• Published 20th Feb 2019
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The Servant of Nightmare - AdmirerofHeartstrings

Nightmare Moon was seen like nothing more than a dark tyrant to most of her subjects. But somewhere behind the veil of her darkness, she also felt the need for sympathy, for compassion, for love...

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Discovery & Nurishment

Author's Note:

So, here comes a multichapter story. Yeah, the same good ol' human baby found and adopted by ponies. I hope you'll enjoy. Just a warning though: there might be some or many grammar errors in the story. If you see them, please point them out.
Like always, constructive criticism is appreciated and flames will be deleted without warning. Good day readers.
Note: The human baby when found was more than a year old just for clarification of any further confusions which might arise.

A sharp cry pierced the silence of the Castle Gardens. It was clearly that of a foal, yet the plea went unanswered. No pony knows how long he had been crying before he was eventually heard by a pair of female royal bat pony guards strolling around the Palace, to see the usual dark sky as this had been since a millennia. One of them had dark silver coat and sparkling black mane, the other had cyan coat and reddish mane.

"You heard that sound?" The one with dark silver coat ask the other "It looks like a foal's crying nearby..."

"I do..." the other replied as her ear perked up "I guess the sounds coming from that way..."

They both noticed that the source of that sound was actually hidden behind the bush. As they approached there, they saw that it wasn't a pony as they'd have expected, instead there was small hairless creature, crying and shivering in cold as he had nothing on himself such as a coat to protect himself.

"What is that thing?" The one with dark silver coat asked clearly annoyed by his cries "Its cries are hurting my ears!"

The other however seemed a bit more concerned about the creature, rather than his loud cries which seemed to be piercing through their sharp ears. "Don't be rude, Penumbra!" She scolded her "No matter what that is, but he's just a baby!" She said as she carefully lift the creature in his forehoof and softly pressed him against her chest while also covering him with her bat wing, and soon he ceased to cry, at which her friend gave her a look of disbelief.

"Eve, how can you do that?" The one known as Penumbra asked

"Well, I was taking care of my baby brother, since he was as small as this little one now..." she gave a shrug "It's cold outside, that's why he was crying."

"I mean how can you pick an ugly creature like him in your hooves," Penumbra asked "Who knows which kind of creature he is?"

At this Eve just gave her friend an angry glare and took a sigh. "I guess, it would be better, if we report this to Princess."

"Yeah, right." Penumbra nodded as they both headed towards the Palace.

Inside, several guards gave them nods of recognition as they passed, and soon they found themselves in front of a large throne. Sitting on the throne was a black alicorn figure with a starry flowing mane and tail, and light blue royal attire. Her eyes were cyan colored with pupils much like that of a cat's. On her flank, a Cutie Mark of the moon could be seen and when she spread her wings they were bat-like in appearance.

"What is it?" she demanded. "Why do you disturb me at this hour?"

They both passed glances to each other as one of them step forward. She was holding something in her hoof which was right now obscured by her bat wing over it.

"My Princess..." Eve said she kept her gaze low in front of dark alicorn "It's a baby creature we found... in the bushes..." she said and slowly uncovered the creature revealing this to dark alicorn.

The dark alicorn drew back a little in shock of what she saw, then said, "I've never seen such a creature before. Do you know why it was left there?"

"We don't know..." Penumbra then spoke as she came forward "We heard cries, and found him as he was lying there,"

"Let me see the child," the alicorn stated, curiosity getting the better of her.

Eve gave her a nod as she slowly approached her and hooved over the child to the dark alicorn Princess.

The alicorn lifted the child up with her magic and inspected him a moment, marveling at his structure. She had never seen such a bipedal like him before. She used her magic to peer into his mind, if only to see if there was anything she may be able to learn why or how he was abandoned near her palace. She couldn't see anything aside from blurry images of a few other bipedal creatures, and heard some disturbing voices, a few clear memories she could notice for some slight moments, were of a scenery of destruction, and of a creature's face akin to this but seemingly a female adult. Beside these, there was nothing much clear to see or hear.

"Whoever this child may be, he clearly must have survived through something catastrophic," the alicorn remarked. She then noticed something that she had overlooked in her curiosity. He possessed some kind of powerful energy, a kind of magic that was foreign to her, for it was not native to Equestria, or she'd dare to say of Equus either. A thought came to mind and she smirked.

"This one could prove to be of great use to us in the future," she announced. "He holds a hidden potential deep inside of him." She turned to the guards before her. "What are your names?"

"Evening Shadow, your highness." Eve replied

"And my name's Penumbra, my Princess." Penumbra replied a moment after her.

"Very well Evening Shadow and Penumbra," the alicorn stated, as she levitated the child back over to them. "You will care for this child and raise him here in our court, as if he were your own. He is of immense value to us all, and is not to be harmed. Let it be known throughout all our kingdom that any who dares to dispute over his presence or question me over this matter will be severely punished. Are we clear?"

"As you wish, your highness." Eve replied with a smile "I'll take care of him, and protect him with my life."

Penumbra just gave a nod at this, though inwardly she wasn't much glad over the decision of being an caretaker of this odd creature. Though she didn't have much choice here but to follow her Princess, so she just decided to play along, and passed a smile to little creature who was now asleep.

"So, what we'll call him?"

The alicorn thought hard for a moment, then decided, "Crius. His name will be Crius."

"My greatest gratitude, your highness." Eve gave a nod at this as she nuzzled the baby. "So, your name will be Crius." She smiled and then looked towards her friend. "I guess, he needs some clothes..."

"I see..." Penumbra said with a smile "I guess, I can prepare an attire for his size..."

"Do whatever is necessary," the alicorn ordered. "You will receive my full support should it deem necessary in my eyes. Now, leave me be. I will soon have representatives to approach me in regards to their settlements' needs."

They nodded to their Princess and went towards their own chambers. Eve was a little glad over this new duty assigned to her. It was rather nice change to her daily routine as a royal guard. But for Penumbra, that wasn't much to be excited about, but still she was curious to know what Princess saw in that creature to gave him such importance. But right now she had to prepare clothes for small creature, which was something she'd rather enjoy to do.

It's been almost more than twelve years since that strange creature was found outside the Palace by two Thestral royal guards. The same baby was later named Crius by Princess herself who saw the creature as a important means to empower her kingdom even more.

Since then Evening Shadow and her friend Penumbra were assigned to take care of Crius, as if he's their own child. Eve was especially had grown super close to him as his mother, while her friend Penumbra as an aunt, though she sometimes would act a little harsh but she cared for him all the same.

Since he was a little less than eight years old, Princess had assigned a unicorn teacher to help him with learning to control his magic. Also by the age or ten he was allowed to roam go out from the Palace whenever he pleases, but except for some certain times, but that was alright to him.

Today was Crius' thirteenth birthday, and he was given gifts by many of royal staff and their foals, and obviously Eve was happiest of all of them.

As the festivities were getting underway, suddenly the Princess herself, Nightmare Moon, entered the rooms and seemed a bit confused as to what was going on.

"What is all this?" she demanded.

"My Princess," Eve was a bit intimidated but composing herself she lowered her gaze and said.

"These are preparations for Cruis' thirteenth birthday."

Nightmare gave her a glare, then her gaze softened slightly.

"Well, then I will not deny him that which anypony else is permitted to celebrate," she remarked. "You may continue."

"Thanks for your kindness, your highness!" Eve slightly bowed to her as preparations were carried on.

Nightmare stood in the door a little longer, looking over the festivities with a seemingly indifferent eye, but inwardly she felt something about the party was bringing back an old memory of some kind. A memory of a time when she was... happy... She shook her head to try and rid her of these thoughts. She was never happy! And she had her sister to thank for that! Well, now Celestia was experiencing what she had gone through when she had been banished to the moon. At least now she would know what it felt like.

Still... she couldn't deny that the party did make her feel a tiny bit wistful.

In some moments finally the Crius was arrived in the party... in fact brought there blindfolded by two foals who were slightly younger than him. Both of them seemed to be female Thestrals. Both of them seemed to be twin, one had dark blue coat and shiny silver mane, they other one had dark pink coat and black mane. Both of them knew him as their cousin, as they both were the children of Penumbra. As Crius entered the room they saw that he was wearing a dark blue t-shirt, and a cyan jeans.

"Almost there," one of the foal said. "Ready?"

"Yes," Crius replied "I am ready!"


He was a little startled but then he looked around towards the decorations and realized that, this party was for him.

"Happy Birthday, my son." Eve said as she came towards her son.

"Thanks, mom." Crius said in amazement as he hugged his mother, as she returns the hug, before softly releasing him from the hug.

"Now, enjoy your birthday!"

Eve said to him while he went towards a table where a few other young colts and fillies he knew as friends were all gathering around.

From a distance, Nightmare watched just outside the door, a wave of mixed feelings going through her as she watched. While she did not forbid the party and had even given them permission to conduct it, she felt somewhat saddened as well as angered at the sight of it. Sighing, she turned around and started to slowly trot away from the festivities.

Crius soon noticed that Princess was no more standing at the door, which made him a bit sad that why would she leave that party like this. So, he went towards his mother and asked her about this. "Mom, why Princess left?" Crius asked her "I thought she wanna join..."

"Oh..." Eve gave a small sigh. "The Princess has a harsh past. I don't know everything, but rumors say that she had a bad experience in her youth before she banished her sister to the moon. Whatever it was, all I know is that the Princess feels sad when she sees a party. Maybe because she feels left out. Who knows?"

Crius looked towards the door for the moment and then back to her mother, before saying. "I think, I should talk to her..." Eve just gave a small and confused shrug at this. She knew that Princess would never harm him, but still she didn't seem in a good mood right now. But then she sighed and passed him a nod.

"If you think you should, I guess that'll be alright." Eve said rubbing her hoof on his head.

Crius then passed a nod to his mother before going after Nightmare Moon, as he noticed her going towards throne room he went close to her and called. "My Princess,"

Nightmare Moon stopped in her tracks, not yet turning towards him.

"What is it, Crius? I am busy," she said, using a less harsh or intimidating tone so as not to scare him off.

“My Princess, I see that you are looking upset," Crius said "So, I was here to ask, would you like to join the celebration as well..."

Nightmare looked to him in surprise.

"What? Why would you invite me to such a trivial thing?" she demanded, sounding as if she was angered.

"Well," Crius was sounding a little bit sad in his tone "I thought you are upset, so I should at least try to make you feel better, after all you're my Princess, and I'm soon to be a royal knight, so... I guess, it's my duty to see if I could serve you in some way..."

This caused Nightmare Moon to pause for a moment as she pondered his words. He sounded sincere and truly wanted to help. Hearing that he wanted to serve her in even such a small thing was admirable to be sure.

"Alright," she finally answered. "I accept your invitation. I will come."

"Thank you so much," Crius smiled but composed himself to not to give an outburst of excitement "I'm grateful to you, my Princess."

So, they both headed back to the room, where at first all went silent to see their Princess entering the room, but in a moment Crius entered the room after her and told them.

"It's alright," he said "Princess is here to join in the celebrations as well..."

As they heard this most of them were even more surprised, until Nightmare herself decided to clarify this matter for herself.

"It is true," she announced. "Young Crius has extended to me an invitation to join you, and I have accepted his offer."

That was a relief for them and they carried on the party. Eve and Penumbra were really surprised that Princess had accepted Crius' invitation. Nightmare, on the other hand, was now a bit unsure of what to do. She was used to giving orders and knowing how to do her job. Joining in on something like a party was a new experience for her, and she did not know how to react. So she looked to Crius as if to ask him what to do, something that she inwardly hated having to do.

"It's alright," Crius reassured her "You can do whatever makes you feel happy, or at least less upset... I mean playing games, singing, or just unwrapping the gift," Crius said as he floated one of the gift towards himself and offered this to her. "Give this a try, my Princess."

Nightmare raised an eyebrow, but obliged and took the gift, slowly opening it with her magic. Inside was a kind of amulet, beautifully crafted from gold and silver, with a large red ruby set in the center as its stone. It was seemingly a small gift, but it did have a rather large impact on the Princess. For a long while, she stayed silent, simply staring at the amulet with an unreadable expression on her face. When she did speak, Crius noticed a hint of a thankful tone in her voice, even while she tried to sound professional about it.

"Thank you, young Crius," she said to him with a smile. "It is quite lovely."

"My pleasure..." Crius said while trying to compose himself. He was so glad at the thought that Princess was pleased by him.

Nightmare looked back to her gift and seemed to be lost in her thoughts once again. Such an act of kindness was alien to her, so much so that she was almost unfamiliar with the emotions she was feeling. Most if not all her subjects regarded her with fear or respect, never once taking the time to go out of their way to give her as small or as generous a gift. Yet this innocent minded creature whom they knew little about, even after bringing him in thirteen years ago, had taken the trouble to invite her to join his party willingly and to give to her a gift out of kindness and generosity. It may have been a small gift, but it had been given to her in one of the best of ways.

It was in that moment that Nightmare Moon felt within herself an emotion she had not truly felt for over one thousand years: happiness. True happiness.

"So, would you like the first piece of cake." Crius asked her as he headed towards the table and gestured her to join them, before adding "It's alright, if you're not willing to do as well, my Princess."

"Huh?" Nightmare looked to him and realized what he was saying. "Oh, no! I'd... I'd like a piece."

Crius once again offered her a piece before he get for him himself. Then after some moments it was only a matter of time when others started to have their fun in the party as well. Though they remained a bit precocious to not to upset their Princess.

Nightmare mainly stayed near Crius, for she did not seem to be comfortable around the others at the party. Not to say she didn't enjoy herself... at least a little bit. But after a moment, they were interrupted by a guard who came to inform Nightmare Moon about something. She grunted in anger, then turned to Crius.

"I'm afraid I must be going now," she told him. "My duties call to me, and I must not keep them waiting. Thank you once again, young Crius. I have a feeling that you will surpass all expectations in your future."

The Princess then turned and walked out of the room without another word, occasionally looking to the amulet that had been gifted to her as she exited.

Crius gave a smile and looked at her as she exited. Then he came back to his friends, as party was still continued for some a little more while after she left.

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