• Published 22nd Mar 2019
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In Her Mind - SeventhElement

After falling from one Canterlot castle's highest towers, Twilight finds herself comatose, and trapped within her own mind.

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X. Hooves On Andromedea

Twilight wakes up in yet another black void. “This again?” she thinks to herself. Her impatience was cut short however from a sight laid out in front of her. Little dots of light begin dotting the space. Tens of them, then hundreds, then thousands.

“Stars?” she says, but nothing comes out. A certain breathlessness comes over her. She looks around further but only more and more stars appear. Twilight was waiting for the hypoxia to set in, only to find that it would never come. More light fills the space around her as galaxies twinkle into existence in the distance. Finally, a large galaxy appears before her.

Twilight was awestruck. She had never seen any sight as beautiful as this. Only a glimpse into the night sky, or a passing look at Luna’s mane would even remotely hint that such a thing would exist.

“I never…” Twilight thinks of the vision she saw about a heliocentric Equestria. “I always knew the Sun was a star, but I never thought about what the other stars in the universe did. Do they revolve around their own Equestrias?” she thought to herself. “No...that makes no sense.”

Twilight struggled with this thought. The sun, moon, and their respective princesses were the key to the world working. Without them, the world would be in frozen chaos. Right?

“Perhaps we were doomed from the start, and magic helped us adapt?” This line of thinking was painful. Facts of the world that she never considered until stepping outside.

“Is Equestria truly meant to be the center of all this?” This question broke her sense of place in the universe. Equestria was only the center of its own system, all of the other solar systems out there functioned in a completely different way.

“Are we truly insignificant?” Twilight floated in silence, the arms of the galaxy seeming to pulsate as time went on. She tried not to think about Equestria and where it was, for the notion now upset her.

“Why did we never try to explore space?” this thought didn’t sound quite right. “Why did I never try to explore space?” She was a scientist, an explorer in all things physical and magical. Did she not look up to the sky a single time and wonder what was out there? All she could think about was the moon and the mare contained within. All other celestial bodies were known, but not interesting. She feels a week twinge of regret. Suddenly, the stars begin winking out. Thousands, then hundreds, then tens.

“No...please, don’t go.” Twilight said, a shiver climbs her back as she feels a presence approaching. Gravity begins to take effect once more, her hooves touch some ground and a figure emerges.