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A Disguise for Love is a Disguise for Life - HalfSteve

Spy Glass Makes a shocking discovery that could change his life forvever! The problem is deciding wether is was for better or for worse.

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Chapter 2: Golden Days Pt 1 (3rd Person POV)

Spy Glass’s thoughts took him back to the past, the day he met his wife 6 years ago.

Spy Glass jotted down a few notes, holding the pen in his right wing and the note pad in his other, as a stallion described a his wife. He was in the middle of a potential-cheating-spouse case, and the orange unicorn stallion was telling him what to look for:

Female Unicorn
Turqoise Coat
Dark Red Mane
Blue Eyes
Answers to: Sky Beam

Spy Glass looks up the the stallion, flipping the pen in his wing occasionally. "So, Mr. Red, what excatly makes you think your wife might be cheating on you? Do you have anything I can use as a lead?" He asked the stallion, probing for as much information as he could gather. The stallion was called Lemon Green; but, for some reason, he perfered to be called Mr. Red. A mystery not even the white pegasus himself could solve, it seems.

"Well, what peaked my suspision, was 'dis pink letter in the mail," Mr. Red started, his voice deep and raspy. He had a thick Brooklyn accent; fresh from Manehatten, no doubt. "'First, I thought Sky put it there fo' me, 'cause she's sweet, like 'dat, 'til I saw the name. It was 'dressed to her by a stallion named Blue Dusk. I neve' told her I saw it, but nex' time I did, it was open, in the bin. He was askin' her to meet 'im at Icey's Hall Café."

"Do you suppose I could see the primary scource, Mr. Red?" Spy asked after jotting down a few key points of the story.

"Aint 'dat Illegal, goin' through ponies' mail?"

"The message was discarded, if she REALLY didn't want any pony to see it, she would have shredded it. You already found the letter in the trash; it is considered garbage. It is not Illegal to give me a peice of rubbish you found."

"Well, 'guess if you put it dat way.... I don't see no problem wit' it" said Mr. Red, before disappearing for a moment to retrive the letter. He returned soon after, handing Spy Glass a hot pink colored envolope. Sky Beam's name was on it, in a very neat hoof-writing. He put it in his notebook onthe page he was taking notes in and closed it.

"I'll be keeping it around for later refrences. Did it say what time they'll be meeting?"

"'Round five tonight! Thanks for doin' dis, pal!"

"No, need! Just doing my job! Speaking of which, are you paying up front, or should I put it on account?"

"How much is it costin' me?"

"1,000 bits,"

"Put me on acccount, I'll pay ya nex' month."

"Alright, you will receive the invoice in the mail from Spy World Inc. next week. You have a good day, Mr. Red."

"Ay, and you too!"

Spy Glass made his way to Icey's Hall Café, the snow crunched under his hooves as the the light slowly faded. He couldn't shake the feeling that he was forgetting something. It was really nagging at him, and the fact that every detail matters only amplified the problem. He stoped outside the Café and checked his notebook.

Everything seems in order. Spy Glass thought to himself after reading over the details a couple times. He shrugged it off and went inside, seating himself at a booth. Wasting no time, he scanned the restraunt, looking for a pony who matched that description. It wasn't long before he spotted somepony who did. Sure enough: red mane, turquoise coat, blue eyes, female unicorn. She was quite beautiful actually.

Spy Glass took the menu and used it to hide his face. It may be cliché, but it usually works. He peeked over the top of the menu; he couldn't tell if it was the worst decision, or the best. At that moment, they locked gazes, staring into eachother's eyes from across the room. A long moment passed, and Spy Glass started to feel his heart beat a little quicker. He tried to look away, but something kept his gaze drawn to her. She smiled but blushed deeply, before following his example by covering her face with the menu, in attempt to hide the redness in her cheeks. Spy Glasses ducked back under the menu, the beating in his chest still pounding quickly. At first, it seemed awkward to him, then it happened again. He took another peek at the same time she did, she blushed again and hid her face.

Every few minutes or so, he would glance back at her, and everytime, she would meet his gaze at the exact same time. After, the 16th time, he gave up. Instead, he decided to look over the letter, searching for more details. It wasn't long before the waiter drew near. "Are you ready to order, sir?" He asked.

"Oh! Um..." Spy Glass said as he glanced back down at the love letter. Blue Dusk had wrote to Sky Beam, saying something about ordering 'her favorite': Blueberry mango muffins. It sounded... Strangely good. "I'll have two Blueberry Mango Muffins," he responded. The waiter gave him an odd look, before writing it down, and walking away quickly.

Another waiter returned shortly with a milkshake, leaving it on the the table. Spy Glass looked up at him with a confused expression. "Excuse me? This isn't what I ordered," Spy Glass said to the waiter.

"This is a gift to you from another table; it's already been paid for," The waiter responded.

"Oh, who from?"

"I'm sorry, sir, the buyer wishes to remain anynomous," waiter said before returning to the kitchen. Spy Glass was sure he knew exactly who the buyer was. He look over at the Turqoise mare, she was smiling at him. A faint blush painted her face as she gave him a wink.

This caused him to blush a little, too. He tried not to stare while sub-consiously taking a sip of the milkshake. His eye lids fell in satisfaction; he knew EXACTLY what just crossed his lips. A vanilla, caramel cinimon swirl milkshake: his favorite milkshake. It was a receipe of his own, and wasn't on the menu. Either that was one Sherlock-Hooves-kind of a guess, or this mare has a talent, he thought. He looked back at back at the mare, who was now practically leaning over the table as she stared at him, her tail swishing side to side in exictment.

Not long after this, a waitress returned with the Blueberry mango muffins Spy Glass had ordered. He fished a couple bits out of his coat pocket and handed them to her. "Do you suppose you could take these muffins to that turqoise mare, over there?" Spy Glass asked the waitress. She put the bits in her apron pocket, smiled and nodded, taking the tray to the mare's table. Spy Glass smiled and watched, waiting for her reaction. There were a few words between the two before she took a muffin with her magic, a light blue Auora enveloped, both, the muffin and her horn.

She first smelled the muffin, and her expression shifted from excitement to nausia. She clearly did not like it. That doesn't make any sense. This IS the right mare, right? Red mane, Turqouise body, blue eyes, Music note cutie-mark... Spy Glass thought. Then it hit him, HER CUTIE-MARK!! How could I miss such an important detail?! I never asked for her cutie-mark!! Spy Glass argued with himself internally, he probably never would have snapped out of it, either.

"H-hello, there," Spy Glass looked up and saw the same, turqoise unicorn mare. She held a paper bag in her auora. He took a deep breath to compose himself before respoding.

"Hello!" Spy Glass greeted. A million questions ran through his head, but he wasn't able to cough up a single one.

"Is this seat taken?" She asked with a blush, pointing the the seat directly across from him.

"N-no. please, make yourself comfortable! I'm Spy Glass, by the way," She smiled and sat down.

"I'm Melony, it's nice to meet you, Spy Glass," Spy Glass was a little dissappointed that this wasn't the mare he was looking for; but, he was also a little relieved to meet this mare.

"Melony, huh? You must be the mare that sent me this milkshake," she blushed and giggled as she rolled her eyes.

"And you must be a detective," she joked, followed by a laugh between the two.

"Actually, I'm a Private Investigator. Your guesses have been pretty spot-on, today!" Spy Glass emphisised with another long sip of his milkshake. She blushed again and scooted in closer to him. She said nothing in response, only continuing to stare and blush. "I'm surprised you're keeping the muffins. It seemed like you weren't too fond of them,"

"Oh! They're not for me! I don't really like them, but I have a friend who LOVES them," Melony said.

"Really? What's the name of this friend?" Spy Glass asked as he flicked out a his notebook, keeping it hidden under the table.

"Sky Beam! We work here together, actually. That's how I was able to convince them to whip up that milkshake for you!" She giggled while Spy Glass quickly jotted down information he didn't already have, under the table. "These are a new item on the menu. The owner added them, trying to impress her, because he knows she likes them, and he sure likes her."

"And who's the owner?" Spy glass asked while still writing, trying to keep up.

"Blue Dusk! They used to date when they were younger, but Blue is a little.... creepy. He was way too clingy and he would stalk her often, too. So, Sky Beam left him, and she was glad she did," Spy Glass's wing was getting sore as he wrote. "As soon as she left him, she met Mr. Red. 'The sweetest stallion ever' she called him. She and him got married and moved up here from Manehatten. Unfortunately, Blue Dusk followed and bought this place. Being fresh from Manehatten, they needed the money, and Blue Dusk saw the oppertunity bribe her to work here. She was schedualed to work tonight at Five, but I told her I'd keep an eye out so she could look for a new job, while Mr. Red thinks she's at work,"

"Pretty sneaky," Spy Glass chuckled, as he turned the page.

"Yeah, I got a little.... distracted, though," Melony giggled as she continued stare at Spy Glass with interest. Spy Glass stared back at her as he sub-consiously put away his pen and note book. He struggled to find more words, "I... Uh... Just curious... Why does she like these muffins so much?" Spy Glass asked, legitimantly curious. Melony blushed and giggled before she spoke.

"It's a cute story, actually. You see, when she and Mr. Red were dating, he decide it would be sweet to make Sky breakfast," she giggled again and continued, "Well, Mr. Red IS a sweet guy, but he is no cook! I don't know if he was trying something new or if he read the reciepe wrong, but he somehow made these abominations!" Melony laughed as she shook the bag. "Mr. Red didn't dare try them, but Sky Beam LOVED them. He was relieved that she did, too. As far as I know, he still makes them for her occasionally. How, Blue Dusk got the receipe is beyond me!"

"That IS a cute story," Spy Glass said. He felt like he wanted to say more; like he wanted to ask more questions. But he didn't instead, he got lost in the mares beautiful blue eyes; they only stared right back. He couldn't help himself, there was just something about this mare that snagged his thoughts and attention. He would have tried to lean in for a closer veiw, he probably would have even tried kissing her, had the table not been in the way.

He just continued staring into her eyes as she progressively got more fidgity, shifting in her seat. This continued until she could no longer hold back. In one swift motion, she leaned her whole body over the table, plantimg her back hooves on her seat for leverage, kissing him on the lips, without letting a moment slip by. Her eyes shut tightly as she did. Spy Glass's, however, didn't; His eyes shot open. He was in shock, a mare he hardly knew just kissed him out of no where!

He didn't push her away, he didn't know if he wanted to. He just let her do it, because he thought he didn't want to do anything about it. The kiss only lasted a few seconds, but it felt like an eternity. She finally broke the kiss, their muzzles were only an inches away as she blushed furiously. Spy Glass blushed also, he was speechless. He had know idea what he was feeling... But in some strange way, he liked it.

"I-I'm So..." Melony started, but was quickly cut off when Spy Glass regained his senses.

"What time is?" Spy Glass interupted. Melony looked at the clock and giggled

"I guess we lost tr..." before she could finish, Spy Glass stood up and went to the front counter.

"Did one of your co-workers drop by? She goes by the name of 'Sky Beam'," he asked the mare at the counter.

"She came in about an hour ago to drop off her apron, saying that she's quitting," the mare responded.

"An hour?! How did I not notice her?" Spy Glass looked up at the clock and a moment of realization washed over him: 10:01 PM. The café was nearly empty. "How long have I been here?"

"5 hours, I would have said something, but you and Melony seemed to be having such a nice time," she winked and giggled. Spy Glass rolled his eyes before renturning to Melony, who was still lying over the table.

"Agian, I'm SO sorry... I-I don't know what came over me!" She said a little franticly.

"Look, I'm REALLY busy and I don't exactly have time for this," Spy Glass started. Melony's head dropped and she looked down at the ground.

"I see..." she replied, softly. Spy Glass only smiled and lifted her head up with his hoof.

"Perhapse I could forgive you here, tomorrow at around lunchtime?" She smiled wide and giggled.

"Sounds wonderful! Oh! And, so you don't forget..." she snagged his notebook and pen from his pocket with her magic, scribbling her name on the clean front cover before putting it back. "There, now no matter how busy you are tomorrow, you'll remember to come see me," she giggled again, kissed his nose and hopped off the table before heading out. "See you then!" She winked.

What a mare! He thought.

Spy Glass smiled at the name still scribbled onto the cover. By now, the notebook was filled completely of information he doen't need anymore, it was useless, but he kept it anyway, to remind him of that wonderful day.

He still does remember that case, by the way. Sky Beam was the first one to find the invoice, this did not make her happy. She had a long talk with Mr. Red, but thankfully, their marrige survived. After Mr. Red found out who Blue Dusk was, he mysteriously disappeared, and Mr. Red ended up taking over Icey's Hall Café. All Mr. Red will say about it is: "We had an agreement. You aint gonna be seein' him 'round here any time soon."

Before he knew it, Spy Glass was home. It was a small, single bedroom, single bathroom home that he and Melony shared. He couldn't wait to rush in and tell her the news!

Author's Note:

In case any of you are confused, that last part was in the present. I'm sorry for the lengthy chapter, it was all important to introduce the new characters.
The next chapter will be in Melony's prospective.

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