• Published 10th May 2016
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The Titan's Orb: Rising Storm - Old Man Dusters

While Callum and the Mane Six continue their quest to find the shards of the Titan's Orb, their path ahead grows only more deadly as they are now stalked by a relentless shadow that will stop at nothing until they are vanquished...

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Chapter Ten - Cloak and Dagger

I woke relatively early, the sun shone through a gap in the curtain and warmly illuminated the room. I yawned and looked to my right; Bunnie slept softly, my arm around her. The cold of winter was nowhere to be found over the blissful night, and so our bed covers only came to our waists. I gazed upon Bunnie’s naked body, and lightly caressed her cheek with a finger.

{She sure is beautiful…} Conscio murmured.

I smiled in agreement, and looked at her face; she was so calm, so happy, even in her sleep. Losing our virginities to one another couldn’t have been more perfect, it was almost like it had been a dream; it had been too perfect.
Most stories about losing one’s virginity are often awkward, and involves someone saying something stupid, or someone putting something in the wrong hole.

But with Bunnie?
No. It was simply perfect.

My eyes left her beautiful face, and began to wander to her neck, and her collarbones; every curve and shape on her body was sublime. I soon found myself looking at her breasts; while I was obviously captivated by them due to my teenage, mid-puberty self, I also found them to be lovely in a non-sexual way; I thought about children and nature, and how her body captivated the true wonder and beauty in the world.
Bunnie was just perfect…

I looked up, and almost shat myself, for Bunnie’s eyes were open, and looking into mine; I jolted and very quickly turned red from embarrassment.

“Enjoying the view?” She sleepily muttered with a smirk.

“Sorry, I was just looking at you, and my eyes wandered, and-”

“Calm down, it’s fine Callie; I don’t mind.” She giggled.

I tilted my head on one side and looked at her blankly.

“Callie, really?” I grumbled at the new nickname.

“Well it’s either Callie, or Big Dumb Goofball Who Loves My Boobs.” Bunnie retorted.

I stuck my tongue out at her and gave her a small raspberry, and she playfully did the same. I then flopped back down next to her and gave her a morning kiss. She stretched and rolled onto her front, placing a hand on my bare chest, making small circles on my collarbone with her finger.

“So… Last night was… Um…”

“Perfect?” I finished for her.

“Perfect…” She agreed.

I looked her in the eye, and placed a hand on her waist.

“One day, we’re going to live together, happily.” I told her.

“I’d like that…” She sighed.

“And it will happen; I’m going to rescue you, and you’re going back to England, back to Burgess Hill with your mum. Then one day, I will find my way back to you.” I assured her.

“You’re not coming with me?”

I sighed, it was time I broke the news.

“I’m afraid not, I’m on a very important journey; I’ve postponed it to get you out of here, but once you’re free and safe, I must continue.” I explained to her.

“Can’t I’m come with you?”

“No, you need to go home with your mum.”

Bunnie sat up and faced me properly, wanting to know more.

“Where are you going?”

“I don’t know, it’s a rather complex journey.”

“Please Callum, you can’t leave me, I wouldn’t be able to get through this without you.”

I too, sat up and took my phone from the bedside table and gave it to Bunnie.

“Look at this phone, the technology is more advanced than any phone in existence right now.” I showed her.

She tried to swipe to unlock the device, and it instantly denied her access.

“Biometrics, it’s only accessible by my DNA.” I explained.

She stared at the device intensely, taken aback by the upgrades Twilight had been able to install; I went to the toolbar and selected the build in taser, and pointed it at the curtain, before tapping the fire button.
The phone made two high pitched noises, before and arc of purple electricity shot from the device and struck the curtain, causing a few sparks to fly out, causing Bunnie to jump in shock.
She was speechless, she realised that if I was in possession of this device, it was very important business. I put the phone back onto the bedside table and took Bunnie’s hands in my own.

“Bunnie, I have to do this; I’m not allowed to tell you because it could put you in mortal danger, but it’s more important than you could possibly imagine, countless lives rest on the outcome of my journey.”

I released one of her hands and put it against Bunnie’s cheek.

“But I swear by every god in existence, I will come and find you after my quest is complete. I will come to Burgess Hill and boom-box Careless Whisper right outside your window, on maximum volume.”

“Do you promise?”

“Cross my heart, and hope to fly; stick a cupcake, in my eye.”

Bunnie sighed a breath of relief and leaned forward to kiss me, before pushing me onto my back and straddling me, she sat on my belly and placed both hands over my belly button, almost causing me to giggle as I was very ticklish there.

“Well, for now, you’ve been ordered to relax by my asshole of a father.
And seeing as you’re now my lover, I want to help with that…” She whispered warmly.

She bit her bottom lip, before leaning forward to kiss me passionately; it wasn’t long before we were making out.

{Round two?} Conscio suggested.
{Round two.} I thought back in agreement.

We were already naked as we hadn’t bothered to put clothes back on last night, so there wasn’t much hard work or persuasion before the morning began with some sweet, sweet lovemaking…

Three Days Later
Eleven O’clock in the Evening

“Now THIS is a New Year’s feast!” Paulo yelled, after taking a tenth shot of rum.

We had been eating and drinking for the past three hours, enjoying the banquet that had been cooked to celebrate the new year, I had spent the morning with Bunnie and had a little romantic time; but for the late afternoon and now evening, I was enjoying the first day of Two Thousand and Fifteen with Paulo, just to keep my cover nice and smooth.
We’d eaten plenty of roast dinner, and a lot of desserts, along with a few bottles of wine; needless to say, I was pretty drunk.

“You know, I always thought you British were arrogant shits with crooked, yellow teeth!
But you… *hic*
You’re alright Bruce! You’re alright!” Paulo sang merrily.

I came around the table and gave him a hug.

“You’re the best Paulo… You invited me into your home, and are sharing all your food and drink with me, and I don’t have to pay for any of it! You’re just the best…” I said happily, full of mirth.

“Bah! You’re killing the Blood Family! That’s payment enough in my eyes to earn a life’s keep with me, at my side, all the time; I’ll even let Bunnie stay in that room with you, the whole time!” He replied merrily.

I hiccupped, before shaking his hand.

“You’re so bloody brilliant…” I sighed.

Even in my drunken state, I knew deep down how evil Paulo was, but decided to take this opportunity to bond with him as much as I could; the more he liked me, the better chance I had at killing him later on.
This being said, being a boy of sixteen and under the influence of alcohol, I was open to manipulation, and a small part of me genuinely liked him at this point.

“So!” Paulo shouted, clapping his hands together.

He poured me a glass of wine, and one for himself.

“Tell me the story of Brazil, tell me about the monster they call Callum fucking Horncastle!
Back when I went to visit Ingeo a few months ago, the business was BOOMING, and he’d captured these strange talking horses, all of different colours; Ingeo was convinced they were aliens. I came to see them, and was amazed by them, but they refused to talk much; and the yellow one just cried the whole time!
The next thing I know, a mere boy causes an uprising and destroys the entire compound.
To make things worse, at the harbour, some cunt knocked me out and stole my speedboat, I had to wait for my men to arrive with a different one and take me back home.
So tell me what happened inside Ingeo’s Compound, Bruce! How did my best friend die?”

My eyes widened momentarily, as did Dijla’s, whom was sitting behind Paulo and merely observing the festive event; I had to think on the spot, but thankfully I had thought out a basic story in case he had asked this very question.

“Oh bloody hell, it was chaos Paulo…
I was in Ingeo’s quarters, we were both teasing Vladimir, when suddenly we heard gunshots.
Once I had my gun, I went to Captive Corner to find all the slaves rioting, slaughtering our men, the Militia Unit fell apart and was eaten away in seconds.
I killed many slaves, at least a hundred, but I ran out of ammo and left, locking the main door.
With nothing but my knife, I continued to kill the other slaves that had found other ways into the main compound, we were overrun but I didn’t stop fighting.
And all the while, the slaves chanted the name… Callum! Callum! Callum!
And then I saw him…
The boy, just a little younger than myself; tearing into our guards like a hot knife through butter.
He moved so quick and so fast, I've never seen a fighter so skilled in all my life.
He soon left the fight, and looked for Ingeo, and I followed him.
Vladimir was able to seize Callum, and dislocated his arm; but with his other arm, he was able to pull out a knife and stab Vlad in the throat, the he died in seconds.
And then Ingeo came, after seeing he’d killed Vladimir, he took his own knife and challenged Callum, and they fought; I was about to run in and help him when I heard slaves coming from behind me, I knew Ingeo would never be able to handle them all at once, and so I went back and killed them.
I came back to find Callum had stabbed Ingeo in the chest, and growled these words.
My name is Callum Horncastle… And this is the last face you will ever see…
And then Ingeo fell to the ground, dead.
I was going to run in and avenge him, but Callum was able to pick up a gun; he’d have shot me down easily if I attacked him; there was nothing I could do Paulo… I’m sorry…”

My story, however fake, seemed to have captivated Paulo; he truly believed it, and was full of emotion.

{I think you milked it a little bit.} Conscio teased.

{Perhaps…} I thought back with amusement.

Paulo took my hand, and held it firmly.

“You fought bravely, and did your best; you don’t need to apologise.” He sniffed.

He looked to the ceiling and blinked rapidly to stop any tears leaving his eyes, before finishing his glass of wine.

“Bruce, you are a fantastic human being. Yet you are so young, with no family.
I want you to live with me, in my quarters, for ever.” He offered.

I dipped my head and smiled.

“I would love that.”

“Then you shall.
Say, I never asked, how old are you, Bruce?” He quizzed.


“Your birthday?”

“Ninth of January.”

At that, Paulo stood up.

“That’s nine days from now! I must get you a present!” He laughed, before pouring us more drink.

He hiccupped and almost dropped the wine bottle, once it was empty, he threw it across the room and it smashed into little pieces all over the floor.

“Dijla, clean.” He growled.

Bunnie’s mother reluctantly obeyed and went to find a dustpan and brush.
Paulo clinked his glass against mine, before we both drank.

“I’m getting pretty sleepy.” I mumbled.

“Likewise, my friend.” He admitted, burping.

I put a hand on his shoulder, and bid him a good night, before downing my wine and heading off to bed.

I knocked on the door, and walked in to find Bunnie eating some bread that Dijla had secretly given her.

“Hey you.” Bunnie said with a smile.

“Heya BunBun.” I said merrily.

“Good party?”

“Lush.” I grinned.

“You’re drunk aren’t you?”


Bunnie giggled, before pulling me onto the bed and kissing me.

“Red wine?” She guessed, licking her lips.

“Only the finest.” I replied.

I undressed and hopped into bed, and Bunnie joined me; and before long, I was asleep, as was she...

Days passed, and Bunnie and I only grew deeper and deeper in love; along with my strength coming back to me; my long walk through Portugal before finding Bunnie had truly sapped away at my strength, regardless of my broad shoulders I had become extremely thin before eating daily banquets with Paulo, I was now back to my normal self.
It was the middle of the night, when there was a light knocking on my door; after all I’d been through, I was very quick to bolt upright in bed and reach for my knife. Bunnie woke with a start and sat up as well.

“Who’s there?” She whispered to me.

“I don’t know.” I muttered back.

The knocking continued, and I stood up and went to open the door.

“Who’s there?” I asked aloud.


I turned to Bunnie and she realised I was going to leave; I quickly put on my Militia gear, using only the moonlight to find my things, and then put my phone, Kroksbane, and my Karambit knife into my pockets.
I held Bunnie in my arms for a small moment, before giving her a passionate kiss.

“Until next time, my love…” I whispered.

“Be safe…” She said shakily.

I opened the door and to find Maxim looking around cautiously.

“You ready?” He asked me.

“Always.” I replied, smirking.

We made our way down the hallways and out of Paulo’s quarters, into the main part of the compound; from there we entered the courtyard. The whole area was coated in a blanket of snow, untouched and glimmering in the moonlight, it was absolutely stunning.

Maxim escorted me to a wall at the back of the courtyard, where some boxes had been piled up.

“Climb up and get over the wall, then make your way down to the road; you’ll find a blue car, the driver works with the Blood Family and speaks English, just tell him you’re working with me and he’ll take you to the Blood Family’s base, look for a guy called Rahim, he’s Hoyt’s other mole.” He instructed me.

I carefully got onto the boxes and then looked back to Maxim.

“Thanks man.” I nodded my head.

“When working under cover, you need as much help as you can get.” Maxim replied.

I nodded a second time and then clambered over the wall and landed on the rocky slope; thankfully I didn’t slip and was able to make my way down to the road, where there was indeed a car waiting for me.
I approached the vehicle and the driver got out and came to greet me.

“You Maxim’s guy?” He asked in a very thick Polish accent.

“Yeah, take me to the base.” I answered, shaking his hand.

I hopped into the passenger’s seat and the driver went around the car and got into the driver’s seat; he started up the engine and we were soon on route to the Blood Family.

I slammed the car door shut, and tightened the strap on my UMP; the submachine gun sat comfortably at my waist and didn’t shake around much as I had clipped the gun’s butt onto my belt loop.

“Don’t put your hands on that gun for a while, or the Blood Family will shoot you to pieces, you need to earn their trust first.” The driver warned me.

I nodded and followed him as we approached a large gate, above were two watchmen who watched me like hawks; their rifles shining in the moonlight. As the door opened, the town revealed itself to be something completely unexpected; it was the middle of the night and yet the town was alive, traders on the street selling food and weapons alike, while guardsmen patrolled the area making sure all was fine. Almost every building had light leaving the windows, and the sound of chatter was all around.

“The Blood Family does not sleep my friend, we trade and patrol all around the clock.” The driver told me.

We continued through the town and passed along mostly unnoticed, I got a few concerned looks from guards as they saw my Militia clothing from Paulo’s gang, but no comment was made until we got to a courthouse.

“Pare!” A guard growled as he approached me.

“Ele está comigo.” The driver spoke, putting a hand on my shoulder.

I dipped my head to the guard, who frowned and opened the door, granting us entry.

After going up some stairs and going few a few rooms, we entered a modified courtroom that had apparently become the Blood Family’s main base, I could instantly tell who was in charge.
A woman with caramel coloured skin and covered in scars, she wore a black leather jacket and had red droplets tattooed down the side of her face as though they were tears of blood; she was completely bald and had a gigantic scar over her head that went from her forehead all the way back to her neck.
The moment she saw me, she sat up from the judge’s chair and approached me.

“E quem é esse?” She asked.

Her voice was deep and raspy, quite similar to Rainbow Dash’s.

“Um amigo, ele é inglês.” The driver replied, pointing to me.

She looked at me, before giving me a wide smile, her teeth had been sharpened, perhaps with a file or some other unprofessional tool, as they were jagged and crooked, akin to a shark’s.

“You are the English boy; I’ve heard stories about you.” She spoke.

“Bruce.” I introduced myself, putting out a hand.

She took the hand, before licking her bottom lip.

“Is it?”

I raised an eyebrow in question.

“My spies in Herdade da Portagem tell me you slaughtered Paulo’s guards and protected his daughter, they watched as you crept around like a fox and butchered them one by one, only to run into an alley and reappear wearing the very clothes you have before me, and turn the girl in.
From that analysis, I’d be a fool to believe you are this, Bruce.

It appeared the Blood Family was more organised than anticipated.

“Your spies are well trained; I am indeed not actually called Bruce.” I answered truthfully.

“Then who are you?” The woman asked.

“Do you know the name Ingeo?” I asked in return.

“As in, Ingeo Montenegro? The Bogeyman of Brazil?”


“I know what he looks like, you fool. You are not Ingeo.”

At that, I smirked.

“No, I’m not the Bogeyman…”

I paused.

“I’m the man you send to kill the fucking Bogeyman.”

In seconds, I heard whispers all around the room, muttering my name.
The woman smiled, before putting a hand on my shoulder.

“Welcome to the Blood Family, Callum Horncastle, I am the Mother.”

After spending a few hours getting to know everyone, and telling the story of how I escaped Ingeo’s capture and killed him and Vladimir Kikashkov during my uprising, I decided to earn my keep by betraying the moles.

“So, I hear there’s a man named Rahim about, where could I find him?” I asked.


“Well, I just thought you might like to know he’s a mole, working for Paulo’s boss, Hoyt Volker.”

At this, she stood up and grabbed a revolver from her jacket.


“So is Maxim, who was deployed as your spy for Paulo.” I continued.

She grabbed me by the collar and bared her sharp teeth.

“How do I know you’re telling the truth!?” She growled.

“I destroyed one section of Hoyt’s organisation by killing Ingeo, and now I want to destroy Paulo as well to finish Hoyt off, Maxim wanted to move me here to help spy on you, but he doesn’t know I’m really working against Hoyt.
My whole motive here is to eradicate anyone working for Hoyt.” I explained.

I was telling the truth at this point, and she evidently believed me and ordered he guards to seize Rahim, they left the room and made their way through the town while I waited alone with The Mother.

“You’re very quick to double cross them, why should I continue to trust you Callum?” She asked.

“You shouldn’t trust me, but here we are, alone in this room.” I replied, yawning.

She was amused and impressed by my cocky fearlessness, I had already sussed her out; she admired power, and wanted all of it, with me on her side, she’d be more powerful.

“I assume you would like a place in my family?” She proposed.

“I figure it’ll help me destroy Paulo, so yes.” I replied.

She stood up and walked over to the courtroom’s bench and took a large glass from a drawer, the glass was in the shape of a skull, much like Paulo’s shot glasses, except this glass was bigger, it looked big enough to hold a pint.

“For revealing Maxim and Rahim, I will allow you to join our family, but only if you pass the initiation.” She told me.

At that moment, I heard footsteps, and the door was burst open with The Mother’s guards holding a young man who was kicking and thrashing about violently.

“Rahim, so nice of you to join us...” The Mother said coldly.

“Mother let me explain, I’ve been trying to tell these guys that they have the wrong guy!” Rahim cried out.

He was young, perhaps only a year older than myself; he was dark skinned and wore a pair of Beats headphones around his neck, I’d turned in this kid to the Blood Family and had no doubt just signed his death warrant.

“Is that so? Then why is our good friend here telling us that Hoyt has a mole in our family, named Rahim?”

The Mother pointed at me with a sick grin, and Rahim looked at me with sheer terror in his eyes.

“He’s lying!” He yelled.

“Do you know who this is?” The Mother asked.

Rahim merely shook his head, trembling; the poor kid was absolutely terrified.
The Mother lay a hand on my shoulder, before stroking up my neck seductively.

“This, Rahim… Is the one and only Callum Horncastle.”

Rahim looked at me and gulped, instantly knowing my name.
It appeared that somehow my name had spread through the various drug gangs of the world, and that I’d become quite a famed character, as I looked at Rahim, I could see in his eyes that he knew he was going to die.

“You killed Vladimir Kikashkov… The unkillable Russian…” He muttered.

The way he said it, it was almost as if I were Hercules who’d just slain the mighty hydra, these people literally saw me as one of the most elite killers on Earth or something. The thought bewildered me, I was just a boy a few days away from turning seventeen years old, just trying to help out some talking ponies and my newfound lover.
The Mother reached into her jacket and pulled out a large bone-handled knife, and handed it to me.

“Callum, are you ready to begin your initiation?” She asked.

Rahim’s eye flared up and he started to shake like a leaf, starting to turn pale. I took the knife and knew this was the only way, I needed to join the Blood Family in order to destroy them from the inside, and then return to Paulo and escape with Bunnie.
One of the guards removed Rahim’s headphones and threw them aside, before holding him out for me.

{This is so wrong…} I thought.

{I know, but we need to do this, it’s the only way to save Bunnie. Remember the ponies are still out there too, Callum; they’re looking for us and we need to get back to them.
Your true purpose lies with finding the Titan’s Orb, so let’s do whatever we need to do to rescue Bunnie and then get out of here.} Conscio told me.

Conscio’s reminder of my reasons for being here gave me the strength to perform this dastardly act, I approached Rahim and looked him in the eye.

“Any last words Rahim?”

“Kill me with Vladimir’s knife, please allow me to die by the same blade that killed the legendary Russian, please give me that honour at least, I beg of you.” He whimpered, his eyes closed.

I looked to The Mother and she nodded, I gave her back her knife and unsheathed Kroksbane; the large military knife was just as intimidating as the Russian who once held it.

“This knife is now called Kroksbane, after escaping Ingeo’s compound I entered the jungle, and killed crocodiles with it for food, thus the name; I give you the honour to be killed by this legendary blade.” I spoke.

Rahim looked at the knife and then closed his eyes, tears slowly crawling down his cheeks.

{Don’t think about it, just do it.} Conscio breathed.

Listening to Conscio’s advice, I allowed no thought into my mind as I pressed the blade against his throat and slashed it open, Rahim gritted his teeth and tried to cry out in pain, only to let out a sick gurgle as blood began to pour from his neck like a fountain.
The Mother put the skull glass against his throat and let it fill to the brim with Rahim’s blood, before he was released and hit the floor with a loud thud.

I felt sick to the core, technically Rahim was working with Hoyt which made him an enemy, but he was just a boy, just like me. Whether he worked for Hoyt or not, it didn’t make killing him any easier.
Just when I thought the worst part of my initiation was over, The Mother passed me the pint of blood and smiled at me.


{What?} Conscio and I both thought together.

I looked at The Mother blankly, almost to ask if she were being serious.

“Every member of the Blood Family must do it, to drink the blood of their enemies.” She explained.

I looked down at the skull shaped glass in my hand, the blood was still very warm, I could feel the heat through the glass; the liquid had darkened slightly since being exposed to the open air.

{Still think we should do whatever it takes?} I thought to Conscio.

{I’ve just realised we’re literally doing all of this for the sake of saving Bunnie.} Conscio grumbled back.

Conscio was right, I would have made my way to the next orb shard if I hadn’t met Bunnie and made this mission to save her, from the moment I entered Paulo’s gang and started this ridiculous operation to slaughter the entire Blood Family was all to save my BunBun…

{The things we do for love…} I replied in thought.

I looked back up at The Mother, who grinned and brushed her tongue along her jagged teeth. I blocked out all thoughts except for my love for Bunnie and put the glass to my lips.
The moment the warm blood entered my mouth I almost gagged as my senses were flooded with the overwhelming taste of rusty iron, the texture was a thick, viscous glue and as I swallowed each gulp, I could feel it oozing down my throat and into my stomach, it was by far the foulest thing I had ever endured in my entire life.
My love for Bunnie came out triumphant and I was able to drink the glass without throwing it back up; I wiped my mouth clean and looked at The Mother with a blank face.

“I’m still thirsty.” I muttered.

At this, the leader of the Blood Family laughed and put a hand on my shoulder.

“Callum Horncastle, your reputation precedes you, welcome to the Blood Family. You will have Rahim’s house as your personal quarters, I doubt he will be needing it any longer. My men will escort you there now so you can get some rest, it’s almost four in the morning. Tomorrow you will be supplied with Blood Family guardsman gear, a man of your calibre deserves the finest uniform.” She said to me, licking her bottom lip.

I nodded and her other guardsmen gestured for me to follow them, I took one last look at Rahim’s motionless body and noticed a small pool of blood around his head and neck, I waited until I’d left the room before letting out a deep breath of remorse.

We made our way through the town and soon arrived at a small house made entirely out of stone, the rooms all had carpets and one room had a radio station, I assumed Rahim was undercover as the Blood Family’s communication line, a clever method of staying in contact with Maxim and Hoyt without being detected.
The men showed me the contents of the house, and told me that everything in it now belonged to me, as a reward for turning in Rahim; they nodded in respect, and then closed the door.

The moment I was alone, I took off most of my gear until I was down to my shirt and cargo trousers, I then made my way to the toilet. I knelt over the bowl and proceeded to be violently sick, hurling up all of Rahim’s blood.
After a few moments of retching to make sure all the blood was out of me, I flushed the toilet and stumbled to the bedroom; I collapsed onto the bed and hugged myself tightly.

{What the hell am I doing…? How did I end up getting into this…?} I thought to myself.

It didn’t take long until the tears started to run down my face, as I cried myself to sleep.

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