• Published 2nd Aug 2017
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Fluffle Puff and the Cheetos in the Couch and Other Stories Vol. 1 - Creativa-Artly01

When Fluffle finds cheetohs lost in the couch, she gets very excited. Other Stories also included. PS: I don't own Fluffle Puff.

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Chapter 5-Fluffle and the Butterfly

It's a sunny day and Fluffle is playing outside when a butterfly lands on her snout. She stares at it in awe. A smile then slowly crawls across her face. She's mesmerized by the little insect. She stands completely still as not to disturb the butterfly. A few minutes later, the butterfly flies off and Fluffle Puff hops after it, hoping it'll land on her snout again. After a few hours of following it, the butterfly does indeed land on her snout again. Fluffle smiles again pleased. She loves the little butterfly and happily considers it a newfound friend. Once it leaves her nose for the final time, Fluffle waves goodbye as it flies off. She then goes back inside with a smile on her face as she grabs a box of apple juice from the fridge.

The End

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