• Published 20th Feb 2019
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The Servant of Nightmare - AdmirerofHeartstrings

Nightmare Moon was seen like nothing more than a dark tyrant to most of her subjects. But somewhere behind the veil of her darkness, she also felt the need for sympathy, for compassion, for love...

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Call me... Moon

Author's Note:

So, here's the next chapter. Hope you like. Let me know, my grammar mistakes, and let me know what do you think? Good day readers.

"I apologize for asking you to arrive under such... undesirable circumstances, but it was the only means by which I could speak to you in private Evening Shadow," Nightmare Moon stated to the bat pony before her. The throne room was empty and peering through the windows of it, however slightly, was something neither of the two were used to seeing; sunlight. For Nightmare had received word from some ponies in a village far from the palace that they needed some sunlight upon their villages for a few hours if they wished to keep their crops from dying. She had reluctantly agreed to keep up the sun for three hours at least, which then led her to come up with a means to kill two birds with one stone; hence the reason for the meeting.

"It's... alright, your highness." Eve replied "What's the matter?"

Nightmare sighed. This was not an easy task for her.

“I am... confused," she admitted. "I don't know if what I have is an illness, a plague, or some hallucination given to me by an enemy. For many nights and what few days I've permitted, I have been unable to sleep. I eat very little, and one figure is constantly in my head." She gave a small growl of frustration as she spoke. "Your son, Crius. His face, his eyes, his very voice is stuck inside my head, every moment of every hour. Only his physical presence seems to cure it, and when he leaves they return once more as if to taunt me. It frustrates me to no end, yet ironically I do not wish for them to leave. I am restless, uncertain of what this means or why this is happening to me! And that's why I have called you, for I trust nopony else with this secret. Please... tell me... what is wrong with me?"

Eve was really surprised at the moment and a little confused as well. Everything Princess just pointed out seemed to implying towards only one possible answer, but was that really the case. It at least seemed so.

So, without making her much wait, she told her. "My Princess, what you're experiencing... is most probably the feelings the one have when they falls in... love..." She said as a smile appeared on her face.
Nightmare gave her a confused look.

"Love? I don't have love," she remarked. "I don't even know what love is!"

"Well," Eve's smile widened a little "It's not necessary to know what love is to fall in love with somepony..." she explained "Didn't you say you feel... better whenever he's around...?"

Nightmare hesitated, then spoke. "Yes..."

"So, my Princess.. I guess... you're falling in love with... Crius..." She told her while lowering her gaze, not sure of what reply would she receive.

"Wh- what?" Nightmare exclaimed. "But is that even... possible? He's just a guard... and I'm the ruler of Equestria..." She sighed and smiled for a moment. "Yet, he's always so willing and ready to serve, both me and others without much concern for himself. Such a selfless warrior. Always looking out for the subjects... no matter what the costs..." She shook her head and growled again. "Arrg! I can't stop thinking about him! It's making me... it's making me..."

Eve pondered over this for the moment and then said "I can guess that's quite hard to understand... but... I am afraid that I can't do much to help you with this..."

Nightmare glared at Eve for some time, then finally sighed and hung her head in a defeated manner.

"Oh, what am I to do?" she asked aloud. "I've never felt something like this before. I want to say something to him, anything... but I'm afraid. And I don't why. I am the ruler of Equestria, the most powerful pony in existence! And yet... I fall prey to something as simple as this..."

She levitated something out from behind her and showed it to Eve. It was the amulet gifted to her on Crius's thirteenth birthday, four years ago.

"I haven't worn it, at least not out where everypony can see it," Nightmare explained. "But sometimes, when I'm alone... I put it on and it reminds me of him... from that night when he offered for me to join you all in his little party... I never had felt so... happy before then. And I can't bear to think how I'd feel if he ever- That is, if he-"

The alicorn couldn't seem to finish and from her eyes, some tears could be seen falling to the floor.

"I don't think... he would ever leave you, my Princess... at least not intentionally..." Eve's tone seemed to be reassuring "And, in my opinion... you should talk to him as soon as possible..."

"But how?" Nightmare demanded. "Look at me! You and I both know how my subjects see me! They fear me, hate me even. Rarely do they actually like me. What's keeping him from being the same? Besides... I'm old enough to be his grandmother- no, to be a goddess in his eyes. And he's barely matured by a few years."

Eve wasn't so naive to not realize this but still, she knew that she at least needed to talk to him.

"It's true..." Eve said "I know, that might seems like a problem... but I guess you should still at least talk to him... to at least resolve these feelings... I hope you'll feel better afterwards..." she tried to explain this to her.

Nightmare went silent for a while, then she nodded slowly. Afterwards she gave Eve a stern glance.

"Not a word about this to anypony," she warned. "This is to stay between you and me until the time is right. Understood?"

"Understood, my Princess." Eve gave a slight bow in respect.

"Good," Nightmare said, giving a small smile. "You may leave now. Thanks again."
She passed her a nod before she left to her chambers, still pretty amazed to think about this.

"It seems rather odd to think," she said and gave a little giggle "But apparently she have a really soft spot in her heart somewhere..."

The bipedal guard of Princess was strolling in a certain part of the Palace which was usually more calm and silent then the rest of the Palace. He was wearing royal attire of a knight, an armor of dark blue and sparkling black color, with with emblem of her cutie-mark on each shoulder as the sign of his loyalty to the Princess of Equestria.

Crius, was now a mature stallion as they would call him. Now he had his duties as one of personal royal guards of the Princess, as well as a Lunar Warrior. It was his duty to serve her and her kingdom in each and every way he possibly could, and he was proud to do so. But maybe inwardly he always seen Princess more than just a ruler, and instead of respecting her out of fear, he respected her for who she was. He could dare to think that he saw her as more of a friend than a ruler he serves... or maybe...

No... no further.

That was the point where he had to stop his thoughts from going more further. After all, he only was raised and lived to serve her as her and her kingdom as a knight, and that was more than enough for him... at least that's what he wanted to believe.

These thoughts were so frequent sometimes, that he couldn't help but question himself about these... but no matter what he never let them out of his control, yet.
As he thought about this, he heard hoofsteps approach and then the voice of the Princess herself spoke.

"Ah Crius, my favorite guard," Nightmare stated. "How fares the watch?"

"My Princess," Crius looked towards her and then in reassuring tone he told her "Everything's all right, you don't need to be worry about anything, your highness."

Nightmare smiled and raised a hoof.

"You need not be so formal to me... at least when we're alone," she told him.

"Oh," Crius gave a little blush at this "Alright... I will try, my Princess."
Nightmare nodded while keeping a straight face, though inwardly she thought his blush looked cute.

“Tell me, Crius, what do you think of me and my rule?" she asked.

"What do I think?" Crius repeated the question before replying "I have always thought of you as a great ruler, and I believe you deserve more sincere respect than other ponies might give you."

Nightmare gave him a smile. "I appreciate your honesty and loyalty Crius, but loyalty shouldn't always be what binds you to a ruler like myself. Should your ruler ever become one whom you would never desire to rule you, there's no shame in breaking any ties with him or her."

"I understand this... but I hope I never have to do so." Crius said with a determined tone. "I'd like to be sacrificed for you... rather than leaving you..."

Nightmare was a bit touched and also concerned to hear this; touched that he would go as far as sacrificing himself for her, but also concerned about whether such a time would ever come around. It was the concern that came through the most in that case. Crius was a loyal guard to the end, but what if that loyalty cost him too much? What if it cost her too much?

"My Princess," the concerned voice of Crius brought her back to reality "Are you feeling alright?

"Huh?" Nightmare looked to him and realized she must have shown her worry physically. "Just... thinking about some things. Some of them worrying... at least for me."

Crius looked at her for some moments before asking "May I ask, what's worrying you?"

Nightmare sighed as she consented. Now was as good a time to tell him as any.

“There are... many worries that I do not share with any of my subjects, let alone my staff or guards," she admitted. "Everypony thinks that my rule is unable to be quelled or overthrown, but the truth is that there is one I know of. But I've... kept them locked away, so nopony could overthrow me and bring my sister back." She kept talking, not entirely sure why she was being so open with him. "There's also... several others who may surpass my power and have simply stayed silent all this time, including one which my sister and I took down together before- before I... was banished to the moon. On top of that... I'm worried to lose some of those who operate within the palace itself whom I've started to... grow fond of. Especially you..."

"Especially me...?" Crius was now a little confused and unsure what to say.

"Yes," Nightmare replied. "When we first found you, it was always my intention that you would eventually become one of my guards, for even then I could sense the power you wield and the potential you held. But I never expected you to turn out how you did." She gave him a sincere look as she spoke. "You're the most loyal, most kind guard I've ever had in my reign as Princess. And I'd even dare to say... you're more than just that in my eyes..."

Crius felt a strange kind of sensation in his heart as heard this. Even though he wasn't sure what that feeling was, all he felt was a warmth which felt so nice and comfortable as a smile appeared on his face. "What can I say, my Princess... I am flattered... I'm so honored that you're pleased by my loyalty..."

"That's what I'm afraid of," Nightmare replied, turning away from him as she spoke. "I'm afraid that your loyalty is eventually what may... take you away from me."

"So... what you command me to do, my Princess?" Crius asked sincerely.

Nightmare looked at him and he could see tears in her eyes, something he had never seen from her before.

"Oh... why do you have to be so... wonderful?" she cried. "I haven't done enough... to deserve you..."

"It's not true..." Crius reassured her "You deserve much more, my Princess..."

He couldn't hold himself and extended his hand to wipe her tears softly before realization hit him and he quickly pulled his hand away from her face. "Forgive me, your highness." Crius said taking a composed sob himself "I just can't see you crying like this..."

"Don't apologize..." she told him reassuringly, smiling as well to further give reassurance. "You have done nothing wrong."

"Then please tell me, why were you crying... I can't stand myself seeing you like this..." he said with an almost sense of helplessness in his tone "What can I do to make you feel better..."

"I... I..." Nightmare Moon was unsure what to say at first, then finally came up with an idea. "Please just... stay and listen for a moment... There is something I need to say."

Crius passed her a nod at this. "I am not going anywhere... don't worry..."

Nightmare nodded, then spoke. "For the past two years or so... I've started to have an issue in my rule. I've felt insecure, restless, and unable to concentrate like I should. It has nearly driven me insane at times, and I've felt that I'd fall apart." She looked into his eyes to capture his full attention. "But that all changes... whenever I'm with you. You make me feel calm, collected, peaceful... happy even. Ever since you've matured... I've been unable to stop thinking about you. You are like a spirit haunting my dreams, my thoughts, my mind... yet I don't wish for it to leave. The very sound of your voice has often made me want to give you the biggest hug I could possibly give... I had it explained to me, and yet I'm still not entirely sure what it is that I'm feeling. But whatever it is... I never want it to stop, never want you to leave me..." She then sounded sad again. "And that's why... I'm worried for you and your loyalty to me. I'm afraid that... one of these days... my reign will fall, or my sister will return and your loyalty to me... it'll cost you your life... and I'll be left without you. I can't bear to think of what may happen... if you're gone..."

Her tears had started to flow once more as she spoke, and Crius started to see a new side to the one he served. She was more vulnerable, broken, and defenseless; a sheer contrast to the one he knew to sit on the throne. It was like seeing her true colors being revealed right in front of him, for she was letting him know some of her deepest and darkest secrets. Trusting him with them, as she trusted him with her life.

Crius was a little confused and lost at what to say now as tears were now leaving his eyes "Trust me, my Princess... there is no moment in my life... no thought of mine which doesn't include you... your happiness matters more to me than anything in my life..." Then he did what he never expected himself to do, he wrapped his arms around her and grabbed her in a close compassionate hug.

Nightmare was stunned into silence by this action. Nopony had ever dared to even get within a few feet of her if they could help it, and yet here one creature had done just that and was even hugging her. It was so surprising that she didn't know what to do about it, only that she didn't want him to let go.

"If that's what makes you feel better, my Princess... then I will say this to you, please stop me if I'm wrong and try to forgive me if you could... I... I love you, my Princess, not just as your loyal Royal guard, but as a close friend, or maybe evern more..." after saying this Crius was silenced, as waiting for her reply and even ready for her fury or outburst. Instead, what he received after a moment of silence was her suddenly hugging him back, her large wings wrapping around him as she spoke to him.

"I'm not mad," she told him. "If anything... I'm overjoyed to know I'm not alone." She then added, "And between us... you don't have to call me 'Princess' in private."

"So... what should I call you then," Crius asked her respectively. "Your... name?"
Nightmare Moon paused for a moment, then answered, "You can call me... Moon."

"Moon..." He repeated this word softly as to feel this word's sweetness as he say this. "I love this, and I love you Moon."

"Love..." Moon spoke softly. "Is this... love then? It feels... wonderful..."

"I don't know... but some pony helped me to understand, and I am pretty sure this's love..." Crius told her "...and yes, that feels wonderful."

"Then I think... I love you too..." Moon replied.

Then they both just kept hugging each for some more moments while no one was watching, as Crius took a deep sigh of relief and caress his fingers through her flowing mane, and now that he felt this... instead of the feeling of coldness of night, he could felt the warmth and comfort as her mane was flowing through her fingers, and the feeling of her wings around him made him want to never let go of her.

Moon gave a blissful sigh as she felt his hands running through her mane, his touch sending pleasant shivers through her body.

"Mmm... that feels nice..." she told him. "How... are you doing that?"

"I don't know..." Crius replied with sigh of pleasure "I... just felt like doing this..."
Then after a moment of silent he spoke again. "Can we just keep hugging like this, for some more while... I just don't wanna let go yet..."

"Neither do I," she replied, her head resting on his shoulder. "And the staff shouldn't be around for at least another hour... We have time."

"So... we have a hold hour to embrace each other like this..." Crius said and let his excitement be felt to her this time "...works for me, that's unless you got tired or something..."

"I don't think I ever could..." Moon answered. "I could stay like this... forever, and would never tire of feeling your arms around me."

"Mhm," Crius said in reassurance as he nuzzled her mane continuously "Neither do I..."

Moon sighed happily once more, then she lifted her head off of his shoulder and they gazed into each other's eyes. She soon found herself leaning closer and closer to his face, and before they knew it their lips had connected in a small kiss.

Crius was never been that surprised before as he felt as if his heart exploded, twice, as he felt her lips touching his own as he blushed deeply and his eyes began to give a bright silvery glow. And soon the his passion overcame him and surprise and disbelief was replaced by the feeling to pure affection and pleasure, and he closed his eyes and returned the kiss while he made a blissful moan as he pulled her in an even closer embrace.

Moon sighed against him as he pulled her close, feeling a sense of security in his arms. Her heart was pounding in her chest and she felt that she could feel his own heart beating in rhythm against his chest. Like they were made to be together. She leaned into him some more as they kissed, trying to get as much out of it as possible and not wanting to stop.

Crius did the same as his senses were now completely unaware of anything beside her close embrace, and touch of her lips against his own, and heard nothing beside the her heartbeat within a seemingly melodious rhythm with hers.
The sound of a herald calling out to them brought them back to reality, and they pulled away out of surprise upon hearing the voice.

"Your Majesty, the representatives from Ponyville have come to speak to you!" the voice called.

"Uh... tell them I'll be with them shortly!" Moon called back, thankful that the herald had not seen them and had not bothered to try and look for them either. The herald, hearing this, seemed satisfied with the answer given and they heard him slowly trotting away. Moon growled in frustration.

"Sometimes I wonder how I have not yet put one of them in the dungeons yet," she muttered.

"I guess... it's all right, Moon," Crius said as he caressed his hand on her cheek "I know you've your duties to attend to... but don't worry my Princess," he said sounding once again formal as he nuzzled her "...your loyal knight will be always be right by your side."

"I'm thankful to hear that," Moon replied gently, then added, "If you'd like... we can continue this later... I've had representatives from Ponyville before, and they ask me if I can give them a little sunshine for their crops. While it's up, I usually retreat to my chambers for... obvious reasons." She gave him a smirk, which most would find unsettling and intimidating, but for him it looked ironically cute and playful. "Perhaps you could pay me a visit...?"

He looked at her for a second before passing her a smile of reassurance, as he caressed her mane with his hand and gave her a kiss on her forehead. "Mhm," he nodded "I definitely will."

Nightmare Moon smiled back and then reluctantly released him and looked formal again, though they both knew it was mainly for show at this point.

"I'll expect you at my chambers within the hour," she stated. "Dismissed."

She then trotted towards the throne room to complete her duties, giving him one more smiling glance as she left.

"Your wish is my command, my Princess." Crius said as she left and went back to his own duties of the day, while still looking in the direction where they were standing a while ago, and couldn't help but smile.

Nightmare Moon was now sure where she was going with those feelings of her, and she was so pleased to know that she wasn't alone in her feelings. But whatever would happen next there was one thing she was sure about: No one else would ever know about this.

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