• Published 16th Sep 2016
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The Blocking Dead - nekoknight7

Pistols, zombies, flares, this is just an average zombie apocalypse.

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After coming out Hypixel Bank empty-handed, Twilight, Rainbow Dash, and Steve wandered around, looking for the kids. They would pass a zombie every now and then, but they would sneak past it to avoid wasting bullets. Except when they were too close, Rainbow Dash would stab them. They wandered, until they heard screaming.

"Over here!" Steve said pointing to a field of crops. They saw a figure waving a wooden plank this way, and that, trying to keep a horde of zombies away from her. Steve unholstered his pistol, and shot a few zombies. The figure looked their way, and ran in their direction, dropping the plank. Rainbow Dash rushed at the zombies, and brought out her knife. Twilight moved a bit closer to kill them off. The person hid behind Steve, while he shot all the zombies. The horde was gone, but they heard more behind them. Steve prepared to fire, but the stranger took it, and fired 3 times, killing off all the zombies advancing on them.

"There's a group at the Swamp." she said, "Let's go."

Bluestreak slowly turned his head towards Redstreak. She was about to re-open the chest, and use whatever was in there, but she grabbed the hatchet instead. Bluestreak brought out his machine gun, and started shooting the zombie. He flinched, and he felt pain, but he wouldn't stop walking towards them. Redstreak swung the hatchet, cutting the zombie's arm off, but it kept advancing.

"We're screwed!" Redstreak said. The zombie closed in on them...and dropped down. They looked up, to see Rainbow Dash, Twilight, Steve, and the other one.

"Now can we go to the swamp?" the extra complained.

"Yes." Steve said.

RS opened the door, and looked around. Clear. He pulled Blueberry out, and they quietly walked out of the school. Blueberry noticed a chest by the entrance, and opened it. She brought out a shotgun, and handed RS the machine gun and knife. They heard moaning, and turned around.

"Get shooting!" Behind them, a giant horde of zombies, about 20, was there, about to destroy the 2. They started shooting randomly, taking them down, but each time 1 went down, more came. They were about to give up when...

"Stay away from my friends' siblings!" a group of random people, led by a pink-haired girl, came, and started wiping the zombies out.

"Thanks!" RS said, "But who are you?"

"Rose." she said, "I know your sisters. They're in the swamp." The zombies were gone, and everyone ate some chicken, before heading to the swamp.

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