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A World Divided By Magic - Ocerra

Magic is introduced into the world from Equestria, drawing the attention of those who would seek to keep it secret.

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Chapter 7, The Wand Chooses the Wizard, Part 2

Chapter Seven
The Wand Chooses the Wizard
Part Two

"Did you two just crawl out of a bag?" Applejack asked in confusion.

Startled at the sudden question, Sunset's head whipped around noticing that she had an audience now. Sure enough, Sunset's and Rarity's carts were joined by four more, creating their own bubble of space on the street. Her throat caught and she shuffled around nervously when she noticed that there were seven sets of eyes staring at her. It was a little awkward to be thrown into a group after having spent the last hour crying, not that she would have been comfortable in that moment otherwise.

"That's awesome!" Rainbow exclaimed excitedly, drawing an exasperated sigh from McGonagall. Similar murmurs of appreciation were shared among the group.

"But... how does it work?" Fluttershy asked softly. Sunset was a little surprised she was heard over the commotion of the street and the group.

"I'm not entirely sure..." Rarity responded truthfully, "But I do know I was able to recreate my boutique inside of it." A stunned silence fell over the group as they processed the information.

"It's hardly a bag fitting for a first year student," McGonagall stated, targeting Dumbledore with a level stare.

"On the contrary, dear Minerva, it is precisely the kind of bag necessary to encourage the growth of a certain creative mind," Dumbledore countered, giving Rarity a reassuring smile.

"Let's trade," Pinkie remarked glumly, "I wanna go shopping with him..." An unreadable glance was passed between Dumbledore and McGonagall, before she finally scowled at him and turned her attention to Pinkie and Rainbow.

"Come along you two, we have yet to finish our shopping."

"We do?" Pinkie asked in confusion.

"I believe we have yet to visit that joke shop."

Rainbow's mouth hung open in shock, "But you said-"

"That we have shopping to finish," McGonagall finished forcefully for her, as Rainbow and Pinkie shared a wondrous look. "I assure you, I am not so devoid of a sense of humor that I can not appreciate a good joke. It has merely refined with age," she explained, leading the two off, as a wide grin formed on Pinkie's face. Sunset didn't think she had ever seen Pinkie so excited before, which was quite an impressive feat, considering her usual nature.

Sunset glanced over to Dumbledore curiously, who winked at her mischievously. She didn't know whether to be impressed or terrified of the guy. The levels of subtle manipulation he was continuing to show was nothing short of genius. It was shocking to her how he could be so in control of a situation, and not have to resort to fear. It made her question the methods she had used back in Canterlot, but she wouldn't even know how to begin using this man's methods. Half of the time nobody knew they were being manipulated, and the other half they knew, but didn't mind. In both cases he was loved and respected.

"Well!" Arthur blurted out cheerfully, breaking the silence, "That was unexpected!" He glanced around at remaining group awkwardly before settling his attention on Applejack and Fluttershy, "So... uh... it seems we have a little extra time to waste. Was there anywhere in particular you two wanted to visit, while we have the time?"

"Oh... uh... well I wouldn't mind visiting with the animals at the pet shop again..." Fluttershy suggested bashfully, "That is... um... if that's not a problem..."

"Not at all!" Arthur replied jovially, "And you, my dear?"

"Ah'm good, sir." Applejack responded. "Ah got everythin' I need on that there cart. Ah'll stick with these three until y'all get back." She gave Fluttershy a wink, earning herself a smile.

"Very good." Arthur said kindly as he began walking off with Fluttershy, "So which animal did you like the most at the shop?"

"Oh, I couldn't choose between them, they're all just so cute..." Their voices trailed off as they disappeared into the crowded street. Silence fell over the remaining four as they stared after where the two had disappeared for a short time. It was an oppressive kind of silence that seemingly discouraged one from breaking it, growing more powerful as time passed.

Applejack seemed oblivious to it, however, "So, uh, what should we do now?"

Sunset sighed at the blunt reminder of what was to come, "I... still have to buy my wand..."

"Well what're we waitin' for then? The shop's right here!" Applejack gave her a toothy smile as she gestured toward the building they loitered in front of.

Sunset wished she had just bought her wand earlier when there would be less people watching. Instead she now had extra pairs of eyes that would observe the process. Resigning herself to her fate she started to enter the shop with the other two... Two? She looked back to see Dumbledore hadn't moved from where he had been standing before, giving her a knowing smile.

"I'll remain out here to watch the carts. The shop is much too small for a group such as ours," he suggested casually, earning himself a suspicious glare from Sunset. She had been in the shop before and it had plenty of room for a group their size, but decided against questioning further, celebrating the small victory.

The musty shop was no different from it had been hours earlier, making her question if the man kept the shop dusty on purpose or not. Surely it would be a simple task to clean with magic. Even without magic the place could be easily cleaned, it didn't appear to get enough traffic to prevent the man from having the time. Admittedly it did give the place a mysterious feel to it, but it was also rather gross. She felt sympathy for Rarity, knowing how she must feel about it with her compulsion for cleanliness. Knowing she had put up with the shop for a second time to show moral support really made her happy.

After having noticed that Rarity would go nowhere near the dusty chair near the entrance of the shop, Applejack merely shrugged and sat on the rickety seat and smiled encouragingly at Sunset. Rarity meanwhile, stood next to Applejack, showing the same amount of enthusiasm for Sunset. Emboldened by her friends being there for her, she turned to confront the man who approached her.

"Ahh, back again, I see..." Ollivander greeted her, "I assume you are here to be paired with your wand?"

"Yes," Sunset told him, glancing one last time back at her friends before stepping a few steps further into the shop toward him. "I'm ready to begin whenever you are," she said resolutely.

"Ahh, eager as ever..." he commented bemusedly, wasting no time before navigating through the back of the shop to grab a specific box. Sunset had the impression that the man knew where every single wand was located in the jumble of thousands of wand boxes. Assuming that were the case, the man had a frighteningly accurate memory about him, a genius in his own right. Plucking the box he was looking for from the mountain of boxes, he approached Sunset again, deftly removing the wand from it and holding it out for her to take, "Sycamore, unicorn hair core, ten and a half inches, with a yielding flexibility..."

She took the wand and frowned slightly before waving the wand back and forth, feeling like a fool. Luckily the man seemed satisfied with the result quickly enough, and snatched the wand from her, and resumed his search. The process resumed through several more wands before Sunset decided that this was possibly the single most agonizing experience in her life. This entire process was tedious, nonsensical, and simply time consuming. There had to have been a quicker way than trial and error. If there was, Sunset didn't notice any kind of trick to it. Just get handed a new wand and wave it around like a fool. How does this shop even get customers...

Sunset went through wand after wand, waving them a few times, before having a new one take its place. Each time she did, her irritation and embarrassment slid further and further to fear. This was taking far longer than it did for Rarity. What if I don't end up getting chosen by a wand? The thought hung heavily on her, as she continued to wave wands. She looked back at Rarity and Applejack uncomfortably, and noticed their mixed reactions. Applejack merely smiled encouragingly at her, while Rarity seemed to be of a similar mindset to her own. She chose to take comfort in Applejack's reaction, assuming that she also had taken as long to receive her wand as Sunset had so far.

"Black Walnut, unicorn hair core, twelve inches, rigid flexibility."

"Larch, dragon heartstring core, nine and three quarter inches, with a bendy flexibility."

"Rowan, unicorn hair core, eleven and a half inches, unyielding."

"Cedar, phoenix feather core, thirteen inches, with a yielding flexibility."

Sunset's eyes widened when she grabbed onto the latest wand presented to her. It can't be... She never bothered waving the wand before her, too lost in her own mind at the feeling she was experiencing. This... it feels like my horn... She shook her head. Like it did... It was hard to remember that she no longer had a horn, instead becoming one of these strange creatures. She had acclimated somewhat over the change over the few years she had spent here, but there were many challenges she had yet to overcome, mostly mentally. She still didn't really feel like a human. She held up her wand before her. I have to see... She focused her concentration on her wand as she would her horn. A focus. She focused on the wand. She focused on magic. She focused on the image in her head, an image of herself standing in front of Dumbledore, and then she was there.

Dumbledore gaped at her, stunned, mouth hanging agape. She returned his stare, equally astonished. Under normal circumstances she would have relished in the fact that she had broken through his unwavering calm, but there was something unsettling in his look. A moment of shock overtook her as she realized what she had done. I... I just teleported! She thought in wonder. Excitement battled with the fear that was eating away at her inside. I used magic in this world with no magic! I used magic without the elements of harmony...

Dumbledore recovered quickly to his usual serenity. "Sunset..." he began uncertainly, "I'm aware of your peculiar circumstance, but the magic you have just used seems to be a variation of a spell which is illegal without proper licensing. I must ask that you refrain from using that particular magic again." His gaze on her softened after a moment before he continued in a much gentler tone, "Come, perhaps you should also refrain from disapparating from the wand shop without first paying for your wand." She was at a complete loss of words, having no idea what to say in response, instead staying quiet and following him into the building.

"There y'are!" Applejack shouted at her in relief when she entered the shop.

"Are you okay?!" Rarity cut in concernedly.

"I'm fine..." Sunset replied sheepishly, not quite sure what to feel at the moment.

"Ahh..." Ollivander approached the two entering the building awkwardly. Sunset could tell he had been thrown slightly off by her, it probably wasn't every day that someone teleports away with one of your wands accidentally. "Professor Dumbledore," he nodded in respect.

"Ollivander. I must apologize for the accidental use of magic by a student of mine."

"Accidental apparition?" Ollivander looked doubtful for a moment, peering at Sunset with unsettling pale eyes. Sunset shuffled awkwardly, having no idea what he even said. She would have to ask Dumbledore what apparition was when she had an opportunity. He smiled abruptly, handing the wand's box to Sunset, "Congratulations on your wand, miss Shimmer."

Author's Note:

The last few chapters were relatively difficult for me. I'd like to consider myself a decent Harry Potter fan, but when I began to write about last chapter, I realized I had no idea what I was doing. That realization prompted me to spend around seven hours straight hours reading about wands. It was a long and involved process, but in a way, it was pretty fun.

In my reading, I found that each wood has a type of person it is attracted to. Each core has an impact as well, albeit a smaller one. After considering the meanings of the make of the wand, I finally decided on a wand for each of the eight newcomers to the Harry Potter world. I figure, if I am going to do this, I'm going to do this right. I'll make someone happy keeping the story as accurate as I can. I suppose let me know if you'd be interested in knowing each of their wands and I can go about putting them somewhere. Otherwise, the information may be revealed over the course of the story.

Thanks for reading. :twilightsmile: