• Published 21st Jun 2016
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Of The Past That Haunts Us - Dusk_Writer

After a strange dream, Dash thinks about somepony who she had loved betraying her. On the other hoof, Twilight has asked her something which excited her yet, it formed pure dread in the pit of her stomach…

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Chapter 3- Getting Acquainted

"The unexpected is usually what brings the unbelievable." —MKR

“Rainbow Dash?!?!” The three Wonderbolts exclaimed in unison.

If they were expecting anypony being part of the Friendship Council or ever being the element of Loyalty, Rainbow Dash was not at the top of the list.

Even though she was extremely loyal and always stood by her friends, she had never came across as a ‘powerful being’ who used to wield even more powerful ancient artifacts to anypony.

“Uh, hello to you too?” When they didn't move from their spot, Dash rose an eyebrow, “what? Didn't expect to see me?” She asked.

Spitfire quickly regained her composure after she realised she was gaping, “uh, sorry.” She subtly kicked both Soarin and Fleetfoot as they stepped out of their trance too, “can we come in?”

“Oh, yeah. Sorry!” Dash chuckled sheepishly.

The trio stepped into the house with Rainbow closing the door behind them. The mansion was quite a sight and looked almost bigger than the exterior!

It had blueish-grey colored walls with large windows and a pegasus statue near the front door. Right in front of them, was black staircase leading up to a spacious area with a couch, coffee table and a kitchen to the side. Straight through the living area was a hall which lead to different rooms.

“Can we trade houses?!” Fleetfoot asked with stars in her eyes as Dash quietly giggled at her.

“I don't think my friends would like that,” she joked.

“Who cares?! I wanna live here forever!”

“Dash?” Spitfire began as Fleetfoot continued to giggle, “I'm curious. Why didn't you mention that you were a bearer in your Wonderbolts Reservist application?” She asked, raising an eyebrow. Dash shrugged.

“I didn't think it was important.”


“You're kidding?” Spitfire furrowed her brow, “how is that not important?!” She asked as they started to walk upstairs. Fleetfoot was still busy gaping at the house, so Soarin had to drag her along casually with her tail in his mouth, upstairs.

“Uh,” she blinked at Soarin and Fleetfoot and shrugged. It's not like she's never seen anything weirder happen. “I mean, no one really bothers about the elements all that much, so I'd thought it insignificant. Besides, it would probably come off as me trying to get the position easier because of my ‘connections’.”

“Yeah…yeah, I guess you're right,” Spitfire agreed, unable to deny the truth of the statement.

They suddenly heard a shrill scream from behind them. Quickly turning around, they saw Fleetfoot screaming at a…green flying thing?

Soarin slowly backed away as it continued to ‘attack’ her.

Rainbow Dash quickly shoved a hoof in her mouth in an attempt to stifle her snickers, but all in vain as she was on the ground laughing her tail off in seconds.

“What are you laughing at?! And what is this thing?!” Fleetfoot yelped and tried to get the ‘thing’ away from her face.

Seeing her attempts to pry the ‘oh so dangerous creature’ off, made her laugh even harder.

“T-Tank!” She managed to say in between her guffawing. “Come over here!” And there she went laughing again.

The tortoise heard his master and flew away from his ‘prey’ landed right next to her.

Rainbow finally got up from the ground, letting loose a few more chuckles and wiping a few more tears from her eyes.

“Oh man, that was rich.” She chuckled some more and gestured over the tortoise slowly smiling at Dash, “this here is my pet tortoise, Tank.” She petted his shell with a hoof. “You usually don't see him flying around that often—as he's usually napping a lot—but he's always there to greet visitors, and that was his way of saying ‘hello’.” Dash glanced at Fleetfoot, smirking. “Fleet over here, got scared by a tortoise.”

The said turquoise colored mare finally regained her composure and huffed, “hey! It's not my fault! He's…scary.”

“He's smaller than you, Fleet.” Spitfire remarked.

“So is a bomb.” She snarked.


“Alright, you two! Let's just stop before one of you brings out the claws.” Soarin joked.

“And who are you, again? The pretty Alicorn princess here to have the day?” Fleetfoot gasped and fell against Spitfire dramatically. “Oh no! I feel like such a damsel in distress and don't know what to do! Save me from this menace of a captain.” She brought a hoof to her forehead as Spitfire snickered.

“Ok! Get off!” The fiery maned pegasus put the now laughing Fleetfoot off. “Sometimes, I don't know how I deal with you both.” She shook her head in a playful manner and looked at Dash. “Sorry for their behaviour. But, you better get used to their shenanigans.” Spitfire rolled her eyes as Dash lightly snorted from off to the side.

“That's nothin’! You don't even know half of the things I've seen…most, unwillingly.” She admitted while shuddering.

“Oh? Now you've got me curious. I'd like to hear the stories sometime.” Soarin chuckled.


Her answer was so brief that it made Soarin raise an eyebrow curiously.

Noticing his look, she quickly turned away while averting his eye.

“Uh, follow me to your rooms.” Dash swallowed the lump rising in her throat and started to walk straight towards the rooms right in front of the staircase.

Soarin shrugged at the strange behaviour. Maybe she was just nervous, she had fangirled over them in several occasions.

The rest followed closely behind as they saw six rooms all parallel to each other. Rainbow stopped right in front and gestured towards the three rooms on the right.

“These are yours.” She then proceeded to point towards the first room on her left. “This one is mine. And from these two,” she pointed at the remaining rooms, “one of them is a storage room and the other a toilet.”

“Thanks again for hosting us Dash, we really appreciate it.” Spitfire smiled softly and walked towards the room closest to her. “I think I'll take this one.”

“Uh, I guess I'll take the middle one.” Soarin shrugged walked to the room right next to Spitfire. Fleetfoot blinked.

“Hey! How come I get the last room?!” She pouted childishly. Dash stifled a chuckle and trotted over to her.

“Don't worry. That's the biggest room of the three.” She quietly whispered and subtly winked. Fleetfoot perked up and giggled, causing raised eyebrows from the other two.

“Nevermind! I'm good.” She stuck her tongue out as Rainbow smirked.

“Alright, after you three get settled in, my friends and I are meeting up at a small bakery in town called Sugarcube Corner. I thought why not introduce you guys personally? And tomorrow, I'm going to give a small tour of Ponyville to help you get around, sound good?” Dash asked with a smile as the Wonderbolts walked into their rooms.

“Why not?” Soarin flashed a crooked smile. He was about to continue when they heard another scream from Fleetfoot.

“Get it away!!” She shrieked at Tank who was once again ramming into her.

“I think he likes you.” Spitfire said sarcastically.

Oh boy, it was going to be a long day.