answer, and of course I'd get the one night dweller that likes to be social, for a second or two there's blissful silence then it's slaughtered. "so what's with the sword, you some kind of super warrior,or maybe it's a legendary weapon that glows when monsters get nearby." It was nice that he was interested in my lords gift, even though he didn't know and it brought back memories of being younger good times those were, dark times had came soon after. It was like a haunting feeling remembering my childhood I buried it down and answered his questions "no I'm not a super warrior and no it's not a legendary weapon, it was a gift from family" it wasn't a total lie my Lord has been with me through even my darkest hour to shine a beacon of light to guide me back, he wasn't my real family but he was the next best thing. "Oh I thought it was since it looks so cool, what's it made out of?" Now this question caught me off guard, then suspicious the only people that ask what a weapon is made from are the kind that know why it matters and are familiar with them or in this case unfamiliar. I figured to tell the truth on this one due to the fact it couldn't hurt and even then, a lie can stop an arrow storm "it's made from black steel a powerful metal that is impossibly hard to shatter." I can feel a little bit of pride slip into my whisper as he preceded to ask "what's black steel, I've never heard of it before?" The words flew out of my mouth like the wind "it's a family secret and it took many long hours and a very many long years to make and create it." The pride was palpable at this point my father was a grand blacksmith the best there ever was, and it had brought attention.

He asked who had made the sword and I made up a quick lie saying my dad did and then before he could question me more I asked him some myself. It turned out that mythic had a family of 7 a large amount if I may say so, two parents, two brothers both older, and two sisters both older, but not by too much he went on a massive tangent but I persevered, his dad was a royal guard and so was his mom, a military family it seemed. He proceeded to tell me his eldest bother was a librarian and the other was a guard, the sisters were twins and they both worked at a bar they had renovated, he asked me about my family and it brought up some old scars, I evaded that question and told him that I'm ok at a lot of things but wasn't great at anything specific. At this time we had reached Canterlot and it was time to go our separate ways.

Lapse in preparation

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I started with "well its been nice meeting you Mythic but it seems we've reached the end of this trip" it wasn't that I don't like to talk it's just that everyone speaks a little louder then I would like I see his expression and I felt like I kicked a defenseless animal his ears were down and his eyes seemed to get bigger when he realized we made it to Canterlot it was fully dark and the only ponies out we're more bat ponies it was interesting to see them fly I was shaken out of my musing by an "oh, well it was nice meeting you silent." He went quiet for a little bit and I'd figured he'd flown away I'm sad to say I was startled when he spoke up "do you have a place to stay here?" WHY, why does he insist on talking to me, we've only met a few hours ago and now I'm apparently his best friend I didn't know what to tell him, it'd be shameful to admit I had nowhere to stay but if I lie he'd probably try to find me, I don't see why he's become attached to me like this or perhaps he just has no one to talk to and he's just dying for conversation

Maybe I'm being too harsh and my hospitality is taking the strike "I don't have anywhere to stay sadly but I'll find somewhere to be." I knew I made what was either a great decision or my most horrible mistake from the glint in his big eyes. "I have an idea!!" He basically yelled I looked around to see what others were doing before realizing that it's dark and the only ones up are bat ponies and they were ignoring us. "You could bunk with me!" My head almost snapped off with how quick it turned "yeah we could hang out and I have an extra room I don't use it's perfect!" I believe there's something wrong with the way he thinks I, a complete stranger, is being invited to live in his home for no more reason than having spoken to him for about 3 hours. I try do drop reality into the conversation "look mythic that's a very generous and kind offer but we met not even 4 hours ago, I'm a complete stranger to you." I should have known that it wouldn't keep him at bay, he seems to have a one-track mind.

"Come on where else would you sleep, do you have any bits to rent a room in a hotel?" I could wholeheartedly say that I didn't know what bits were, and safe to say I couldn't buy anything, thinking about it I'd need to find employment soon. I was interrupted from my inner dialogue by mythic "beside it would save you money and I'll have somepony to talk to." At this point, I relent due to my inability that is planning ahead for this trip. I should have thought about what I'd do when I got here but I'll just silently blame it on mythic for distracting me on my way here. After a bit of mulling it over, I agreed to "bunk" with him seeing as how he was offering and I had no real plans.

His response was a loud but decidedly happy one "great we can head over there now, this is gonna be awesome, I haven't had guests for a long time." I wonder why. So as he leads me to his home I look around and the architecture is splendid. It looks very well done and Polished perhaps a little old but that's to be expected. Somethings that caught my eye were the ponies in armor that hung off the rooftops of buildings, sometimes literally, it was too dark to tell but I wondered how they hung there so easily. Probably some kind of tool or something. Mythic has been strangely quiet so I try to strike up a conversation "how long have you and yours been living here?" I asked his response was interesting "well my clan, a long time ago, left our Homeland and went out exploring when we were taken in by Princess Luna to be her guardians of the night like most Batponies at the time. My grandparents were foals back then but they remember it well enough" I cut him off there in my head by thinking why would this princess need most of the population of Batponies to be guards? I tuned back in to hear "...and after all that when she came back from her exile we all came back from our homes to join back up again.." I tuned him back out with a WHAT, apparently this princess is either stupidly old and about to croak or she's immortal.

I very much dislike immortals, they always have this air around them that just makes you feel insignificant even my Lord has done this a few times to those that displeased him but I was raised not to pass judgment on someone I've never met before and the possibility that's she's immortal is small anyway so not much to worry here. Powerful magic is in the air more so then back home it's possible for a life-extending spell to be made. He was still talking when I returned my attention to him "after all that was done there's still a lot of ponies that are terrified of us and some even become aggressive, to be honest, I was surprised that you weren't scared of me, especially when you said you'd never seen a Batpony before."

I spoke in my normal whisper "my father was a strict but fair... Pony and he always said to look at ones character before passing judgment upon them." He hesitantly asked me "well.. what do you think of Batponies then?" I spoke truthfully "well from what I've seen your all devoted to what you do and seem to jump at the occasion to talk but maybe that's just you huh?" I let a little mirthful chuckle escape my throat before looking back to him he looked relieved, perhaps that anger towards them was worse then he let on, if he would be housing me then I'll be there to offer stern words to those that are misguided in their way of thinking.

We had finally made it to his house it was surprisingly bigger then I thought it would be as he opens the door I notice it wasn't locked normally that would seem off but due to the guards it wasn't worth worrying about speaking of which "hey mythic do you know why those guards are on watch out there, it looks like they're after something?" He looks towards my direction and says " the night guards have been more active ever since a powerful energy was detected near the Everfree Forest and the princesses were worried that it might be a sign of something bad coming" I'm sure that was the power of my god but how would they have been able to form a force so quickly I've been here for a maximum of 7 hours, two problems had made themselves apparent either they knew beforehand or they have extremely fast reaction times "how would you know that though?" I asked him "most of my family work in the guard so sometimes they tell me things that happen in their unit." it made sense to me and as we walked into the house I was impressed, it had very nice designs and the massive chair in one of the rooms looked as comfy as it was big. mythic was speaking so I paid attention, "ok here we are now both rooms are on the second-floor mines on the right side yours is on the left side in the hallway" I looked up the stairs and followed him up he was still explaining things when we made it to the rooms "your room is a little bare, I haven't had use for it so it practically empty, but that just means you can get your own stuff to put in it." he smiled as he talked

It was now my turn to speak after being so silent for this long "thank you for taking me in. I know you didn't have to and that I'm a complete stranger to you..." he cut me off with "you're no stranger were friends!" his smile was wider now "I know your name is silent oath and that you've come from very far away and that your dad is a blacksmith. See you're no stranger." I've never really had friends before, at the church we were all just aware about the existence of each other and perhaps a greeting every other time we saw each other but nothing much. Now I have this pony saying we're friends, this could be a new experience and might help me learn more about the culture here. "Then allow me to say thanks mythic you've been a grand friend and I appreciate the help you gave me." he blushes through his fur (how is that possible) and stutters out "w-well I'm just glad that I could help at all." I turn to enter the room "thank you for it, now I'm really tired so I'll be going to bed I'll see you in the morning"

He replied with "see ya and good night." with that the door closes and I'm left alone in the room. Looking around I see a bed with a pillow and blanket and I also see a mirror there's a window on the side letting me see the castle. All in all, it looks very nice. Placing my sword down by the bed I walk up to the mirror looking at my self for the first time since I've changed. My muzzle is white and so are my hooves I let out a brief chuckle at that the latter reminding me of socks. A pony with socks, hilarious. Looking at my eyes they're bright green with some hazel sprinkled in, I'm glad my eyes didn't change I'm quite fond of them. I plop down in the bed and begin saying my prayers "auspicium melioris aevi, aut pax aut Bellum, aut viam
Inveniam aut faciam, ave atque vale. Preparing myself for a brand new day I head to sleep. My dream is a beautiful one. I can see a clear blue sky and my family's home sitting below the trees that surround me are old but strong as I begin to relax I see smoke rising from afar the screams of combat are getting louder and closer, just as I see a hellish red glow through the tree line I gasp awake.

I remember that day, it was the day I lost everything, but it was also the day I found my lord. Getting up I see out the window lots of ponies walking around and can see the sun in the sky. It would seem that I've overslept. Walking downstairs yawning I see mythic making a bowl of vegetables he sees me " good morning silent I was just in the middle of making breakfast do you want any?" feeling it rude to say no and also feeling a little peckish "yes, please thank you." he places a bowl in front of me and a very tiny small pitchfork. I remember that those were used to shovel hay so I assumed that's what it was meant for, but seeing no way for me to use it I just try to pick it up with my hooves it seemed impossible of a task but with some mental effort it stuck to my hoof the shock of caused me to drop it but repeating it a few times got me over it. The vegetable bowl was ok nothing special, but I'm sure it was nutritious. I hear the front doors open

"I'm going to work silent, ill see you later when I get back." I muster out a "see you then." but I'm not so sure he heard me. After putting my bowl into the dish receptacle I prepared my leave. Leaving my sword behind I open the door and immediately I'm bombarded with the noise ponies make. I take my first step outside now I need to find somewhere to work.

Faith and employment

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Walking out the front door I began my journey of employment. I remember helping my dad chop wood for the winter months, a city like this though wouldn't need chopped wood.

I remember that big city's like this have some recreational places. Thinking about it didn't Mythic says that his eldest brother was a librarian? That gives me an idea. I could go to a library, the knowledge there should be enough to help me carry on in this land, sadly I don't exactly know the layout of this city and that, unfortunately, brings me to have to talk to the locals.

Walking up to a random pony (a mare by the looks of it) "hello could you please point me in the direction of the library?" I said politely as possible. She looks at me and then points her nose up and hurry away with a "hmph".

It dawns on me that this being the capital of the nation, probably has the worst this species has to offer. Finding one with enough decency to tell me where I need to go would be hard if I didn't have a trick up my nonexistent sleeve. Walking up to another posh looking pony I say in a most elegant tone of voice my whisper would allow.

" Hello, dear madam but could you tell me where the library may be? I wouldn't want to waste more of my time, I have many more important places to be."

She looks towards me and says "well if you must know, it's further down the road, you can't miss it." smiling I nod to her and make my way down, nobles work in funny ways. If you act important they think that you are, a useful trick that doesn't take much thought.

After a few minutes, I finally see the place. It looks quite old, to be honest, but it seems like the perfect place to work. Walking in I see a batpony, I thought they only get up at night with Mythic being the exception.

Regardless of that fact, I walk up to him, he notices me and looks up smiling, saying "hello are you here to browse our selection?"

I smile back "yes I am but I'm also looking for some kind of employment, I was hoping I could work here? My names silent oath." I say while walking over.

He looks at me saying "steel shelf here, we currently don't need a full-time employee but you can come over every three days to organize any misplaced books, the pay isn't the best but it's the best I can do."

I don't even need to think about it, work's, work. Smiling I say "that's perfectly fine, when would I be able to start?"

He raises his hoof, obviously wanting a hoof bump that I reciprocate "you can start tomorrow, it'll save me some time, I can pay you 12 bits per hour and you might only be working for perhaps 3-4 hours each time, is that fine?" he asked

Happy I even have a job I smile "that's perfectly fine. I just wanted to find something to do. Is it ok if I stay here a bit and look at some books?"

"Of course, the library is open for a majority of the day," he says

Perfect, with a quick "thank you" I make my way further into the building. In the section I'm currently in I see a lot of books based on magic casting, intrigued, I grab a few with my mouth and place them one by one on a nearby table, I really don't like using my mouth for everything.

Opening the first book it talks about using magic to force a blast of energy that would impact the target with blunt force, used by the guard to incapacitate lawbreakers.

The spell seems interesting but I don't know how to use it. With my lack of spellcasting knowhow, these books are useless. The only magic I know are those that were given to me by my lord, like my lord they are powerful but are also most likely unheard of in this world and drawing attention to myself is not good.

Putting that book aside I absentmindedly reach for another one, looking down at it I realize I've made a mistake "So you're a Unicorn" I whisper the title out it's a small book that looks very colorful obviously meant for a child. ...

... I open the book...

As expected it's a children 's book but the name of one of the chapters grabs my attention "how to use your magic" quickly looking around spotting not a soul I flip to that page.

Reading the chapter is an enlightening experience. It tells me how to use my magic. All I have to do is basically force my will into a spell with sufficient energy, too much and the spell can backfire or be stronger than expected, too little energy and the spell will just fizzle out.

A new spell I like is levitation, apparently, it's a very basic spell for a unicorn. All one has to do is imagine their energy encompass an object and simply lift. It takes energy to lift it but once it's lifted by your magic it no longer takes energy to keep it afloat. The more energy you have the bigger objects you can carry.

Figuring reading the interesting parts of this book would be all I need until I come across the word "cutie marks" a cutie mark was something every filly and colt received at some point in there lives and is used to show what their special talent is once they figure it out. When it appears it shows up on their flanks. Looking down at myself I can see what looks like my mask but it has chains wrapped around it forming an x on the mouth the slits for the eyes are curved in a way that it can be taken for being happy or sad.

I haven't really put much thought into the markings on ponies but now it seems tied together. Why do they get these marks though and if it's to show a special talent then why is mine so vague? All questions that don't seem to have answers.

After spending an hour or three practicing levitation and learning new spells I get bored and leave bidding goodbye to steel shelf and making my way back to mythics hours. Finding my way back wasn't too hard I open the door and walk in, the house looks the same as I left it and I go to inspect the massive chair in the main room. It LOOKS comfortable with its furry appearance sitting down I feel the texture and it feels amazing. It's like I was being absorbed into it. This wasn't my proudest moment but I was akin to a dog laying on my back and just kind of moving in small motions I'm not aware of how long I was doing this but I hear snickering and my blood runs cold.

Looking up I see him standing at the doorway with a few bags in his mouth and a massive smile on his face. It was at exactly this moment that I could honestly say that I was ready to die. His sudden appearance caused me to let out an embarrassing noise similar to a mouse before I feel the blood rushing to my face. I give a quick thanks to my lord for fur not letting it shine through and just kind of stare at him as his smile gets bigger and bigger, now I wasn't the manifestation of all things manly but as he started to laugh at me I could feel my ears point down. The only thing I could think of was 'why! By the Lord's name, how could I have not heard him! He was encumbered! Was the relaxing chair that much of a sirens song?'

"What are you doing with the couch?" he asked amidst laughter. So this thing was called a couch? Whatever this requires my attention

"It's very comfortable I was just laying here and didn't hear you come in," I said in what could be considered poutingly

"I-its fine, h-have you n-never been on a couch before?" he said while trying to contain his laughter, possibly due to seeing how embarrassed I was by being caught, good man, it didn't help much though.

I responded with "no I've never been on a couch before, while on the road I would just sleep under a tree or something." that something usually being the church, it had fine bedding but nothing so comfortable as the couch, it was even better than the bed I slept in yesterday.

"Oh ok, well I brought home some groceries I'm not exactly sure what you'd like but you seemed to like the salad so I got some of that and stuff to make spaghetti and the like."

"Thank you, I did like the salad, also I went to the library to inquire about a job and to do some studying," I said to him while rolling off the couch.

His ears perked up when I said library and he spoke "oh, did you see my brother steel shelf? He works there as part owner."

I pause and came to the realization that mythic did say he has a librarian brother but I figured he was somewhere else.

"Yeah, I met him he gave me a part-time job at the library every three days. He seems like a cool pony." I continue with "would you happen to know if there's a training yard around here? I want to try some new things I've been picking up."

His ear twitches as he put the bags on the table "training yard? The only one around here is the guards but I don't know exactly if they'll let you in to use the dummies."

That's fine I could just ask them tomorrow the only problem being "do you know where they are?" I ask

"Of course, the guards are posted at the castle if you walk up to it you'll see one in no time if you do it at night they might see you before you see them," he says with a smile

That almost sounds like a threat.. Or a warning. Either way, I'm sure it'll be fine the guard is there for the protection of those they watch over I look over to mythic and ask "is there anything you want to do? We still have.." I look over to a nearby wall clock "6 more hours before its too late." thinking about it we forgot about the whole 'couch' thing and I'm kinda thankful for that

"Hey, you're right!" he said, "we can play some board games or we can go clubbing!" he exclaimed while smiling

CLUBBING? For a bunch of ponies especially one who didn't want to leave a 'daypony' out to walk alone at night clubbing an animal seemed a little too vicious for one of their caliber.

Perhaps I should stay away from beating anything "how about a board game? Those are always fun." they weren't "do you have anything in mind?" I asked.

He seemed to think it over before his eyes lit up "marenopoly!" he yelled before in a flurry of speed he disappeared upstairs leaving me wondering what on earth he was up to. After a minute of weird crashing noises coming from his room, he came back down with a box depicting a fancy mare with a monocle and a glass of wine surrounded by gold

"I loved this game as a foal and I'm sure you will too" he slaps it down in-between us before unpacking it pulling out a flat unfolding square with various markings on it and what looked like little metal pieces of everyday items and lots of gold pieces that didn't clink together announcing them as fake

"Ok so this is the game I'll explain it to you in a minute when I finish unpacking, trust me you'll absolutely love it!" he said smiling like he was about to split his face. If he's having this much fun at the prospect of playing the actual game must be amazing.

The guards grounds

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I LOVED this game. I barely know what I'm doing and I'm winning by what I think is a landslide. Mythic is getting upset at his misfortune, when we started he rolled the dice first and that landed him on a tile that forced him to pay 200 bits. That was the beginning of this battle he would end up facing. From what I can tell this game Is majorly based on nothing but luck.

We had been playing for what felt like hours and probably was as mythic finally gave me the rest of his bits when he placed his small statuette of a cart on one of my properties he laughed at me when I had bought them in the beginning but they had pulled through in the end and had helped me achieve victory. Now I was the one laughing every time he had landed on one of my properties I gained more and more bits. We packed up with a pouty mythic promising that he would beat me next time and went to sleep.

Waking up the next morning I got myself prepared and made my way to the library for my job. Mythic was still asleep so I made a little thing of salad for him and myself putting his in the icebox to keep it fresh till he woke up. As I opened the door I was greeted by an old mare in glasses. Walking up to her I asked "excuse me mam but would you happen to know where steel shelf is? I have some work to do for him and I thought he would be here."

She put her book down and looked up at me smiling "oh you must be silent oath! Steel shelf had said you'd be here to help me organize the library. He thinks I'm losing my strength in my old age." she looks off into the distance smiling before shaking her head "oh sorry he doesn't get here till later in the day. It's a bit too early for him. I'm Ocean Rose, but please call me rose dear."

Miss Rose was a unicorn of dark blue fur and had a cutie mark of a few roses growing in a pool of water, most likely, the ocean. She had a light blue mane with a streak of green going through the center, and some smile wrinkles around her eyes.

Smiling back I ask her how she would like the library organized. She shows me what parts she would like me to get started on and explains the pattern that she wanted to be done.

After 2 and a half hours I finish my half and ask her if there's anything else she would like done.

"Oh no, no, no, you've done more than enough to help and I appreciate it, now Steel told me that you get 12 bits per hour and you worked for 2 and a half. So here are 30 bits for your hard work" she says while going behind the counter to collect said payment. "And again thank you for the help, it shaved off a few hours of work I would have had to do." After handing 'hoofing?' Me a small bag of bits we parted ways with goodbyes.

Now that I'm done with work I look forward to scouting out the training grounds of the guards. I fear that this transformation has led to serious decay in my ability to use a blade.

After an hour or two of getting distracted by the architecture of the city, I found my way to the palace and was stopped by a guard. "Halt, what is your purpose at the castle?" He said, standing as still as a statue

After telling him my purpose and getting an odd stare. he points me in the right direction and I make my way into the training area there's pony shaped dummy's in varying distances away.

My first test would be on my new magical strength. By sending a blast of pure magical energy. This would allow me to see the amount of destructive force pony magic has on its own without an outside force.

Focusing my magic into my horn I feel it build-up and then release it in the direction of the first dummy. Whereas I was trying to hit the chest I instead hit the head causing it to twist at an odd angle, strangely enough, the doll didn't move an inch. After a few silent seconds, its head turned back and settled onto the original angle it was at.

Now, for a split second my mind was screaming at me that this thing was an unholy demon but then I came to the rationalization that they most likely had a spell set on it to revert it back to its basic state. Back in the church, the manikins wouldn't do that and would have to be replaced should any damage be done to them.

So magic here was at the very least somewhat lethal but it would have to be under specific circumstances should it end that way or the second possibility, my magic was strong enough to be possibly fatal in certain situations where the target was incapable of movement.

Now my second experiment was to see if I could use my magic in a finer manipulation of objects looking around for anything I could levitate I spot a rack of more manikins. These ones aren't attached to the ground like the others. Picking it up I pull it over towards me and start to wrap my magic around it completely instead of by the neck.

Now I start to move the legs and head at various angles. Doing this at first is clunky and somewhat painful-looking if it were alive. After doing this for a few hours I decide it's high time for something new.

One thing I haven't tried yet are the miracles that I can summon, generously given to me by my lord.

I focus on my lord, what he means to me and what he's done for me. I remember when he guided me to the church and what I learned there. I feel his presence grow stronger in my mind and heart and with him as my witness, I cast forth the miracle and watch as one of the manikins is decorated with the warm glow of sunlight before it catches ablaze and gets reduced to char.

The difference between a miracle and a spell is that with a spell you need to channel your magic through your horn with the sequence in mind whereas with a holy miracle anyone could do it, as long as they had faith in divinity and worshiped them as they deserved to be.

Before I can think of another miracle to summon I'm surprised by a whistle. "Woo, that's one heck of a spell you have there, didn't even feel the intent of it when you cast it. It looked real gentle like till it burned." Spinning around I'm confronted by a mare in golden armor looking towards the blacked spot of ash as it slowly regenerates.

She is a unicorn that has a white coat and a blue mane with a red slash going through it, she's a head taller than me and her voice is a bit scratchy.

She stops looking at the scorched earth and looks down at me. "So what kinda spell was that? Normally one can tell if a spell is going to be dangerous by the atmosphere, but with this one, it was like taking a rest in the sunshine all nice and warm"

My answer was "how long have you been there?" As I hadn't felt any presence nearby at all

"Got here just as you were startin whatever that was, looked like you were restin your eyes for a spell" she responded while taking a quick glance back to the char.

With that squared away, I'm about to tell her about the miracle until I here my lord words in my head "Remember to stay hidden, don't reveal anything you don't need to." he tells me and I'm quick to come up with a lie on the spot " it's a new spell I'm working on" I tell her.

This doesn't seem to quell her question and instead seems to cause her concern. "Now why would you be wantin to make a dangerous spell like that without it warning anypony" she questions

The first thing to pop into my head is why on earth would you telegraph an attack to your enemy when in combat. I may not have had any True fights in my life but even I know that you don't just say "ok I'm going to attack you now" it feels like some kind of gimmick to detract your opponent before some other attack.

I answer with the question "why would I want it to warn anything at all? That defeats the purpose of an attack"

She looked like I just kicked her or something as she says " so that they can tell if they need to dodge it or not. It's not a fair fight of Ya blindside'em like that"

Fair fight? A fights a fight unless it's a sport and if so then it's a game and not real and I tell her as much.

Her green eyes widen and then she Growls at me, what kind of pony growls? That's not natural... In.. Magic pony land, forget that train of thought. "Regardless only the royal guard should be making or using spells like that, not a civilian who thinks he's a hotshot."

"Whatever, magic is magic and some ponies just know certain spells, it can't be that dangerous. Real-life hazards don't warn you about themselves." I say as I start walking away.

she quickly comes to my side and continues talking "now don't you turn your back on me, you got some splaining to do" sighing I ask "what do you want me to explain? I was trying a new spell and that's it."

She looks ahead and asks "yeh I heard that part but why in Celestia's name would you be learnin a spell-like that?"

I'm getting tired of talking very quickly, she's not like mythic where there's a certain enjoyment to be had in the conversation her words are accusatory and overly loud.

"Look, I just wanted to do the spell nothing more to it. Now it seems we're at the part where we part ways, good day" I state firmly as we make it to the front gate we're now a Batpony is standing guard.

Seeing the Batpony must have shaken her out of her little world as she says "oh it's that late already? Well, I gotta get back and return the armor, see you around." She picks her hoof up and points it to me I reciprocate and bump my hoof against hers to be polite.

"Oh wait, names Betty, brown Betty what's yours?" She pipes up. With a silent sigh, I reply "silent oath, at your service" hoping that's it I make my way towards mythics house before I hear "see you some other time silent, I've got some friends that would love to hear about your new spells."

Turning around I see that she's already gone. Was that a threat? Sounded like one, it definitely was ominous. I should keep an eye out just in case there might be something to it.

Now I'm tired and somewhat dragging myself to the door. I shouldn't have dwelled on what Betty said but it stuck to my mind and is starting to already make me paranoid. Was the miracle really that dangerous? Or was it just an innocent statement that I'm thinking way too much into. Opening the door I see little snack foods in the main room with mythic sitting on the couch, setting up some kind of device that was pointed towards a clear white wall. He sees me as soon as I open the door "silent! Come over here and watch this with me! it's movie night and I put on something I loved watching as a foal. It kinda made me scared of water for a few years. Heh" he puts one if his front hooves behind his head and rubs it. Then as I sit down I hear the name of the movie that would frustrate me for a long time.

"anyway it's called the titanic"