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Songs of the Siren - Silver Inkwell

This is about Romance between a land pony and a seapony. This is their story.

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Under the Sea

Chapter Eight: Under the Sea

Lily swam through the water, it was cool, it was refreshing.

The water was always the right temperature, not too warm, not too cold, just perfect. She smiled as she entered the dining hall to eat the dinner prepared for her family. She went over to her seat and ‘sat down’ although it was more like floating since they were, after all, underwater. She politely waited for the rest of her family to come since she was usually the first one there.

Her father was already there of course and she decided to talk with him after all of her sisters had finally gathered around and started to eat at their very grand, fancy, and elegant table.

Her father was soon there, and Lily decided to talk with him once all her sisters had finally gathered around the table and started to eat their meal.

“Father, why do you dislike ponies so much?”

Suddenly everypony stopped eating their food. “You know as well as I do the reasons for why I hate them,” he answered.

“But can you not forgive them for what they did to her?” Lily asked.

“What they did to your mother… it was unspeakable. She died because of them, and because of that I cannot, no, will not ever forgive them. I am sorry, but they have hurt me too much already.”

“Then why let me be courted by the latest king, Forrest?” she asked.

He looked her straight in the eyes and said, "Because I hope that, through him, I can finally get rid of the sirens."

He looked her straight in the eyes and said, "Because I hope that, through him, I can finally get rid of the sirens."

The looks of shock were no longer focused solely on Lily. "That, father, is a fate worse than death," She said thinking about the Garden of Lost Souls and all the foolish ponies who had made deals there. It used to be that nopony would ever have dared to approach the sirens, but as word of their special talents and beauty spread, ponies had slowly become braver.

“Adagio and her friends have bothered me too much to be allowed residence in this kingdom. I promised them that as long as they did not dare disobey me, they would be left alone. But now I fear revolt, not to mention they now have a new apprentice named Turquesa."

Lily blinked in shock, “You mean-?”

Yes, the once famous singer named the greatest in the entire kingdom. Whose skill is only surpassed by you, your mother, and your sisters, that is." Once again, he neglected the Sirens since they all knew how well they sang.

"Why would she do such a thing?"

Triton shrugged, “Who can say for sure? Maybe she was low on money, or bored, or scared and trying to run away from something. Perhaps she was angry at somepony and wanted revenge, or even just wanted comfort because she was lonely, and that's what they promised her. (continue paragraph to next)

Whatever the reason, she's no longer one I would call your friend, or even a citizen because of her current relationship with the sirens.

"Father, you... you-" Lily stammered.

"Yes, I have banished her from my kingdom. She is no longer welcome in my realm."

"But Father, why? Are her crimes truly unforgivable? Surely there must be a way to bring her back to the light?" She pleaded.

“No, she has forgotten the real truth. She has been absorbed by lies until there is no more hope for her anymore, she is essentially a siren."

Lily nodded, a look of defeat on her face: "As you wish, Father."

"Thank you for understanding my decision, it is not one I made lightly. After all, she does have a family just like us who will mourn her loss, but it is for the greater good."

"Yes, for the greater good," Lily said, still unhappy at him.

"Now that we have that cleared up, I would very much like to get back to enjoying our meal."

And they did, but unlike her sisters, Lily only managed to play with her food and barely eat anything. “Lily, you need to eat,” Triton said.

“But why should I? After all, you won’t listen to me and you didn’t support my decision either. But even if you did listen, I’m still not sure you would agree with my choice,” she said.

“Just tell me what it is that you want to say and then we will see,” he said.

“No, not here. Not in front of all my sisters,” she said.

“Very well, leave us please,” he said.

Promptly, all the sisters did so. “Well, what is it? Tell me, please,” Triton said leaning forward over the table as he rested his chin on his hooves.

“I don’t know yet,” she started. “I just need you to listen without saying anything no matter how much it might anger you, no matter how much you disagree, I just need you to listen and support me. Promise me that first, please."

“Very well then, I will promise you that much,” he said.

“Thank you. Father, I have a secret, one that I’ve kept hidden away from you and my sisters for quite some time now.”

Her father, as promised, didn’t say anything, but he did gesture for her to continues as he smiled. “Father, my secret, well... it’s… well, I love the land, okay? I have been absolutely fascinated by it ever since meeting Forest. I know that my sisters and other seaponies don’t quite have my obsession over it, and I know what happened with the other kings in the past, but I just want to be a part of their world."

Triton's eyes started to flare with anger as his face turned into a scowl, but instead of yelling at her, he started laughing. "Father," Lily said with a look of great concern," I'm not joking, you know. I've already thought this out quite and while I expected you to be angry I also knew you would forgive me with time, but I'm not sure what this is supposed to mean."

"I'm sorry Lily," He said once he could speak again. "It's just the idea that my daughter could love the land so much after what happened to you mother humored my optimism."

"Ooookay..." Lily said, still unsure what to do.

"I am angry still with you, though. Do you not still weep for your mother? Do you feel nothing for her? Would you rather go off to live with the ponies of the land than stay here in the sea where all beautiful things and creatures live? Do you not like the animals, the things, the stuff, the wealth, the treasure, or the environment? Tell me what’s wrong and then I will do my very best to fix it.”

"You see, the problem is, well, you."

Triton’s eyes once again burned red, but Lily knew that this was no trick, this was true rage. “Lily, how dare you say that of me? How dare you!” he roared.

Ah, there was the yelling she had expected earlier. "You're shouting at me again, that's never good."

“I don’t care anymore!” he screamed.

“And this, Father, is your problem.”

“What? My anger? Well guess what, I only do that because I care. I really do love you and I truly want you to be happy,” he said, calming down a little.

“Then let me be part of their world, let me explore the land,” she begged.

Triton sighed, “Even if I could do that, which I can’t, there’s no way that you could live up there with him permanently, sure your magic may disguise your real form for awhile, but what happens when your magic runs out? What if you can’t get to the water in time? What do you think the land ponies will do to you then?”

She hadn’t ever considered that before. “Besides," He continued. "You’ll always be a seapony no matter what magic you try to use to look like a unicorn. I’m just afraid there is no easy way for you to become a permanent land pony, so your wish just simply cannot ever come true no matter what you try to do or how hard you do it. But with help, maybe you can."

“Yes, you are right, Father. I must become a land pony if I am to explore the land, and for that, I will need help. Will you support me on my quest then?” she asked.

He sighed once more, “No, I will not. I cannot do this, I am sorry."

“Very well then, you leave me no other choice,” She said as she got up and slowly went away.

“Wait, where are you going?” Triton asked.

“Far away from you," She answered.

"WHAT!" He exclaimed. "As your king and father I order you to stay!"

"Father, I'm old enough to take care of myself now. I am over 210 years old and you still treat me like I'm a baby!"

“Considering that I am much older than you could possibly imagine, and your mother while she lived, and considering that your oldest sister is well over 4000 years old and I would still say that she has a lot of growing up to do first before she starts exploring the world,” He stated.

“Ha, you only say that because you want me to stay close to you so you never lose the last part of my mother that you have!”

Her father winced with visible pain at this remark, stopped trying to follow her, and didn’t even bother with the guards. Lily swam off to her secret cave where she had collected many various things from the land over many years.

She sighed and then decided to sing to herself.

And then she started to play with some of the things from her collection. Luckily, she knew what to call them unlike some seaponies out there, not that she thought they were stupid, but that they had simply never seen nor heard of them before. This was slightly disappointing since she found land ponies so very intriguing.

And that was the reason she had remained silent for so long when she had first met Forrest. Because she was trying to gauge her fear, courage, nervousness, curiosity, and, well, it was just simply everything. Eventually, she did finally manage to find the courage to speak and was very glad she had done so.

But even now she still wanted more, but as to what it was, she still did not know. She sighed heavily to herself, yearning for something more just as Forrest was doing on the land. Little did she know that at that precise moment she was being watched through the shadows of her cavern of many magnificent wonders (or, at least, that’s what she called her collection).

Author's Note:

"You see, the problem is, well, you."




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