• Published 13th May 2016
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Friendship is Sufficiently Advanced - Cordial Nova

A first-in scout from the Associated Worlds investigates a very odd star system.

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III. Correspondence

My Dear Twilight Sparkle,

This night past We have observed a strange object moving through Our sky without and in defiance to Our command, having appeared in close proximity to the new star We have previously discovered, presently visible at declination 1 ° 22 ' 11", right ascension 5:33:10. Inasmuch as such a happening might pose a threat to Our little ponies, We sought a closer examination of this object, and have discovered it to be a curious conveyance - a sky-ship if We might indulge the term - bearing with it a stranger of kind unknown to Equestria, which named itself an explorer for its Empire, and spoke of seeking knowledge and friendship in Our Realm.

Rather than permit this stranger to wander freely throughout Our sky, or receive it here among the crowds of Canterlot and before the eyes of the world, We have dispatched this stranger and its conveyance to a location outside Ponyville. While We would ask this as a favor if We could, all matters of the sky - and so any travellers from beyond it - are within the purview of the Night Court, and so We must request and require this of you: satisfy this visitor's curiosity, to such extent as it seems prudent, and learn all you can of it and its intentions, and of any threat it poses to Us and Ours. Neither We nor Our Sister can think of anypony better suited for this task.

We enclose an amulet We have fashioned of the words We have gathered from the visitor's dreamscapes. We believe it may assist you in establishing communication.

Princess Luna,
Keeper of the Moon,
Queen of the Midnight Skies,
Avenger of the Herd,
Diarch of Equestria

Dear Princess Luna,

Unfortunately, I only received your letter some hours after the arrival of this visitor on the verge of the Everfree Forest.

The visitor's sky-ship seems to have been damaged at some point? Its back was broken where it was lying, and some flammable gas was venting from within it. (You may have seen this for yourself; the column of flame must have been visible from Canterlot before it was extinguished by Ponyville's weather team and assistance called in from Cloudsdale.) Luckily, the forest did not catch, and nopony was badly hurt, although several pegasi were singed when the gas first ignited.

The visitor is a biped, somewhat resembling a minotaur in shape, but much thinner and proportionately longer in the limbs, and as tall as two ponies, with a short red mane on their head only and no coat to speak of; only smooth pale skin. The face roughly resembles ours, but strangely flattened, with small eyes and no muzzle. And their blood is blue! I've never read about anything like it! I've sent a separate letter to the Canterlot Archives asking if they have any books that might mention such creatures, but have either you or Princess Celestia heard of anything like them before?

I have not yet been able to speak to them. They escaped their sky-ship just before the fire, and were injured in the initial explosion. I have taken them to Ponyville Hospital, but for now they remain unconscious, and beyond removing a most fascinating garment and bandaging their obvious wounds the doctors have little idea how to treat them.

Their sky-ship, whose front section remained mostly intact after the fire was extinguished, is being guarded by some of the local militia. I would like to ask if you could send some Royal Guards here to take their place? We've already had to pull three local fillies out of it twice!

Twilight Sparkle,
Bearer of the Element of Magic,
Daughter of House Twinkle