• Published 11th Apr 2016
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Cuddle, Please? - Grasshopper Keller

HiE Story with 'Anon' having a cuddle session with the Main 6.

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It was just another day of work at the Sweet Apple Acres farm. You and Applejack had decided to call it a day, after working for about six hours with only using your hands to lift up the bushels into the cart to be delivered to the barn near the Apple family house. You still weren't as used to working hard in an open farm, but you were getting there. Day after day, after a few months of arriving in Ponyville, you and Applejack became quite the team with the harvesting of the crops that your best friend's kin were able to make annually. You definitely knew that you were not as strong as even her, but you still loved being with her.

"So, whaddya think we should do, after we discuss yer payment, Anon?" Applejack asks you. She then notices your smiling face and touches your leg softly. "Ya alright there, Anon?" she asks you again, prompting you to look at her after she snaps you from your train of thought.

"Hmm? Oh, yes. I'm fine, Applejack. How about you?" you respond to her, your smile not leaving your face.

"Well, Ah'm feelin' ready to call it a day! Whew!" she exclaims as her left front hoof wipes off the sweat that you see from her brow. "And Ah'm ready to have my lunch," she tells you while you both start to walk to the family house. "Ya want some food, Anon?" she requests of you, hoping that you might stay for a little bit.

"Yeah... I can eat some lunch. Thank you, Applejack," you reply to her as you soon found yourselves at the door. You decide to be the gentlecolt, as it is heard in the town from a few blocks away, by letting her in the door first.

"Thank ya kindly, Anon," she smiles at you before slowly trotting her way into the home. "Granny Smith? Is the soup on?" she calls to the elderly pony from the door.

"Come an' get it while it's hot!" Granny Smith calls back. And just like that, your stomach starts growling wildly. "Ah think that somepony here is gettin' mighty hungry," she then chuckles at you when she peeks her head to you.

"That I am, Ms. Smith," you nod to her respectively.

An hour later, you and Applejack, along with Big Macintosh (otherwise called 'Big Mac') and Apple Bloom, had eaten up some great soup and apple fritters. And to finish it off, you received a bottle of apple juice to drink. When you first arrived in the town of Ponyville, you didn't have the ability to know a good product from a bad one. Luckily, as you continued to work at the farm, you had been trained by your working partner to spot the difference for any food or drink.

"So, uh, Applejack?" you start to say to her, hoping to catch her attention as you sat on the comfy couch with her.

"Yeah?" she replies to you.

"I've been meaning to tell you something. And this is only because of how I've been wanting to say this for a long time," you say to her with some weight in your heart.

"What is it, Anon?"

"Given that you were the bearer of the Element of Honesty, I find that if I try to lie about it, you'll be able to spot it," you begin to say.

"That's true," she grins proudly. "Somethin' on yer mind?"

With a deep sigh, after taking a deep breath, you look into her jade-green eyes and say:

"For the longest time that we've been friends, I've seen you for the type of pony that you are."

She nods at you, begging you to continue with her fore hoof waving back and forth.

"And that pony.... is honest, hard-working, determined, dependable.... and very.... beautiful. The kind of pony that I know, deep in my heart of hearts, I can love as more than a friend, or as a partner in the working field. But as.... a special somepony. For me."

After confessing your feelings to her, Applejack looks at you with a blush that has the color that imitates Big Mac's fur coat.

"N-n-now hold on there, sugar cube! Whaddya mean, 'special somepony'? Does this mean that ya.... want ta be my special somepony?" she stammers at you, putting on a blushing face that you simply found to be quite cute.

"Yes, Applejack," you confirm to her. "And I had to say this because of how I've been without a gir--mmm?!"

Next thing you know, her fore hooves wrap around your head as she kisses your lips. Little squeaks, along with some bits of muffled crying, accompany her soft smooches to you.

"Yes! Yes! Yes! Ah wanna be yer special somepony! Please! Let me be yer special somepony!" she begs you with a sad face.

"And you be my special somepony?" you smile at her, accepting her proposal with a kiss of your own.

"Yes!!" she cheers as she wraps her whole body around you, crying into your shoulders as you place a few kisses on her left shoulder. "Ah've been waitin' fer so long fer ya ta be mah speical somepony," she says to you with a loving smile. You could only respond with a short kiss to her nose, causing her to giggle for a bit.

"Cuddles on this couch?" you ask her, feeling a little brave.

"Eh, why not?" she says to you as she gets on top of you.

The both of you then lay on the couch with yourself at the bottom, wrapping your arms around her whole body while she takes her fore legs to wrap them around her.

"I love you, Anon."

"I love you too, Applejack."

And with a last kiss to each others lips, the both of you start to feel a nap coming around from all the hard work that the both of you did today.

Unknown to you, Granny Smith and Apple Bloom look at the both of you.

"Awww! Now ain't that just a great picture, Granny?" Apple Bloom says to her grandmother.

"It sure is, Apple Bloom. It sure is."

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