• Published 16th Feb 2017
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Power Struggle - Regis-Th3-Lesser

Can Queen Ember bring her kindgom back from Anarchal Collapse?

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1. You're Not in Equestria Anymore

The sun rose over the mountains in the east, casting a shadow on the volcano upon which her palace was built. Ember woke with a loud yawn and a stretch of her wings. She noticed that she was alone. “Huh…” she sighed with disappointment.

She got up seeing her torn pants and discarded shirt sitting where the events of the night before started. “Spike…” she growled as she picked up her pants. Well he was a male after all. She smiled with a small giggle. As much as she wanted to bathe in the afterglow, there was business to attend to.

Smog marched down the hallway with direct orders from the Queen. He was devoted and rarely questioned what was asked of him but in this case he felt that these ponies weren't the solution that they needed. They knew nothing of dragon culture, customs or sorcery. These ponies couldn't know anything about what the dragons want. Still, he wouldn't question his Queen’s judgement. If she believed that they could help them; that's what they were going to do.

He came upon the first room and opened the door. The sun’s rays refracted off the walls filling the room with a yellow glow.

“Princesses! It’s time to wake up!” he shouted jolting Rainbow Dash from her enjoyable slumber.

“Hey… What’s the big idea?” Rainbow yawned.

“The Queen has requested your presence. Please do not keep her waiting.” Smog marched off towards the next room.

“What’s his deal,” Rainbow groaned as she stretched and cracked her stiff back.

“Well, if the queen wants us then we have to get up,” Twilight yawned. “It must be the time zone shift because I am exhausted…” she got up and shuffled over to Spike and Pinkie’s beds. “Come on guys, we’ve got stuff to do today…”

“Alrighty!” Pinkie leapt out of bed in nothing but a t-shirt and some panites.

“Spike.” Twilight shook his bed. “Spike! Get up!” Twilight grumbled. She sighed and took hold of his foot with her magic, dragging him from the warm embrace of his bed to the cold hard floor.

“I don’t know what I hate more; you forcing me out of bed or you throwing the covers to the other side of the room,” Spike growled.

“Come on. Ember’s called for us.” Twilight left the room with a baggie of her toiletries. Spike sat there for a second as if last night was nothing but a dream. “She must have a lot of energy,” he thought. She’s up and ready to get started while he was unsure if Twilight woke him up or if this was one of those dreams where you wake up in your dream but in real life you’re still out cold. He saw Pinkie skipping over him in nothing but her underwear… Could still be a dream. Whatever the case may be, he listened and got up surprised at how sore his entire lower body was. With every stretch his thighs quivered and ached like he just finished doing over one thousand squats in one sitting.

“You better hurry up Spike,” Rainbow said as she got out of bed. “You know how long Rarity likes to take. He watched her leave lost in thought about what happened the night before. He grinned from ear to ear as his ego inflated to Blueblood levels. “Heh, I’ll be right there.” he said to no one as he walked out of the room.

Ember sat on her throne, her eyes glued to the floor. She was deep in contemplation on what issues she should tackle first. Maybe getting some bits flowing through her kingdom? Or perhaps writing a few laws so these mongrels would stop killing each other left and right. One thing was for certain; she needed a standing council or some kind of parliament. Trying to do all of this alone would only succeed in the acceleration of her age and the loss of her hair… No wonder why she was so short.

Smog entered the room and bowed on one knee. “Your ‘help’ has been awakened and are all eating. They should arrive shortly.”

“What? How are they eating? I thought ponies couldn’t digest meat.”

“Princess Pie brought an entire crate full of Equestrian foodstuffs.” Ember then realized that they had nothing here for a pony to eat, which would explain why they didn’t tell her that they were hungry the night before.

“Thank you for that Smog. You’re dismissed.” Smog nodded with a grunt and went on his way. She appreciated how much he helped around the palace, even though he was of few words. She had better luck keeping a conversation with a rock going than with him. Back to the matters at hand. What should she focus on. Her main problem was trying to show these ponies that she had a faint understanding on how to run a kingdom, but in all honesty she didn’t. The only thing she learned from her dad was to scream like a maniac and scare the scales off the dragon next to you. Being small and the opposite of intimidating negated that idea swiftly. Maybe if she did scare someone it might work.

Torch never told her about the true power in the Bloodstone Scepter. He was able to control everyone like puppets with one wave of the ancient trinket, but in her hands it was nothing more than a decorative heirloom. She took hold of it in both claws, staring deep into her own reflection. She focused on the stone more and more but nothing happened. She sighed in frustration and placed it besides her. Soon, one by one, Pinkie first with a satisfied grin, entered the throne room.

“Good mornin your highness,” Applejack said with a tip of her hat.

“Good, you’re all here.” All but one. “Where’s Spike?” she asked out of curiosity rather than necessity.

“He’s still eating. That boy eats like a vacuum,” Rarity chuckled.

“Well, that’s good. Now we have one important issue to discuss… My father -Dragon Lord Torch- was ruler of the dragons years before any of us were born and in that time much of the dragons within these lands have been brought up and lived their long lives under the rules that he established and unfortunately that he alone knew.”

“So we need to come up with a set of laws, right?” Fluttershy asked.

“Exactly, but yet again; an obstacle stands in our way.”

“And that is?” Rainbow asked.

“The people themselves… Dragons are greedy and selfish by nature, but I believe they’ll come together in pursuit of a common goal.”

“Basically we have to write a constitution, set up a monarchal government, all while writing up countless laws and regulations??” Pinkie counted on her fingers.

“That’s exactly what I just said…” Ember sighed.

“Oh then that’s a piece of cake. Dashie and I singlehandedly turned Griffonstone around. Right Dashie!”

“It took some time, but yeah we helped a little.”

“I… have a question. If you don't mind me asking.” Fluttershy raised her hand.


“Where is your father?” All eyes fell on her as the question hung in the air.

“I have no idea. He’s been travelling the world for the last two years.”

“Oh… Okay.” Fluttershy hid behind her bangs.

“With all due respect your highness; we don’t know the first thing about starting up a government,” Applejack spoke up.

“I know Celestia personally, and I’ve organized several federal events as well as settled disputes in small towns, and have read, as well as, done reports on several boo-”

“Twilight we get it. I’m starting to get a headache after being beaten over the head with your achievements…” Rainbow rolled her eyes.

“In short; I believe I’m more than qualified to assist you with anything.”

“You don’t know how relieved I am to hear that…” Ember smiled earning a grin from Twilight.

“What about the rest of us?” Rarity asked.

“You all can speak with the people directly,” Ember stated simply.

“You want us to talk to dragons?” Fluttershy asked with some apprehension.

“Yeah I thought dragons hated us,” Rainbow added.

“You’ll never know unless you try. You ponies have a knack for this kind of thing.”

“You can count on us Princess.” Applejack gave her a thumbs up. “Where should we start?”

“Go and ask around town. Ignis Terrestris isn’t that big of a village.” They all shared a single look then headed out of the throne room. Ember watched until her guards closed the palace doors, praying beyond all hope that these six legendary mares can help her. Right at the moment the doors closed Spike came running in with a biscuit in his claw.

“I’m here!” He looked around. “Aw crud… Am I late?”

“Actually, you’re right on time. Ember and I are going to start putting together a… preamble if you will.”

“And you need me to keep record?” Spike crossed his arms.

“Of course. Nobody writes as fast as you,” Twilight giggled. Ember felt a prick of jealousy.

“Okay.” He shoved the biscuit into his mouth. “Lesth get stharted.”

After a ten minute ride by cable car the group of five led by Applejack reached the base of the volcano where the village of Ignis Terrestris was built. On the way up they had barely noticed the small town. Passing through felt more like walking through a camp than a town on the rise.

“Alrighty then… Where should we start?” Applejack asked as they left the car.

“I say we split up. We can cover more ground,” Rarity proposed.

“Good Idea,” Rainbow quickly agreed. “Me Fluttershy and Pink-” She was caught off by an excited gasp coming from Pinkie Pie.

“Do you smell that?” She held her head up high, capturing the heavenly scent. “I have to check it out! I could get a new recipe!” Pinkie took off in a Pink blur.

“Meet us back here at four Pinkie!” Rarity shouted.

“Okay!” Pinkie responded her voice growing fainter the further away she was.

“Then I guess me and Rarity will do some askin around.”

“Roger that!” Rainbow took to the air. Fluttershy waved goodbye and took off after Rainbow.

“And then there were two,” Applejack chuckled.

“Quite… I suppose we should get started then?” Rarity started heading down the gravel path that lead into the heart of the town. She was being polite and reserved but in all brutal honesty this place made her soul weep. It was so dusty and grimy ;like the village where they found Starlight but twice as unappealing. Her eye for detail and the arts was bleeding at the sight of this place. At least Ember’s palace was something to behold; it was nothing compared to the architecture back home but she admired the craftsmanship.

Applejack held on to one question that adhered to her impression of this place; how in the world were they all going to turn this place into a prosperous kingdom? From what she could tell -and she was no expert in anything other than farming- it took the entire reign of Celestia for Equestria to form into what it is today. It can be done, but it would take time; time she was afraid they didn't have. This didn't look like seven years of neglect. This looked like generations of decay.

Up ahead Rarity was talking to a Light gray dragon. “Hello sir and or Drake. My name is Lady Rarity of Equestria.”

“Hi…?” The dragon greeted with a confused growl.

“My and My friend here have been sent by Dragon Lord Ember to get the opinion of the people.” He looked at Rarity and the approaching Applejack with an ocean's volume of cynicism.

“So our leader sends two smelly ponies to talk to her ‘subjects’ instead of talking to us herself…” He sarcastically groaned.

“Oh… When you put it like that, it does sound asinine.”

“Exactly…” He was just about to walk away when Applejack arrived.

“Sir or uh Drake; we only want to ask you a question.” He rolled his eyes and crossed his arms.

“Fine, but make it quick!” he snapped. Rarity gestured for Applejack to ask the disgruntled dragon.

“What kind of government would you like to see here? Not just in Ignes…”

“Ignis Terrestris,” Rarity assisted quietly.

“Right. Not just here in Ignis Terrestris, but the entire Kingdom as a whole?” The dragon put a claw to his chin, scratching the short silky beard that protruded through his scales.

“Well, I guess I’d like for my ‘leader’ to get off her ass and actually communicate with the people instead of sending a hussy and a hick!” he shouted before storming off in a rage. Applejack shook her head while Rarity stood with her hand to her chest utterly appalled.

“A hussy?? Did that unbathed, illegitimate fire sucker call me a hussy!” Rarity raged. “I have never in all of my days met such a disrespectful waste of time and space!”

“Rarity calm down we just need to-”

“To Tartarus with this!” She spat as she stormed off. Applejack sighed and followed after her. He called Applejack a hick. That was one of the worse things she’s ever heard next being called inbred. Rarity did always have a hair trigger when it came to someone insulting her or as she called it “A shameful bastardisation of her dignity as a lady”. She’ll calm down eventually…

On another side of town Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash walked through a rather busy area with some vendors but mostly folk hanging around drinking from what looked like liquor bottles and eating charred meat. The smell made Rainbow Dash sick to her stomach while Fluttershy was trying her best not to pass out where she stood. These dragons did put both of them a little on edge though. Rainbow more than Fluttershy. She felt like one of them was going to pounce at any minute. Of course she can go for a good fight -those tough scales could make for a nice punching bag- but that would defeat their goal of finding a diplomatic solution to their current problem.

“Holy Smokes! I haven’t your kind here in ages!” an elderly dragon spoke from a kiosk. It looked as if he was selling stones of varying textures and sizes. “Come on, I don’t bite… anymore…” Fluttershy went ahead of Rainbow to greet the old Drake.

“Hi there,” she greeted with an adorable smile. “I’m Fluttershy and This is my friend, Rainbow Dash.”

“Yo…” Rainbow greeted.

“Yep, even got the names,” the old Drake chuckled.

“What’s your name?” Fluttershy asked.

“Owen Cinders, but folk around here call me OC. So what brings a couple of pretty ponies like you to a place like this.”

“Queen Ember sent for us,” Rainbow replied. “She needs our help to get this place back on track.”

“Sorry youngin, but this place hasn’t been on track for over a millennia.”

“What do you mean?” Fluttershy asked.

“For as long as I can remember, trust and believe me that’s one hell of a long time, things have been this way. Sure there were times when people weren’t living off quartz that they just so happened to stumble upon, but I don’t remember anything different than this.”

“Since you have been around for so long, would you like to see a change in the leadership?” Fluttershy picked up a smooth yet slightly abrasive rock from his kiosk. Owen started to laugh hysterically attracting a some strange looks.

“You’re cute pony. I’ve been wandering this Earth for the better part of seven hundred years. In my time I’ve learned that dragons aren’t capable of change. Maybe things were better before the time of old Owen, but now. Nothing…”

“Darn…” Rainbow growled.

“It is an interesting idea though…” Owen scratched his bald head. “Say I might be able to help you. What would I get from it?”

“Huh?” Fluttershy asked as she dropped the rock.

“How much are ya willing to pay for some helpful information?” Rainbow and Fluttershy gave each other confused looks.

“Oh for the love of the Flame… I’m bribing you! You know; extortion?”

“We know you’re bribing us. You just didn’t tell us what you want. We have plenty of bits…” Rainbow dug in her pockets jingling the brass coins.

“How about one thousand?” Owen said with a sly grin.

“One thousand! Are you crazy?” Rainbow was obviously taken aback by his request.

“Take it or leave it. Honestly, I may pass tomorrow. I’m old. Any change that this place makes will happen long after I’ve kicked the bucket,” Owen said with a shrug. Fluttershy dug frantically through her coin purse only coming up with about thirty two bits. Rainbow had clutched in her hand ten or maybe fifteen. Fluttershy walked over to Rainbow.

“I have… thirty two, thirty three, thirty- Thirty five bits! How about you?”

“About twenty one,” Rainbow whispered as she finished counting her handfull.

“So that’s about sixty bits maybe?” Fluttershy asked. Rainbow shrugged with uncertainty. Fluttershy took her handful and returned to a patient Owen.

“So, did you magically come up with the money?” he asked while looking directly at Fluttershy's chest.

“N-No sir… Between us we only have sixty six bits…”

“Sorry cutie. No deal.” Owen was pretty satisfied with getting over on two gullible ponies. Then Fluttershy started to look at him with large pleading eyes. Owen looked into them becoming as stiff as a board, terrified because he couldn’t look away from her. This look she was giving him was boreing directly into his rotten core. She just kept looking at him with those big adorable turquoise eyes, freaking him out more than instilling sympathy within him.

“Okay I’ll take the bits! Just stop looking at me like that you succubus!” Fluttershy handed him the bits with a smile while Owen shuddered.

“There’s an old library about a day’s flight to the southeast of here. Raiders have probably picked it clean, but I’m sure the books are still in tact,” he spoke, his voice wavering.

“Thank you Mr. Cinders,” Fluttershy said with a chirip before walking off with Rainbow Dash leaving Owen wondering what in the world did that pony just do to him.

“How did you do that?” Rainbow asked with a surprised chuckle.

“Just know the stare works on any creature, big or small,” Fluttershy smiled proudly. Up ahead Pinkie was walking with her arms crossed and her face sour.

“Heya Pinkie, any luck?” Rainbow hugged Pinkie but she stood there with a pout and a huff. “Are you okay?”

“Remember that super yummy smell I smelled when we got here?” Pinkie tried to sound angry but her exuberance showed through.

“Turns out it was meat….” she wrinkled her nose.

“Well yeah. Dragon’s are carnivores after all,” Fluttershy explained.

“I’m not mad that it was meat. I’m mad that it smelled so good. That’s false advertisement!” Pinkie pouted even harder.

“Don’t worry Pinkie. I’m sure we’ll find some pony food while were here. I mean the Dragon Lands can’t be that cut off from the rest of the world right?” Suddenly there was a loud explosion followed by a small black mushroom cloud that billowed upwards. All of the dragons around them looked up in terror for they knew all too well what was coming next.

Back in the palace Ember and Twilight sat at a table brainstorming ideas for a formal document of some sorts or something to act as the catalyst for this constitution. Spike sat with his quill in hand waiting for them to come up with something. It’s been at least two hours since everyone else left and all they have been doing is talking about laws right’s amendments and all of the governmental stuff that usually put Twilight’s classes to sleep. No doubt that this was a step forward but he thought Framing would be a lot more interesting than this. Well, he was about to get his excitement.

Outside he heard a muffled boom. He looked to Twilight and Ember; they carried on their conversation as if nothing had happened. Spike knew he wasn’t hearing things. There was something going on. He could feel it. He looked apprehensively at them then back to the door several times eventually siding with his gut. He got up and walked out with no explanation.”Spike?” Twilight called out to him. “Spike where are you going?”

Spike ran through the main hallway that lead back to the throne room and the entrance of the palace. He came upon the main doors. They were made of large slabs of basaltic rock. With a heave he opened the heavy doors. As the light began streaming so did the nauseating scent of fire and smoke. “Guys! Help me with this!” Smog and another guard pushed on the doors as well revealing a sight that made their blood run cold. Down in the town a large plume of pitch black smoke rose from the southeast side of the village. “Spike! What are you-” Then twilight saw it. The sickening smell coupled with the black smoke glowing yellow at it’s base.

“My Queen,” Smog and his accompanying guard said in unison. Ember saw it too, but instead of her blood running cold her rage made it boil.

“Twilight. Spike. Stay here…” she stretched her wings preparing to take off.

“Ember wait. We can help,” Twilight spoke up.

“Yeah, we’ve dealt with things like these back in Equestria.” Spike cracked his knuckles. Ever since he hit puberty he’s wanted to see just how strong he was. Ember wanted to argue but she didn’t have the time.

“Okay but be warned; these dragons are ruthless. They rape and kill everyone unfortunate enough to be caught in their path.” She spread her wings along with Smog and the other guard.

“Wait.” Ember stopped with a frustrated scowl. “Grab on to me. I can teleport us there.” They all placed their hands on Twilight and in an electrical crackle they were gone.

Rarity shot solid bolts of magic from her horn, disarming a dragon who came at Applejack with a jagged sword. Rainbow Dash was dive bombing the intruders with punches and kicks; at least she was right about these dragons being able to take a punch. Every blow she landed seemed to be less and less effective. Pinkie was blasting as many of them as she could with her party cannon, but with every shot she dished out they came back in full. Not even Applejacks renowned leg strength could put a dent in these guys. She kicked several of them square in the chest or stomach and they returned with sadistic smiles on their faces.

“These guys are too-” Rainbow glide kicked one of them square in the jaw “-strong!”

“We can’t let up!” Rarity enveloped one in her magic and threw him at two incoming raiders. Just then Twilight Spike and Ember appeared in from of them in a bright purple flash. Smog charged at the intruders teeth bared and armed with a dark bladed sword. One of the raiders charged at him as well with nothing but his claws. In one swift motion the blade penetrated the raiders scales as blood began to run down the blade. “Kill them all!” the leader of the raiders roared. The groups charged as Smog readied himself to drop however many it took to protect the people. Spike readied himself but before he could even choose a target, Twilight levitated him into the crowd of concerned onlookers right next to Fluttershy.


“Spike do not interfere in any way! Are we understood?” Spike didn’t respond. Twilight turned her attention back to the invading group. While they fought Spike mentally cursed Twilight for shoving him aside like he was useless. He wasn’t small and frail. He could fight. He could help them win! One by one the raiders fell, but as one dropped it seemed like two more took their place. Twilight and Rarity laid down suppressing fire by shooting magic bolts at any attackers who came too close while Ember and those with wings cut down the atrackers at the edge. For some time they were at a stalemate until one dragon shrug off everything Twilight was throwing at him. He landed next to her and wound up his mace. With a mighty swing he struck Twilight’s arm her flying towards a hut.

It all happened so fast that he couldn't believe it; yet as it happened time seemed to slow to a standstill. Tears began to stream down his cheeks as all the memories he shared with her played back in front of him. He ran towards Twilight with no thought; he was driven by his fear of losing her and his anger towards the one who hurt her.

The dragon loomed over an unconscious Twilight. The others rushed to stop him, but it would seem that they wouldn’t get to her in time. He raised his mace in both claws and brought it down like a guillotine.

Fluttershy looked away while everyone else was frozen in horror.

The dragon was confused at what just happened. He knows he hit somebody but there was too much dust; he couldn't see through it. Once the dust began to settle, Spike stood over her with fire in his eyes and his arms crossed blocking the mace. The impact was the most painful thing he ever felt in his life, but it was overshadowed by his unyielding rage. The dragon lifted his mace again, giving Spike an opening to take his best shot. With all the force he could muster punched him with a flaming fist directly in his stomach.

His fist went deep into the dragon's gut, making him grasp at the air escaping from his lungs. He keeled over clutching his stomach coughing and rasping as blood began to trickle out of his mouth. Everyone, even the raiders, froze as Spike stood victorious with his fist clenched and enveloped in a green flame. He turned to Twilight. She was unconscious with her arm contorted in a sickening way. This further stoked the flames of his rage. He slammed his foot down on the back of the dragon's neck unflinching at the loud crack that followed, then he turned his attention to the raiders.

“Aaaaaaahhhh!” he roared Charging with a flame in each claw. He started shredding through raider after raider as the battle continued. Fluttershy rushed to Twilight as the battle continued. She nearly vomited at the sight if the dragon's body but she powered through it. She picked up Twilight, hyperventilating as her friends blood stuck to her fur. This was no time for being afraid.

“Is anyone here a doctor!” There was no response. “Please my friend needs help!” there was still no response. Either they weren't too keen on helping or no one in this town had medical training. Then she remembered that she had brought along several first aid kits. If she could mend a deer’s broken leg, she could help Twilight. She held Twilight as tight as she could and took of towards the palace.

Smog and Spike we're hand in hand on the ground slashing and cutting down anyone who dared get in their way. Smog was amazed at how ferocious Spike fought. His first impressions of the dragon out of Equestria weren't of the highest praise. But seeing him take this vile horde out in a way made him proud. Spike was punching kicking and swiping with his claws taking out enemies left and right. Some got lucky and were able to land a hit. It must have been the anger. No matter what they did he soldiered on. After more and more of his males dropped to the floor in the leader of the raiders had no choice. “Run Retreat!” those who followed scurried away like cowards while those who stayed were swiftly dealt with by Smog and Spike. Spike stood breathing heavily. His claws still had flames within them. His clothes were tattered and torn from the battle. His anger subsided as he began to weep. He dared not look behind him. All of that death… All of that carnage was him. He could smell the blood that he spilled. He dropped to his knees overwhelmed by how what started out as a normal day ended in this, bodies strewn left and right.

“I know this is a lot to take in.” Smog placed his hand on Spike’s shoulder. “You fought bravely and protected these people.” Spike looked back to the townsfolk. No this wasn't right. He shouldn't have came here. None of them should have. All of this was too much. It was supposed to be simple. Set out a system of which they could be governed. This wasn't supposed to happen! They all didn't need to die! If he had just balled up that stupid letter none of this would have happened! Twilight would be okay… They’d be at home, drinking tea or cocoa and reading… She would been never been hurt…

Spike slowly rose to his feet and walked in the same direction that the raiders fled. “Spike… wait. You need to-”

“Leave me alone…” Spike’s voice was unsteady and cracking. He continued on, not sure of where he was going. Smog returned to the group of blank and petrified faces. Ember landed in front of him

“Where is he going? Why haven't you stopped him?” Ember’s voice was saturated in worry.

“Believe me when I say that he needs time…” Smog sighed. “And to the rest of you.” Rarity and the remaining five looked to Smog. “This-” he gestured to the corpses littering the gravel road “-this is what happens outside of your borders. You're not in Equestria anymore…”

Author's Note:

So I started this yesterday. I came out with this so fast because I write faster when I have a general idea of what I want to do with a story and for once I actually have at least the next two chapters planned out to some extent. Do not expect these to come out as quickly as this one did. I will be you g back into school (friggin yay:ajbemused: and I have another story that I would like to being back. One of my oldies but goodies)
Also, please be brutally honest with any problems you had with the plot the situations etc.

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