• Published 2nd Aug 2017
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Fluffle Puff and the Cheetos in the Couch and Other Stories Vol. 1 - Creativa-Artly01

When Fluffle finds cheetohs lost in the couch, she gets very excited. Other Stories also included. PS: I don't own Fluffle Puff.

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Chapter 4-Fluffle Plays Mario Kart

It's a rainy afternoon and Fluffle Puff has decided to pull out the Wii Console, to which she puts in Mario Kart. She then pulls out the wheel shaped remote holder and sticks in the Wii stick. She then sits down and begins to play Mario Kart, facing off against her fellow ponies like PinkiePieSmiles, FlutterYay, SweetieBelleWiiQueen, and ButtonMashWiiKing. She lies there and plays for hours, only stopping for snacks and apple juice ever so often. She continues to play for the next twelve hours, only taking breaks for coffee and chocolate. She then continues to play for the rest of the week and even gets Chrysalis to join in and play along with her for all those times. Chrysalis can't help but agree with Fluffle Puff, Mario Kart is actually rather fun and she wishes she would actually play with Fluffle more often instead of going and moping in a corner somewhere.

The End

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