• Published 29th Jan 2019
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The Dragon Lord Legacy - Little_Draco

Spike awakens and his time to return to world has come. With added family, grown body and new challenges to face, Spike will find the world has changed without.

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Interlude 2: Calm Before the Storm

Dragon Lord’s Legacy

Interlude 2

Calm Before The Storm

The steady and collective metallic shoes click against the hard grate hall, echoing the approach of someone strong and powerful. Each step carried weight without being heavy, each pass over an individual that was currently imprisoned caused fear. Steady eyes stayed forward, never breaking focus on the goal ahead.

The once aquamarine eyes that held warmth and joy had long ago died out and been replaced with hatred, rage and pain. One could argue that there was still something in there, just buried deep beneath the snow and ice, a perpetual storm of rage.

As the steps reached towards the end, a metal door stood in front, as cold and as strong as the individual who stood in front of it.

The door lifted with an uneasy creek, the weight groaning with the pull of gears until it reached overhead. Once fully lifted, they walked up a set of steel stairs into a main deck of a flying vessel, where windows showed a starry night sky that was slowly being shrouded by a slow but dark moving storm that sidelined the ship.

Inside the deck, tall two legged fur creatures stood around in the deck, taller than ponies and twice as massive. Gray fur covered their bodies, or what was visible that wasn’t hidden behind armor. They wore black masks that shielded their faces to the world, displaying a warrior with no fear and lack of emotion. A faceless army that would and will carry out the will of the fearless and glorious leader.

The leader’s second in command, Captain Tempest Shadow, had entered the deck, making her way to the deck center. The marron mare with a broken horn stood at the center, where a larger enforcer saluted upon her arrival.

Not bothering with a response back, she walked past him and looked out towards the front window of the ship.

“Tell me,” Her voice spoke, cold and calculating with an edger sharper than a blade. “What is our current status?”

While the other creatures, simply known as the Storm Guard, were not known for proper Equish in their lands. It came out as low grumbles or growls. She had fortunately had been granted a commander that could at least speak enough to get by with normal speaking.

“...Equestria… designation… one week…” He growled, and pointed towards a map at a table in the room. She kept her eyes forward. “...No encounters… border patrol… or guards.”

“As it should be,” she said cooly. “While I have no doubts that we can handle anything the Equestrian’s can throw at us, our status and location shall not be detected.”

Her commander growled in confirmation. “...Storm clouds… provide cover…”

A simple huff left her and she turned back inside, making her way to the map. On her approach, she saw where Canterlot Castle lay and the many other cities or towns near it.

“And… what do our spies from within tell us? Are all the princesses supposed to be there for this… ‘Friendship Festival’?” She scoffed and nearly laughed at the pitiful idea of a ‘Friendship Festival.’ Such a delightfuly stupid idea these ponies had.

A soft growl left him, pointing a claw at the Castle. “Spies… confirm princesses… will be there.”

A dark grin formed over her face. “Perfect. And soon, so will the Storm King himself. We will capture the four of them and their magic will be all his.”

The commander next to her growled his approval and eagerness. “All Hail… The Storm King!”

Yes,’ Thought Tempest. ‘Hail The Storm King. The one who will have it all… give me back what is rightfully mine!’

The ship continued its dark voyage towards Equestria, hidden by a perpetual storm of darkness. A storm that Equestria nor any of its citizens would ever see coming.

Author's Note:

I have not looked at the results yet, but... regardless of what they are... this will be a big part of the Legacy. A calm before a storm. The question will remain... who's storm will be bigger when the life of one is on the line?

I will take a peak at the end of this week to see the results and begin to work on the next part right away. Let your vote count!