• Published 10th Jun 2016
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Night Mares Book 2: Children of the Night - Stormbringer

This picks up where Night Mares 1 left off. Married bliss is here for the two new married princesses. But will the past destroy their happiness as soon as it has started?

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CHAPTER THREE: The Demon of Light

Despite the suite being Twilight’s, she’d spent very little time there. Luna led her love to Twilight’s bed room. At the door she knocked.
Andromeda opened the door, her face lit up at the sight of the two Alicorns.
“Mother,” said the dark pony, “you didn’t say that your wife was so beautiful. She truly looks to be a pony of the night.”
Twilight blushed, Luna smiled. Andromeda hugged Luna and then Twilight.
“Thank you,” said Twilight.
“Sit, and we’ll talk,” said Luna.
At first it was just ‘small talk’. But it wasn’t long before there was another knock at the door. A kitchen staff member brought a meal for the pony and some wine and glasses. The pony must have been famished from her long journey and ate like it was the only meal she’d ever had. Twilight and Luna sat quiet as the dark Pegasus ate. When done, the pony smiled and spoke:
“Thank you, my mothers,” said the pony, “I’ve not had a meal like that for over a moon.”
“Don’t mention it, my child,” said Luna. “Please tell us your story when you feel ready.”

Moons earlier…

Andromeda was walking to the café to get some breakfast[1]. It had been a fitful day’s sleep, something was bothering her. Today was the day He was to return. Her mother and little sisters were still sleeping.
There were a lot of ponies gathered in the town square. Andromeda decided to check this out before getting something to eat. There was Mayor Shooting Star trying to calm everypony.

“Ponies please!” said the mayor, “we have this all in hoof. I can assure you that everything will be fine.”
“But Lucifer said he’d be back today!” said a voice in the crowd.
“He frightens all the foals,” said a mother in the crowd.
“What are you gonna do about this!” demanded an older pony.
“The counsel and I have decided to hear the demon out and offer to consider the demands.” Said the mayor, “hopefully it will buy us a little time to figure what we’re going to do.”
“You have no plan?” said a pony, “you’ve had a year to figure this out.”

There was angry shouts from the crowd. Some were demanding the mayor to step down and let somepony with a backbone handle this.

“If any pony here has a better idea, this is the time to say something.” Demanded the mayor.

The crowd became quiet. It is easier to demand something like that rather than stepping up and doing something they themselves didn’t know how to handle.

Suddenly, there was a bright light on the edge of town, as if the sun had come to earth and visiting the little hamlet. Then the sound of marching feet.
All looked in the direction, but had to shield their eyes. The shining one approached where the mayor was addressing the crowd. They moved aside and let him approach the mayor.
It was bipedal as were his minions. When you could look on him, he was as beautiful as his horde was ugly. But the beauty was obviously hiding something. A pony could tell that the heart of this thing was as ugly as his followers.

“My loving subjects,” said the being with a voice as smooth as velvet and sweet as honey. But a pony could tell that there was something else behind it, something that made a pony know that there wasn’t the goodwill that was being expressed. “I’m so touched you’re here to welcome me.”

As he talked, his troops of ghastly beings started to surround the crowd. Parents and adults did their best to shield the foals and infirmed.

“Can I assume that you’ve come to your senses and decided to welcome me as your ruler. I will help you throw off the shackles of this darkness you believe you need to exist in.
Then together we will build a kingdom that will threaten the Kingdom of Equestria. The land that abandoned and shunned you. We will bring them to their knees and we will rule!”

This was the first time that he had mentioned that they would threaten Equestria.

“We’re humbled that you think we’re such ponies,” said the mayor, trying to choose words that would not upset this being more than he was about to be upset. “but as we’ve answered before; the darkness is what liberates us. We are children of the night. And why would we raise a hoof against Equestria? It is from there our Great Mother rules and loves us. We are Equestria as well.”

The brightness of the being intensified, all the ponies eyes hurt.

“Listen to me you bunch of dull witted dolts!” said Lucifer, showing his true colors. “I’ve been patient long enough, this will be the last chance I’ll give you! You have three months, what you idiots call moons to submit to me. Because I’ll return at that time with the full strength of my army.

I’ll have you submit to me or…”

A flame shot out from his eyes, it hit a nearby house. A pony and two foals came screaming out, they were engulfed in flame. Several ponies ran to try to extinguish them but it was a magic fire and wouldn’t go out. The ponies watching were horrified as the mare and her two foals died screaming in agony.

“Momma! You fiend!” shouted Andromeda lunging at the being but ponies held her back.

It looked at her smiling and spoke.

“Would you like to join them?” he laughed.
“They were my mother and sisters,” cried Andromeda. “How could you? They did nothing to you.”
“They, like the rest of your worthless lot, defied their rightful ruler!” said the monster angered. “It’ll be the fate of all if I return and you don’t proclaim me king!”
He started to leave but he stopped and in a loud voice.

“You have three months to decided. Follow me or the rest of you will wish you’d have gone so easily!”

After they were gone, the crowd shouted angrily at the mayor. They were holding him responsible for the deaths.

“I’m afraid there’s nothing we can do but prepare ourselves to be under his rule.” Said the mayor. “We might as well go after him and let him know this.”

There was murmuring from the crowd, some of the ponies believed that it would be the only way to survive.

Buck that horse-apples!” shouted a pony from the crowd.

It was Andromeda, kneeling by the bodies of her stricken family.

All ponies looked at her, her face was a grim mask of both sorrow and anger, tears were pouring.

“If you sniveling cowards are going to turn your backs on all we hold dear and let my family have die in vain…

Fine!” shouted Andromeda.

“But I’m going to do what you should’ve been done in the first place!
As soon as I put my family to rest, I’m going to fly to Canterlot and see our Great Mother!”

There were gasps and sounds of approval. The town ponies helped to bury the poor struck down ponies. She packed a minimal about of things as to travel lightly and with the town’s ponies cheering, took to the sky.

The present in Canterlot…

Andromeda wept hard after telling this. Twilight held the mare and let her cry.

“I’m so sorry to show such weakness in front of your great selves,” sobbed Andromeda. “It’s just I never got to say goodbye to my momma and sisters!”
“Nonsense,” said Luna, joining the comforting hug. “My daughter, you have shown the same strength and spirit as your great ancestor, Night Flyer. He’d be most proud of you.”
“Thank you mother, that means a lot to me.” said Andromeda. “But now I have more departed family to please. And I’m sure that they’d want me to make right. I’ll not let that vile monster get away with the murder of my family!”
“We’ll be with you in that,” said Twilight.
“My daughter,” said Luna. “Make yourself comfortable, the castle and the city of Canterlot is free to you. We’ll meet in the morning. Good night.”
Luna and Twilight kissed and hugged Andromeda, then they left.

Later, Twilight and Luna had joined Celestia in a conference room. There they let Celestia know all that Andromeda had told them.

“Lucifer,” said Celestia. “A name I’d hoped never to hear again.”
“I’m sorry, Celestia,” said Twilight, “I think I’ve heard the name before but I’m not familiar.”
“Star, my love,” said Luna, “it’s the name of a very ancient evil, older than Celestia and myself, possibly older than Discord. Over the centuries it has been referred to by many names. Satan, Anubis, Loki, Lamashtu, Cthulhu, The Evil One, The Fallen Angel, The Devil.”

Twilight was shocked.

“I always assumed that those were just legends. Storied to keep little foals in line.”
“He’s real, and the legends probably please him. They help to spread fear and dread where he’s concerned. Facing an enemy you fear is harder than facing and enemy you don’t.”
“But I was of the understanding that he on the same footing as a god.” said Twilight becoming concerned. “How can we fight that?”
“No,” said Celestia, “he’s no more a god than you, Luna or myself. He’s very powerful and immortal but not deathless. Like us, there are faults and shortcomings that can be exploited. In his case, vanity most of all”
“I think our advantage will be the two of us, Twilight. And our troops. I’m sure he won’t be expecting that. He always sees those he tries to dominate as week and ignorant, that is part of the vanity issue.”
“Wouldn’t it be better if Celestia was with us?”
“Twilight,” said Celestia, “some princess needs to stay here in reserve. Or at worst, to man the home front, in case the two of you fail.”

[1] Breakfast for the nocturnal ponies is just after sunset, lunch is at midnight and dinner is at about 4:00 am.