• Published 2nd Jul 2017
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Stories in Stone, Last Dance - TDR

All stories must end, even those in stone. The final book of the Stories in Stone series.

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Last Cookie

Stories in Stone
Last Dance

Last Cookie

[56 years after the defeat of Tirek]

“This looks like a good spot to rest for a bit.”a graying unicorn mare stated, making her way towards a bench under an old shade tree. Old age had not been kind to the mare. Old scars and a life of conflict and excitement had taken their toll on her. Her limbs were bent in arthritis and her chipped horn barely had enough magic left in it to turn the pages of a book. Her mane and tail had turned pure white and only a few hairs on her fading coat showed the vibrant mint coloration she was when she was younger. Despite all this, her amber eyes were still wide and bright as if they belonged in a mare a quarter of her age. " Can't walk as much as i used to."

“Of course it is... this was always a good spot.” the earth pony mare following along with her chuckled.

Like the unicorn the mare had seen better days. Where the unicorn had a rough life in spots, the earth pony looked as if she had been run over by the wagon of life countless times. Only those who knew her well, would disagree and there were few of those left. Though they would say she was only run over once, then she flipped the wagon over and beat the driver with it.

Her fur seemed untouched by age, the pale cream coloration never having faded though there were countless scars marring her torso. Her left rear leg was missing and part of her cutie mark was burned away on that side of her. A long scar ran down her chest between her front legs where a pacemaker had been put in years ago was the most prominent of countless scars. Her mane was just as vibrant as it once had been as well, though it was little more than a purple and pink wig as shown by her stringy and faded tail. Her blue eyes were more faded than the unicorns, wearier, though they brightened considerably in the other mares presence. Or at least her one remaining real eye did, the other was lost in the same career ending mission that cost her her leg. Despite her loss she was still as mobile as ever perhaps even more so than the unicorn she was with.

The unicorn took a moment to clamor up onto the park bench, sitting in a odd position, raised up with her back legs dangling over the edge of the bench and her forelimbs resting in her lap. Her companion had long ago stopped questioning her about the odd way she sat and slipped onto the bench in a more normal fashion, laying over it in a way that allowed her to lay her head on her the unicorns lap.

“Really? Always huh? Would you even have known about this place if I hadn't caught up with you here after you ran off that time?” the unicorn smirked.

“Of course not, but after you mortified the fool out of me with that ridiculous proposal I couldn't stay there. I was already about to die of embarrassment.” the earth pony chuckled with a yawn.

“I thought it was awesome, a big parade and I got to ride a monster instead of fight one. But I still had to run you down to get your answer.”

“I said yes, didn't I?”

“Sure after trying to strangle me first.” the unicorn chuckled though that devolved into coughing that made the earth pony raise her head only to put it back down as the unicorn waved her off.

“It has been a while hasn't it?

“Well we can't all be Princesses or whatever Jer'rahd and Luna are now.” The unicorn sighed.” Not sure I’d even want to be.”

“Why's that Lyra?”

“Minuette, Trixie, Octavia, Rainbow Dash. They all saw someone they loved die before them. The Princesses and those two have seen a lot of ponies they care about die before them.” Lyra sighed. “Not sure I could handle that Bon Bon.....”

“We have.....” Bon Bon sighed.”Fluttershy, Big Mac, Rarity, Minuette, Octavia and a bunch of others. Not much left of the old crew. Just Twilight and Applejack really."

“I can't stand it. Hey did I ever tell you why we called Minuette 'The Cavalry'?”

“Changing the subject dear?”


“You have, but you can tell me again.”

“Cause back in the Guard, no matter what the situation, if you needed her, she'd show up in the nick of time, never failed really. I swear I once ran out of toilet paper when the barreks were empty one weekend and right as I’m ready to panic she waltzes in tosses a roll into the stall and waltzed right back out.”

“Okay the toilet paper bit is new.” Bon Bon smiled rolling onto her back to look up at the smile on her wife's face closing her eyes to enjoy the warm sun.

“Glad to see I can still surprise you.” Lyra smiled down at her before lifting her head up to glance at the sun. Her ears perked up as she heard the sound of foals playing on the other side of the park, the faint clop of hooves on stone as ponies walked around the shade tree the pair were sitting under, her wife's soft breathing.

“It always has it's own sort of music doesn't it?” Lyra smiled humming softly as she found a tune among the noise. Her ears remained perked as she let the tune fade.” I suppose there's no getting around it. Nothing lasts forever, not even the Princesses. Sooner or later life gets to be too much for everyone.”

Lyra lifted her head hearing a bird chirping in the trees above her. She looked up as the creature fluttered off when a tall black furred mare approached along the path. She had to have some sort of spectacular mane dye as her coat was dark enough that it seemed to swallow the light around her. She hadn't seen a pegicorn since Cadence, though she knew a few lived in Ponyville now.

“I remember an old story about life and death being in love. Life sends death countless gifts and he keeps them forever. “Lyra smiled.” Very heartwarming so long as one doesn't know that life is really screwing an angry Dragon and the very earth wants to bang death. Stupid Twilight Sparkle ruining poetry for me...”

Lyra looked up as the bird returned.

“Pity she hasn't said anything about what happens after. Do we become stars? Do we move on to another life, maybe I’d be a human in that one? “ Lyra sighed. “ I hate talking about this sort of thing. When it's over that had better not be it or I’m gonna be pissed.”

Lyra closed her eyes her ears flicking lightly in the air before she spoke again.

“Candy Apple and Harpsichord should be fine though. We raised them right..... still can't believe Luna was willing to sponsor us for the adoption. That would have taken forever other wise.... Hey remember when Candy was fifteen and had a crush on Dash's kid.... what was his name now?”

Lyra paused at the lack of response. Something was missing from the music in the air and it made her frown, though she let out a small sigh before she smiled again.

“Guess you decided to take a nap. I can't blame you. I'm comfortable...........” Lyra closed her eyes letting out along breath as she leaned her head down , lips brushing Bon Bon's still muzzle. “Guess I could use one too, it's been a long life after all.”

All around the pair, the park continued to thrive and ponies lived and played unaware, until a Guard stopped to check on the mares.

The poor Guard was the first to discover that Bon Bon and Lyra Heartstrings had left Equss behind them.

Author's Note:

This one was going to be a lumped chapter with a number of loose ends to tie up, but i decided these two needed their own chapter.