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The Dragon Lord Legacy - Little_Draco

Spike awakens and his time to return to world has come. With added family, grown body and new challenges to face, Spike will find the world has changed without.

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The Dragon Lord Legacy

Soft brushing with tingles ran up and down his body. He felt wet, warm and a gentle hum breach his senses. His mind was a fog, not lost in dark but a gentle warmth on a soon to be bright morning.

His mouth felt dry, longing for water or nourishment. His nose took in the smells and everything blurred with musky rock, sulfur and a familiar scent that brought him warmth in his heart. The brushing against his body continued and it felt odd, as if he was being rubbed with a giant warm wet hard towel. Great against his scales, but still odd.

Then it stopped. He felt… disappointed. Why did it stop? A soft whine left him, trying to gain back that wonderful feeling back. Then he heard a soft gasp. A muffled voice spoke through his ears. “Spike?

He knew that name. He knew that name because it was his name. The voice, was warm, just like… whatever it was that was brushing him. Warm and soft, like soft silk on a nice clear sunny day. She. That’s what that voice was, a she.

“Spike?” The voice spoke again. This time, he gave a soft whine in acknowledgement. He wanted to move, but he felt fragile and tight. As if he hasn’t moved at all.

Another gasp left her and he felt hot air blow around him. “Please… please awaken!” It was gentle, yet eager. Why did she want him to awaken? Did she need him? Was she waiting for something?

He was still stiff, binded by the tightness of his body. He struggled and moved, slowly causing his limbs to awaken. A soft moan of displeasure left his nostrils. He was also sore, as if he hadn’t used his ligaments in months.
A large brushing feeling came over his body, warming him with wet warmth. “It’s alright… take your time. Just… please let me know you are trying to wake up.”
A pitiful whine left him and he tried to move his head. He twisted it softly to the left, the to the right. His claws twitched and he felt an ache in his back.

A gleeful restrained squeal left her and she whispered to him, brushing herself against him.
“Oh… my son! At last, you are coming back to us!”
To whom? His mind was foggy. Where did he go?

Finally, with a soft cry of annoyance, he moved his head and he tried to open his eyes. He felt large crustings, keeping it from fullying opening. He pawed at himself, trying to remove them but his claws missed and he sighed in annoyance. He felt the large wet warmth returned and brush along his face. He felt the wetness, albeit more sticky, as it cleared his face. It wasn’t just one brush, but several. Slowly the crusting came loose and he managed to open his eyes. As the last brush came, his vision slowly came to. First, very hazy with colors blending with a low lit area. Browns and reds along with blacks and orange filled his vision. He forcefully blinked his eyes, trying to adjust the lighting around him.

Slowly but surely, his vision slowly began to deepen with details. The warmth that filled the air was the lava pool that he was not too far from, which also explained the smell of sulfur. He was in a large cave. The smell of it was wonderful. It smelled like security, wonder, coziness and lastly… home.
His emerald eyes then looked up at the deep violet eyes before him. Moisture formed near the edges of the eyes, which sparkled with her color in the light of the fires of the cave. No fear, no awe, no negative thoughts came to him when he saw her.
On her muzzle, was a gentle smile. Something that made his heart beat with a glow. Her posture was protective, providing security to anything outside of his view, yet also showed some invitement, as if she wanted him to come close to her.
A small smile touched his own muzzle and he slowly opened his mouth to speak the first time in months.

“Mo-Moth… Mother?”

“Hello, my dear Spike. Welcome back.”

Spike let out a yawn before looking around him. The cave was comfortable but he felt something was missing, something else. He then looked back up at his mother.
“Mo-Mother?” he stuttered, still trying to rework his jaw. His voice was deep but not to strong or rough.

“Yes my son?”
“... Wh-Where… is… is….” Her features froze, waiting for the question. “Where is…”

The sound of large footsteps entered the cave.
“Love?” The voice echoed the cave.

Spike tried to peer over his mother’s shoulder. A large scarlett dragoness, that towered over his mother, came into view, carrying a large satchel on her side.
“Momma!” Spike cried out.

Zynthia stopped, seeing a woken Spike before her mate. Eliyinsa held a smile on her face, tears on her eyes and her posture was that of a mother introducing her hatchlings to the world.
“Sp-Spike?” She asked, in a shocked state.
“Momma!” He cheered, with his body trying to rise himself. However, his body was slow and wobbly. Fearing injury in his new, awakened state, she quickly lifted the satchel from her side, throwing it off to the side and made her way to them in a half crawled were she settled herself down next to her mate, a warm but still shocked smile upon her muzzle.
“Hello… Spike! So wonderful to see you awake!” She brushed her giant head against his little body. Spike leaned in and purred in his own right, while Eliyinsa also leaned in, brushing her own muzzle towards him.
The three dragons, enjoyed each other’s love, Spike practically feeling the love radiating from his two mothers. It was perfect for them, nothing but them, their backs against the world and their son before them.

Almost ten minutes pass between the family and Spike was the first to lean away from his mothers. Looking up at them, he looked at them with warmth but then curiosity slowly kicked in.
“Momma? Mother?”

“Yes?” both answered. However, Zynthia snorted and gave a look to her mate. “Wait, who was ‘momma’ and who was ‘mother’?” she questioned her mate in a somewhat irritated, but humour manner.
“Your ‘momma’!” Spike explained, a small wag on his tail began and a big grin on his muzzle. Zynthia sighed a bit of annoyance and when she looked at her mate, a large grin was plastered on her face.
“You been saying that to him in his sleep, haven’t you?”

Eliyinsa kept her smirk but then she focused on Spike. Leaning in, she brushed snout against him, earning another purr from him before she pulled out lightly and spoke gently to him.
“Spike… my son. What do you remember?”

Spike cocked his head to the side.
“Remember?” he asked, not sure he understood.
Zynthia nodded. “Do you remember anything before awakening?”

Spike looked confused. He then tried to recall something before waking up. Blurry images of sapphire scales and his claws causing someone to be hurt, with a few voices that were not his mothers’. But there was sadness and pain. A phantom pain ran up from the tip of his tail to his spine where he let out a small shiver. He turned his head to look down upon himself, trying to find out what had caused it. He looked at his claws, then towards his spine. His wings, which he wondered if he had always had them, felt tingly but that’s probably because he hadn’t used them yet, were okay. He gave a small stretch upon them, slowly opening the large purple membrane skin, albeit painfully and causing him to flinch.

The two dragonesses watched as he spread out his wings, waiting for his reaction towards them. However, Spike merely inspected them, as if he already knew he had wings, before looking down his spine and down to his tail. He then looked up at them, giving a quizzical look. “I-I-I remember…” he paused, as if trying to describe the feeling on him currently. “I remember pain,” Both females flinched and sorrow covered their features, in which Spike noticed. “I also remember sadness… and one of you crying. I-I remember I hurt… someone...” His features turned sad and his voice somber. “Did… did I do something bad? Did I hurt one of you?”

The truth was painful and it hurt more to see the young drake, who just had awoken not a moment ago, experience sadness at his past. Let alone, he couldn’t remember much of it. Both females realized that perhaps, Spike has lost his memories. Ponies, the trials, his origins and… Ember. For but a moment, both hope to spare the drake his feelings and let him explore his innocence, but the reality would be that Spike would have to learn sooner or later, what has been awaiting him.

Just a moment however, both females needed to quell their son’s sadness and it was their duty to take care of the needs of the young. Leaning in, Eliyinsa brushed her large snout against his smaller body, in which Spike almost eagerly returned. “No my son,” she spoke softly. “Nothing that affected anyone.”
“She is right, son.” Zynthia gently put in, as she too joined in brushing against him. “You are too young, too kind to cause any pain.”
With both mother’s giving him love and the gentle words that he sought, his body relaxed and he knew warmth like never before. Silently however, the two dragonesses held off on telling their Dragon Lord of his awakening.

Spike was too weak to do much, nor did he have the mental stability to handle what awaited him if he were to step outside. For the time, his two mothers’ entertained him as he tried to recover from his long sleep. Tales of their time as Advisor and Successor were spun. They also slowly reintroduce his body to food, such as gems, liquids and if need be, meat.
Then, they helped him ease back into fully using his ligaments. It was difficult at first, with him struggling to get rid of the pain of not using them for months. First, was him trying to stretch his claws, in and out of his palms from his arms and legs. Then came his tail, slowly moving it side to side and cracking any bones he had there. After came his wings, not flapping them, but stretching them out and then withdrawing them back in. Lastly was him trying to stand up. Due to his anatomy, he was a biped, but he began to crawl on all fours.
He felt embarrassed that he was learning how to crawl as a teenager. His mothers’ laughed at his struggling, despite his age and size. He fell down enough times to the point where he felt like he would cry out in frustration. However, his mothers quickly helped and assured him that with time, it would come naturally.

And so, the rest of the time, the family of three stayed inside the cave, ignoring the world outside, forgetting the past that lingered, and enjoying one another to the point where they felt complete. Spike had no other memories return to him that day and both dragonesses knew that they would have to tell him, but today was not that day.
They played with their son, laughing and enjoying each other in their own little games. Spike also enjoyed going into the lava pit, splashing the lava and even throwing some at his mothers. The lava also helped clean him up and made him restart his fire breath. He surprised himself when he burped out a flame, causing him to jump in shock, which only allowed his mothers to have more fun at him.
Reintroducing food was a small challenge, for his hunger was grand. However, he found out that he had favorites and dislikes from his mothers’ hoards. Rubies, sapphires, and emeralds were his favorite, but he didn’t like gold goins or copper. His mother, Zynthia, had left the cave earlier and had brought two elk to eat. When she retrieved the dead carcasses, she had removed any fur by pulling off a couple of layers. After which, she cut it to pieces with her claws and presented them to her son. Large slabs were put in front of him and he stared at them with some hesitancy.
Both females waited for him to start eating but watched as he stared at the large slabs of red meat in front of him. Not sure of himself, he looked up at them.
“What’s wrong son?” asked Eliyinsa.
He was staring up at her and then looked back down. He tried to find the words he was looking for, yet he was not sure how to answer. “I-I… I don’t know if it is right to eat this?”

Something clicked in both females and they glanced at each other. A knowing message was passed between them, without them speaking. ‘He remembers ponies.’ His memories might not all be there but he subconsciously knew that what he was eating might remind him of his past. Yet, both knew that he would have to eat some meat in order to compensate from his recent growth. From the information he had gathered from Ember from the Equestrians, Spike had only been raised on gems to eat, not much else. This caused him to stay at his current height and never really developed his wings early.
When he fell into his coma, he had so much energy in his body stored, that it began to expand in other ways. He went through multiple ‘molts’ in the eight months that he slept, rather than years most dragons do. His first molt had him grow wings, his next molt, he grew in length and body heat with his last molt, his body scales to become stronger. As is, his scales now surpassed diamond density along with sharper scales. Now that he had expanded all that energy into quick and early molts, now he had to keep the energy in his body, not just with simple gems but by iron located in the blood of other creatures.

His mind however, was still reeling that he had to eat another creature in order to stay active, healthy and even alive. Easing him into it, Eliyinsa answered her son.
“My dear sweet drake, it is necessary for you to eat meat in order to stay strong and healthy. I know you think it might be… different but I know that you will not have to worry about it.”
He listened but he still felt an odd feeling in his stomach. He half wondered if that was because he was feeling hungry for it or because something was nagging the back of his mind about it.
It was his second mother who weighed in and helped him. “My son, if you truly don’t wish to eat then don’t eat it. But, as your mother said, you need it to retain your energy and become stronger.”
A half whimper left him and he looked up at both of his mothers with sorrowful eyes. “So I have to kill another creature to live?”

It was a question never asked by normal hatchlings. Every dragon born, never questioned their sires or dams on where the food came from. They ate, they consumed and they never questioned why. The fact is, some meat is hard to come by here in the dragon lands with dragons only hunting in long periods of time. After they grew past the teenager stage, their bodies could be sustained through gems, but with high amounts needed or fish that was easily obtainable from the rivers and oceans nearby. They weren’t the tastiest but they kept a dragon from completely losing their minds on needing meat.

Spike’s case was that he never had either and it put him on the spot with his hidden memories holding him back. This could prove dangerous or even fatal for him the future. It was Elyinsa’s experience and intelligence that would hopefully make him understand this.
“There is a balance… my son.” She began softly and her eyes went a bit vacant as she began to tell him something that she had learned from her own mother. “There is a balance in the world and it must be upheld. What you recieve, you must give back. What energy you take, you must return it.” She then reached over and pointed her large claw at the slab of meat before him. “They are our energy, our source to remain in this world and they are what keep us forward. The same energy that we use, we will return it one day. Whether through the droppings we leave so it could help the green expand and grow or the time of our deaths and our bodies return to the earth, we return that energy. As long as you understand that balance, as you care for it, never hunting or eating more that your fill, you will never truly hurt the balance.” She paused and pointed with her snout the meat. “You, I and your mother, all share in that balance. We as dragons, as sentient creatures, must respect it. Never let a hunt be for game or pleasure. Be quick and make sure a creature never suffers. But please, eat my son, for you need it. You need not to suffer.” She paused then smiled. “If you truly don’t feel right about eating another creature, then pray. Everytime you eat or before you take upon flesh, pray to the creature and thank it for providing nourishment for you. Give thanks for it energy, then wish it a proper return to the next life. For a better or for a safe afterlife.”

Spike looked up at his mother in wonderment and awe. Her words easing him from his guilt with a confidence that made his heartbeat a little easier. He looked down at the meat before trying to think of something to pray but couldn’t. “How do I pray to it?”

Eliyinsa turned to Zynthia and the larger dragonesses thought for a moment before closing her eyes. “As I feast upon you, I pray that my claws were quick and sharp. As I take bite upon your flesh, I pray that your life next be grand and renewed. As I take your energy to be given to me, I pray for the balance to remain strong and just.” She opened her eyes and nodded. “That is a proper and more traditional way of doing it. You may do it silently if you wish. Few dragons know of the old ways, but if you are truly need to eat and have not time to say it all, speak truthfully when you do.” She then slightly bowed her head and closed her eyes. “Thank you for your body, may your soul be renewed and I pray for the balance.” She reopened her eyes and looked towards him. “After you finished eating, whatever you do not eat, make sure that the leavings are left so other creatures could feast on it or, bury them so the earth retakes some of its energy.”
Spike nodded and he closed his eyes with a small bow of his head. Both females watched for a few moments has he held himself like that, silently joining. He then looked up and gave a small smile.
“I-I feel better now.” Pride filled their hearts and Eliyinsa gave a happy growl.
“Good my son, now please eat. We wouldn’t want your food to spoil.” He looked back down and the sick feeling that was there earlier had all but left. Even the small tickling at the back of his mind left. He took a sniff, inhaling the dead carcass. The smell of iron rich blood, some rot and earthly tones filled his nostrils. He didn’t know what kicked his trigger, but when it did, he dove straight in and didn’t hold back.

They ate silently, while Spike tore at his food, his mothers picked in small picking of their food. If they were to really eat, they could eat the elk in one bite, so they savored their food.

When the feeding was done, so was their energy. Spike hadn’t known that the day had gone and went but his mother’s energies were spent. He had some to spare, but he was cautious along with his mothers, that he shouldn’t go outside yet. For now, continue to exercise his body and continue to get used to his limbs. The night approached the family and as did the coldness that it brought. Now that he was awake, Spike no longer had to sleep away from his mothers. Instead, he could sleep with them.
The earth beneath were they slept was nice and warm along with their giant bodies. He rest in between his momma’s forearms where she created a sort of surrounding for him. Eliyinsa laid near Zynthia’s forearms and her own. Zynthia then rested her head over and on top of her mate’s head.
Spike rested near Eliyinsa’s head where their day’s activities had worn them down.
“So are we going to go outside tomorrow?” he asked them.
“We will see, my little drake.” Zynthia gently answered. “You have yet to fully recover and we want you to be ready.”
“But I am ready now!” he half whined. “I can walk and move!”

“Yes, my son, but we must be patient. After all, you have yet to experience the world as is. Small steps must be taken before we leave.”

He sighed but nodded in agreement. A yawn left him involuntarily. “If I slept for so long, why am I so tired now?”

Both dragonesses chuckled.
“Well now that you have been back to your body’s normal routine, you might understand that you will go back to sleeping the same time as us.”

“But I am not that tired!”

His mother thought for a moment and hummed softly. “Perhaps… a lullaby will help you sleep, my son.” He looked up at her wondering what she meant. She then brushed against him lightly. “Close your eyes and I will help you fall asleep.” He softly nodded and lied his head against her hers. Zynthia closed her eyes, for she knew that her mate’s beautiful voice would also put her to sleep. She inhaled and softly exhaled, giving herself some room to speak and began softly, with a hum that started it.

Sleep, please sleep, my dear little hatchling.
The time has come, to sleep and dream.
Of skies and wings, to carry your dreams.
For the day will arise, when you will fly.

Let your heart soar high, let your wings touch the sky,
As you feel the sun on your back, the wind sweeps by.
Far and wide, you will fly, to the ends of the earth,
To the mountains and seas, to explore the world.
I know you will.

The stars will be your guide, through the day and nights,
Draco and Wistala, by your side, never far, never to hide.
They fill our hearts with courage and fire,
To light our world for a strong empire.

Lead not your heart into the dark,
We ignite our flames to the blight,
Never fearing those who hide.
We strike with claws and might.

So, please sleep, my dear little hatchling,
For the day will come, for you to fly.
My sweet wings, my sweet heart,
I’ll see you by and I see you far.

Spike was softly snoring, having almost immediately fallen asleep to the lullaby. Her beloved was not there yet, so she just continued to hum her tune, softly and without a missed beat, going into the night until her own tune sent her into a gentle, blissful sleep. That night, a family of three slept together, with the love that transcended many others.

Ember opened her eyes and felt the Scepter in her claw glow warm. She looked down upon it and wondered what it meant. Turning to her side, Amethyst and Smolder were laying against the warm body behind them, sleeping lightly with both holding each other.

“Something amiss, my Teardrop?”

Ember looked up to find the giant head of her mother looking down at her. Ember shrugged softly.

“I’m not sure, but the Scepter is telling me something.”

Her mother purred, trying not to wake her daughter’s hoard. “Perhaps… something is to come?”

“What?” she asked.

The large sapphire dragoness leaned her head down to her daughter, showing a glint in her eye. “Perhaps something that you have been missing for. Perhaps it is something that you have needed… for almost a year now.” The dragoness brushed her maw against her daughter. “As a mother, I believe that something grand is upon us and it will begin soon. Your rule, your life, whatever becomes of you and your hoard, that my teardrop will begin your legacy.

Author's Note:

Thanks to my editors RomeoDkat for helping me with this wonderful sequel. and Mrof for providing the cover art for the sequel. As it is now, the characters look like they do in the cover, even Spike now.
So one of the biggest inspirations for starting the sequel like this was a little video I saw years back and I have always wanted to start something like it like this. It was inspired by it as well as the next couple of chapters.

Not so much the entire story but the animation, the rebirth and so on.
My biggest story that I have wanted to write since I was young was of someone being reborn into a dragon. Spike here, esstentinally losing his memory is some part of it but it will be something else. I hope that you enjoyed this and trust me, this story will be updated more often than its predesscor! I also ask for constructive criticisms and not simple downvote. It helps to improve the writer!

Also before or after every chapter, I will include a song which brought out the best of the story through lyrics and music.