• Published 5th Feb 2019
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Let's Make a Deal - Knight of Crows

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We all have something we desire, it's in our nature to want something and unfortunately some people can't suppress their desires. Sometimes the price is higher than we can afford, other times we pay ANY price for it. Those people who will pay any price are either greedy or foolish and deserve what they get. In the past thousand some odd number years I've been in this world I've come to realize this truth among others. Among those truths I've also learned of what it truly means to be what I am now. I can't remember my real name so you can call me Morningstar, and right now I am currently in an interrogation room with the princesses for reasons you wouldn't expect. Well okay, being human is one reason.

Funny thing really, I let them have me. I was growing bored of all the running and hiding so I decided to just turn myself in and escape later if I'm found guilty of whatever I get charged with. Hell, I let them know of my existence almost 600 years ago, part of a deal I made and boy was that fun.

"Mr. Morningstar." Celestia said, breaking me from my thoughts.

"Yes princess?" I believe that sounds more respectful than her name so I won't be using that for the foreseeable future.

"When the guard searched through your belongings we found a notebook containing names, cutie marks, and other details as well, for what purpose did you have this?" She asked pulling it out.

"I used it to keep track of all my deals, specifically who and what was involved." I answered.

"Many of these 'deals' are questionable and some are very illegal. How long have you been making these 'deals' and why?" She asked reading the first page.

"I've been at this since before the rise of Nightmare Moon." She shut the book immediately and slammed her hand on the table. She was about to shout at me, but quickly regained her composure.

"Did you have anything to do with my sister's corruption?" She asked with no attempt to hide her rage.

"No I didn't. I did make a deal with her yes, but as you'll find in the book she received the ability to copy the constellations from my home. In exchange for this I received a small percentage of her wealth whenever it came in. I would receive a week's worth of bits here and there for my travels. I had nothing to do with Nightmare Moon." She calmed down before asking her next question.

"So you never had anything to do with her you say?" She asked to be sure.

"I'll admit to making 1 deal to reach her on the moon and 1 deal for a promise on her part. I put her to sleep for until she returns and in exchange she promises she won't severely injure or kill anyone when she returns. Had I not put her to sleep she would have endured the full thousand years instead of what to her only felt like less than a decade." She calmed down a little more and looked apologetic.

"You helped her, and in exchange the safety of our subjects guaranteed?" That is what I said Celestia.

"Yes, most of those deals were to make adjusting to a new world easier on me in the form of convenience or to even the playing field in a world ruled by walking myths and legends, though some of them were in preparation of future deals."

"Could you explain 'The Deal' to me in your way?" She asked curiously.

"If you want. Basically the two of us decide what we want and depending on our desires the deal itself will ensure both of us are satisfied, other times I have some control on how I keep 'my side' of the deal. If I so desired I could grant you armor that is immune to damage and in exchange I would receive immunity to the harmful and corrupting effects of dark magic, the deal would see us both satisfied as neither of us can actually give the other what they want." She hummed in thought.

"So basically the two of you simply need to agree to the terms laid out?" That is what I said yes.

"Basically, I didn't actually find out I had this ability until my 5th or 6th deal, the others including that one I could keep my word for one reason or another. I promised to help a wood supplier and after losing the wood it literally came back to me, or a knife that was stolen from me on delivery found it's way back to me even though it should have been 4 blocks away." She looked as confused as I did back then.

"Your book doesn't mention either of those at all, did you start keeping track later?" Good that you've noticed.

"Correct. If memory serves the first 'true' deal I made was with a colt named Icebrand, his sister who was also his caretaker was dying of an incurable illness and in exchange for curing her and reversing the damage I would have a place to stay until I left later that week." She looked in the book and found the name then summoned a small pile of papers, looking through them as well.

"We never did find out how she recovered, but it seems what you've told me matches with our records." She said, smiling a little as she set the papers down.

"I try to be a good guy, I like to think what me and my client receive is fair." She took on a serious look.

"A few of these are cause for alarm and even illegal as I've said, on the third page you wrote 'resurrection', 'justice', and 'Soul Eater' under the name 'Desert Rose'. Would you care to explain this?" She asked as if fearing I had done something unthinkable.

"Good filly she was, nice family too. Let me tell you all about it, fair warning, there is violence."

Author's Note:

Short chapter I know, will be updated in a day or 2.