• Published 31st May 2019
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Faithful Devotion - Silent legion

Dumah the faithful follower watched in silence as his world burned, his God in a last ditch effort sent him to a new home somewhere far from what he was used to, now Dumah must be watchful of those of evil intent, his holy power will lure all who see

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As I got closer I got a better look at him he was a little taller then me but not by much. What had caught my attention was the small Tufts at the end of his ears, the bat wings, and the fangs. Fangs were not the classic horse kit neither were bat wings and tufted ears I spoke slightly louder "I'm new to these parts and I need some help" his ears twitched "ah ok what do you need to know?" I hesitated With my question knowing some people on my world would get very agitated for questioning their appearance "I'm sorry but what are you? I've never seen something quite like you." Thankful to my Lord that he didn't seem to mind the question "oh I'm a bat pony were usually up at night though" that didn't really tell me much but I'll manage "oh ok then what are you doing up so early?" It seemed like a valid question due to the fact he was out here during daylight

He seems to think it over for some reason "I like the day and night so I wake mid-day and sleep midnight" he smiles and I could swear that there was a *squee* noise I didn't appreciate that smile, it looked... Guilty but I was pressed for time so I'll let it be "What's the name of the castle there on the mountain?" He seemed to find my question strange according to the look that was on his face "you must must have come a long way to not know that that's Canterlot the capital of Equestria"
I most certainly was not amused by what was either the joke or the puns but I have to let it slide.

"Yes I am pretty far from home, thanks for the help mister...?" I questioned "oh I'm sorry how rude of me, my name's Mythic Spector what's yours?" I think time had slowed down for a couple seconds as my mind raged I needed to stay under the radar and Dumah most definitely does NOT sound like a normal name compared to this guys, remembering my god telling me that I need to keep hidden, so after racking my brain I come up with "silent oath at your service" I swear that time ticked by forever before he smiled and raised his hoof and said "cool it's nice to meet you silent, you're headed to Canterlot right?" Staring at his hoof for a second before it hits me that he wants me to raise mine and presumably either bump it into his or shake it with his. Normally we would Bow to each other in the church but I never really greeted anyone or was greeted in general but it's a fifty fifty on what's going to happen now raising my hoof I bump it into his and say "Yes are you familiar with it?" He puffs out his chest and proclaims "Well I'd hope so I only live there." I finally notice that he is FLUFFY now I'm not very familiar with horses or ponies for that matter but I don't think they naturally get this fluffy it was... Intriguing, but wait.

"Hold on if you live there then why are you all the way down here?" It was a valid question that place is sure to be pretty far even now after a couple of hours walking. "Oh I can just walk really really fast." He says as he spreads his wings out. Apparently I seem to forget details in the heat of the moment. Also this one's a "funny guy" no matter, I should have remembered instead of just saying things without thinking. He continues with "it's only a 24 minute flight from here to there." Now it's my turn to be funny "oh ok sure I'll head out then." I'm somewhat excited that I made a sarcastic statement, untill I look at his face, just staring at me with a blank expression untill he blurts out "you have wings!?" My cheeky grin dropped, it would seem that the first person I met is either dimwitted, forgetful, or possibly a mixture of the two, regardless the time for sarcasm has died. "No I don't have wings it was a joke." I sighed as the opportunity passed "how long does it take one to walk from here to there?" Pointing down then pointing to the general direction of the castle city.

He makes no further comment to my hilarious statement and said "it'll be maybe a hour or two by hoof." With as much information as I'm willing to get, I make my leave "thank you very much for the help I'll leave you be, have a good afternoon." Before I can take so much as three steps I hear a loud "WAIT!" I turn my head and see him looking at me "I can go with you, I'm already heading home and this way you won't get lost!" I see his smile get larger as his fangs poke out, the excitement getting to him like a child that's been given a sweet. My heart drops not only will I have him following me, he probably won't stop talking if his excited attitude was any more of a giveaway.

"It's no problem you don't have to trouble yourself with even more time to get home I'm fine Making the trip alo-" he interrupts with "now I can't let anypony walk alone as it gets dark especially a day-pony, it just wouldn't be right, and besides I don't mind we can talk and the time will just fly by I wouldn't even notice it." Again with the anypony word it seems wrong to say it like that. Perhaps it's cultural and he's been raised with it, I'll have to catch up on these things if I'm to blend in properly I got lucky with the name I don't want to push it any further than I have.

"No, no really you don't have too it's fine" I feel like I'm begging at this point but he doesn't seem to notice, probably because he can't hear my voice or maybe he's just ignoring it, another flip of the coin there. "I don't mind it's good to talk to other ponies, besides I could use the exercise." He immediately falls in step besides me and I hadn't wanted to bring it up but he was... Squishy looking not a lot but noticable, and now he's following me..great

I relent he probably wouldn't take no for an answer, and of course I'd get the one night dweller that likes to be social, for a second or two there's blissful silence then it's slaughtered. "so what's with the sword, you some kind of super warrior,or maybe it's a legendary weapon that glows when monsters get nearby." It was nice that he was interested in my lords gift, even though he didn't know and it brought back memories of being younger good times those were, dark times had came soon after. It was like a haunting feeling remembering my childhood I buried it down and answered his questions "no I'm not a super warrior and no it's not a legendary weapon, it was a gift from family" it wasn't a total lie my Lord has been with me through even my darkest hour to shine a beacon of light to guide me back, he wasn't my real family but he was the next best thing. "Oh I thought it was since it looks so cool, what's it made out of?" Now this question caught me off guard, then suspicious the only people that ask what a weapon is made from are the kind that know why it matters and are familiar with them or in this case unfamiliar. I figured to tell the truth on this one due to the fact it couldn't hurt and even then, a lie can stop an arrow storm "it's made from black steel a powerful metal that is impossibly hard to shatter." I can feel a little bit of pride slip into my whisper as he preceded to ask "what's black steel, I've never heard of it before?" The words flew out of my mouth like the wind "it's a family secret and it took many long hours and a very many long years to make and create it." The pride was palpable at this point my father was a grand blacksmith the best there ever was, and it had brought attention.

He asked who had made the sword and I made up a quick lie saying my dad did and then before he could question me more I asked him some myself. It turned out that mythic had a family of 7 a large amount if I may say so, two parents, two brothers both older, and two sisters both older, but not by too much he went on a massive tangent but I persevered, his dad was a royal guard and so was his mom, a military family it seemed. He proceeded to tell me his eldest bother was a librarian and the other was a guard, the sisters were twins and they both worked at a bar they had renovated, he asked me about my family and it brought up some old scars, I evaded that question and told him that I'm ok at a lot of things but wasn't great at anything specific. At this time we had reached Canterlot and it was time to go our separate ways.

Author's Note:

So the second chapters out and I'm really excited to see how y'all like it if at all it's really fun and I can see myself pumping out a few chapters a week I plan on adding 500 more words each chapter maybe more sometimes less but anyway have a great day

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