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Let's Make a Deal - Knight of Crows

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Morningstar POV 1,000+ years ago

I suppose it's time I visited Canterlot. I can't really think of anything I'd want so the capitul might help, favors are always an option I suppose, and having nobles or royalty in my debt would certainly be useful if the entire bloodline will inherit it. Counting the bits I've got saved up I have enough for a ride to the nearest town to the city, or rather if I want food and a night at the inn I have just enough. Because I like to have more than I need I did a few jobs here in Silver Springs. Practically the whole town and even the guards helped rebuild the farm. I knew the farm was important and the family liked by everyone, but I wouldn't have expected something like this to happen on Earth during our equivalent of this time period.

After the farm was rebuilt and the tools replaced the family welcomed me into theirs. To say I was shocked was an understatement, I wouldn't have been surprised about a home and free food with a little help around the farm, but for Desert Rose to start calling me uncle and the parents to be perfectly fine with it was what got me. I stayed with them for a while as I did jobs around town, one that payed well was the blacksmith, and conveniently he was having some trouble. I had to make a few deals to truly learn what I was doing but it was worth it.

Now I know what you're thinking, I didn't do anything to those weapons. In fact I helped him make new ones that the guard and if he does well enough the royal guard will want. Damascus steel, twinblades, crossbows, shotels, glaives (not the warframe ones), and chainmail which hadn't been invented yet surprisingly. I made a few days worth of bits in just a few hours, I decided to keep some chainmail as I had worn no real protection against anything that might hurt me as part of the payment. I would be set after another deal or two or another job.

Finishing my business here I left early in the morning, but not without saying goodbye first. I left Desert Rose a present in the form of a necklace that offered protection to heat and cold as well as give a painful shock to anyone trying to hurt her. There was a carriage in town at the moment, turns out that couple from before were visiting family here, in laws to be specific and were heading close enough to where I was. There was a village near the Everfree and that was as far as I needed them to take me which they happily did so, apparently the griffon's wife was blinded in one eye thanks to Blood Thorn. I offered to restore her eye, but unfortunately someone would've had to lose the sight in their eye and she didn't want her husband to lose one of his for her sake. He's a lucky guy getting a wife like her.

We didn't have too much trouble on the road, one of the wheels broke, but it wasn't anything that couldn't be fixed thanks to the couple having tools and a spare wheel. I know I would have forgotten about that. It took us two days to reach what was at the time still unknown to me whatever the village's name was. I'm sorry let me correct myself, it took them two days, I was bathing in a nearby river before something hit me and made me lose consciousness.

I don't know how much time passed before I woke up, all I know is it was long enough to be dragged to a basement, locked in a cage, tied to a chair, and a foul tasting rag wrapped around my head. I wanted to get out, but I didn't want to take any chances so I sat still for a while. I probably should have made a deal for invisibility or better yet access to some magic from Skyrim and some of Phenderix's spells, dark and fire worked so well together especially when you have a weapon with the enchantments from Vrangr and any of the other 3 colored fire swords. I liked Zar'Rook and Brisinblue. I definitely need to get spell enchantments for that like in Dark Souls on Soul Eater.

A whole hour passed before I started hearing voices from out of the basement. About damn time I thought as a white stallion with a blonde and light blue mane entered with a mare and her 2 foals no older than Desert being thrown in here just seconds after he opened my cage and removed the rag.

"Took those useless mud ponies long enough. I am Prince Pureblood and I have been trying to find you for quite a while Morningstar." The prick introduced himself.

"And why were you looking for me?" I asked already not liking where this is going.

"There is a deal I want to make with y-"

"Yeah I kind of figured that part out so get on with it." I interrupted and got slapped for it.

"NEVER interrupt me again! And you will address me properly you mongrel!" He said angrily.

"Let me make a few things clear: First off you are not Gilgamesh so never call me a mongrel again. Second why would I make a deal with you?" Oh the things I've got in store for you.

"You would play an instrumental part in not just restoring Equestria to it's former glory, but helping it take it's rightful place on top! You should feel honored you were chosen." Really now?

"I doubt that." If you don't get on with it I'm going to kill you.

"Of course you would so allow me to enlighten you. The princesses have ruined this country and have even fallen so far as to 'befriend' the savages and share our lands with them! First they take the sun and moon from us, dare to allow mud ponies and those bird brains in OUR city, then take OUR wealth and give them 'equality' to their superiors and noble titles! And that's just the start!" So you're one of those guys huh?

"In other words they were making the country better and building stable, mutually beneficial relationships with other countries instead of what you wanted? Instead of keeping pegasi off the ground and forcing them to be weather planners, they gave them the same rights, freedoms, and opportunities as unicorns? Did the same to earth ponies too and didn't chain them to farms right?" I got slapped again.

"You will be silent!" Sorry, my voice is my gift to the world.

"They took your only leverage over the other races, forcing you to take more active rolls which in the end not only significantly improved production, but improved relations with other races and economy as well. In other words you don't care about the improving economy, increased production, better interspecies relations, or the overall improvements to Equestria in the long run- AAAAAGGGHH!" I screamed as he stepped on my foot and stabbed me in that same leg with a dagger.

"If you won't be silent then you will scream!" You die first.

"You can't stand change, you can't stand actually having to WORK for your share, you can't stand the fact unicorns aren't ruling the world with an iron fist even with all the power you have." I said through gritted teeth as he applied pressure to my foot and the blade.

"Precisely, Equestria needs a new ruler, one who will lead it to a shining future." Why you though?

"Need I remind you it was because of others like you that the wendigos invaded and fucked up everyones days?"

"They are no more though, so the only thing I need is the power to take the throne and take back the sun and moon. I want you to make me an alicorn, my wife and foals would be more than happy to give themselves up for the cause." He said gesturing to the still bound family.

"There is always a price for such power, and it will take more than your family to acquire it." Forget about killing you, I've got something better planned.

"Ha! That shouldn't be a problem considering how The Deal works." You're about to get fucked.

"I want to be free from these restraints first, then I want a small but equally strong Coffin of Eternal Darkness and I want it set to my preferences."

"Done!" Now a few things happened after this.

1. My restraints were removed.
2. His eyes started glowing and light was pouring out of him.
3. He went from shouting 'yes' to screaming in agony.
4. When the light died down he was trapped in a giant ball of crystal with his horn charred and a pair of extremely deformed wings.
5. The Coffin appeared next to me.
6. The guards attacked me and died shortly after.
7. I popped his soul out and tethered it to 5 ft of the coffin before trapping him and setting it so only a combination of my blood, the princesses blood, Soul Eater, and an eclipse could open it.
8. I released the 'offerings'.

"What happened?" The mare asked.

"Basically I intentionally fucked up the ascension and left it incomplete. It's supposed to break your body down and rebuild it just as fast by changing you instead of just giving you the attributes of the other 2 races, but if something like this happens the magic becomes unstable and you are left with a failed alicorn suffering a magic surge. He's an alicorn now make no mistake, but because of this he will be inferior to the other races in every way. A unicorn with wings strapped to his back is now closer to True Ascension than him, where it matters anyway." She moved her foals behind her.

"What happens now?" She asked fearfully.

"We are in or near Canterlot yes? Go back, tell the guards you and your family were kidnapped, one of the prisoners escaped and helped you, but while he helped you escape your husband was killed, his body destroyed." I said on my way out, but stopped next to the door.

"You know about my gift right?" I asked.

"Yes." She responded. Perfect.

"In exchange for helping you reach the guards safely, I want 3 favors from your bloodline, the Darkness spells I'm thinking of, and to be able to temporarily enchant my weapon with any of the same effects as Vrangr, Zar'Rook, Tamberline, and Brisinblue. I also want my injuries healed." Get them while I'm thinking about it.

"What?" She asked, probably not getting what I'm asking.

"Just say 'yes'." I'd like my foot to stop throbbing and my leg to stop bleeding.

"Yes?" And like a wave hitting me I just knew how to use these spells and my injuries were no more. I enchanted Soul Eater with Vrangr and Zar'Rook and oh my god that looks so edgy, but so cool on it.

"Stay close to me." I said as we began to leave the building.

Present time.

"So that's what really happened with my nephew?" Celestia asked, not happy in the least about Pureblood and alarmed at the fact I can make alicorns under the right circumstances.

"He tried to sacrifice his own family for enough power to steal the throne, but I had no interest in letting that happen. I like Equestria under the rule of you and your newly returned sister more. I gave him exactly what he wanted, I just didn't let him enjoy it."

"What about that Coffin and the dark magic? You've just admitted to using such magic and what would be a forbidden artifact." Okay, ignore part of the story.

"The Coffin was a 1 time thing, the original locked away ten of the most powerful demons to exist. The soul tether was a 1 time use and was part of his eternal torment, and the dark magic I have isn't exactly 'dark magic'. The magic I got was from I guess you could say an unofficial add on to a video game. The closest it has to corruption is it makes the victim weaker to fire as it damages them, nothing happens to the user and nothing else happens to the victim."

"It is still forbidden magic!" She argued.

"Magic that was not only used responsibly, but was safe to me, safe to the others in the room, saved this country and by extension the world. I may be partly to blame to the extent of him learning about me however he did that, but I fixed that problem, punished him appropriately, dealt with at least 2 dozen co-conspirators, and saved the lives of his wife and children who he was more than willing to sacrifice for his ambitions. If it weren't for me you and your sister would be his slaves or even dead!" I shouted.

The room was silent as Celestia took in my words, realizing Equestria had what I think would be called an unsung hero in front of her. She thought back to everything I've told her before and reopened the book, looking for others like this deal.

"If the name is black it was a regular deal, blue means I just made the deal to help them, green means I got a favor which chances are I haven't cashed in, and red means they were something like Pureblood." I told her. She looked for any red names and found no others. She looked back at me, unable to find the words to speak.

"I don't want to be your enemy, but while it was fun for a while, I'm tired. I'm tired of running just for helping people. I'm tired of running just because I'm benefiting in a way that doesn't harm anyone from some of these deals. I'm tired of being a criminal simply because my gift can give anything to anyone, especially when I didn't even ask to be taken from my bed and dropped in an unknown world." She placed her hand on mine as she had an apologetic look on her face.

"I'm sorry, I-"

"Is it really so wrong that I wanted to give myself a fair chance after being stolen from my home? Is it really so wrong that I felt like I deserved fair compensation for being taken from my home, my family, dropped in a world where magic exists, the most advanced technology at the time was a catapult, the world is ruled by walking myths and legends, and I'm the only human here?" I'm just venting at this point.

"Mr. Morningstar if y-"

"I came here not just because I was tired of running, but because I was tired of being alone. There are limits to my gift as I've said. I can't return home, time travel is out, and I can't use it to die or lose my eternal life to name a few, it doesn't work." Her eyes shot open as I said this.

"You had only one thing to lose, and you knew she would return. I had everything taken from me, even my own name, and I can't get any of it back." Tears streaming down my face for the first time in over 1,000 years and they aren't stopping.

"Morningstar, I'm sorry, for everything. From this moment on you are free, and the castle will be open to you." Celestia finally said, leaning across the table to place a hand on my shoulder, a hand a gladly took into mine.

"Thank you." Was all I could say through my crying.

Author's Note:

The dark spells are in the illusion category in the Phenderix mods for Skyrim.

Vrangr did dark damage and lowered fire resist
Zar'Rook burned with crimson flames
Brisinblue burned with blue flames
Tamberline burned with green flames