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The Dragon Lord Legacy - Little_Draco

Spike awakens and his time to return to world has come. With added family, grown body and new challenges to face, Spike will find the world has changed without.

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When World's Collide

The Dragon Lord Legacy

When Worlds Collide

The Dragon Lord’s Legacy

When Worlds Collide

Spike could see it, even from a distance the familiar landscapes and colorful bright colors of his home. Far in the distance on the side of a mountain, he saw Canterlot castle, his birth place. Then, he saw down its range, a little town, not that grand in scale like Manehattan or Canterlot, but lively just as much.

The buildings are of unique shape, from Sugarcube Corner, to the Boutique and then, standing out of place but still uniquely with it, the newly risen Castle of Friendship.

But right at the edge of town, a group of ponies stood waiting for him. Twilight, Pinkie, Rarity, Fluttershy(who hid behind her friends knowing dragons were coming) , Starlight, Applejack and Rainbow Dash. Next to them… his pony mother Celestia and her sister, Luna, along with Cadence and his brother, Shining Armor.

Tears of joy came to him and he knew that with his enhanced sight, they two were happy. However, as he and his dragon group came closer, slowly shock began to cover their features.

Spike laughed and with a joyous cry, he pushed harder, making speed to them. Less than a thousand yards away, he saw their faces and felt a bit of dread come as they still looked shocked.

He slowed his approach, until he was a hundred feet away. Spike their expressions, many still in desbelieve or shock, that even Luna and Celestia, who were very stoic and careful with their emotions allowed this to blow them away.

He landed, flapping his wings until he landed on his feet, a small thud on the ground and he kept his features even now. His eyes met each of them, trying to figure out what their expressions were.

Not far behind, he heard the other dragons land, showing their features to them, with Ember pulling close. When she came to match his height, his pony family saw that he had indeed grown, almost as tall as Celestia.

Swallowing, he gave a small wave and uneased smile to them. “H-Heya girls… I-I-I’m back?”

Everypony had still not responded yet, though slowly from the group, Twilight walked forward, moving cautiously towards him.

She had to look up at him, still unsure it was him until her violet eyes and his emerald eyes met hers.

“S-Spike?” He gave a small smile and a nod.

“H-Hey Twi… um… I guess I grew a bit more than you expected, huh?”

She didn’t respond, instead she instantly burst into tears and jumped on him, wrapping her hooves around, crying into his chest.

“I missed you!”

He was startled by this, catching her but he held her and wrapped his arms around her. Tears once more fell and he smiled.

“I m-missed you too!” He then looked up at the other girls. “And… I miss you girls too!” That was all it took, before the rest of the mane six ran and tackled him too. He and Twilight yelped as he was thrown off by the weight and all the girls, including Fluttershy, and landed on his back, all hearing their cries of joy at his return.

Ember jumped back to avoid the pile, though she couldn’t help but gush at the reunion. Cadence and Shining Armor quickly approached and joined the pony pile.

Each pony began to prob or evaluate Spike’s body features. His increased height, length and newly acquired wings.

“...how fast can you fly with those?” Rainbow Dash, the loyal friend.

“...gained some muscle there, partner!” The truthful Applejack.

“...never seen your scales this shinny!” Gushed the generous mare, Rarity.

“...grow overnight or in a single setting?” Bubbly and filled with joyous laughter, Pinkie Pie.

“...I never knew that you could grow this fast.” Timid and shy, but still the kindest mare around.

“...please never surprise us or leave us again!” Twilight Sparkle, the bearer of Magic. Spike’s… caretaker and sister.

"...you seem much more... different and changed..." Starlight, student and magical prodigee of Twilight. Blushing but with unknown motives.

The other two, a gifted and powerful unicorn mage, Shining Armor. Twilight’s older brother and Captain of the Royal Guard.

The pink alicorn, Princess Mi Amore Cadenza, or preferably, Cadence. Low tier level alicorn, Princess of Love and the Crystal Empire.

… Eliyira evaluated the ponies who are, according to her son, his pony family. Not by blood, not by papers, but by love and sheer affection to his own. The tears were real, the love pouring from those ponies was genuine and the atmosphere was so rich with emotions that it burned the air around with emotions that many dragons would ignore or consider worthless.

The thing that seperated ponies and dragons was miniscule, only down to baser instincts and absence in the world around them. Emotions are what makes creatures smart, powerful, weak and dangerous. The way they began to converse, the way that they quickly re-introduced Ember to them, now as his mate, his soul, his heart. The others didn't really seem to understand or hear that part, except one.

The pink alicorn practically exploded with both anger and happiness at the two. Happiness that Spike and Ember are now bonded eternally as mates. Angered that there wasn't a wedding or something to officiate. The emotions poured from her like a volcano, almost demanding that Spike and Ember have a wedding. Pinkie wanted to the receptionist, though right after the many paties that she had planned for him, which included but not limited to; His increase in size, a year of abscence, his return, a missed birthday, several missed holidays, wings grown in, his bond to Ember, his status to her and the list went on. His introduction to Ember also included his hoard mates, Smolder and Amethyst, along with his mothers.

When he spoke about them, Eliyira noticed uncertainty coming from the ruler, specifically the Sun Alicorn. She kept staring at her, as if expecting something more from her, or to do something. There was... reconition and it slowly began to pass over her like if there was some... connection and it almost worked. Her mind was slowly revealing a bit of what she was seeing but then...

Cold, steady, calculating and readiness began to push forward, from the blue one and the prince. From her periphial, she saw not far from them, soldiers and guards. Her eyes glowed and began to really prode.

As the conversation continued, Luna, Celestia, Cadence kept feeling a small tickle on the back of their necks, as something was inflicting their minds. They tried to brush it off, but slowly it grew and both couldn’t help but shake their heads to ware of the feeling.

It was only until Luna felt something familiar on this feeling did it dawn on her what it was. Someone was trying to enter their minds and they were strong too! She knew of this before, having a long history of mental manipulation and such. However this was powerful, but not painful, as the manipulator was only reading, not controlling. Using her own magic to repel it and trace it, she scanned for the source of the intruder. She tried to find a unicorn, thinking that’s what it was, but found no other ponies outside those within the immediate area. No one had their horns lit.

Her sister and her neice held back a soft moan of discomfort; Shinning immedatedly began to worry for her, unseen by the others, which had Luna to redouble her effort, for it could spell disaster if somepony infiltrated her mind. Again, she tried to find the unicorn at fault but saw no other magic wielder in the area. This was not the work of a unicorn, rather the feeling was alien, something she was not used to. This carried no normal magic like a pony would but something that a creature was born with, something they grew up with the ability and power. Then, a strong ping rang out.`

Instantly, she found it and the source had her mind find the target. The black dragoness near them. Her eyes held a violet tint and her tail brace or whatever was glowing purple. It shocked her to know that dragons could weild power or magic but… she was insanely strong.

Growling, she managed to push back against the intruder, yelling out, “Get out of our heads!

The feeling stopped, as did the glow, but silence surrounded them. Luna, Cadance, and Celestia shook their heads of the feeling, before both focused their glare on the black dragoness.

Spike looked confused towards Celestia and Luna, seeing them glaring and his mother. In turn, Eliyinsa looked a bit apprehensive towards them, though she remained neutral. “Mother?”

“She was trying to read into our minds,” snarled Luna. “What kind of trick are you playing at?”

For a moment, Eliyinsa remained quiet, but she heard Spike call for her once more. “Mother? What… why are you doing this?”

Her face remained stoic, choosing to show much emotion towards the princesses, including those around her. With a steady voice, she spoke. “I was merely observing the alicorns. Whether or not you were to be trusted, was all I was seeking.”

Luna snorted at that, but Celestia spoke with disappointment. “Clearly there is something more going on than that, but there is no reason to invade our minds. We have done nothing to warrant hostile invasion of our privacy.”

“Yeah! Keep your weird power magic away from our princesses!” Rainbow Dash had taken an airborne approach near the black dragoness. Eliyinsa merely blinked at her but refocused on them.

“My apologies,” began Eliyinsa. “But as you know, my job as an advisor is to keep those informed, as well as those I care around me safe.”

“Mother!” Spike tried to defend. “You can trust Princess Celestia! I told you that!”

“Mother?” This was Princess Celestia’s voice and it sounded a bit hurt, though her voice seemed to indicate something else. “Is she really…”

“No!” Spike quickly repelled, which somewhat emotionally struck Eliyinsa, her body slightly recoiled. “She was the one that adopted me and took care of me when I was in a coma. She is my mother, but not my birth mother!”

“I...I figured she was…” Celestia answered a bit off guard by this. Though once more she could feel the pulls and twists of her mind being touched. Celestia growled. “I said stay out!”

“What are you trying to achieve here?” This time it was Ember who spoke out against Eliyinsa. Keeping her focus on the two sister, whom had their horns lighting up, she snorted, keeping her voice as even as possible though she showed signs of malice.

“They have a group of ponies armed not far from here ready to protect them or harm us. I was probbing to see if they saw us as hostile.”

At this Ember turned to them. Twilight and her friends seemed surprised at this. “I’m… I’m sure its just a precaution…” she tried to defend.

“Did we not come in peace?” asked Zynthia, her voice holding back no anger. “Did we not tell our son to tell you that we are to speak as leaders, not as threats!”

“We have in the past encountered those who said they wished for peace but brought war on our borders,” Luna fired back at them. “They are there so we do not shed blood!”

“So you do not trust the word of dragons, let alone one whom has lived amongst you?” This stung both princesses, including Twilight and the others. Zynthia went in to drive the knife deeper though, looking down at Spike. “Clearly Spike, that your princess no longer trust you either.”

Spike shook his head in denial, trying to defend his family. “No… no they trust me…”

“And what of you then!” Luna fired back, not falling back. “You hurt him from the trials, a hatchling no less! You claim we are not to be trusted but you purposely harmed in your sick twisted games that nearly killed him!”

“Spike had no choice!” Ember took on a hovering stance, flying the same height as the two mothers. “He had to do the trials!”

“But it was your choice to choose him!” Applejack now joined the fight, being backed up by the girls. “Ya’ll chose him cause ya’ll afraid of not findin’ another dragon!”

“You simply could have found a better suitor!” added Rarity, huffing in agreement. “We all have to do stuff we don't like but choosing Spikey Wikey was not the best one! He is too young!”

Before he knew it, Spike was caught in the middle. Ponies on one side vs dragons on the other. His pony family vs his dragon family. Smolder and Amethyst even added themselves. Fluttershy and Starlight were in on it too!

No! This wasn’t supposed to happen! He wanted everyone to meet peacefully! He didn’t want them fighting, let alone arguing over him about him. He just wanted peace. He tried to voice himself but his voice was overshadowed by the power of his mother’s large voices vs the princesses using their Canterlot Voices. They kept moving closer and closer to one another until he felt that there might be a physical confrontation about to happen.

From his eyesight, he saw that indeed, Celestia and Luna had brought their guards, both Lunar and Solar. They were edging closer as things got more and more heated. Their own horns were lighting up with dangerous amounts of magic alongside Twilight. At the same time, wisps of flames and smog left Ember, his two mother and even Smolder and Amethyst. Rainbow, Starlight, Rarity and Applejack seemed ready to join the fight. This wasn’t what should have happened! He begged, trying to voice himself but he felt weak and small.

As their cries of anger grew, so did the fear of war. The fear that his family would fight and he would have to chose a side. He would see someone he loved get hurt!

He felt inner turmoil, he felt lost, he felt pain…

With a powerful roar, he yelled at the top of his lungs.“ENOUGH!!!!!!”

His arms shot out between each opposing side and green flames shot from his palms and created a wall , shoving everyone away.

Each side quickly jumped back as the giant wall of flames came from nowhere and blocked them from each other. The princesses along with Twilight and the girls immediately began to move backwards and away. Meanwhile his mothers and Ember along with her hoard moved back as well. Not because of the heat, but rather who was doing it.

Spike kept the flames jetting out of his palms long enough until both sides were a good distance away from each other. Both parties had settled from each other, allowing Spike to allow his fires to lessen and retreat until they died down. Ponies and dragons stared at him, awe in power but few in fear at this new ability. In truth, it was his mothers… all three of them in this case, that found him fearful.

He dropped to knees with a small disheartened sigh, letting his head dropped, before dropping onto his palms as well. He felt weak after that, but more so when he let out a hard sob leave him. “Please…” he spoke loud enough for them to hear. “No fighting… please…”

Silence echoed around them, nothing but the cool winds and distant wild life could be heard. Ponies and dragons felt their hearts sink at the echoing but emotional words of Spike. He was being torn apart by two different families, with neither side letting him put his voice in it. The guards had stopped their total advancement, settling for a few yards away. All magic users ceased their horn glows while the dragons all cooled down.

Each side wanted to come to the center to help him, but either were afraid to move. Ember felt powerless to even approach her mate, knowing that if she jumped in, it might force him to their side. Both Celestia and Twilight felt the same way, not trusting themselves to approach him.

For a few moments, neither side did anything, allowing Spike to stay in the middle, sobbing loudly. However, Celestia and Eliyinsa took a single step forwards. Both eyed each other, small disdain passing between them, but for now, their son was in pain and they both passed their differences. Eliyinsa finally showed some emotions passing through.

Both cautiously approached their fallen son, hoping not to cause more anger or sadness from him. As they did, the others kept their distances but remained vigilante of the other side.

Spike heard their approach, shaking his head as they stopped near him. “Please… don’t fight over me!” He begged, not showing them his face but crying his heart out.. “I am not worth fighting for! N-No one should be g-getting hurt over me! Please! NO MORE!!” Once more, the words struck a heavy cord with both his draconic and his equine mothers. Their hearts were in pain, hearing their fallen son weep like a newborn.

Both finally managed to look at one another and relented, a small drop of their heads.

“Forgive me, my son. I am…” Began Eliyinsa but stopped.

“I apologize Spike…” Celestia also stopped, realizing that she and the Elder had spoken at the same time. Neither spoke for a moment but Celestia nodded to Eliyinsa. She looked at her before focusing on Spike.

“Spike… my son, please forgive me. What I did to… them was intolerable. I shouldn’t have allowed my insecurities towards them, to cause malice.”

Spike didn’t respond, choosing to remain down and quiet. Gaining nothing, the black Elder turned to Celestia. Removing all ego and hatred from her heart, she bowed to the white alicorn, lowering her head to her level.

“I apologize to you and your sister, Princess Celestia. My intentions weren’t justified nor warranted with any intent of violence. My actions also don’t deserve forgiveness but… I seek it, for the sanity and well being of Spike.”

Celestia had a millennium and more to deal with violent creatures. From Discord, to her own sister, from creatures of Tarturas and more, especially ones that sought chaos and harm to her ponies. Yet today, this one wasn’t one of them, especially since they had a history together.

Still, she had to play her part as a proper ruler of the lands by showing kindness when asked. She too bowed her head, in respect. “And I ask your forgiveness for bringing my guard, showing you nothing but disrespect at not trusting you… or my so… Spike… that you sought peace between us.”

Both females raised their heads and a small quiet acknowledgment passed between.

“Let there be peace.”

Both sides let out breaths they didn’t know they were holding. Celestia and Luna turned and waved off her guards. Immediately they nodded and went back and away from the groups. Eliyinsa gave her mate and the others a small confident nod to be at ease.

Spike sighed, his sobbing ceased and his heart returning to normal. He remained where he was at but sat on his legs. Ember immediately approached him, as did Twilight. Both appearing on each side by their respective rulers.

Then others began to circle them, trying to ease the drake, as he was held by friends and family. The fighting had stopped and Spike felt like things would be much easier now.

Meanwhile, Eliyinsa was soothed by her mate, being brushed along her head, while Luna pressed in against Celestia’s side for a hug. They moved a bit away from the group, giving them room to be there with him. Celestia gave a small smile at the attention Spike was receiving from both sides. Though she hated to admit it, Spike truly did have a family in both worlds. He would never be alone, wherever he chose to go or stay, he would always have those to love him.

“I envy him and his ability to bring love from anywhere.” Eliyinsa said quietly to the other rulers. Both Luna and Celestia cast their gaze to the black dragoness. She shook her head up and down, seeing him in a bright light. “He has something no other dragon in the world has. He alone has brought two worlds together in peace for the first time. And its because of your love for him, that he is one of the most wonderful creatures out there.”

Celestia bristled with praise at hearing those words, feeling proud at having to raise him like that. “I thank you for your words. I and the others love him with all our hearts.” Celestia stopped before looking at the black dragoness steadily. “Though I must ask, if you love him now, what made you want to leave him in the first place?”


A moment of silence passed, with Eliyinsa and Zynthia looking at each other in confusion before looking down at the white alicorn in confusion.

“Leave him? What do you mean leave him?”

Now it was Celestia’s turn to looked confused, a bit apprehensive at the look they were giving her. “Well yes…” she said, speaking lightly but with puzzlement. “You left him with me. When he was an egg?”

At this, both dragons looked at her with frowns and further confusion. Celestia was looking dead center at Eliyinsa though. Trying not to show her annoyance, she spoke low but with a bit of edge.

“Spike is not my blood born. I have never laid in my life nor have I stepped a foot in your lands.” She paused, further confusion and annoyance filling her features. “Not only that but Spike has had no parents that…” She stopped. Her mind reeled for a moment, having flashes and memories come spinning in fast as the princess’s words started to kick start something. Slowly things began to click...

"...Spike, how did you find our cave?"

"...A-are you mother?"

"...Why did she leave me?"

"To much pain... mother..."

Celestia took this time to continue, though she spoke uneasily. “Well… I don’t mean to offend you but I for sure know it was you, whom came to me twenty years ago today and left his egg with me.” She tried not to sound offensive as she spoke the next part. “I don’t wish to say you all look the same, but I remember you vividly. You are one of the few dragons that I have spoken to that were more intellectual than others, not to mention you are the only black dragon with violet wings I have ever seen.” She paused, before adding in. “Unless there are other black dragons?”

“There are no other black dragons,” stated Zynthia with a firmness, though she was feelig anxiousness radiating from her mate. “Eliyinsa is the second only dragoness that is…” She slowed to a halt on her words before she too had paused as suddenly, something came to mind. She turned to her mate who looked shocked and downright distraught by what she was being told. She had just reached the same conclusion as herself. Both were now looking at Celestia in seriousness but fear dripped at the edge of their voices.

Eliyinsa all but dropped close, dangerously close to Celestia, practically touching her with her giant snout. Celestia jumped back, preparing herself for anything.

“Please tell me! Tell me the truth!”

Silence surrounded them, with both dragons and princesses realizing that the group of ponies and dragons were focused on them once more, fear of more violence spreading over them. Spike looked terrified that they might fight once more. Zynthia then used her giant of a body to span her wings and hide them. "Can you shield us?"

Realizing that something important was about to be discussed, Luna motioned for Shinning Armor. "Captain Armor, a sheild if you will." The white unicorn swallowed and made his way over to them, followed quickly by Cadance and created a giant pink shield over all of them. Big enough to hold in the dragons but not big enough to allow the others through. The blue shield created a silence between them and no one from the outside could hear from within.

“Whats going on?” Spike asked fearfully, seeing his mother, Eliyinsa speaking hysterically and with alot of emotions to Celestia. Twilight shook her head.

“I don’t know Spike, but… I am hoping its nothing to serious.”

The shield fell over them and Eliyinsa continued. “Please, I beg of you! Tell me the truth! Was it me or another black dragon that looked like me that dropped off Spike’s egg! There has to be a mistake!”

Celestia was dealing with the full force of the black dragons voice. Her mate was trying to hold her back, pulling her from getting to close. Celestia could almost see the hysteria radiating from her, though the two dragonesses looked distraught and judging by what she just informed them, Spike's origin was coming up. Swallowing, she spoke evenly and as calmly as possible.

Spike and present company watched from the side as Princess Celestia spoke with a look of unease and bewilderment to Eliyinsa. They couldn’t hear anything but whatever Celestia began to say to her, it was shocking his mother to the core. Even his momma, Zynthia, looked shocked at what she was told. When Celestia finished talking, Eliyinsa dropped to all fours, looking defeated, sadden and in pain. While she did talk long enough, it was enough to visibly ruin his mother's mind.

Celestia still looked confused but she then spoke or asked something. Eliyinsa shook her head and opened her mouth to let out a few words. Celestia and Luna shared confused looks, while Cadance and Shinning adding their own questions. Eliyinsa explained and she shook as she said one final sentence, that made Celestia and Luna go into shock, with Cadance placing a hoof in her mouth and Shinning looking hurt. Eliyinsa began to shake with rage and sadness; Spike and the others could see that she was shaking because she was crying. Zynthia brought her mate close and hugged her with her wing.

Sadness and fear tore through him, wondering what she had just learned from Celestia. He got up from the group and slowly made his way to the shield, that contained his two dragon mothers and his pony mother.

The others stayed behind him. As Spike approached, Celestia turned to see him. Spike saw sadness and pity aimed towards him. Eliyinsa and Zynthia weren't alerted to his close presence until Celestia announced it. Their heads slowly lifted and turned towards him. Tears ran down the faces of two of the strongest females he had ever encountered his life. Seeing ponies cry, even the strong ones, he knew that their soft hearted nature allowed even the most evil of ponies to shed tears. Ember herself had shed tears before and that was her love for him that allowed her to do so.

But to see his mother, a powerful dragoness with amazing abilities still unknown to him, look broken and hurt for him. It was made evident that he was truly afraid when even his momma, Zynthia, the strongest dragoness in all of the lands, was also shedding tears of her own. All four females inside the shield were looking at him, with sadness, pain, pity and more.

Clearly, Spike’s origins had been brought up and if he could have guessed, he too wouldn’t like what he had to hear.

Author's Note:

I left behind clues in so many chapters. Its up to you to piece it up. The next chapter is how you will choose to see what those clues lead up to and how the future of this series continued.
Happy 4th of July.