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A Look At The Various Conflicts Around The World - Headsplit

A short glimpse into some of the numerous wars, revolts, tragedies and rivalries that plague the world. Based on reports from those of all races and backgrounds to inform the world (or plainly the interested) in what's going on around the glob

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‘The Knightly Orders of Bloody Claws’

*Disclaimer: The next entry is difficult to write due to the sensitive and quite frankly gruesome reports that come from the area being discussed and out of respect for the victims and their families, many details have been cut out or toned down heavily. Our hearts rest heavy and our thoughts go out for the ponies who suffer daily acts them and their people.

The Knightly Order of Longsword and the Knightly Order of Hellquill have been written together due to how similar they are as many actions that happen in one are similar to the other. They have similar histories as Knightly Orders set up as frontier protection against the eastern riverponies. Although both did not renew their oaths of loyalty to the Empire once it fractured, they continued their constant defense against the riverponies. This constant conflict and war with the ponies of east largely lead to the noteworthy things of these two minor nations: The Reformisten and The Longswordian Bloodbath both of which have similar goals and methods.

In essence, the Reformisten is a group of knights who idea is to bring racial purity to the orders by systematically deporting and killing the pony minorities who live within their borders achieve a stronger state by conquest and create more ‘living space’ for the griffion race at the expense of pony lives. The Longswordian Bloodbath is the ideas of the Reformisten in action.

Hellquill is currently quite oppressive to the ponies who call it home but stops at outright murder and destruction of them with its current policy be to push them out by increased immigration of more griffions upon their land. However, with its current headmaster is set to soon retire. the Reformisten will find its chance to seed its dark ideas into the order, becoming a bulwark from long ago pony raids with a distaste for their ancient enemies into something willing to kill its people for ideas of purity and living space. One can only hope that reform might come to this land or, at the very least, it keeps on with its current policy and gives the poor ponies there a chance to move elsewhere for a chance at a better, unoppressive life.

“While River Coalition might squabble at times, it would nevertheless take any poor pony from Hellquill all with open hooves.”- River Swirl, leader of River Republic, when asked after the situation in Hellquill

While the ponies with Hellquill have a chance to leave before the Reformisten might take hold, those in Longsword have been made a target by the leader, the incompetent Count Pallas Dusktalon, to be killed, imprisoned, deported and driven away. The levels of filth, poverty, and repression the ponies of Longsword face are abhorrent, and the events that take place indescribable and beyond comprehension. They are not considered citizens and hold none of the meager rights griffions do, interracial mixing is punished by death, their businesses and homes are confiscated and given to loyal Refromisten party members as ponies are forced into ghettos where they are starved, beaten, imprisoned and routinely sent to work or death camps. It is said being pony in Longsword is like being born in a pit where you likely to never see the light of day… yet hope remains.

Dusktalon does not go unopposed as pony partisans oppose him at any chance, killing his supporters, freeing prisoners and spreading aid whenever possible to those who need it, while thankfully having many sympathetic griffions and foreign volunteers to bolster its ranks even if it rumored to reek of communism and collectivism. Even a faction among the military opposed the countless directly, believing his policies too far or his rule bad for even the griffions of Longsword and they often ignore or even change his orders to be less impactful. Of course, there is much to be said of the country but given how intertwined the genocide is in its current history, we have refrained from giving further attention to these tragic events. But in a final word, the Count's grasp on power grows thinner and thinner every day and a fracturing of the country seems impossible to stop.

“I’ve covered wars, famines, poverty-stricken countries, and disasters… and nothing could have prepared me for Longsword.”- Feathersian reporter on the Longswordian Bloodbath

“The Longswordian Genocide is a disgrace to griffion kind and gives into the savagery often depicted by the other races. It is so disturbing it has not been more roundly condemned and dare I say it would make Maar himself gleeful!”- Opinion piece published in Yales ‘Griffionian Intellectual’, highly respected paper

“Hellquil need only look south and see just what these Reformisten monsters do!”- Hellquillian reformer

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Griffons amiright?

"Damned Griffons! They ruined Griffonia!"
- A contentious griffon.

About sums up the whole bloody continent

It appears these griffon purists fit the stereotype of mean ole griffons, except worse.

Liked this fic. Very much enjoyed it. Thumbs up.👍

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