• Published 22nd Mar 2019
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In Her Mind - SeventhElement

After falling from one Canterlot castle's highest towers, Twilight finds herself comatose, and trapped within her own mind.

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As The Scales Balance

A gentle breeze crosses Twilight’s face, carrying the sweet smell of summer. Twilight’s eyes once again open, this time to be greeted with a bland ceiling and a fan instead of voids of light and dark. Twilight sits up in her modest but comfortable hospital bed. The window to her left is open, with the afternoon sun’s rays warming the tears streaming down her face. Her muscles feel weak.

“How long have I been out?” she thinks, trying to recall the time of her accident. She remembers continuous rain, cool temperatures, and changing foliage. She touches her mane and sees that it was just past her torso. By her estimations it’s been two months, a season had passed.

She reflects on this entire ordeal, and how she felt good again for the first time in a long time. Accepting her past has always been relatively simple for Twilight, this level of trauma was too much to bear for so long. She has now embraced her demons, and can live once again. She may not be the same ruler she once was, but she will be good and just. She knows that her sisters will love her no matter who she is now. Twilight can return to what she does best: Making friends. A click sounds from across the room and the door begins to open, startling her.

A unicorn with a teal coat and a platinum blonde mane enters the room looking at a clipboard and holding a variety of medical testing equipment in her telekinetic grasp.

“Alright Princess, I’m gonna need a minute of your time, gotta do our routine okay?” She mutters, she takes a step or two forward and says “Alright let’s go ahead an-HUH?” Looking up from her clipboard she notices Twilight sitting up. The clipboard and medical tray clatters to the ground as she rushes to the door scrambles out. Muffled through the walls she hears her shout “Doctor! Doctor! She’s awake!”

Twilight giggles, and turns her attention to the window once more. “Finally, a clear sky.”

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This was a very good story Element, if the story is this good the album must be good too.

Well this was pleasent

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