• Published 22nd Mar 2019
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In Her Mind - SeventhElement

After falling from one Canterlot castle's highest towers, Twilight finds herself comatose, and trapped within her own mind.

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I. Comatose

The hospital room door opened quietly, a magical EKG pulses softly within the still air. The room is fairly bland: a bed, a side table, some medical equipment, and a single window. The sun is settling softly into the horizon; it was a dry day unlike the downpour from the day before. Twilight Sparkle lies flat on the bed, most of her body covered by a thin blanket. A bandage is wrapped around her head; a light smear of dried blood is the only indication that she was actually hurt. Her eyes are open somewhat and her mouth is slightly ajar.

Celestia and Luna walk through the door, with a nurse in tow. Luna looks back and gestures to the mare that they require privacy. She nods and turns around, closing the door behind her quietly.

“She looks so peaceful…” Luna says quietly. “Not at all like she was the other day.” Only hours ago, she was comforting Twilight during a horrible nightmare. A nightmare that leaked into Luna’s own dreamscape, causing her to relive a past trauma.

Celestia nods grimly. “Indeed sister. Though I must say, that was quite a fall she took.” She looks over Twilight with trembling eyes, equal parts horror and sorrow.

“Yes, I suppose we are made of tougher stuff than regular ponies.”

“Especially after what she just went through.” Celestia said knowingly.

Luna’s eyes widen, as she is shocked out of her melancholic mood. “What do you mean? You know why she fell out of a window from one of the tallest towers in the entire castle?” Luna’s voice escalates a little.

Celestia’s shoulders drop as she looks to the floor. “It was all my fault. When she went to Starswirl’s library, I lead her to a certain spell.” Gritting her teeth, she looks back up at her sister.

“Celestia! What were you thinking?” Luna whispers angrily.

“I’m afraid this event was...predetermined.” Celestia says with a glassy eyed stare.

“Hm, I see” Luna backed off, recalling her sister’s future sight. “This is all happening for a reason then. The door swings open once more as Cadance enters the room. A dim and uninterested look is painted on her face.

Celestia is surprised by the Princess of Love’s appearance. “Cadance! I didn’t realize you were in town.”

Cadance doesn’t even spare Celestia a glance, her gaze solely focused on Twilight. “Yes, I was here on other business. How is she doing?”

Luna, equally surprised by this turn of events, collects herself. “She is very much alive, but she is withdrawn. Her wounds are mental, it seems.”

“I know she’s been rather…distant these past few centuries.” Cadance comments. “But nothing I knew of that would lead her to do this.”

“She cast a spell on herself.” A wave of sorrow washes over Celestia, continuing to feel responsible for this tragedy. “I have no idea what it does, but I have a feeling it was something to ease her trauma.”

“Hmm, I see…” Cadance mumbles. She turns and looks at Celestia for the first time in about a half of a century. Her glance isn’t cold, but it may as well have been. ”Well, I would stay with you longer, but I have to go. I beg your pardon.” Cadance turns towards the door.

“Ah, Cadance.” Celestia says, Cadance cranes her neck to look in Celestia’s general direction. “Before you go, I hired a new advisor for you as requested. I’ll have him leave with you.”

“Ah, yes. Thank you for reminding me. Goodbye.” Cadance makes her way to the door.

“It was good seeing you again, dear sister. Please, visit us again soon.” Luna asks with a distinct hint of sadness in her voice.

“…I will.” She quietly opens the door and makes her way out.

“Absolutely frigid. It gets worse every decade.” Celestia grumbled.

“She’s changed so much. Her empire is almost completely foreign to us now. I don’t even see the crystal ponies’ dreams anymore.” This weighed heavily on Luna. “Has your foresight seen anything about this?”

Another wave crashes into Celestia, dissolving the aggression that held her attention. “After today it’s gone completely dark. I don’t know what will happen.” This level of uncertainty is troubling to Celestia. Her visions don’t always give a clear picture, but it’s never dark. ”Come Luna, Twilight has to get some rest, and we have some subjects to address.”

Celestia and Luna leave the room. The last bit of light escapes the horizon as the clouds resume their grip over Canterlot. The room is filled only with dim reflections of sunlight. A sound, hardly audible escapes Twilight’s lips: “Sisters…”