• Published 4th Apr 2017
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A World Divided By Magic - Ocerra

Magic is introduced into the world from Equestria, drawing the attention of those who would seek to keep it secret.

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Chapter 1, Unforeseen Consequences

Chapter One
Unforeseen Consequences

Sunset Shimmer's chest tightened as her hands closed around the crown she had been seeking. Finally... after so long, magic. It had been an eternity since she had been forced into this stupid world without magic. She turned around to confront her opposition once more after finally achieving her goal. A way to use my magic again. Her hands shook violently as she held the crown out before her, not sure if it was the anticipation or... fear?

Raising her arms, Sunset dispelled all her thoughts of doubt as she set the crown gently upon her fiery red hair. What would there possibly be to fear. This was her goal from the very beginning, commiting herself to all kinds of terrible actions for so long. It was far too late for second thoughts now. Drawing a deep breath, she probed out with her mind, reaching out through her crown to find that which she had always known, Magic... and found it.

Her heart fluttered in excitement and anticipation; it had been years since she had lost the ability to use her magic after escaping into this dreaded world. That dreadful mirror deceived her, it showed her as a princess, an alicorn. She deserved to be great, she deserved the power she had, she deserved more. Yet the only thing that mirror had done, was taken it all away! Celestia abandoned me to this fate...

Fear, anger, and anguish swirled in her heart as Sunset pulled in as much magic as she could. She could feel the world around her in a way she couldn't before. She could feel each blade of grass swaying in the harsh wind, the clouds as they swirled and toiled unnaturally, and the dread exuding from each of the humans as they stared at her in horror from beneath her. It was intoxicating.

She released a breath she didn't realize she had been holding. Taking a moment to shake off the euphoria, she turned back to regard the six girls who had been keeping the crown from her, delighting in their terrorized expressions. Any other lingering students took that opportunity to flee and hide. It may have taken much longer than she would have liked, but the mirror delivered its promise in the end.

Now that she had her promised power, Sunset could return to Equestria to retake what was rightfully hers. After dealing with this little rodent standing before her. "You lose, 'princess' Twilight Sparkle," she spat out disdainfully, "You, who have gotten everything you've ever wanted, handed to you on a silver platter. Now watch as I take it all away." She brought her hands together, forming an orb of fire between them, and launched it at the obnoxious brat.

Glee. That was the closest thing Sunset could describe to having felt at that moment. It sent a shiver down her spine. She was ruthless and underhanded, but she wasn't a killer. A part of her battled with these foreign thoughts, but it was useless. She felt lost in her own mind, dominated by something that wasn't her, as she watched the explosion she created envelop the six girls cowering together beneath her.

Sunset perked up at the feeling of foreign magic. Whatever doubts she had were overshadowed by fear and curiosity. How can I feel other magic in a world with no magic? Unmistakably there was a bubble of some kind that was erected around the school. It was baffling. The only magic in this world came from this crown... right?

"You know nothing of the magic you use Sunset," Twilight's voice pierced through the smog of the explosion, "The element of harmony you are using have recognized their former owners and have come to our aid. You may have the crown upon your head, but you cannot wield its power, because you do not possess the most powerful magic of all, friendship!"

Sunset stared at the group before her with wide eyes as they started to float off the ground toward her, glowing with a faint light. She hadn't even the opportunity to flee before a prismatic beam overcame her.

"And what happened then?" the old man who had introduced himself as Albus Dumbledore spoke from across the table. He had a gentle expression resting on a wrinkled face framed by long white hair, an equally white beard cascading down his chest.

Sunset sank back into the comfort of her chair, avoiding his gaze. His demeanor reminded her too much of her old teacher, her only family whom she had ever known. "When... the light... overtook me," she began awkwardly, "it felt so warm. I felt comfortable. Like all of the mistakes I had made in the past were forgiven. That I no longer had anything to prove, because I was okay the way I was." She jerked her head awkwardly to the side, trying to hide her tearful face from the kindly man.

"Everyone makes mistakes Sunset. It's what we decide to do after them that decides who we become."

"I turned into a power hungry demon!" she snapped at him bitterly, "How can you be so understanding...?" She bit down on her tongue to stop herself from crying in front of him. That would be the worst outcome out of all of this. How pathetic. All it takes is one person showing me compassion, and I turn into a sobbing mess.

"You need not think you're alone, Sunset. I too have made terrible mistakes," he replied sadly, sounding even older than he looked, impressively. "I know the pain of committing evil for the sake of those you love. I also know that you are not the evil you are making yourself out to be. Alas, you are young, and still possess the power to become whatever you want. It's not too late to change with the help of your friends."

"Huh? What friends?"

"The six girls who vouched for you to the aurors," Albus replied passively, arching his eyebrow slightly.

"I... what?" Sunset couldn't have stopped herself from crying then if she had tried, "Why? I... have only... made their lives... miserable," she managed to choke out while sobbing. "Why?"

"I assure you, they don't see things that way." He leaned forward slightly. "Each of them have been questioned separately immediately following the incident, and each of them have defended you. If it weren't for them, I think we'd be meeting under much different circumstances."

The unfinished thought sent a shiver down her spine, but regardless, she felt thankful for them. She'd never once considered that friendship could be worthwhile, but for the first time, she could see how beautiful it was to have someone to help her. "Um... what's an auror?" she asked, wiping the tears from her eyes.

He considered the best way to explain before replying, "An auror is the policing force of the wizarding world."

"You mean there is magic in this world too?" Sunset spurted out in shock.

Albus chuckled softly at Sunset's expression. "I would think that you of all... people... wouldn't be as shocked as the others."

"What do you mean?" Sunset asked guardedly, noticing the hesitation in his wording.

"I had the opportunity to learn a great deal of things from Twilight before our conversation," he stated matter-of-factly, "She had a great deal of interesting information to cover that the other five did not. You have no need to be afraid, only I know this information, and advised Twilight to keep it that way too."

Sunset was speechless. "That girl is FAR too trusting," she said testily, "How could she share something like that with a stranger."

Albus took the remark in stride, "I'm sorry to say, but we're running somewhat short on time. I need to know what you want to do moving forward. You have two options. You can head home in around an hours time with Twilight, or you can stay here with your new friends. I have the ability to give you a comfortable life here, if you so choose."

Sunset looked down at the floor sadly. After what she had went through with Celestia, she didn't know if she could face her again, even if it had been three years. "I... I think I'd like to stay..." She looked back up at him hopefully.

He just smiled warmly at her, standing slowly. "Very well. You may wait here, and I will be back as soon as I can. I have to return another certain pony back to her home. I'll have someone send you a decent meal while you wait for me to return."

"U-um... sir?" she asked, as he started for the door, "What does 'obliviate' mean? I heard the aurors say it earlier."

Twilight and Dumbledore stood facing the statue before turning back to the rest of the girls gathered around them. "I might not have known you all for long, but I'll miss you all so much," Twilight said sadly, drawing them all into a hug. The group shared a long tearful hug before finally splitting off, and returning to the statue with Dumbledore.

Twilight's dog, Spike, bounded up next to his owner before adding a comment of his own, "I'm really gonna miss them." If Dumbledore thought a talking dog were strange at all, he never let it show.

Twilight smiled down at him. "Yeah," she replied sadly, looking over at Dumbledore who was waiting politely for her to finish her goodbyes. "I'm ready now." The two walked together up to the open face of the statue, and stepped into it.

They fell. One couldn't tell which direction they were falling, just that they were moving uncontrollably somewhere. Dumbledore compared it mentally to a more jarring and violent form of apparition, an already taxing form of transportation. The feeling only lasted a few seconds before they lurched forward, hooves connecting loudly on marble as they stepped out of the mirror.

Dumbledore shuffled his limbs uncomfortably. Looking down at his hooves awkwardly. If he didn't have four hooves on the ground, he was sure he would have fallen. Normally he wouldn't let his age get in the way of things, but he was probably too old for an experience like this. He moved his legs awkwardly, stepping after Twilight who had bound over to a group of her friends, noisily reuniting. Now that he had noticed them, they had a striking resemblance to the friends they had just left on the other side of the portal, despite these being ponies. It took him a moment to realize that he had gained an audience of some sort, a large line of ponies staring at him curiously.

The two largest of the ponies appeared to have a much different reaction from the others. Their jaws hanging open as they stared at him in awe, "Starswirl?" the larger of the two asked incredulously.

Dumbledore looked back at Twilight, who now stared at him with the same expression as the other two, eyes as large as saucers. They must be referring to me. "You must be Celestia," he bowed his head respectfully, "I fear we have much to discuss."

Any amount of surprise she once held was quickly replaced by a much more mature and collected demeanor, "Of course. Come, I will show us to a place we can speak in private." Even with such a short interaction, Dumbledore could tell that they would get along quite well, sensing the maturity of the pony.

"Lead the way, majesty," he replied, garnering a light chuckle from the rainbow colored mare.

"You always were one for formality."

He stepped slowly and methodically, getting used to his new pony body. He chuckled softly as he stepped past Twilight whose face was still frozen in place, staring at him in wonder. "You'll have to tell me who this Starswirl is," he jested as the two stepped out into the grandiose hallway, away from the group of ponies.

Celestia smiled over at him, her eyes almost glowing with warmth, "We will have plenty of time to talk after I lower the sun." She continued down the hallway a few more steps before she realized she was no longer being followed.

"After you what?"