• Published 15th Dec 2016
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EverFree: Finding my Place - DragonsHeart

Shepard is stuck in Equestria, with no idea how to get back home. Will she find a way back home or will Equestria be her new home?

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Chapter 2: It's Party Time

The next day arrives, and eventually the clock signals that it is time to leave for the party. Twilight, Spike and Shepard arrive at the bakery, where the party is being held. Coming in, all is dark, until…

SURPRISE!!” everypony yells, springing out of their hiding places, while turning on the lights.

Confetti lands on an unimpressed Shepard, and an only slightly surprised Spike and Twilight.

“You know it’s not much of a surprise if you’ve invited us to the party,” Shepard comments, ever the party pooper.

“But isn’t more fun to wait in the darkness and yell surprise?” Pinkie says, the ever cheerful, walking up to Shepard.

“If you’re serial killer maybe,” Shepard smirks, cracking a joke.

“I’m just ashamed that I didn’t notice it coming,” Twilight sighs, shaking her head.

“Come on guys, it’s a party! Let’s have fun!” Pinkie says, dragging Shepard into the welcoming crowd.

There were plenty of ponies that want to meet Shepard, since, mostly thanks to the Cutie Mark Crusaders, her exploits have become legendary… as well as very stupid, as the best retellings often become. Soon Shepard is surround by budding new friendships, pleasing Pinkie.

“This is the best “Welcome to Ponyville Party” ever!” Pinkie says, her smile beaming, while she hangs out with her friends.

“Shepard has a great… ummm,” Rainbow Dash says, stuck for the word.

“Charisma?” Applejack suggests, taking a sip of cider.

“Yeah, that’s it,” Rainbow Dash says, also taking a sip of cider, although her sip is more like a chug.

“Yes, when she doesn’t seem to be trying to kill you, she is quite skilled in the art of speechcraft,” Rarity adds, sighing, “If only we were so lucky at our first meeting.”

“Yes, but at least everything is better now,” Fluttershy says, smiling brightly, “Shepard and Twilight are better, and we’re well on the way to mending are relationship with her.”

“Speaking of Twilight, how’s the leg going?” Applejack asks, looking at Twilight, who hasn’t stopped watching Shepard the whole party.

“Hmm, oh, I’ll be able to walk on it by the end of the week, they said there is no permanent damage and it won't leave much of a scar either,” Twilight explains, before returning to watching Shepard.

“Hey Twilight,” Rainbow Dash says, her upside down head suddenly blocking Twilight’s vision, since she is now flying above her, “You know she isn’t going to just suddenly disappear.”

“I know that,” Twilight says, irritated, pushing Rainbow Dash to the side, “I just making sure that nothing will go wrong.”

“What could go wrong?” Pinkie asks, confused.

“I mean she could maybe have another attack, or she gets confused with something pony related, or... anything like that,” Twilight says, seriously.

“I think Shepard will be fine, I mean she said that she’s better and that she hasn’t had any other attack since then, so she’ll be fine,” Applejack says, trying to calm down the alicorn.

“When has Shepard and Derpy been such friends?” Twilight asks, scowling, not hearing Applejack advise, looking at Shepard and Derby who are now talking cheerfully beside the punch.

“Don’t you remember, Shepard helped her deal with some bullies, they’ve been besties since then. I hear they’ve been hanging out since Shepard got better,” Spike says, helping himself to an entire bowl of candy since Twilight is distracted.

“I didn’t hear about this?” Twilight huffs, annoyed.

“She’s free to do what she wants Twilight, we decided to trust her remember,” Applejack says, sighing, “Anyway, they look cute together.”

“Cute?!” Twilight says, shocked.

“Yeah, you know, the confined and stoic soldier, with clumsy and kind mare, sounds like one of Rarity’s sappy romances,” Applejack chuckles, earning a look of ire from Rarity.

“Sorry if my choice of reading doesn’t suit your tastes Applejack,” Rarity says, scornfully.

“You’re forgiven,” Applejack says, earning another look of ire.

“You think they’re together?” Twilight asks, looking worried.

“Nah, they just look like friends,” Rainbow Dash comments, munching on some chips.

“Anyway, I should…” Twilight is about to say, but then a blindfold is put over her eyes, “Hey! Want is going on!??”

“Twilight!” comes Pinkie’s voice from behind Twilight, “You’re the only one not having fun at one of my parties, and that is not allowed. Now you’re going to have fun even if I have to beat it out of you!” Pinkie finishes by dragging Twilight off by the tail.

“Wait Pinkie! What are you doing?! Where are you taking me!!?” Twilight yells, as she is dragged into the party.

“Glad I’m having fun,” comments Applejack, loudly so Pinkie can hear.

“What do you think Pinkie means by beating the fun out of Twilight?” Fluttershy asks, nervously.

“I think she means beating her in pin the tail on the donkey,” Rainbow Dash notes, seeing Twilight being handed the tail in front of the donkey poster, while still looking very confused.

“Pinkie what are you doing?” Twilight asks, very nervous.

“We’re going to play pin the tail on the donkey and you’re going to enjoy it!” Pinkie states, preparing to send Twilight into a spin, “Ready?”

“No!” Twilight states, worried.

“Too bad!” Pinkie says, grabbing Twilight and making her spin.

“PINKIEEEEEE!!” Twilight yells, getting sent spinning across the party.

“Oops, got a bit carried away,” Pinkie says, looking sheepish and trying not to laugh at the spinning Twilight.

There is something about ponies that are different than every other race Shepard has met. Maybe it’s that there is something pure about them, like a bunch of children, unaware of the horrors of the real world. Maybe it’s why they hang off Shepard’s every world, she seems so alien to them, to a race genetically designed to almost always flee than fight, the idea of war and killing seems almost alien to them, thus unable to grasp the true horror behind the words Shepard speaks.

But nothing feels more alien than Shepard herself, it seems like even when she became a pony, she’ll still feel alien. Her tall and toned figure stands out in a crowd, and the way that she speak makes her noticeable in a conversation. No one is totally surprised when Shepard states that she is an alien, that could be because they are so innocent/gullible, or it could be that Ponyville is just so jaded to weird things by now, that seems normal, Shepard may never know the answer.

“So what was your homeworld like?” Scootaloo asks, the three foals hanging off her every word.

“Kind of hard to describe, like Equestria but covered in more concrete,” Shepard tries to explain, she is no poet.

“And you flew across the galaxy in starships!” Applebloom asks, starry eyed.

“Basically, yeah,” Shepard says, rubbing the back of her neck, slightly embarrassed. Having children hero worship is really embarrassing.

“Hey, they going to play pin the tail on the donkey, let’s go check it out!” Sweetie Belle claims, causing the little girls to run off, letting Shepard sigh in relief, while Derpy, who has been standing next to Shepard, smiles.

“No good with children?” Derby asks, smiling.

“I’d like to think I can get on with anyone, but those girls are so bombastic. It’s hard for a old girl like me to keep up,” Shepard says, with a tired smile.

“Hmm, I don’t think I really know how old you are Shepard?” Derpy asks, rubbing her head awkwardly.

“Chronologically thirty-three years old,” Shepard says, taking a drink of punch, “Don’t know how old I am physically, never bothered to ask at the time.”

“Hmm, is that about that time when you died and got brought back to life?” Derpy asks, confused.

“Yeah, that’s it,” Shepard answers, sighing.

“Sounds rough, glad I never had to go through something like that,” Derpy says, shaking her head.

“How’s Dinky?” Shepard asks, changing the conversation.

“She’s as cute and adorable as always,” Derby says, gushing over her child, “She’s such a good child, she even made me some cupcakes recently.”

“Weren’t those the cupcakes that gave you food poisoning?” Shepard says, raising an eyebrow.

“Well yes, but it is the thought that counts,” Derpy admits, smiling, “Also they were still better than Applejack’s cupcakes.”

“From reputation, I imagine… damn we’re out of punch,” Shepard saying noticing the empty bowl.

“Don’t worry, I saw a cooler with some cases of beer in it, I’ll grab us a few cans,” Derpy suggests, smiling.

“Just don’t get drunk on my arse again,” Shepard smirks, shaking her head.

“I make no promises,” Derpy says, in a sing song voice.

Shepard just rolls her eyes, watching Derpy walk away…

“SOMEPONY STOP MEEEEE!!” yells a dizzy voice, behind Shepard.

Shepard turn around to face the cry of help, only to have Twilight come to a spinning stop against Shepard’s chest, Twilight’s blindfold coming off in her mad spin.

“Oh my head…” Twilight mutters, her eyes spinning.

“You alright?” Shepard asks, confused.

“Yeah, I’m…” As Twilight’s eyes focus again, she notices how close she is to Shepard, their chests are pushed together, and their nuzzles are inches apart, while a faint tint of colour is on Shepard’s checks, and soon there is plenty on Twilight’s as well.

“Am I interrupting something?” Derpy asks, who is looking curiously at Twilight and Shepard, as well as a few other ponies.

“What? No!” Twilight says, getting away from Shepard, blushing.

Twilight hasn’t really looked clearly at Shepard before, she never noticed how appealing Shepard’s face is, which is why she’s so embarrassed, that and being thought of doing something indecent as well.

“Are you sure? It looks like you were gonna…” Derpy tries to say, but then Shepard gently nudges her side.

“Come on, I think Twilight was just in a middle of some game,” Shepard says, dismissing the whole thing, before walking off.

“Oh, sorry then Twilight, it looked fun,” Derpy says, before following after Shepard, chatting happily together.

Somehow that whole situation just being dismissed, and Shepard just walking off and talking to Derpy, hurts more than crashing into Shepard did for Twilight…

The party is over, everypony had a lot fun, Shepard met and hopefully befriend a bunch of new ponies, ponies got drunk and everyone was happy at the end, well beside one pony. Twilight walks behind her friends as they head home, her head hanged while they talk happily among themselves, not noticing Twilight’s sorrow.

“That was a great party, Pinkie really did a good job,” Rarity says, smiling.

“Yeah, did you enjoy it Shepard?” Fluttershy asks, looking at the tall unicorn.

“Yeah, it was a lot of fun. Got to drink a lot of beer too, so can’t complain,” Shepard says, smiling slightly.

“Man Shepard, you drank so much beer, how are you not drunk?” Rainbow Dash asks, amazed at Shepard’s tolerance.

“Because I’m an old marine, you build a tolerance,” Shepard laughs, nodding her head.

Twilight just can’t listen to this anymore.

“Hey, I think I’ll take a walk to clear my head,” Twilight says, lying.

“Oh ok, cool, we’ll see you later then?” Rainbow Dash says, nodding understandingly.

“Yeah,” Twilight says, wandering away from the group.

“Hmm, Twilight must of drank a bit if she feels like she needs a walk,” Rarity comments, looking at Twilight walk away.

“I just bet Twilight is just a lightweight,” laughs Rainbow Dash.

“Hmmm,” Shepard says, looking at Twilight’s disappearing form.

Once Twilight has walked away from her friends, and she walked to the edge of town, where no pony is, sits down on her hunches and looks at the ground, before a drop of liquid falls onto the ground from her snot.

“I wasn’t needed at all,” Twilight says, tearing dripping off her chin, “Shepard is fine without me.”

Twilight wants to help Shepard, if anything to rid herself of this huge feeling of guilt she feels for almost screwing her over. This guilt is so heavy on her chest, sometimes feeling like it is tearing her up from the inside, and no matter how many times Shepard says it is alright, it never feels like it.

But Shepard doesn’t need help, she just walked in and walked out with over a dozen new friends, she is so charismatic and strong that Twilight feels like she is more of a hindrance than a help. It also hurt seeing Derpy next to Shepard like that, Twilight wants to be there acting as her friend, helping her, as well as learning more about her, but Twilight was an arse and now she’s paying the price. Twilight looks sadly at her leg in the cast, a painful price.

Suddenly a voice yells, “Catch!!” and something flies towards Twilight, she panics, unable to catch it, before it suddenly stops in front of her face in a magic aura.

“Geez, you can’t even catch a can,” says Shepard, walking up to Twilight.

Twilight then realizes that Shepard is holding up a can of beer in front of Twilight’s face.

“Here,” Shepard says, placing the beer in front of her, “It’ll make you feel better for a few moments.”

“Ah, thanks,” Twilight says, rubbing her eyes, and confused at Shepard appearance. Twilight is not much of a drinker, but she accepts the can anyway and opens it up. The sound of another can being opened is heard as Shepard does the same.

“So it still bothers you right?” Shepard suddenly states, surprising Twilight, can she read minds as well? “I mean that is what you were crying about right?”

“Oh, you saw,” Twilight says, embarrassed, taking a tiny ship from her beer.

“It must be really hurting you, isn’t it?” Shepard asks, taking a big sip from her beer.

“Yeah, I just… I just want to make it up to you somehow, otherwise I feel this guilt will just continue to eat me up,” Twilight cries, now suddenly taking a big gulp of beer.

“I don’t know what to say, cause I feel there is nothing I can say to make you feel better,” Shepard says, sighing.

“You just feel so perfect Shepard, like you’re better at friendship than me,” Twilight says, shaking her head.

“That’s cause I’m old Twilight, I have probably over ten years more experience than you do at life,” Shepard laughs, taking another sip, “You’ll probably be better than me in time, also I’m just good at talking to people, I’m not so good at the friendship thing.”

“But it looked like you were,” Twilight says, sighing, “I just wanted to help you, but it feels like I’m not needed…”

“Twilight, I would probably be dead if it wasn’t for you, I know nothing of this world, so I would probably be lost without you,” Shepard states, finishing up her can, “And if what you’ve done for me so far isn’t enough, then I’m sure in the future you’ll find ways to help me more.”

Twilight smiles at Shepard’s words, Shepard isn’t lying when she said she’s good at talking to people, she has made Twilight feel a lot better in a moment.

“Umm Shepard, can we be friends?” Twilight asks, shyly.

Shepard just smiles, before suddenly wrapping one of her forehooves around Twilight’s neck and saying, “Sure, let’s be friends and drink on it.” Shepard then gives herself and Twilight another beer, since Twilight has finished her too.

“Umm sure,” Twilight says, smiling.

The two spent the next few hours drinking and talking to each other, before heading back to the library. The guilt inside Twilight is still there, but it feels a bit lighter now. Although Twilight does regret drinking so much with Shepard, cause the next morning she has a bad hangover.

Author's Note:

Hey, finally released a chapter. Sorry for long releases, I'm just so busy at the moment with Uni and other projects, and I've lost all interest in MLP show since season 6, so I'm not as interested as MLP anymore. I still want to write stories about MLP, and I will finish all stories I started as well as release some new ones, it'll just take me time.