No Better Title - Arc I

by ThePerverted1EyedBrony

First published

In the past four angelic beingings came to earth to bring peace and harmony, but failed, 2000 years later the descendant of the one who sealed them away offers them friendship, how will they react being trap in a new world.

In a world where brony's, MLP, and anything MLP doesn't exist, one man must do his duty and help strengthen a seal over 2000 years old, but in his heart he wants nothing but friendship, will he give up on the mission to get it, and if so what will his group of friends endure to keep their friendship strong?

First few Chapters are just story on how they all get together.

Written by a friend and myself, edited by both of us.

Looking for a better name for the story, the most liked name that both me and my friend like will be the name and your name will be featured in this longer description.

Rated teen for, Swearing, mild gore (bleeding, broken bones), mild dark tag in certain times, and sexy hijinkx, all characters under 18 are 18 in this fic.

Other tag's include:
Slice of Life
NightMare Moon
Midnight Sparkle

Prologue - The Begining

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Prologue: The Beginning

-18 A.C-

The war raged on between the exorcists’ factions. Until as if magically, four angelic beings descended from the heaven’s, “Hear me creatures of this realm, we have come to bring harmony between your people. We wish for this senseless death and violence to stop,” the brightest of the angels called, all was peaceful, until they realised that one of the angels was a fallen.

The factions decided to smite the fallen one, but the other three, decided to fight back to defend and protect the fallen one. Many exorcists fell trying to exorcise the angels, all had seemed lost until, the faction’s heads decided to seal them away till an exorcist strong enough to defeat them arose. One thousand brave exorcists went to enact the seal, only one came back, “The seal Mr. Robin’s enacted… he…*sigh*…sacrificed himself to enact it. Only a descendant of his bloodline can strengthen, or… destroy the seal so many of us died to enact. As you know seals don’t last forever, so… in two thousand years the seal will weaken, and only his descendant can re-enact the seal, but at least they won’t lose their life like he did.” The only survivor reported to the heads.

Then we will have to monitor his wife, and child’s bloodline till the day the seal must be strengthened. Agreed?” said the head exorcist of the Green faction.

Agreed.” All the other faction head’s voiced.

Also, he… told me to give this to you when I see you again.” The survivor say’s, while pulling out a bracelet of some kind and showing it to the head of the Green Faction.

"Okay, we’ll hold onto it until a descendant of his comes along and strengthens the seal, or… hopefully be strong enough to destroy them,” says the head of the Green faction.

Little did they know they had sent a shockwave throughout time and space stopping one world’s time completely.

-End of Prologue-

Chapter 1 - Meeting Our Hero/ The Unsealing

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Chapter 1

“Urg, why does English have to be a mandatory class,” you ask yourself in your head, while tapping you pencil against your desk.

*Oh, hello, my name is Cameron Robin’s, I’m 18 year’s old and currently attending collage in one of the local arena’s, I have green eyes, and dark hazel medium length hair, I weigh 145 pounds, and I’m 5 ft. 9 ½ inches tall, I'm a single guy that hopes to find a decent chick who is good looking and mostly has a personality like mine so we can get along and do some of our likes with each other. But anyways*

You continuously tap your pencil to try and figure out the last answer to the final question on the test you were given, it was also your ticket out of class. You finally come up with an answer and write it down. “Okay done, now all I have to do is just hand this in and I’m home free,” you think to yourself. You walk towards the front of the class with you gear and hand in your test.

“Okay Cameron, your are free to leave,” the teacher says.

“Okay, enjoy the rest of your day though,” you say to the teacher as you walk out the door of the classroom.

As you walk out of the building you notice something out of the corner of your eye, you see what looks like a couple going behind the school. “I shouldn’t spy on them… but… the boyfriend did look like he was going to do something she didn’t want to. Maybe someone else will go and check up on them… or… ARG!” you mumble to your self in irritation, “I know I’m going to regret this,” you think to yourself as you go towards where the couple ran to.

When you get close, you hear, “Don’t worry, its not like I’m goanna hurt you… that much, Honey,” you hear what you guess is the boyfriend’s voice dripping with venom.

“No...get back you…you… good for nothing!” you hear the girl”friend” yell at the boyfriend.

“Oh, you think I’m the good for nothing… really, even though you’re the one that has all the attention on you where ever you go just because people think you’re the Great One and you got nothing but the best. The best education, the best teachers, the best food, the best of EVERYTHING!!!” you hear the supposedly ex-boyfriend yell at her.

“Ug, I know I shouldn’t step in, but if I don’t, who will,” you think to yourself. You step into the little ally they were having this conversation in.

“HEY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO THAT GIRL THERE!!!” you yell just loud enough for both of them to hear.

“Ya… what’s it to you, loser,” the boyfriend says in a malicious tone.

“While I may be a loser, I at least know how to treat someone that hot with the respect they deserve,” you say in a half mocking tone, while getting in between the two.

“Oh… Oh… you really think that SHE should get the respect… REALLY, all she’s ever done for me is help me in my classes and be my friend, while SHE’S gotten the very best of everything in life, how about this then, how about you…” he slowly pulls out a rag covered in what smelled like chloroform, “JUST GET OUT OF MY WAY!!!” he yells.

“Crap,” you think aloud while dodging the rag. “I just have to wait for an opening and then I can…” you think before getting nailed in the back of the head by a blunt object.

“Think I hit him too hard big bro,”

“Na, I think he’ll just have a headache when he get’s up,” you hear before blacking out.

Check if his heart is still beating,” you hear faintly throughout the darkness.

I think his heart is still beating because he’s still breathing sis,” you faintly hear what sounds like the brother of the one who asked if you’re okay.

“I think I should get up know and start running… and tell the cops,” you think to yourself. “Okay, on three, one… two…” you slowly think to yourself.

“Don’t even think on running out of her Mr. Robins, you wouldn’t even make it to the door,” you hear one of them yell towards you in a calm manner.

“Crap, there goes my first escape plan, time for plan B,” you think to yourself. You slowly open your eyes and try to swing at the closest person to you, but are meet with, “glass?” you think, “What the hell?” as you finally finish opening your eyes, and see that you’re trapped in some sort of bubble. “Um… first… what the hell, second, what is this, third, why the hell am I here, fourth, who the hell are you guys, and fifth, what the hell do you want with me?!” you say in an asking like tone.

“To answer your questions, first and secondly, you’re in a barrier bubble, thirdly, we’ll tell you shortly, fourthly, we’re exorcists, and finally, we need your help with something, so stop swearing in a church” you hear a familiar voice say behind you. You turn your head and see the girl from the ally with the same boy from the alley as well.

“What the… but I thought… and you were…OKAY WHAT IN THE WORLD IS GOING ON HERE!!!” you start stammering into a scream.

“Okay, first of all, no need to yell in our ears, secondly, the name’s David, David Green, and this is my little sis, Amber, Amber Green, and we’re the best team the Green Faction has, and our grandfather is…” David says.

*Amber has a DD-cup bust, with an athletic/hourglass figure*

Me, the head of the Green exorcist faction,” you hear and old man say as he enters the room you and the two exorcists are in.

“Hi sir, we were just about to come and get you,” Amber says.

No need for the formalities honey,” the grandfather says as he ruffes Amber’s hair. “Now, Mr. Robins, we need your help with something, and before you ask why we needed you, it’s because your ancestor, a long time family friend, died sealing away…” the Green faction head says.

“Ug, let me guess, he died sealing away a great evil that could destroy the entire planet and you want me to give my life to strengthen the seal on it,” you say in a half sarcastic tone while giving the group in front of you a devious grin.

“You’re close, but not quite on the money. You were right in saying you need to strengthen the seal, but it’s not gonna cost you your life, and there’s more than one, so you’re strengthening the seal on four different tombs,” David says.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa… wait a minute, so your saying I don’t have to die to help you guys…” Amber glares at you, “and chicks, and all I have to do what to is strengthen the seals on the tombs? Even though I think it would be a great idea to see if they’ve learned their lessons and set them free to try to fit in with the modern world to help with your exorcisms, and I could keep them at my place with both Amber and David to help watch them, “ you say to the group in a half asking tome. They all stare at you in a combination of shock and anger.


Ug, stop that incensed yelling Amber Green or I’ll make sure you’re off of this exorcism assignment,” a man in a black suit and tie enters the room, “Then again, your grandfather will probably just reassign you even if I kick out of this assignment, but anyways, I have to agree with Amber here, they must be destroyed at all costs,” the man in the suit says. “Oh, how rude of me to not introduce myself to the descendant of our great hero, I’m Benjamin Red, the head of the Red Faction of exorcists, nice to meet you,” Ben says extending his hand.

“Nice to meet you to Ben, the name’s Cameron…” you say as you get pulled away by none other than Amber, “What was that for Amber? I was just being polite,” you ask in a wining tone.

“Well, if you had held onto his hand he probably would have tried to kill you on the spot, mostly because his ancestor, was a close friend of yours, and now he seeks nothing but to put an end to you so he can take the credit for killing those monsters.” Amber says into your ear in a hushed tone.

“Okay, thanks for the tip… anything else I need to know about this guy… or anyone else for that matter?” you ask Amber, “Also… Amber… you kinda have me… you know… in between your… you know,” you say as you blush heavily.

“OH! I’m so sorry for that… YOU BETTER’VE NOT COPED A FEEL OR I’LL SEND YOU INTO NEXT CENTURY,” Amber half yells as everyone else in the room but Mr. Red laughs at Amber.

“Okay, okay, I didn’t… you know… but anyways continuing with what you said earlier, what else did you have to tell me.” you say while your face is a deep crimson and not looking into her eyes.

Anyways, with Mr. Red coming in here, David, can you go and get the box,” Mr. green asks David.

“No prob, Sir,” David says before rushing off.

Now, where was I… oh yes, Mr. Red’s a descendant of your ancestors closest friend, and most trusted ally, who went into the battle together, but as you can guess, only he returned,” Mr. Green says in a somber tone, “Anyways, you think your ancestor was a part of the red faction, but no, he was in this same faction as me, David, and Amber, yes, he was in the green faction, and one of our best, but you think just like him, and I hope that I get to see the day the letter your ancestor wrote to my ancestor will come to pass in my lifetime,” Mr. Green says as David re-enters the room with an old looking box.

You’ve never told us what was on that letter anyways, not even me, do you not trust me enough to know what secret that weapon holds or what future his ancestor saw when he sealed those monsters away,” Mr. Red half yells at Mr. Green.

Ug, all I can tell you is the letter told my family to not tell anyone except the next one to take the mantle of the head of the Green Faction, I’m sorry I can’t tell you Mr. Red, but my family has been keeping this promise for almost 2000 years,” Mr. Green say to Mr. Red.

Ug, fine, I can understand that, *sigh* but I at least would like to know if you agree to let us see if they’ve been reformed by their time in the seals,” Mr. Red reluctantly says.

Well, I plan to see if they have reformed over these years, BUT inside a Perfect Barrier, just so then if they have to fight then we don’t have to worry about them getting out and causing massive damage to the surrounding area,” Mr. Green says, “Anyways back to Cameron here,” Mr. Green looks at you, “This weapon here contains more power than anything we’ve ever created, more than our demon seals, and the weapon decides if you are worthy of being the first person since your ancestor to wield this,” Mr. Green says as he pulls out the weapon.

“Um… this looks like a bracelet… an extremely old one at that,” you say.

This weapon changes depending on it user, like your ancestor before you this is what it looked like,” Mr. Green says as he pulls out the bracelet and puts it on a table beside you.

“Um… oookaaay,” you say skeptically. You walk up to the table and look at the bracelet carefully. “Um… hello… you might not know me… but your original owner was my ancestor… let hope we can get along and see if we can get those… monsters to see that they can be good… okay?” you ask the bracelet like it’s a living person.


“Okay, fine I’ll do just that Amber… but for some reason I feel like I shouldn’t,” you tell Amber.

OH, WHAT’S IT GONNA DO TO YOU, HU? EAT YOUR ARM OFF, KILL YOU, LIKE IT CAN DO THAT, ALL IT IS, IS A BRACELET YOU IDIOT!!! And people thought I was crazy for trying advanced spells at age five,” Amber says to you while mumbling the last part.

“I heard all that Amber, but for some reason…” you say as the bracelet starts shaking, “WHOA, why did it just shake?” you ask as the bracelet starts to look like a serpent. “WHOA… wait… hey there, little guy, how are you, enjoying your time out of the box?” you ask the snake.

“…You really think I’m a snake?” the bracelet says.

THAT THING CAN TALK!?” everyone but you, Mr. Green, and Mr. Red yells.

“I did not see that coming,” you say bewildered.

“So, you’re the descendant of my previous owner… not the best looking, but still though, you didn’t try to instantly wear me like the rest of the people they’ve tried this test on,” the snake says to you as it slithers up to your arm.

“So… do you talk all the time while on my arm?” you ask while placing your right arm on the table.

“No, I only talk during this process of seeing if you are a descendant of my original master,” the snake says as it slithers up your arm, “… and you’re actually one of his descendants, now, before I shut up, you will be gaining some of your ancestor’s memories over time, specifically, the more of my power you use, the closer you’ll get to your ancestor,” the snake says.

“Okay, that seems cool and all, but its not gonna harm me in anyway, right?” you ask the snake.

“No, none of this will harm you, but you should know this, once I’ve finished this, I’ll glow and change to what YOU think I should look like, goodbye Cameron,” the snake says as it starts to glow around your arm. It slowly shifts and begins to look golden with green accents and has a blue topaz lining around the bracelet. The glowing stops and you marvel at how beautiful it looks.

“WOW, this looks so cool, and it also has my birthstone in it, cool,” you say in awe.

“Wow, that looks… just wow,” Amber says in complete awe.

“Agreed,” everyone else in the room says while nodding their heads. Suddenly the doors burst open to the room you’re in.

I felt the presence of the weapon that is said to have sealed away the monsters of old,” a man in what looks like a construction workers outfit.

Mr. Orange meet Cameron, the descendant of the one who sealed away the monsters of old, and his weapon has finally chosen its new master,” Mr. Green say to Mr. Orange.


Ug, can you not yell in my ear, I just had Amber yell in there earlier and you yelling right into it isn’t helping my hearing,” Mr. Red says to Mr. Orange.

“That’s Mr. Orange, he’s the more… what word am I looking for… oh ya, weapon design, creator, and tester for almost all of the weapons and talismans we use,” Amber whisper into your ear.

Yes… it is time, to see if they’ve seen the error of their ways and can now be used to help us,” Mr. Green says as he slowly turns to you, “We’ve already decided who will be joining you in this mission, and just to inform you, YOU are in charge of the mission,” Mr. Green says to you.

“Whoa, Whoa, Whoa, hold on, I don’t even know how to use this things power,” you say while pointing to the bracelet.

You will know when the time comes, but back on track, *AHEM* AMBER, DAVID, you will be going with him to make sure they’ve changed their ways,” Mr. Green yells/ says to Amber and David.


Well if you don’t obey his orders, then I could just find someone else to go in your place,” Mr. Green says with a smirk on his face.

“Um…um…um… what I meant to say is… um… I would love to go… ya that’s it… ha-ha” Amber says nervously.

Okay, good to know you see things my way honey,” Mr. Green says to Amber while patting her head, “Any other suggestions anyone wants to make…” no one responds, “okay… good… so we’re all in agreement then, these three will go to the tombs, Cameron here will unseal them, and we will see if they’ve changed their ways during their 2000-year nap,” Mr. Green says.

“Okay, first things first, how do I undo the seal,” you ask.

Oh that’s simple, all you need to do is place a line of your blood on each of their coffins,” Mr. Green says to you.

“Okay… that’s gonna be a bit of a pain to do, but still though, I don’t need to die if I decide we need to reseal, or kill them in the end, right?” you ask.

“Only if you die,” David says.

“Oh, that just makes me feel a WHOLE LOT BETTER,” you say sarcastically,

“Oh, hope it helped,” David says with a smile on his face.

You slowly descend down an old looking stairway filled with cob-webs. You are brought into a spherical looking room with light coming through, through a hole in the ceiling. “Um… how are people not falling through that hole in the ceiling?” you ask,

“That’s simple you idiot, its called a light hole, all it does is let light in through a hole you make with magic, and it makes sure no one can fall in and hurt themselves,” Amber says to you,

“Oh, okay, thanks Amber,” you say politely to Amber.

Now Cameron, please come here so we can begin,” Mr. Green says. You walk up to Mr. Green and give him your left hand, “Now, I know this might hurt a little, but after the seals are broken the wound will instantly heal itself,” Mr. Green says while grabbing a small knife from behind him,

“Okay,” you take a deep breath, “lets do this,” you say with confidence. Mr. Green lightly slices the palm of your hand till your lightly bleeding, you walk towards the four coffins. As you approach you think about how they might look, they might be hotties… or dudes… but you’d prefer hotties. You make it to the base of the coffins. You slowly put your palm on the lid of the white coffin, and slowly move your hand across the white coffin, the blue coffin, the lavender coffin, and the pink coffin. You slowly step back as the perfect cube spell is activated. The coffins shake violently until the lids burst off.

“Ah, so good to finally be free right sister?” a shadow says to another shadow.

“Yes, tis good to finally be rid of that seal,” the shadow closest to the other one says. As the smoke clears you see what no one saw coming, the angels of legend were actually demons.

“Hello there mortals, I’m DayBreaker,” the white one known as DayBreaker says.

“I’m NightMare,” the black one known as NightMare says.

“I’m Midnight Sparkle,” says the lavender one known as Midnight Sparkle.

“And I’m Abomination,” the dark pink one known as Abomination says.

“What... have I done?” you ask I fright.

-End of Chapter 1-

Chapter 2 - The Battle/ The Aftermath

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Chapter 2 – The Battle/ The Aftermath

“What… have I done,” you say frightfully while staring at four demons of enormous power. As you stare at them a pink cube forms around you, David, Amber, DayBreaker, NightMare, Midnight, and Abomination,

“Well, well, well, lookey here, we have three offerings to our almighty power, what do you think we should do to them?” NightMare asks the others,

“You already know what I’m going to say sister… KILL THEM,” DayBreaker says.

“I couldn’t agree more sis…” NightMare starts to say as she looks at your wrist,

WHAT! TIS IMPOSSIBLE, HOW ART THOU ALIVE MORTAL!!! YOU DIED SEALING US AWAY THOSE MANY MOONS AGO!!!” NightMare yells at you. The other three demons turn from each other and look in your direction.

“Well I got no choice, I was hoping to save them noticing us, oh well, HEAR ME DEMONS… I CAMERON ROBINS AM THE DECENDANT OF THE ONE WHO ORIGINALLY SEALED YOU AWAY! NOW, SURRENDDER AND WE CAN TALK ABOUT THIS PEACFULLY,” you say/ yell loud enough for them to hear at the end.

“That explains sooooo much to us mortal, but now that we know you’re here to kill or reform us… WE’LL KILL YOU!!!” DayBreaker says.

“Like hell you will Demon,” Amber yells.

Amber Rushes forward towards the four demons, “Amber! Don’t! It’s a trap!” you yell, “ARG, lets go David,” you tell David as both of you rush in, “David, I need you to work with Amber to take on Abomination, and Midnight, okay?” you ask/ order him to do.

“You got it Cam,” David says as he rushes off to help his sister with Abomination while you solely fight DayBreaker and NightMare.

Do you think those kids will pull through?” Mr. Red askes Mr. Green,

All I can say, is that I hope they can fulfill prophecy passed down from my family over these 2000 years,” Mr. Green say solemnly to Mr. Red.

Yes… all we can do… is hope,” Mr. Red says.

Amber and David stand against Midnight and Abomination, “Well, well, well, it looks like we get to have the more… interesting battle, don’t you agree Midnight?” Abomination asks Midnight,

“In most circumstances, I would agree with you… but in this one… probably not… mostly because he’s the descendant of the one who stopped us all those years ago,” Midnight say to Abomination.

“Hum, you do have a good point,” Abomination says.

HEY, YOU DEMONS, WE’RE YOUR OPPONENTS HERE, NOT HIM! SO, YOU BETTER BE PAYING ATTENTION,” Amber yells as she launches herself at Midnight, “TO US BEFORE YOU END UP DEAD!!!” Amber yells as she spins and pulls out a yellow bracelet and uppercuts Midnight.

“You really think that that attack would do something? HA! You two aren’t even worth our full power,” Midnight mocks at them.

WE WILL MAKE YOU SAY OUR NAMES YOU DEMONS!” both Amber and David yell as he appears beside his sister.

As you run up towards DayBreaker and NightMare, the ground below you heats up, “I gotta move,” you think to yourself as you jump to the side, only to have fire rise from the spot you were just on, “Okay… now I know to move if the ground below me heats up,” you think to yourself. Suddenly, you feel a gust of wind go by you. Before you know it your implanted into the wall on the far side of the room. “GA!” you yell as you impact the wall and bounce off and land on the ground, “What the hell?” you think quizzically, “Never mind that, I have to keep my eye on…” you think as you look up and see DayBreaker’s missing. You feel a tap on your shoulder, you instantly try to turn and punch who’s behind you, but you are met with a hard straight of her own. You sail across the air and impact another wall, “GA!” you scream out as you once again impact a wall, as you land, you fall, you fall onto your knees and start to cough up blood. “What can I *cough’s up blood* do to slow them *coughs up more blood* down?” you ask yourself.

There getting creamed out there Green, we need to go in and save them!!!” Mr. Orange yells.

NO! Not yet, can you not feel it? The build up of magic power?” Mr. Green asks the other two.


You’re right, I can feel Cam’s build up of magic power. But he still doesn’t know how to use his powers,” Mr. Red says to Mr. Green.

He will, just please be patient,” Mr. Green says to the others.

You punch the ground as hard as you can, suddenly a bright flash appears right in front of your eyes, “To use the power within you, you must first master your emotions, secondly you must think with the earth, call upon her power, her power is your power, learn to control it and you will be unstoppable,” you hear a mysterious voice say as you come back to reality. Suddenly you slowly get up from your knelling position and put your hand forward. Suddenly large boulders of the earth come up from beside you without damaging the floor near you, suddenly the boulders are sent in the direction of DayBreaker and NightMare. They both swiftly dodge them, you shake your head.

“What just happened…” you look at the place the demon sisters were standing, “Did I do that… Wait no time for questions, I gotta keep my head in this fight, I can think about this later,” you say to yourself.

“You really like talking to yourself don’t you mortal?” DayBreaker asks.

“While it’s true I talk to myself a lot, I only need to stop you and this world can be freed from your tyranny,” you say to DayBreaker. Suddenly you feel like you know the two demons in front of you, but you shake it off, “You will call me by my name before this battle ends, you hear me?” you say to them. DayBreaker and NightMare raise their right arms to their sides, suddenly a white handled, golden bladed halberd appears in DayBreaker’s hand while a dark blue longsword with a crescent moon on the cross guard appears in NightMare's hand. You decide to try the same, but you raise both arms to your sides, and like them, you get a shield in your left arm and a longsword in your right arm.

“How has he mastered weapon manifestation?” NightMare asks.

“I don’t know sister, but we must defeat him,” DayBreaker says to her sister as she charges at you. This time though you see it coming and parry her attack, she goes for another attack, you parry effortlessly.

I never thought Cam could master such advanced techniques on the fly like that, he might be better than your grand-daughter Amber,” Mr. Red says to Mr. Green,

I must agree, but using so much magic before your ready could kill him if he’s not careful,” Mr. Green says.

I’m surprised he’s keeping up that supersonic pace that they’re currently fighting at, it’s impressive, especially for someone so new to magic,” Mr. Orange says to the other.

Yes, while I can agree it is impressive, in the end though all of us can agree this is only the beginning,” Mr. Green says as he looks up at the hole in the ceiling.

You slide back on your feet with a gash across your abdomen, you fall to a knee with your sword in the ground to help with balance, “AMBER, DAVID,” you yell at them,

“Kinda busy here Cam,” David says as he parries a magic blast with his broadsword,



“I DON’T CARE, AND I SAID GET OUT!” you yell louder. They look at each other and silently agree, they start to run to the only entrance/ exit,

“WE WON’T LET YOU ESCAPE!” Abomination yells as they all rush the exit, you get up and swing your sword, suddenly, it extends and almost hits the demons, but they dodged the strike,

“At least they got out and can help think of a plan to stop them if I die,” you think to yourself. The demons start to walk towards you ready to kill you. DayBreaker grabs your sword, and stabs you cleanly though your body.

Amber and David run up the stairs toward where their grand-father was watching the match, “Grandpa you need to get Cam out of there! HE’S DYING IN THERE!” Amber yells, she looks towards the arena, and sees a large pool of blood beneath your body, “No,” Amber says in shock,

You did what you were meant to do… stall,” Mr. Green looks at Amber, “you stalled them long enough, it all comes down to this one minute,” Mr. Green says as he looks back at the arena,

“What was that about one-minute grandpa?” David asks,

As you know, Cameron has been up since dawn,” Mr. Green stares at your body, “only during that day his power will slowly grow hour by hour along with the sun, and at high noon, it reaches its peak, like its about to,” Mr. Green says as he looks across the arena, “During that time, for just one minute, he becomes the invincible incarnation of power, an ability his ancestor had, his ancestor gave that form a name,” Mr. Green looks up at the ceiling, “the name he gave it was… THE ONE,” Mr. Green says.

"After the one minute he has like that," Amber says in realization.

You lay there dying thinking about how much you wish you had outlived your family. Suddenly you start to feel tingly, stronger, faster, more powerful. You slowly get up and glare at the demons, “WHAT, HOW IS THIS POSSIBLE!!! I RAN YOU THROUGH WITH YOUR OWN SWORD!!!” DayBreaker yells. That familiarity feeling hits you again, but his time you decide to act on it. You take a stance like you did when you held your blade after getting it but with your right foot forward, “So, you still have some tricks up your sleeve, I’ll put an end to those!” DayBreaker yells as all four of them charge magic into their hands, they each shoot a beam that was the same color as their coffins, the beams merge together and hit you leaving a smokescreen of dust, you swipe the dust away and it creates a giant gust of wind,

“Nothing but an itch,” you say, they all suddenly launch themselves at you surrounded by their magic. The bright light appears again,

To use the divine blade Escanor you must be THE ONE and only then will it not potentially kill you,” the mysterious voice says, when you come back to reality its as if time had stopped and is only now resuming.

“I only got one shot at this,” you think to yourself, you place your right foot in front, “DIVINE BLADE” you yell, the four demons get in front of you, “ESCONOR!!!!” you yell as you take another step forward.

It goes silent in the arena except for the heavy breathing of the combatants, you feel a trickle of blood pour down from your forehead, “YOU BASTAAAAAAAAAAAAARD!!!” They all yell, as you hear them all fall over onto their faces, you turn around and face the watching area, you raise your fist in victory, you then lower your fist and turn to the demons,

“As gods of everything… how does it feel… to be looked down upon… by a mortal,” you say mockingly, you then slowly walk up to them, you slowly turn them over to face you, “Just give up now DayBreaker,” you say to her,

“I would *wheeze* rather die *wheeze* than surrender,” she says weakly,

“Oh just give up the act already. Okay?” you ask DayBreaker,

“What act, what are you…” DayBreaker says before you cut her off,

JUST CUT THE SHERADE CELESTIA!!!” you yell at “Celestia”, “Celestia” looks at you with shock in her eyes, the shock slowly turns to acceptance as she looks at the other demons, “Celestia” nods to the other demons and a bright light flashes from all of the demons.

The demons slowly change, and after they change they each look different from when they were in their demon forms. Celestia looks like an actual angel, with white wings coming out from her back, her hair color is that of the aurora borealis, she has pale skin but not the unattractive kind, J-Cup breasts, and a beautiful hourglass figure like a goddess , while Luna looked like a fallen angel, she has black wings, hair that looks like a starry night sky, ebony skin, G-cup breasts, with a nice slim figure, while Twilight Sparkle has lavender wings, purple hair with a lavender and pink highlight, a tanned skin tone, G-Cup breasts, and looks like she’s starting to get an hourglass figure, while Cadence has a tad darker tanned skin than Twi, pink hair with a yellow and purple highlight, bright pink wings, H-Cup breasts, and an hourglass figure .

“So… now you know… what are you going to do to us? Kill us, experiment on us, or just use us as weapons?” Celestia asks,

“No, I’m not gonna let anything happen to you four, okay?” you say in a nice tone,

“So, thou shall not use us as weapons?” Luna asks,

“No we won’t, not if I have anything to say about it,” you tell them,

“You should get some sleep Cam, you look like you need it,” Cadence says,

“Ya… *yawn* I really could use a…” you say before passing out on the ground.

-Later that night in an abandoned building-

Two hooded figures enter a room with a single light set on a table, one of the cloaked figures say, “Now that those demons have been released and are now under care of the Green Faction you can kill them,” the other cloaked figure looks at the other,

“You know I’m doing this for a reduced cost, but not free, so, first I want the money, then you can have their heads,” the second figure says to the first one,

“Fine,” he pulls out a large bag money from his cloak, “Here, now do what your job, and make sure it’s not linked to me in any way, shape or form,” the figure says,

“We have ourselves a deal,” the other cloaked figure says before disappearing.

“Once those monsters and their friends are dead, they’ll reveal their true colors and I’ll be there to kill them, MWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!” the figure says/ laughs manically.

-End of Chapter 2-

Chapter 3 - Battles Aftermath / Getting Settled

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Chapter 3 – Battle’s Aftermath/ Getting Settled

“Ug… my head,” you say tiredly, fully open your eyes and see you’re in a Hospital room hooked up to IV’s, blood bags, and a heart monitor, “How did I get in the hospital?” you ask yourself while looking around the room. Suddenly you hear a knock on the door, “Who is it?” you ask,

“Hey, Cam, it’s me, David, I also brought Amber with me, is it okay if we come in?” David says through the door, suddenly you feel the whole memory of what happen flood back to you,

“UG! MY HEAD!” you yell as you grip your head in pain,

“DON’T WORRY CAM, WE’RE COMING IN!!!” Amber yells through the door. Suddenly the door bursts open and you see Amber and David looking at you worriedly,

“Do you guys always bring loud noise with you were ever you go?” you ask in pain,

“Depends… is Amber always with me,” David asks you,

“HEY, I’M NOT THE…oops… sorry, *ahem* I’m not the one who’s always talking,” Amber says,

“No problem Amber, but why are you guys here?” you ask,

“Oh, right, we’re here to bring you back to the church,” Amber says,

“Okay, but can I at least get something for this pounding headache?” you ask,

“No prob Cam,” David says. David goes to the door and you could swear he winked at Amber, you turn your head to look at Amber, and see that she’s blushing,

“WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, wait a minute. Did David just leave me in here with his psycho sister, you know she’s kinda cute when she’s not all angry or anything,” you think in you head,

“Um… Cameron… um…I just wanted to know…” Amber says nervously,

“Know what?” you ask,

“You know… how you’re… feeling and all… after all… well that?” Amber asks,

“…Well… I’m feeling better thanks to that form… it did shut my wound… and… you know… thanks for following my orders,” you say sincerely, you then notice Amber’s blush covering all of her face, “WH-wh-what I meant to say is… um… thanks,” you say nervously,

“Um, no prob, Cam,” Amber says. David comes in through the destroyed door with a doctor carrying a clipboard,

“Well, I have some good news and some bad news for you Cameron,” the doctor says,

“Um… ug…can I have the bad news first?” you ask, the doctor looks shocked at your decision, he then straightens his hair,

“*ahem* Well the bad news, is that your gonna need help around you home for the next few weeks, mostly because you have a, broken arm, a fractured arm, and one broken leg, specifically, your left arm is broken, your right arm’s fractured, and your left leg is broken, so I suggest you take time off of school, because I’ve already contacted the collage, they said they’d give you those few weeks, and would post their notes, slides, and other thing online,” the doctor says while handing you a slip of paper, “You’ll need to take those pills before bed, and the other ones whenever you feel pain, now for the good news, you are free to head home and recover, but please don’t get into anymore fights okay?” the doctor tells you,

“Okay,” you say to the doctor, “You didn’t tell anyone about them… Right?” you whisper to both Amber and David,

“No, no one knows but us, them, and the other heads,” David whispers in your ear.

What’s taking them so long to get here,” Mr. Yellow asks,

They’ll be here soon, they just needed to pick Cameron up from the hospital,” Mr. Green tells Mr. Yellow,

Well if they don’t get here soon I say WE decide what the fate of theses…these… things are ourselves,” Mr. Yellow says to the others in the room, Mr. Red, Mr. Green, Mr. Orange, and Mr. Yellow all wait in a room, while Mr. Yellow paces back and forth.

After a few minutes, Amber, David, and you arrive, “WHAT HAPPENED IN THAT RING TO MAKE HIM…” Mr. Yellow jesters in your direction, “LOOK LIKE HE WENT TO DEATH AND BACK IN ONE FIGHT!!!” Mr. Yellow yells at everyone in the room,

“I’m only in a wheel chair because in after the fight I passed out and they,” you jester towards Mr. Red, Mr. Green, Amber, and David, “took me to the hospital where, well it turned out during the fight I busted up both my arms,” you jester to your arms, “my leg,” you show Mr. Yellow your casted leg, “and had injuries that I’m thankful to be alive from,” you say in a mildly defensive tone. You look behind him and see Celestia, and the others in a barrier bubble, “WHAT ARE YOU GUYS DOING TO THEM!?” you ask angrily,

Whoa there Cam, all they did was come peacefully into the barrier bubble,” Mr. Red says to you,

I TOLD THEM THAT THEY WOULDN’T BE HARMED!!! NOW LET THEM OUT OF IT!!!” you yell at everyone, Mr. Green lets Celestia and the others go,

“Thank you, Cameron,” Celestia says in a shy tone,

“No prob,” you say to Celestia, you turn your attention back to the others, but before you could yell at them, Mr. Orange comes into the room,

Hey guys, I’m here to have David use the healing bubble,” Mr. Orange looks at you, “Well… I think Cam here, is gonna be needing it more than you,” he says to David, Mr. Orange then turns his head and spots the girls out of the barrier bubble, “GUYS THEY’RE OUT OF…” Mr. Orange begins to yell,

WE KNOW!” everyone but you yells at Mr. Orange,

Okay… but anyways, back on track, Cam I think you should go in the bubble, just to… well you know,” Mr. Orange says as he jesters towards your broken bones,

“Will it hurt them?” you ask as you jester towards Celestia and the girls,

OH, them, no they won’t get hurt from you using it, nor will they be hurt using it, I know this because I already healed them in it after the match, so that’s why they look a lot better than when they did after you fought them,” Mr. Orange explains,

“Okay, I’ll go in it, but while I’m gone,” you look at the others, “They are not to be harmed, if they do anything wrong then I take full responsibility for it, but if they are harmed in any way, shape, or form, I will hurt you more than you did to them,” you say in a serious tone while looking at everyone but Mr. Orange in the room,

“Okay,” all of them say almost in sync,

“Good. Now where to Mr. Orange?” you ask Mr. Orange,

Right this way Cam,” Mr. Orange says as he wheels you out of the room.

A few hours pass, and you return to the room you left the rest of the group in, you open the door and enter the room and you’re shocked at what you see, you see the obvious fact that only Celestia, Luna, Twilight, Cadence, David, and Amber are the only ones in there, but what really shocks you is that all of them are getting along. “Um… Okay guys, I’m back,” you say loud enough for them to hear,

“Oh, hey cam welcome back,” Celestia says as she walks up to you, “so, how did it go?” Celestia asks,

“Well as you can see,” you jester to yourself, “I’m perfectly fine now as you can see I can walk,” you jog in place, “move my arms,” you stretch your arms, “and just in general, good,” you say to Celestia,

“Okay that’s good to know,” Celestia says, “Can you come and sit down with the rest of us… there’s something me and the others need to tell you,” Celestia says solemnly,

“Okay… what is it?” you ask worriedly,

“Just sit down,” Celestia tells you, you sit in one of the nearby chairs,

“Okay, what is it you wanted to tell me?” you ask, you see Celestia, Luna, Cadence, Twilight, Amber, and David walk in front of you and go down on both knees, “Okay, whoa, whoa, whoa, I don’t want an apology from you four for trying to kill us, okay, you were probably doing that to see if I was a good person, and you two don’t have anything to apologize for, you helped a lot during the fight,” you say with a little but of a parental figure tone,

“No, it’s not that,” Celestia says solemnly while looking down at the ground, “it’s just that… well…” Celestia stammers and looks like she has a lump in her throat,

“It’s just that the reason you’ve never had any friends is because of me,” Twilight says getting your attention,

WHAT?” you look at Twilight with fury behind your eyes,

“Well it’s because before you ancestor sealed us away, he asked us to keep an eye on his bloodline and help them, and the reason we didn’t let you have friends was because I only saw people that you thought might be your friends were only going to use you, or… well I don’t know if you want me to say the other one,” Twilight says with a little fear in her voice,

SO, THE REASON I WAS ALL ALONE AS A KID WAS BECAUSE OF YOU! YET YOU DIDN’T EVEN STOP THE PEOPLE MY PARENTS HAD AS MY FRIENDS, AND THEY DID ALL THAT BUT ONLY USED ME TO FURTHER THEMSELVES!!! THE OTHER FRIENDS THOUGH YOU’RE SAYING THE REASON I DIDN’T GET ALONG WITH THEM IS BECAUSE YOU, YOU KNEW THEY WOULD FORCE ME BACK HOME INTO THAT… THAT… HELLHOLE OF A LIFE!!!” you yell at Twilight, you notice that Twilight looks terrified, “Ug, sorry… its just… I never thought that my life had been a lie before, and I had done everything on my own. I know I probably just lost all respect any of you had in me for that… blow-up, but its just that… I don’t want to talk about it,” you say to Twilight and everyone in the room,

“That’s not all Cam,” Cadence speaks up, “I’m the reason you… well, never loved anyone else, but you hating your parents, was all you, not me,” Cadence says a little defensively, you look at Cadence with fury behind your eyes,

WHAT THE HELL ELSE IN MY LIFE IS A LIE? WHAT, WAS THIS ALL SOME ELABARATE JOKE SET UP BY THE OTHERS TO MAKE ME FEEL SIGNIFICANT? OR, OR JUST TO TRY TO KILL ME!!! WHAT ELSE HAVEN’T ANY OF YOU TOLD ME! I WANT TO HEAR IT NOW! AND I DON’T WANT ANY LIES OR I’LL… I’LL…” you yell before breaking down into tears, “Why *sob* why does my life have to be so hellish *sob*” you ask everyone around you,

“Well while we’re confessing, I might as well let thou know that the reason thou hasn’t had nightmares is because of me,” Luna says as she and the others in the room come around you,

“Ya… and the entire green faction might have spied on you since birth, but weren’t aloud to affect your life in anyway,” Amber says solemnly while wrapping her arms around you,

“But don’t worry, all of us are here for you now, nothing bad will ever happen to you again,” Celestia says in a motherly tone, while you and the others are in a group hug

“Thanks guys, I needed this,” you say solemnly, while hugging them all back,

A few hours had passed and you, Celestia, Luna, Cadence, Twilight, Amber, and David, are outside of your house, “Well, I’m guessing all of you are staying with me now?” you ask,

“Nope, I got other jobs to do, but I could drop by occasionally, to make sure you doing okay,” David says

“So… I got five chicks living under my roof?” you ask hopefully,

“Haha, yes, you have five hot girls living with you, for free of course,” David says with a grin on his face, you look at the ground dejected, “I’m only messing with you, Amber here will be splitting the rent and helping pay for the bills the others will be needing,” David says while putting a hand on your shoulder,

“Phew, thanks man, I really didn’t want to have to triple my workload to just barley get by now,” you say brightening up a bit, “Now, let me give you the grand tour,” you say in the best tour guide voice you could give, you show them each of their rooms, you show them the basement where you kept all of your gaming gear, which by the looks Luna took an instant liking to, you show them where the bathrooms are located, you show them the kitchen, and you finish off by showing your pool in your backyard, at the sight of it everyone lit up, you smile at how cute they look when they smile.

“Hey Cam, can I go get settled in?” Amber asks,

“Okay, you can, but then I want you right back downstairs so we can talk about some rules,” you say to Amber and all of the others, you look at Celestia and the others, “Also, you can go and get comfortable in your rooms, okay, then again…” you trail off, “Na, I think you’re all reasonable adults, so I’ll let you decide your rooms. But pick a single room, I’ll explain later,” you say to everyone.

“Okay,” they all say,

“Okay, now that all of you are acquainted with your rooms, I would like to set some rules,” you say to everyone in the living room, they all groan in response, “Rule 1, My room is off limits at all times, except for special occasions, like waking me up if I sleep in, if I ask you to go retrieve something from my room, or you need to speak privately to me,” you say to the others, they all nod in understanding, “okay, Rule #2, the electronics in the basement are off limits unless you have my permission,” you say, you look at Luna and see that se looks like a kid that just lost their favourite toy, “the only exception to this rule is if I give you full permission to use them,” you say, Luna instantly perks up at that little addition you make, “Rule #3, all chores are gonna be split among us,” you say, everyone groans again, “Rule #4, Family may share a room if they feel spooked at night,” you say, Luna and Celestia light up at that little bit of info, “Rule #5, Clean up after yourself, in short, I don’t want this place looking like a pigsty,” you say, they once again nod in response, “Final Rule, no, I repeat, NO magic use in this house without my permission,” you say sternly,

“Um… about that…” Amber says,

“What?” you ask,

“We kinda… sorta… MAYBE… usedmagictohidetheirwingssotheywouldn’tgetcaughtinpublicandsothenwewouldn’tloseourjobsandyougetintrouble,” Amber says as fast as she could,

“I was gonna ask about that, oh one last rule,” the girls look at you angrily, “when outside, you four need to hide your wings, so I’m allowing you four to use your magic to try and find a way to hide your wings,” you tell Celestia and the others,

“Okay,” they all say,

“Now back on track, to start, we’re gonna need to…” you look around and finally notice, the place looks clean, “Um… Amber quick question,” you ask Amber,

“Yes?” Amber replies,

“How long was I out?” you ask,

“Oh, about… two days,” Amber says in a positive tone,

“Okay… then why does my place look like it’s been cleaned?” you ask,

“Oh, sorry I knew I forgot to tell you something,” Amber playfully hits the side of her head, “My grand-father had me and David keep the place clean while you were out,” she says,

“Okay,” you sigh, you then look at the others, “Anyways, the pool all of you are to also help clean, but other than all those rules, anything is fair game… including the pool,” you mention,

“Oh, um… Cameron, Amber,” Celestia says while tapping you shoulder,

“Yes,” you turn to look at her,

“You do know all we have to wear are these clothes, right?” Celestia says,

“Oh, sorry,” you turn to look at Amber, “can you go shopping with them,” you pull out your wallet from your pocket, “Here, take $100, to help pay for their clothing,” Amber looks at you, “And no, you don’t have to pay me back, just use it to help reduce the cost on you and your cash,” you say while walking away,

“What are you gonna do then while we’re away shopping?” Amber asks,

“Isn’t it obvious, I’m gonna be cooking dinner,” you say, Amber stares at you with disbelief, “And don’t worry, dinner will be done by the time you get back,” you say shooing them off,

“Okay, Cam…” Amber gives you one last look, “Just don’t kill us with your cooking okay,” Amber says jokingly,

“Oh, don’t worry I won’t,” you say playing along with her joke.

“Okay, Cam,” Amber says,

“Bye,” they all say in sync,

-End of Chapter 3-

Chapter 4 - Shopping / Trying to Open up

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Chapter 4 – Shopping/ Trying to Open up

*Amber’s POV (Point of view) *

“So, where do you four want to go?” you ask the others,

“Well we would like to go shopping for cloths, and MAYBE some swimsuits,” Celestia says,

“Okay. Where would you like to go first?” you ask,

“Well we would like to go shopping for some new cloths first,” Twilight says,

“Okay,” you look at the other three, “Any objections?” you ask, they shake their heads, “Okay. Cloths shopping it is then,”

-A Couple of Hours later-

“Okay you four, it’s getting late,” you say to the other four,

“Yes, thou art right,” Luna says. You all walk back to Cam’s place with your new cloths and swimsuits in hand. As you get close to Cam’s place you start to smell burgers,

“MMMM, burgers, haven’t had them in a long while,” you say, as you look at the others,

“What’s in the burgers?” Twilight asks,

“You don’t have burgers back where you come from?” you ask in slight shock,

“No, we have burgers, but we just want to know if your kind makes them any differently,” Celestia says,

“Oh, well, okay,” you say, “Well, there’s vegan, vegetarian,” they nod in acceptance, “there’s beef,” you instantly hear them gasp, “Um, what’s wrong?” you ask the girls who look mortified at you,

“Y-y-y-you e-e-e-eat m-m-m-m-meat?” Twilight says in horror,

“Yes, humans are omnivores, so we eat both plants and meat,” you say worriedly,

“Well, it’s just that, where we’re from, almost everyone is an herbivore, only 2-3 races eat meat, and when we talk with them back where we’re from, we usually have to specially order the meat for them,” Celestia says a little shaken,

“OH, I’m so sorry, if it’s taboo where you’re from, its just that humans get some important nutrients from meats so that’s why we eat meat,” you tell them.

“Tis not a problem,” Luna says,

“Oh, thank goodness,” you say relived, “but, anyways, would you like get back to Cam’s,” you ask, “Just so he’s not worried about something happening to you,” you add quickly while blushing a little.

*Cam’s POV*

You continue to cook dinner for the girls when they get back, “Let’s hope that they’re all in the mood for some burgers,” you say to yourself, you start to set the table, and your mind starts to wander, “All the girls have nice racks,” you think, “Wait! What am I thinking, keep your head on straight Cam,” you think, you then hear the door open,

“Cam! We’re back!” you hear Amber yell,

“I’m in the kitchen,” you yell back, you then see Amber and the girls with a large amount of shopping bags from various clothing stores, “Please tell me you didn’t spend millions on their wardrobe?” you ask,

“Don’t worry Cammy, I didn’t spend even a grand on their cloths,” Amber says,

“Oh, good,” you say relived, “Anyways,” you mention “now it’s time to eat dinner,” you motion towards the table, “I made 10 Hamburgers, 10 chicken burgers, and 15 veggie burgers,” you say,

“Oh, Cam, almost forgot,” Amber mentions, “You see… it’s kind of a taboo thing to eat meat where they come from,” Amber says,

“OH, sorry, its just that…” you start to say,

“No, need to worry,” Luna says

“But-but-but,” you stammer,

“Amber has explained to us why thou eat meat,” Luna says

“Oh, okay, sorry,” you say apologetically, “Well, anyways,” you perk up, “WHO’S HUNGRY!” you say excitedly,

You and the girls eat in silence, Amber and you are the only ones eating the chicken and hamburgers, while Luna and the others are eating the veggie burgers, “Okay, this silence is getting on my nerves,” you openly voice, “so, Luna, how was shopping today?” you then ask,

“Um… good. Why art thou asking?” Luna asks you,

“Its just that I’ve lived alone for so long now, so it’s just that I want to talk to people during a meal like a real group of friends would,” you say,

“Well, we did find an adorable shirt that we think thou might like,” Luna says in a light-hearted tone,

“Cool, I would love to see what you all got later,” you say.

As you clean the kitchen of the mess you and the girls made during dinner, you see Luna drying the dishes you’re washing, “Thanks for helping Luna,” you say,

“Tis no problem Cam,” Luna says,

“No offence when I ask,” you say to Luna, Luna looks at you, “But why do you talk in an old medieval dialect, with the tis, and thou?” you ask,

“That will be a story for another time… okay?” Luna responds in a sombre tone,

“Oh, sorry, I didn’t know I hit a sensitive topic, sorry,” you respond to her answer,

“Tis no problem… but we would like it if thou helped us learn to speak in a more modern way,” Luna asks,

“No prob Luna,” you say as you put your arm around her shoulders,

“Art, thou hitting on me?” Luna asks with a grin,

“WHAT, no I just… it’s just that…” you stammer in a panicked tone, Luna then starts to laugh at you and your misfortune, “Oh, ha-ha very funny, pick on the guy that just made you feel better,” you say sarcastically,

“It’s just that *laughs* we couldn’t help ourselves *laughs* and the look on your face *laughs* tis priceless,” Luna says in-between laughs, Celestia then enters the kitchen,

“What’s so funny Luna?” Celestia asks Luna, Luna then burst into laughter, “Seriously what’s so funny?” Celestia turns to you, “What’s so funny?” Celestia asks you,

“Luna just made a joke at my expense,” you respond, “but then again, it could be taken seriously, but anyways, all I did was comfort her after asking about a sensitive topic and see made a joke about me hitting on her,” you say,

“Oh, *giggles* she’s always been that way Cam, so don’t worry,” Celestia says as she leaves the kitchen,

“I don’t understand women,” you think to yourself, “But…” you look to Luna laughing on your shoulder, “I have to protect them, I finally have people that care about me,” you think to yourself.

“Hahahaha, *sigh* tis funny right Cam?” Luna asks as she looks at your eyes, “Um… Cam,” Luna says almost trance like, “why are you looking at me like that?” Luna asks in the same trance like tone, both of you slowly start to bring your faces closer together,

“Am I interrupting something?” Cadence asks,

“Wh-wh-what?” you both say,

“Um… I’m… sorry, I have to go,” Luna says nervously, she quickly runs upstairs and you hear a door slam shut,

“I don’t know what I did wrong?” you ask Cadence as you turn to look at her, “seriously, what did I do wrong Candance?” you ask,

“Oh, you did nothing wrong, it’s just that… well…” she starts to trail off, “but anyways though, I want to talk to you about something,” Cadence says as she walks up to you, “I think you and Luna should try to talk about what happened, okay,” Cadence asks you,

“Don’t worry, I’ll go talk to her,” you turn to leave the kitchen, “Right after I finish the dishes,” you say turning around and walking back to the sink to finish the dishes, and you could swear that you heard Cadence giggle behind you,

*Luna’s POV after running into your room*

You run into your room and slam the door shut, “What was I thinking? Why did I almost kiss him?” you question yourself in your head, “No! He was just comforting us, yes… that’s it,” you think to yourself as you look in the mirror, “I’m not the monster I once was, I’ve let friendship into my heart,” you look in the mirror and see none other than NightMare Moon,

“Have you really let friendship into your heart you idiotic girl?” Your reflection asks,

“I-I-I-I-I have, it’s just that… with someone as nice and cool and hot as…” you realize that you just said Cameron was hot, “w-w-w-well not that I mean it in a hitting on sort of way,” you panic as you look at your reflection,

“Ah, so many times you’ve lied to yourself, and so many times I’ve been the one to point them out,” Nightmare moon says back to you, “It’s just that this time, I would actually like to help you, and not go against you and your friends,” she says back to you. You look at your reflection shocked,

“Why do you want to help me?” you ask suspiciously,

“It’s just that…I’ve been defeated three times, once as you, once when I possessed the element of generosity, and the third time when I became the Tantibus,” your refection says, but before you can speak back to it, it continues, “Its just that I would like a body of my own, and the only way I can have one is if you or the element of generosity had a kid,” Nightmare Moon says solemnly to you,

“Oh, you poor thing,” you say and before you can say anything else you hear a knock at your door, you turn and look back at your mirror and see your normal reflection, “Who is it?” you ask,

“Hey Luna, it’s me… Cam, I would like to talk to you for a little bit,” you hear him say through the door, you open your door and let him, “Thanks,” he says

“What do you want to talk about?” you ask him,

“Well, it’s just that I saw you looking at my gaming systems, so I thought that you’d want to go downstairs and play for a little bit?” Cameron asks sincerely,

“Well, I do want to play a little bit… so fine,” you say, Cam brightens up at that and you leave your room and go down to the basement.

*Cam’s POV*

You and Luna go to the basement, “Please Luna, get comfy on the couch,” you tell Luna as you jester towards the couch, Luna nods and takes a seat on the couch, you go to your collection of games and look through hoping to find one Luna would like, you settle upon three games you think Luna would like, “So, out of these three games, which one do you want to play?” you ask Luna, Luna looks at the three games you pulled out and picks up the 3D multiplayer platformer, “Good choice Luna,” you complement her as she places down the case on the table. You pick up the case and throw the game in and boot it up, you pass Luna a controller and give her a quick tutorial on how the game works, the controls, and how some of the power-ups work. You look up at the clock it reads 7:30, you then turn your attention back to the game and play with Luna.

You and Luna beat World 3. You look up at the clock and it reads 10:00, “Wow, we’ve been playing for 2 ½ hours,” you think to yourself, you look at Luna, “Hey Luna,” Luna looks at you, “I think it’s time we pack it up, and get to bed,” you say to her,

“Aw, come on, just a few more levels,” she asks like a little kid,

You giggle at her adorableness, “No Luna, it’s time for us to get some sleep,” you start to turn off the system and pack up the controllers. You both travel up the stairs and open the door, you see everyone but Amber and Cadence up, “Um, girls,” they look at you, “I say it’s time for all of us to hit the hay,” you say hoping you didn’t offend them,

“Before we do that,” Celestia asks as she stands and turns to face you, “We have a quick question,” She asks politely

“Okay, shoot,” you say,

“No, we’re not going to shoot you,” Celestia says,

“Phrase of expression,” you but in before she starts to talk anymore about the expression,

“Oh, sorry, *Ahem* anyways, back on topic,” Celestia looks you dead in the eyes, “Why isn’t mine and my sister’s celestial powers working?” She asks,

“Um… care to explain what those are?” you ask

“Oh, sorry. Well both me and my sister together control the sun and the moon in our world, so why can’t we control it here?” Celestia asks you,

“WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, WHOA, hold on, you’re saying that both of you,” you point to Celestia and Luna, “control the sun and the moon, as in their raising and setting?” You ask a little bit panicky,

“Yes, we do control that, and if we had not held back during our battle you would’ve died from the first hit I gave you,” Celestia says,

“Okay… anyways the reason you can’t control them is because Earth orbits the sun and since it’s night out that means our hemisphere is facing away from the sun right now, and the moon orbits Earth, and where it is in it’s phases will change what the moon looks like depending on the reflection off of the sun,” you explain to them,

“Oh, tis explains a lot,” Luna says,

“I have to agree, and that also explains the lack of magic in this world,” Celestia says,

“Well, I’m gonna hit the hay, Okay,” You look at them while going up the stairs to your room,

“Goodnight Cam,” they all say,

You enter your room and start to change into your sleep wear, you then look out your window and see that the moon is full tonight and the stars are twinkling in the sky, “It’s a beautiful night out right now,” you think in your head, “Well, it’s time to hit the hay,” you say as you turn out your lights and get settled into bed.

Little did you know, you were being watched from a branch in the tree near your window, “I definitely have to report this before even going on with the mission,” The mysterious figure says quietly to themselves before disappearing.

-End of Chapter 4-

Chapter 5- Morning / Pool Party?

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Chapter 5 – Morning/ Pool Party?

*Cam’s POV*

You return to the waking world, you rub your eyes and see that you’re in your room, “Arg, it sucks that, that was all a dream,” you think to yourself. You then hear the clanging of pots and pans, “Arg, why do people like to sneak into my house and just steal food,” you think to yourself, you walk over to your closet and open it, you then look around in it and find your metal baseball bat, “This should teach them not to come here and eat,” you quietly say to yourself as you throw the bat over your shoulder. You slowly open your bedroom door and walk out, you walk down the stairs and start smelling eggs and bacon, “Um, okay if this amazing scent is anything to go by, I might let them stay here just for their cooking,” you think in your head, you continue to walk down the stairs with your bat in tow. You reach the main floor and walk towards the kitchen, you look in the kitchen and see Amber cooking while humming a tune to herself, “Oh ya, I forgot, I’ve got five hot babes living under the same roof as me,” you think in your head. You sneak behind Amber, you wrap your hands around her waist and say,

“Mouring gorgeous,” you whisper to her, she turns her head and looks at you,

“Okay, now I know I’m dreaming,” Amber says in an irritated tone, you lightly hit her in the arm, “OW! What was that for?” she asks,

“You just registered pain,” you say while pointing at her, “that means you are wide awake and are actually experiencing this,” you say with a devious grin on your face, you look at Amber and she has a massive blush across her entire face, you start to laugh at her misfortune,

“That wasn’t funny!” Amber says in an embarrassed tone, you pick up on that

“I’m really sorry if I hit a sensitive spot Amber,” you say apologetically and sombrely while looking at the ground,

“No prob,” she says in a sad tone, “But pull something like that again,” she points at your chest, “and I’ll tear you limb from limb, and make sure you feel excruciating pain,” she says in a more light-hearted and serious tone,

“Don’t worry Amber,” you say as you look up from the floor, “But I think you should continue to make breakfast,” you point to the pan, “and don’t worry, I’ll make the others some hash browns,” you say to her,

“Oh, crap,” Amber says loudly, she turns back to the pan, “DAMIT!” she yells, you look over her shoulder and see that thanks to your prank you burnt the bacon she was cooking,

“Sorry Amber, if I didn’t pull that then we’d be eating delicious bacon,” you say with a little bit of a joking tone,

“No problem, I’ll just make more,” she turns to your freezer and pulls out some bacon.

You hear footsteps and doors opening and closing, you then see that Twilight had slept in a purple tank top with purple short shorts, “Good morning Twilight,” you greet her,

“Morning,” she says groggily and looks around the room, “Do you have any coffee? *Yawn*” She asks,

“I’ll get a pot on,” you say, you go to your cupboard and pull out the coffee maker, “You want regular or decaf?” you ask Twilight,

“Regular please,” she says groggily as you hear her pull out a chair,

“Okay, it’ll be done in a few minutes,” you tell Twilight as you return to your seat.

A few minuets later you hear some else come down the stairs, you turn and look to see Celestia in a cream white evening gown, “Morning Celestia,” you say,

“Sorry Cam but you are wrong,” she says to you, “No… it’s a great morning,” she says as she sits down, “Finally I can sleep in and not have to wake up to raise the sun or do any…” she says before Twilight interrupts her,

“Chores! Ya… chores around the house,” she says nervously, she then turns her head to the Celestia, “Right Celestia?” she asks in a tone like she’s telling her,

“Oh! Right, we have chores around the house that need to be done daily, so I wake up, raise the sun and get to work,” Celestia says nervously,

“Okay,” you say stretching it out, “But anyways, I have no plans for today,” you say on a brighter note, “So, what do you girls,” you then motion your head upwards, “including Luna, want to do today?” you ask,

“Well, I would like for you to get a handle on your powers if not become better at them,” Amber says,

“I would like to go swimming,” Cadence says,

“I would actually like to go swimming as well,” Celestia says,

“Me too,” Twilight says enthusiastically,

“So, it’s decided, we’re going swimming,” you say, “But, first things first,” you say in a serious tone, “Who wants to wake Luna up?” you ask. You notice that Everyone but Amber looks at you like you said you wanted to die, “What?” you ask.

“Waking Luna up before she wants to gets up is… how do I put this… it’s like… um… as you humans put it… signing your death warrant,” Celestia says in a calm tone, you look shocked at what she just said but you put it off,

“Fine, I’ll go and get her up,” you say as you turn around and start to go up the stairs, you hear them telling you not to go, but you ignore them and continue up to Luna’s room. You walk towards Luna’s bedroom door, and knock, you wait a few seconds, nothing, you knock again and ask, “Hey Luna, you in there?” nothing, “Well I might as well go in and see if she’s alright,” you think in your head. You slowly open the door and see that it’s pitch black in Luna’s room, “Wow, and I thought that I hated the light in the morning,” you say quietly to yourself. You look at the bed and see Luna curled up in the blankets, “She’s looks so adorable like this,” you think in your head, “WAIT! Why am I thinking like this, I’ve only known them for a total of a day,” you think in your head, “but… then again… it feels like I’ve known them forever,” you think in your head, “Then again, they did say that they’ve been watching over my family for 2000 years,” you think in your head. You walk up to Luna and lightly grab her shoulder, shake her and say, “Luna… it’s time to…” you start to say before you end up on the ground. You look up and see Luna awake and angry, until the anger changes into sympathy,

“Oh, Cam, we art very sorry,” she says apologetically,

“No, prob, just an honest mistake,” you say casually while getting up and dusting your pants off, you then look up and see Luna’s wearing a dark blue crop top, and dark blue short shorts, even shorter than Twilights, “Um… um… um… I… um… thought you… um… would like to… um… join us for… um… breakfast,” you stammer while looking at her figure,

“Art, thou just saying that, or art thou hitting on me again,” Luna asks you jokingly, “and don’t you try to lie to me, I saw the way you looked up at the night sky last night,” she says poking your chest, “and if thou art curious how we saw you, we were sitting on the roof of thy establishment, also watching the night sky,” she says poking your chest again,

“Okay, okay,” you say cracking under the pressure, “I’m not hitting on you and can you please stop messing with me like that, it’s really getting on my nerves,” you say as an idea pops into your head, “Unless… you have a crush on me,” you say deviously, you instantly see Luna’s face go from calm and cool, to nervous and embarrassed, she starts to stammer utter nonsense, deciding you’ve don’t enough, you grab her arm and drag her downstairs. “Okay, enough is enough, you’re coming with me downstairs to eat breakfast,” you say while descending stairs

You get down the stairs with Luna in hand, “You are sitting here and eating with the rest of us” you tell her as you sit her down in one of the kitchen table chairs.

“Why art thou forcing me to eat amongst the two of you?” Luna asks while gesturing to you and Amber,

“Because it’s my place, my rules,” you tell Luna in a parent like tone,

After you and the girls started eating together, they all broke off into their own respective conversations, while you were happy that they all talk amongst each other, you felt just a little bit out of the conversation, “I’m happy that they’re all having a good time, and are going swimming, but I still have a lot to do before I could join them in the pool later,” you think in your head. Luna looks over at you from her seat at the table,

“Cameron,” you look at her, “why art thou looking so distant?” Luna asks with genuine concern,

“Oh, I didn’t mean to worry…” you say before Celestia interrupts you,

“Sorry Cam, but I’ve seen the look on distant people before, and you match them perfectly, and I’m not the only one who noticed this cause as my sister said, you look distant and she would know, cause that distance caused her to do something terrible that hurt both of us for years,” Celestia tells you with a pleading tone,

“… Okay, I’ll talk,” you say sadly, “Only after the pool party,” you say on a brighter note while sticking out your tongue,

“You really want to keep this a secret, don’t you?” Twilight asks with concern in her voice,

“Yes, and no, but I won’t tell you girls anything till after the pool party, so all of you go upstairs, get dressed, and have fun in the pool while I do the last of the chores that need to be done around here,” you tell them in a tone they know you won’t back down from,

“Fine,” they all say in sync.

*Amber’s POV*

You head up to your room to change into the swimsuit you bought with the rest of the girls. You get in your room and start to change, “Why must Cam always do those chores,” you think to yourself while changing, “All he has to do is put off those chores, it’s not… like…” you suddenly realise that the way Cam acts is that of one who doesn’t think he’s worthy of having someone as hot as yourself in the same room as him, “I think I should be nicer to him, maybe that would cheer him up?” you think in your head, “WAIT! Why do I care about how Cam feels, it’s not like I like him anyways,” you think to yourself.

*Twilight’s POV*

You head up to your room, “Spike,” you say, when you realise that he didn’t come with you because Ember had called him up to the dragon lands to help with the idea of dragons to have friends, “Oh ya, well… Cam’s been nice to us since after we revealed ourselves to them,” you say to yourself, “But that’s just who he is… is it?” you think aloud, “WAIT! Why is it I care only about him, he’s been nice to all of us,” you think aloud,

*Lunas POV*

You enter your room, and start to get ready to go swimming with the others, “We think Cameron will adore this swimming suit,” you say to yourself, “When we swim he will hold me close to that strong, handsome… WAIT! What am I thinking?” you say to yourself,

*Celestias POV*

You enter your room and start to change, “I think Cameron will love this swimsuit I got with the others, and who knows, maybe he might try something,” you say seductively to yourself, “WAIT! What am I saying, I’m co-ruler of an entire nation, and I should show restraint, but why am I thinking like this?” you ask yourself,

*Candences POV*

You enter your room and feel a ping, “Look’s like both my aunt’s and Twilight have a crush on Cam, *Giggle* I hope they finally realise what they want before he’s lost to another woman,” you say.

*Ambers, Celestias, Lunas, Twilights POV*

“*Lovingly Sigh* I think I’m in love with Cameron,” they all say at the same time in a love-struck tone.

*Cam’s POV*

You continue to clean the dishes everyone used during breakfast, you hear footsteps against the stairs, you turn to look at the bottom of the stairs and see the girls in their swimsuits.

Celestia wore a nice, cream colored, two piece bikini that left little to the imagination, Luna wore something similar to her sister but showed less skin and was a beautiful night blue, Amber wore a red, strapless, two piece bikini that only showed her legs and only a little bit of her cleavage and above, Twilight wore a lavender, one piece bikini that hugged her curves well and showed the top of her cleavage, while Cadence was wearing a bright pink one piece like Twilight but it covered her entire mid-section and wasn’t really complementing her figure.

“Wow, you girls, just… wow,” you say in a mix of awe and perverted glee,

“Oh Cam, you don’t need to complement us every time you see us,” Celestia tells you in a playful tone, “Now why don’t you go and get ready and join us?” Celestia asks in a seductive tone,

“While I would normally jump at a chance like this, I sadly have do decline,” you tell the group and they look down at the ground, “but don’t worry, I’ll be out after finish washing and drying these dishes,” you tell them,

“Okay,” they all say sadly in sync.

*Cadences POV*

You lay on one of the pool chairs deciding to get a tan. You look at your aunt and see that everyone else is trying to get her soaked in the pool… even your other aunt is trying to help the others, you giggle at that little display of your aunts being themselves and not trying to run a country, you decide that after you’ve all been out here for two hours you thought you might want to get everyone something to drink, “Anyone want something to drink?” you ask everyone while standing up,

“We shall have what he calls a root beer,” your aunt Luna says before getting soaked by everyone, you giggle at that,

“I’ll just have some water please,” Twilight says

“I think I’ll have an iced tea,” your aunt Celestia says,

“I’ll have root beer as well, and if he doesn’t have any, then get me a iced tea,” Amber says before getting dunked underwater by the others, this makes you giggle again. You walk towards the door, and before you put your hand on the door you hear what sounded like Cam sreaming,

-End of Chapter 5-

Chapter 6 - The Darkness Within Us

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Chapter 6 – The Darkness Within Us

*Cam’s POV before the scream*

While the girls are swimming you continue to clean up after breakfast. “It’s nice to see them happy,” you say as you dry off one of the knives that was used this morning. *Evil laughter* “Who’s there!?” you ask while turning around, nothing, “Hu… I must be losing it?” you say, *Evil laughter* “OKAY! CAN YOU GIRLS…” you yell as you turn around, you turn and see Celestia covered in deep gashes, blood, missing her wings, and having bloodshot eyes, “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!” you scream as Celestia jumps at you *FNAF style*

*Luna’s POV*

I quickly got out of the pool with Tia and the others and rushed inside. What we saw shocked us, Cam was passed out on the floor with a knife close by and had a dark aura around him, I look to Tia and the look on her face said more than what I needed to ask. Amber approaches him and pulls out a talisman and says something even I don’t understand, before Cam starts to glow, “What did thou do to him Amber?” I ask with genuine concern,

“All I did was slow down whatever this is from doing what it wants with Cam here,” Amber says while gesturing to Cam, I look at Cam and see that he’s whatever this is, isn’t giving Cam an easy time. You walk forward and place your hands-on Cam, “What are you doing?” Amber asks,

“In our world the realm of dreams and unconsciousness are my domain,” you say seriously,

“Okay,” Amber nods at you, “just make sure you bring him back before lunch,” Amber says to try and lighten the mood,

You say the incantation as a precaution since you don’t want to end up in some else’s head, “Wish me luck,” you say before everything goes dark.

*Cam’s POV*

You wake up and see that your in your room, “Now I get it,” you turn your lower body to hang over the bedside, “That was all a dream,” you get up, “good thing to,” you stretch, “cause I didn’t want to get close to any of them, just in case this happened,” you say as you go through your morning routine, you head downstairs and go into the kitchen, and see that it’s just as you left it, you look at your calendar, “Okay, today’s my test,” you think in your head. You start to get ready and make yourself a quick breakfast, you grab your wallet because you need to eat lunch after class anyways. You place your things at the front door and head back upstairs to do the last of your routine.

You return downstairs and look at the weather outside, “I wish it was night all the time,” you say solemnly to yourself. You grab your key’s and head out the front door, and you see nothing but a black abyss. “OKAY, WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!?” you yell at the top of your lungs,

You are in MY realm, and you won’t be able to save your friends from what I’ve done to them,” an ominous voice says before a screen pops up and shows everyone with deep gashes and stab wounds and they all look like their dead.

“No,” you say softly and in horror, “No, no, no, nononononononononononononono, NO!!!!!” you say as your voice increases and you say it faster, “I’ll FUCKING KILL YOU RIGHT HERE AND NOW YOU BASTARD!!!” you yell as you swing at him, but it fazes right through him. You turn around and try again to swing at the air, you keep on swinging until you feel chains clamp around your arms, legs and throat, “WHAT THE HELL?” you yell in anger, suddenly, a shadow that looks like your father appears in fount of you, “YOU,” you say sternly while glaring daggers at him,

“*Evil snickering turning into evil laughter* YOU REALLY THINK I’M YOUR FATHER? YOU REALLY ARE AN IDIOT, I’M THE PART OF YOU THAT WHISES TO USE THIS POWER AND TAKE OVER EVERYTHING,” the shadow says, but with the sound coming from everywhere it kinda sounded like yelling, “I can become anyone you know,” it says as it walks away from you, it turns around and looks at you, “like that hot, fuckable, bitch, Celestia,” it says as it changes into Celestia but completely black,

DON’T YOU DARE SPEAK ABOUT HER THAT WAY!!!” you yell as you try to break out of the chains, “I’LL FUCKING KILL YOU!!!” you yell with fury in your eyes and still struggling to get out,

And you really think you can beat me?” it says while pointing at you, “Sorry to burst your bubble but here in your head, this,” it points to the ground, “is my domain, you can’t do anything in here,”

WHO THE HELL SAYS I CAN’T!!!” you yell as you finally break out of the chains. You thrust your arm forward, but nothing happens, “What?” you ask as you thrust your arm forward again, you keep doing that for what felt like an hour,

“Looking for this?” it asks as you turn and see it holding the bracelet,

WHY YOU,” you yell as you rush at it to grab it, it goes into the ground, *Evil laughter* “SHOW YOURSELF YOU WIMP!!!” you yell while looking sporadically all over the place to try and find where it went.

*Luna’s POV*

You suddenly pop into existence and see nothing but black, you look around and spot something in the distance, you fly over to it, and to your surprise, it’s Nightmare Moon, “What the… but how art thou… OKAY, WHAT’S GOING ON!?” you yell, Nightmare Moon instantly throws her hand on your mouth,

“SHHH, be quiet,” she says in a hushed tone, “We don’t want him to know we’re here,” she says while moving both of you behind some kind of wall,

“Who art thou talking about?” you ask in a hushed tone like NightMare’s,

“You know how every living thing has a dark side?” she asks, you nod your head, “Well for your friend here, his is more powerful here than both of us combine are,” she says in slight fear,

You look at her sceptically, “You’re not NightMare Moon,” you say while flying back a bit,

“No, I am the real one,” it says pleadingly in a hushed tone,

“Prove it,” you say seriously,

“Last night you were in your room and I decided to tell you the whole truth about me and why I did what I did,” she tells you,

“Okay, so you are the real one,” you say while getting close to her again, “but how are we going to get to Cam?” you ask,

“We’re going to take that,” she points to what look like a tunnel, “and afterwards, it’s a straight shot to Cam,” NightMare says, you nod in conformation, “Let’s go,” she says as both of you fly off to save Cam.

You turn to NightMare Moon, “Once we reach Cam can you make yourself look like Tia, I don’t want him to know everything about us yet,” you ask her,

“Sure, I don’t mind,” she turns her head to face forwards, “But once the time does come around, you better have both of us present,” she says while still facing away from you, you nod in response, you then see her look happy.

*Cam’s POV*

You’re sent flying once again, before you’re hit in the back and sent into the ground, “GA!” you yell as you hit the ground, you weakly look up and see the Darkness, *I’m calling it the Darkness because everyone has darkness within them so that’s why I’m naming it that* looking down on you with a shit eating grin on it’s face. You weakly get up again, “You know, *tired breathing* I think I know, *tired breathing* how to beat you,” you say,

Oh, you do? Then by all means, show me,” it says mockingly. You walk up to it, you stop, and start to listen closely, “What’s up? You don’t know…” it says before you shut it up by grabbing it lips and holding them closed, you hear flapping, the kind of w flapping of wings, you take your hand off of it’s lips and jump back,

“Looks like the cavalry has arrived,” you say smugly,

Oh, ya, and would your cavalry be only two people?” Darkness asks

“No,” you turn around and only see Celestia and Luna flying towards you,

CAMERON!!!” Luna yells as your head is turned, “TIS YOUR MIND, THOU ART IN CONTROL HERE NOT HIM SO TAKE THE REIGNS ON THIS AND KICK ITS ASS!!!” Luna yells, you grin at Luna for somewhat using modern language. You turn to look at Darkness, you close your eyes and you feel like the injuries you sustained just disappear,

NO!!!” Darkness yells as it rushes at you, you catch its fist before it hits you,

“Luna’s right,” you clench its fist harder, “I’m in control,” you open your eyes and look Darkness dead in the eye, “so just,” you pull its fist closer, “GET THE HELL… OUT OF MY HEAD!!!” you yell at you hit Darkness with everything you have, you see him skidding across the ground,

NO!!! I”VE WORKED TO HARD TO FAIL HERE!!!” Darkness yells as he gets back up, suddenly the darkness around you dissipates, and it becomes and ocean that both of you are standing on, you suddenly see screens in front of you, that look like your ancestors memories, all of the screens turn into orbs, one of the orbs fly at you, you put your arms up as defence, but it just goes into your arm, then another orb comes at you, and another, until all of the orbs are coming at you one at a time. As the orbs go into you, you slowly learn everything your ancestor had, as the last one comes into you, you see his wife and child. “I get it now,” you say, you look at Darkness coming at you, you turn and face him, as he gets closer to punching you, you punch his fist, he takes another shot, you counter again.

*Luna’s POV*

You can’t believe what your seeing, you see Cam keeping up with each of that things hits, and they’re moving at hypersonic speeds, and you can tell each time Cam punches, each hit is beyond 100%.

*Cam’s POV*

As you send him flying you catch up to him and hit him with a hard uppercut, you then go to were he is heading and let him hit the ground, “Hear me now darkness, to defeat me, you must go past limits set for you,” you raise your fist, “ULTRA GIGA IMPACT!!!” you yell before you hit him, you see him fly beyond the clouds, and land right in font of you.

“*Weak evil laughter* You think you’ve defeated me? HA! You couldn’t be more wrong, you’ll never get rid of me, I’ll always be here, waiting till you decide to give into me, and I’ll kill anyone who would stand against you,” Darkness says before it turns into a puff of black smoke.

“I think it’s time we head back,” you say as you turn around to face Luna, “Hey? Where did Celestia go?” you ask Luna,

“She was nothing but a part of your imagination,” Luna says,

“Oh, but you are…” you say before Luna interrupts you,

“I’m the real Luna, and before you ask, dreams and the unconscious are my specialty,” Luna says with pride, you laugh at her, “What? What’s so funny?” Luna asks,

“Oh nothing,” you say as your laughing dies down, you then look Luna straight in the eye, “Please Luna, I don’t want this to leave my mind, so please don’t tell anybody, I’ll tell them everything you probably heard, when I’m ready,” you say in an asking/ telling tone.

“Okay,” Luna says, “Now before we get out,” Luna comes closer to you, your faces just inches apart, she then leans forward and gives you your fist kiss, on the lips, before backing off, “See you when you get up,” she says as she suddenly disappears,

“Okay…wow… I didn’t think…wow” you say while touching your lips, suddenly a bright light come out in front of you and you hear everyone’s voice, “Looks like I might wanna wake up,” you say as you walk towards the light.

-End of Chapter 6-

Chapter 7 - Lies to Truths

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Chapter 7 – Lies To Truths

*Cam’s POV*

As the world of the living slowly returns to you, you start to groan. No later than you did that you hear, “CAMERON!!!” coming from around you. You fully open your eyes and look around at the worried faces of everyone, you turn and, look beside you and see Luna nuzzling your shoulder.

“Wow, didn’t think Luna actually liked me,” you think, “I’ve only known her for what… 4 days,” you continue to think, “I don’t want to have a relationship just yet,” you think, “I just want more time to figure out my feelings for everyone here,” you think as you look around the room.

Luna starts to stir, “*Yawn* I think Cam should *yawn* be fine,” Luna says while yawning, she look up at you after realising she’s been nuzzling you in her sleep, she instantly goes beet red and tries to go to the pool, but you grab her by the wrist, she looks at you and you give her a look that tells her “It’s fine, but we’ll talk about this very soon” and she relaxes a small amount but you can tell she’s still on guard by the way she has her shoulders.

“Are both of you okay?” Amber asks,

“I’m fine,” you tell them while looking at Luna with a “Don’t tell them” look, Celestia picks up on that,

“Are you sure,” Celestia teases, “By the way you’re looking at my sister, there’s something you need to tell us?” Celestia asks,

“Before you even try to tell them Luna,” you say to Luna without looking at her, “Let’s just say there are some things I still haven’t told you about myself, and I’d rather not let anyone know until I feel like opening up,” you tell everyone in room while scanning across all of them,

“Okay,” Twilight says, Celestia looks at her with minimal surprise in her eyes, “If you don’t feel like you can open up to us yet, then don’t. But when you’re ready, don’t be afraid to come and talk to us,” Twilight says which surprises Celestia even more, “What?” she says as she turns to Celestia, “I’ve picked up on a few of the tricks YOU,” points at Celestia, “use every day when doing your job,” Twilight says with a smile on her face.

“Okay, while that’s all and good,” Amber says, “How about we all get back in the pool and Cam can join us right now,” She says as she turns to you.

“Sorry, I just need to finish drying the last of these dishes,” you gesture to the drying rack and show them the plate and pan that still needed to be dried.

Everyone starts to head back outside, you grab Luna by the wrist, “I just need to speak with Luna for a bit,” you look at Celestia, “If you don’t mind,” you ask,

“I don’t mind at all Cam,” Celestia says as she heads out the back door, “But don’t be too forward with her,” she says as she goes out back leaving you and Luna red as tomato’s.

“Is she… are you…” Luna starts to ask,

“No, NO, it’s just…” you say as you grab another towel and start to dry, “In my head, you remember everything, right,” you ask Luna,

“Yes, we remember, we only got there when we heard that thing said, ‘You have no control in your mind’ and then we yelled what we yelled, saw the fight, and left,” Luna says

“Okay, I get that, but… were you there when… you know…” you say nervously,

“Know what?” Luna asks you,

“You don’t remember?” you ask Luna,

“Remember what?” Luna asks,

“You know what, never mind,” you say defeated, “Just go outside and join the others, and remember, have a good time,” you say as you force a smile,

“Okay, I will” Luna says

*Luna’s POV*

As you go to the back door you can’t help but think, “Was it wrong of us to lie to Cameron,” you think, “I know he was probably talking about the kiss, but, I…” you think as you open the back door, “think he forced that smile at the end there,” you walk to a beach chair set up in the backyard and sit down, “I think I should tell him the truth, I’ve seen some of his past, and I want to be there for him in the future,” you continue to think.

*Cam’s POV*

You head upstairs to get changed to go swimming with the others, you go to your drawer and pull out your swim trunks, “I don’t think they’re gonna like this,” you give your red and black swim trunks a good look, “Even if they don’t like it, oh well,” you say to yourself. “It sucks that Luna didn’t actually kiss me,” you touch your lips again, “It felt too real to be a dream, but even if she did kiss me, I still wouldn’t go out with her, I’ve only known her for 4 days,” you say as you get your towel from the closet and head back downstairs to the pool. “I do appreciate the gesture though,” you say as you re-enter the kitchen.

You step outside and see Cadence tanning on one of the beach chairs you got after you paid for the pool, you see Twilight on another beach chair reading one of the books from the bookshelf in the living room, you see both Luna and Celestia in the pool splashing each other like kids, and you see Amber sitting on the edge of the pool just dipping her legs in and not really swimming, “Okay,” they all turn and look at you, “Time to go swimming,” you say as you lift your hand and Amber suddenly falls into the pool, “All of us,” you say before Amber even has a chance to say something.

“And what if some of us don’t want to?” Cadence asks while looking at Twilight

“Actually, I was waiting for Cameron here before going in,” Twilight says as she places a magic bookmark on the page she was on

“Remember what I said about magic use in the house,” you say sternly to Twilight

“But we’re not inside the house, we’re outside,” she says with a confident smirk

“But we’re still in my homes property,” you tell her. She tries to make a come-back but decides to keep it shut because you have a point, “No come-back Twilight?” you say jokingly

“Oh, shut it Cam,” she says as she gets in the pool

“Now only Cadence here needs to get in,” you gesture to where she’s getting her tan, “Now before you say anything,” you say as she opens her mouth to speak before choosing to be quiet, “If you don’t get in here, I’ll drag you in here,” you say as you grin in her direction

“OH. Just try to Cam, you won’t even get that far with just the element of earth you CAN control,” she says with a mocking grin,

“Oh, I’ll definitely try,” you say as you wear a shit eating grin. As soon as you say that Cadence flies up to were you can’t reach her, you decide to surprise her, by making a gust of wind blow her into the pool. She gains a surprised look on her face but barely pulls up before hitting the water.

“That’s new,” she looks at you, “Since when did you learn to control air currents?” Cadence asks you

“Oh, I’ve known how,” you raise you hand behind your back, “for about…” you continue to distract her as you slowly have the air current pull her down to the water, “a few hours, specifically when I passed out,” you tell her as you yank your arm down and Cadence gets trust into the water. You laugh as she resurfaces and glares daggers at you.

“That’s not very funny,” Cadence whines at you, your laughing dies down.

“Okay, it wasn’t THAT funny,” you say as you turn and glare at her, “BUT I said no wings during the day, I just have to hope no one saw you while you were flying,” you say like a parent telling their child they did something wrong, she suddenly looks embarrassed, “Just please don’t do it again,” you ask her nicely.

“Okay,” she says as she folds her wing in on her back.

Some time has passed and all of you are enjoying your time in the pool, you decide to have a little fun and you swim to the center of your pool, you then start to raise your hands out of the water, the water slowly rises at your command, you decide make thing interesting, you then start to make the water turn into a sphere, “HEY!” they all panickily yelled. You finish trapping them all in the water sphere, you then make air pockets for them to breathe.

“OKAY CAM!!! THAT WASN’T COOL!!!” Amber yells at you. You start to count and see that Luna’s missing from the bubble.

“Where’s Luna?” you ask the others, you then hear a big splash behind you and feel arms wrap around you from behind.

“SURPRISE!!!” Luna yells as she pulls herself closer to you. You then feel two soft pillows against your back, you also feel two nubs press against your back.

“LUNA!!!” you yell surprised, the bubble of water instantly returns to the pool with everyone, Celestia then swims/ walks over to you but stops once she sees something in the water, you turn and look at it, it’s Luna’s bikini top, you start to mentally freak out, but Luna just hugs you tighter, which pushes her breasts closer against you back, which in turn causes an infinite loop of the problem, until Celestia walks up with Luna’s bikini top and uses her magic to pull Luna off of you.

LUNA ECPLIPSE!!!” Celestia yells at her sister, “YOU’RE IN BIG TROUBLE WHEN WE GET BACK HOME!” she continues to yell at her sister,

“But twas very funny, and Cam’s reaction tis priceless,” she says in a weak defensive tone as she you hear what you think is her putting her bikini top back on

“You do know that he probably didn’t appreciate that joke Luna,” Celestia says as you turn around and see that she did put her top back on

“While I do agree with Celestia on this one,” you say as you but into the conversation, “I don’t want you to do that again, and as punishment…” you say as you start to think of a punishment, you get an evil punishment, “you can’t play any of my games for exactly 24 hours,” you say as you start to smirk, Luna then looks petrified

NOOOOOOOOO!!!” Luna yells loud enough to break the windows on just your house, which surprises you “Oops… sorry,” Luna embarrassedly says. You stare at your destroyed windows, you turn to Luna with a stern expression on your face,

“You do know you’re going to replace those, right?” you tell Luna

“Or we could use magic to repair them,” Luna says hopefully. You groan as you rub your eyes in annoyance.

“Fine. But you will not be touching the games for 24 hours after there repair,” you say to Luna

*Celestia’s POV*

The rest of the day was uneventful except for the window fixing all of us had to do thanks to my sister, but still, Cameron didn’t need to be THAT mischievous with her punishment, but it’s still his property. After we all finished, we all decided to break for lunch. After that everything was uneventful till dinner.

“So, who wants to do the dishes?” Cam asks nicely as he clears the table as we finish dinner. My sister raises her hand.

“Why would you do that Luna?” you think in your head. You decide to talk to her about it so you raise your hand.

“Okay, thanks you two,” Cam finishes putting away the condiments from dinner, “You two can do the dishes, I’ll be upstairs doing homework. If you need any help just come and get me, okay?” he says as he approaches the stairs. We both shake our heads to say “no” and he just nods and heads up to his room.

As everyone starts to clear out from the kitchen I decide to strike up a conversation with my sister, “So, how’ve you been?” you ask. You then turn and see your sister crying, you go and give her a hug as she sobs into your shoulder.

“Why did we have to lie to him?” she says in between sobs.

“What did you lie to who about?” you ask trying to get your sister to talk so you can begin to help her.

“I lied to Cam,” you turn her head so your looking into each others eyes, “about a kiss I gave him in the realm of dreams,” she lightens up on the sobbing, “I lied when I said I didn’t kiss him,” Luna says as she starts to sniffle.

“Luna,” you say in your usual voice when talking to your subjects, “you don’t need to let this build up to a point where this could hurt you,” you start to stand both of you up, “just go and apologize to him now so you don’t hurt your relationship later,” you tell her.

“But…” she says before you cut her off.

“But nothing, I’ll do the rest of these dishes,” you look at Luna, “while you go and apologize to Cam,” you say as you turn back to do the dishes. You briefly feel someone’s arms wrap around you before you hear someone running up the stairs. You giggle as you continue to do the dishes.

*Luna’s POV*

You head up to Cam’s room in a hurry forgetting that you need to tell him the truth, it suddenly hits you as you finally get up the stairs. You slowly walk towards Cam’s door, and contemplate how your going to tell him the truth. “Should we just be blunt, or should we, as he says, “beat around the bush”, or should we just give him the hints to piece it together,” you think in your head as you walk towards Cam’s room.

You reach Cam’s room and you start to hesitate, “This COULD wait until tomorrow… but if we don’t do it now… but he’s doing homework… ARG why does this have to be so hard,” you think in your head. You steal your nerves and knock on his door; you wait a minute… no answer… you knock again… once again, no answer… “Should we just go in?” you think quietly to yourself. You decide to enter his room, but after knocking and informing him you’re entering his chambers.

You knock and open the door to Cam’s room and see that it has a dark green paint with the basic commodities and what looks like a portable computer and earmuffs on his head. “Um, Cam,” he turns in your direction and take his earmuffs off.

“Yeah,” he responds nonchalantly while turning his spinning chair to face you, and putting his elbows on his knees.

“I need to talk to you about some things,” you say as you turn your head so you don’t face him.

“Okay,” he turns to his computer and closes it, “What did you want to talk about?” he asks as he turns back to face you, he notices you standing and fidgeting with your hair, “You can take a seat on my bed if you want,” he says as he gestures to his bed. You take a seat on the bed as he turns the chair to follow you.

“I need to ask you first,” you ask,

“Okay,” he responds

“Why were you wearing earmuffs in your chambers? And what is that,” you point to the computer, “used for?” you ask.

“Oh, these,” he holds up the earmuffs, “these are my headphones, they make sure that the music I listen to can’t be heard by you guys when I work on my homework,” he tells you as he puts the headphones down.

“Can I listen to some of your music?” you ask

“No,” he says, and before you can ask why he starts to tell you, “The main reason is because you probably don’t have the same taste in music as I do,” he tells you. He then turns and grabs his computer, “And this is a laptop, it’s like a portable computer,” he says as he shows you his “laptop”

You look at it and you can tell it’s like the computer in the basement but t doesn’t seem as good as the one down there. He turns and puts back the laptop, and faces you again, “Now. What else did you want to talk to me about?” he asks while looking you in the eyes.

“Well… you remember the… thing… that tried to take you over?” you ask him while avoiding eye contact.

“Yeah? Why?” he asks while still trying to make eye contact.

“You remember what you asked me about after we got out right?” you respond with another question while still avoiding eye contact as to no just break down into tears.

“Yeah. I think I asked if you kissed me,” he brings his hand up to his chin and taps his cheek, “and you told me that it was just a figment of my imagination, right?” he says as he looks at you while returning his elbows to his knees.

“Well… I sorta… kinda… maybe…” you say trying to get it out, “lied to you,” you say as you look into his caring emerald green eyes hoping for forgiveness.

“You lied to me,” he says sternly to you.

“Yes,” you start to shrink at his gaze.

He rubs the bridge of his nose and sighs, “It was wrong of you to lie to me,” he tells you as he starts to stand up, you try to get up with him but he holds out his hand to signify you to stay seated, “Look, I’m willing to let this slide,” he starts to come towards you, “but even if you have a thing for me. I don’t know you enough to pursue a relationship with you right now. *sigh* Look, I’m disappointed in you for lying to me,” he says as he starts to take a seat next to you, “But to make it up to you I want everyone to get together after I finish this paper, and we’re ALL going to be revealing some truths,” he grabs your chin and makes you gently look into his eyes, “and I’ll answer some questions you may have about me. Okay?” he asks you as you get lost in his beautiful emerald green eyes. You snap out of your trance and nod your head in agreement. “Okay, good,” he gets up and returns to his chair, “You can go now,” he tells you. You start to leave his room but as you reach his door, “If you ever need anybody besides your sister to talk to,” you turn and look at him, “my door is always open,” he tells you with a genuine smile.

“Thank you, Cam,” you say as you close the door and walk downstairs to tell everyone to meet up in the living room.

-End of Chapter 7-