• Published 24th Apr 2019
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A Look At The Various Conflicts Around The World - Headsplit

A short glimpse into some of the numerous wars, revolts, tragedies and rivalries that plague the world. Based on reports from those of all races and backgrounds to inform the world (or plainly the interested) in what's going on around the glob

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‘For King, For God or For Harmony

Returning to Equus for our next entry, we see not a nation in constant war with a hated enemy or even one embroiled in civil war but one in a precarious situation: cold and snowy, rural, largely unmodernized and unindustrialized filled with civil strife with the added downside of being sandwiched between two of the greatest powers of the world, the semi-united Changeling Lands and Equestria. This nation is the snowy homeland of the deer: Olenia.

This civil strife comes at perhaps the worst time possible for the nation, to the degree that some decry the gods for their troubles. Yet it is plain to see where it comes from, as plain as the coronation day of King Johan Jelzek, who has since been christened ‘Djavulen’ or ‘Devil’ by his people. The illegitimate son of King Aldar II who unlawfully seized power from and then exiled his half-sister Velvet who now waits in Equestria, trying to gather support from the Canterlot elite.

Under King Johans rule, corruption has run rampant to a point where practically nothing is done without a generous ‘donation’ to the local Jarl or Noble. And even then, there is no guarantee as they hold all the power, land and wealth to themselves and this has not only been allowed by the King but encouraged in order to cement support amongst the rich. This unprecedented level of corruption has caused harmonist and communist movements to spark up among the populace and even the armies ranks who’s patience grows thin.

While the nation has always been troubled due to its sparse population, self dependent rural culture and lack of innovation, its conditions were severely worsened when its largest trade partner Equestria not only severed ties with the country but imposed harsh sanctions which it has enforced strictly. Where before Olenian traders and merchants could hope to sell cheap Equestrian goods at reasonable prices, they have had no choices but to increase prices beyond almost any reasonable wage of any Olenian farmer or labourer, as the nations small cottage industry and localized putting-out guild system fail to provide adequate supply. Add this to the ridiculous tax and rent rates charged by landowners to their subsistence farming population and a lack of oversight from officials not completely corrupt do to poor centralization of said nobles and one might see why the average deer would wish to end the system that has reigned for so long by the return of the reform minded Queen Velvet.

Even within old friends of the monarchs there is trouble; on one end, incredibly nationalistic and militaristic voices call for the return of their 'glory days' when Olenian raiders and their navies were amongst the most feared and where the church held an incredible sway over the nation. While on the opposite side of that spectrum, socialist and communist agitators call for a working deers paradise and the absolute abolishment of the monarchy, nobles, and church in a similar model to Stalliongrad who the King has accused of stirring tensions. Yet none of these internal threats hold a candle to the powers they are surrounded by.

To the east lies Equestria that, while dormant, might be willing to stir in order to return harmony should extreme forces take hold or Velvet able to convince enough nobles in Canterlot to intervene. It is speculated that should intervention occur, the Olenians might actually be able to hold the Equestrians near the Vanhoover straight before the nation properly mobilized. To their north however lays the much more concerning, militaristic and expansionist Changelings Lands who are said to eye Olenia's vast but untapped natural resources, all of which would greatly advance the rapidly growing Changeling fleets and armies. It is rumored the lands would not only supply resources but be a long term supply of food and a jumping off for an invasion of Equestria. This in part might explain might explain why Equestria's attention is so heavily focused on Olenia as Changeling units mass on their border and internal issues worsen with every strike, every march, every military officer who openly supports one of the side veering for control of the country. It would seem that if the country does not tear itself apart, the Changelings will be happy to do so to the chagrin (to say the least) of Equestria.

While the King seems set on crushing opposition under an iron hoof, it is impossible to say what the outcome of these various results could be as all are so small or unorganized as to be too early to tell. Whether the King will succeed is also unseen at this time.

“The Deer of Olenian shall be free, despite what my tyrant of a half brother might believe.”- Queen Velvet

“My sister fails to see that a strong male leader is needed to bring Olenian into the future and protect her people. Not some prissy doe with weak ideas.”- King Johan

“The wolves will eat well this winter on Olenias hollow corpse.”- Olenian officers pessimistic take on potential war with the Changelings

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