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No Better Title - Arc I - ThePerverted1EyedBrony

In the past four angelic beingings came to earth to bring peace and harmony, but failed, 2000 years later the descendant of the one who sealed them away offers them friendship, how will they react being trap in a new world and how will they get home?

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Chapter 6 - The Darkness Within Us [Edited]

Chapter 6 – The Darkness Within Us

*Cam’s POV before the scream*

While the girls are swimming you continue to clean up after breakfast. “It’s nice to see them happy,” you say as you dry off one of the knives that was used this morning. *Evil laughter* “Who’s there!?” you ask while turning around, nothing, “Hu… I must be losing it?” you say, *Evil laughter* “OKAY! CAN YOU GIRLS…” you yell as you turn around, you turn and see Celestia covered in deep gashes, blood, missing her wings, and having bloodshot eyes, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!” you scream as Celestia jumps at you
*FNAF style*

*Luna’s POV*

I quickly got out of the pool with Tia and the others and rushed inside. What we saw shocked us, Cam was passed out on the floor with a knife close by and had a dark aura around him, I look to Tia and the look on her face said more than what I needed to ask. Amber approaches him and pulls out a talisman and says something even I don’t understand, before Cam starts to glow, “What did thou do to him Amber?” I ask with genuine concern,

“All I did was slow down whatever this is from doing what it wants with Cam here,” Amber says while gesturing to Cam, I look at Cam and see that he’s whatever this is, isn’t giving Cam an easy time. You walk forward and place your hands-on Cam, “What are you doing?” Amber asks,

“In our world the realm of dreams and unconsciousness are my domain,” you say seriously,

“Okay,” Amber nods at you, “just make sure you bring him back before lunch,” Amber says to try and lighten the mood,

You say the incantation as a precaution since you don’t want to end up in some else’s head, “Wish me luck,” you say before everything goes dark.

*Cam’s POV*

You wake up and see that your in your room, “Now I get it,” you turn your lower body to hang over the bedside, “That was all a dream,” you get up, “good thing to,” you stretch, “cause I didn’t want to get close to any of them, just in case this happened,” you say as you go through your morning routine, you head downstairs and go into the kitchen, and see that it’s just as you left it, you look at your calendar, “Okay, today’s my test,” you think in your head. You start to get ready and make yourself a quick breakfast, you grab your wallet because you need to eat lunch after class anyways. You place your things at the front door and head back upstairs to do the last of your routine.

You return downstairs and look at the weather outside, “I wish it was night all the time,” you say solemnly to yourself. You grab your key’s and head out the front door, and you see nothing but a black abyss. “OKAY, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?” you yell at the top of your lungs,

“You are in MY realm, and you won’t be able to save your friends from what I’ve done to them,” an ominous voice says before a screen pops up and shows everyone with deep gashes and stab wounds and they all look like their dead.

“No,” you say softly and in horror, “No, no, no, nononononononononononononono, NO!!!!!” you say as your voice increases and you say it faster, “I’ll FUCKING KILL YOU RIGHT HERE AND NOW YOU BASTARD!!!” you yell as you swing at him, but it fazes right through him. You turn around and try again to swing at the air, you keep on swinging until you feel chains clamp around your arms, legs and throat, “WHAT THE HELL?” you yell in anger, suddenly, a shadow that looks like your father appears in fount of you, “YOU,” you say sternly while glaring daggers at him,

“*Evil snickering turning into evil laughter* YOU REALLY THINK I’M YOUR FATHER? YOU REALLY ARE AN IDIOT, I’M THE PART OF YOU THAT WISHES TO USE THIS POWER AND TAKE OVER EVERYTHING,” the shadow says, but with the sound coming from everywhere it kinda sounded like yelling, “I can become anyone you know,” it says as it walks away from you, it turns around and looks at you, “like that hot, fuckable, bitch, Celestia,” it says as it changes into Celestia but completely black,

DON’T YOU DARE SPEAK ABOUT HER THAT WAY!!!” you yell as you try to break out of the chains, “I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU!!!” you yell with fury in your eyes and still struggling to get out,

“And you really think you can beat me?” it says while pointing at you, “Sorry to burst your bubble but here in your head, this,” it points to the ground, “is my domain, you can’t do anything in here,”

WHO THE HELL SAYS I CAN’T!!!” you yell as you finally break out of the chains. You thrust your arm forward, but nothing happens, “What?” you ask as you thrust your arm forward again, you keep doing that for what felt like an hour,

“Looking for this?” it asks as you turn and see it holding the bracelet,

“WHY YOU!” you yell as you rush at it to grab it, it goes into the ground, *Evil laughter* “SHOW YOURSELF YOU COWARD!!!” you yell while looking sporadically all over the place to try and find where it went.

*Luna’s POV*

You suddenly pop into existence and see nothing but black, you look around and spot something in the distance, you fly over to it, and to your surprise, it’s Nightmare Moon, “What the… but how art thou… OKAY, WHAT’S GOING ON!?” you yell, Nightmare Moon instantly throws her hand on your mouth,

“SHHH, be quiet,” she says in a hushed tone, “We don’t want him to know we’re here,” she says while moving both of you behind some kind of wall,

“Who art thou talking about?” you ask in a hushed tone like NightMare’s,

“You know how every living thing has a dark side?” she asks, you nod your head, “Well for your friend here, his is more powerful here than both of us combine are,” she says in slight fear,

You look at her sceptically, “You’re not NightMare Moon,” you say while flying back a bit,

“No, I am the real one,” it says pleadingly in a hushed tone,

“Prove it,” you say seriously,

“Last night you were in your room and I decided to tell you the whole truth about me and why I did what I did,” she tells you,

“Okay, so you are the real one,” you say while getting close to her again, “but how are we going to get to Cam?” you ask,

“We’re going to take that,” she points to what look like a tunnel, “and afterwards, it’s a straight shot to Cam,” NightMare says, you nod in conformation, “Let’s go,” she says as both of you fly off to save Cam.

You turn to NightMare Moon, “Once we reach Cam can you make yourself look like Tia, I don’t want him to know everything about us yet,” you ask her,

“Sure, I don’t mind,” she turns her head to face forwards, “But once the time does come around, you better have both of us present,” she says while still facing away from you, you nod in response, you then see her look happy.

*Cam’s POV*

You’re sent flying once again, before you’re hit in the back and sent into the ground, “GA!” you yell as you hit the ground, you weakly look up and see the Darkness, *I’m calling it the Darkness because everyone has darkness within them so that’s why I’m naming it that* looking down on you with a shit eating grin on it’s face. You weakly get up again, “You know, *tired breathing* I think I know, *tired breathing* how to beat you,” you say,

“Oh, you do? Then by all means, show me,” it says mockingly. You walk up to it, you stop, and start to listen closely, “What’s up? You don’t know…” it says before you shut it up by grabbing it lips and holding them closed, you hear flapping, the kind of w flapping of wings, you take your hand off of it’s lips and jump back,

“Looks like the cavalry has arrived,” you say smugly,

“Oh, ya, and would your cavalry be only two people?” Darkness asks

“No,” you turn around and only see Celestia and Luna flying towards you,

CAMERON!!!” Luna yells as your head is turned, “TIS YOUR MIND, THOU ART IN CONTROL HERE NOT HIM SO TAKE THE REIGNS ON THIS AND KICK ITS ASS!!!” Luna yells, you grin at Luna for somewhat using modern language. You turn to look at Darkness, you close your eyes and you feel like the injuries you sustained just disappear,

NO!!!” Darkness yells as it rushes at you, you catch its fist before it hits you,

“Luna’s right,” you clench its fist harder, “I’m in control,” you open your eyes and look Darkness dead in the eye, “so just,” you pull its fist closer, “GET THE HELL… OUT OF MY HEAD!!!” you yell at you hit Darkness with everything you have, you see him skidding across the ground,

“NO!!! I”VE WORKED TO HARD TO FAIL HERE!!!” Darkness yells as he gets back up, suddenly the darkness around you dissipates, and it becomes and ocean that both of you are standing on, you suddenly see screens in front of you, that look like your ancestors memories, all of the screens turn into orbs, one of the orbs fly at you, you put your arms up as defence, but it just goes into your arm, then another orb comes at you, and another, until all of the orbs are coming at you one at a time. As the orbs go into you, you slowly learn everything your ancestor had, as the last one comes into you, you see his wife and child. “I get it now,” you say, you look at Darkness coming at you, you turn and face him, as he gets closer to punching you, you punch his fist, he takes another shot, you counter again.

*Luna’s POV*

You can’t believe what your seeing, you see Cam keeping up with each of that things hits, and they’re moving at hypersonic speeds, and you can tell each time Cam punches, each hit is beyond 100%.

*Cam’s POV*

As you send him flying you catch up to him and hit him with a hard uppercut, you then go to were he is heading and let him hit the ground, “Hear me now darkness, to defeat me, you must go past limits set for you,” you raise your fist, “ULTRA GIGA IMPACT!!!” you yell before you hit him, you see him fly beyond the clouds, and land right in font of you.

“*Weak evil laughter* You think you’ve defeated me? HA! You couldn’t be more wrong, you’ll never get rid of me, I’ll always be here, waiting till you decide to give into me, and I’ll kill anyone who would stand against you,” Darkness says before it turns into a puff of black smoke.

“I think it’s time we head back,” you say as you turn around to face Luna, “Hey? Where did Celestia go?” you ask Luna,

“She was nothing but a part of your imagination,” Luna says,

“Oh, but you are…” you say before Luna interrupts you,

“I’m the real Luna, and before you ask, dreams and the unconscious are my specialty,” Luna says with pride, you laugh at her, “What? What’s so funny?” Luna asks,

“Oh nothing,” you say as your laughing dies down, you then look Luna straight in the eye, “Please Luna, I don’t want this to leave my mind, so please don’t tell anybody, I’ll tell them everything you probably heard, when I’m ready,” you say in an asking/ telling tone.

“Okay,” Luna says, “Now before we get out,” Luna comes closer to you, your faces just inches apart, she then leans forward and gives you your fist kiss, on the lips, before backing off, “See you when you get up,” she says as she suddenly disappears,

“Okay…wow… I didn’t think…wow” you say while touching your lips, suddenly a bright light come out in front of you and you hear everyone’s voice, “Looks like I might wanna wake up,” you say as you walk towards the light.

-End of Chapter 6-

Author's Note:

            Look like our hero has a past he doesn’t want to talk about, who knows what will happen with his and Luna’s relationship now that she’s given him his first kiss.

            Time span: 4 days.

            Just so you know I did put in another reference that is a bit more obvious than the last one, but still, I finally have a chapter that doesn’t have two story points at once in it. If someone gets some of the references I threw in here, (Besides the FNAF) I would like that, and it would help me know what you guys and girls know about what I would be putting in here.

Total reference count in this chapter: 3

Finally got around to editing this chapter; Hope you enjoy the newly edited chapters.

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