• Published 11th Apr 2016
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Cuddle, Please? - Grasshopper Keller

HiE Story with 'Anon' having a cuddle session with the Main 6.

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Twilight Sparkle

All of the newest books in Twilight Sparkle's library have been fully organized, along with some of the old books that she took pride in having in her library. And you were just very happy that everything was organized for her. And not just because of your desire to see some organization as well. But you also happen to have just a tiny bit of a crush on the newest Princess of the land. And for some reason, you started to believe that Twilight was starting to tease you a bit.

And this kept on for only a short while, knowing that her ways were just too cute to not notice. Her attempts at teasing were just amateurish to yours. And you would always win with making her blush just a bit.

After taking a water bottle to drink from it, after about three hours of sorting the titles of the books by some random order that Twilight needed help in organizing, you realize that the Princess has been trying to call you.

"Hello? Anon? Equestria to Anon! Can you hear me?" she calls out to you before she lightly slaps the tip of her wing to your side. This makes you yelp from the surprising wake up call that nearly tickles you.

"No, I don't think you're cute!" you shout out immediately, causing her to step back from you for a bit. Both you and the Princess had felt your faces burn up with the embarrassment that came about from your little sentence.

"Uh.... what did you just say?" Twilight asks you.

"Nothing! I didn't say anything!" you try to whistle your way out, hoping that the Princess would just ignore what you said a moment ago as you try to walk away from her.

"Anon," she groans at you, somehow making her way to your face in a flash. "Tell me, Anon. What did you say?" she asks you in a moment of getting in your face.

Feeling defeated, knowing that she was able to teleport to your location at any time, you took a deep breath and lowered yourself to her eye level. And as you look into her deep amethyst-colored eyes, you felt your face burning hotter.

"I tried to say that you don't look cute, but.... that was just a lie," you started to confess. "And cute doesn't even come close to how I feel about you, Twilight." You then take your hands and wrap them around one of her fore hooves. "It was just a few months ago when we first met," you start to say to her, remembering what you could about the first time that you met the Princess who became your friend. "You allowed me to have a job as your Royal Librarian, a place to stay, and the company of a great friend. One that even I never had back on my planet. So.... what I was trying to say.... *sigh* is... you're very beautiful, Twilight. And.... I love you, Twilight."

The feeling of a heavy load in your heart had soon lifted off of you, prompting you to give her a small smile. "And I know that it's only been a few months, but I'd very much like--- mmm?"

Your words were cut off by a soft pair of lips kissing yours as a pair of purple wings and fore hooves wrap around your face and shoulders. Even though you were as much of a stranger to feeling a pony's lips on your own lips, you knew that her pecks on your face said exactly what you did not expect for her to say.

"Will you be my special somepony? Please? Pllleeeeaaaasssseeeee?" she begs you, putting on a cute face that nearly cringes your face from how adorable she was now becoming.

"Can we cuddle with each other if I say yes?" you then ask her, feeling a little brave yourself.

"Yes! We can totally cuddle," she squeaked.

"Then I say yes, Twilight. I'll be your special somepony. Just as I wish for you to be my special girl," you say to her with a loving smile.

More kisses were exchanged between the two of you while you wrapped your arms around her shoulders, being careful not to hurt the wings that were also wrapping around you as they accompanied the fore hooves that wrapped around your sides.

Some minutes later, the both of you end up at your room with the small Alicorn wrapping around your whole body in the most adorable way possible. It was just in the middle of the day, so there was no need for you to change into a pair of pajamas. And you were not feeling tired at all, despite how you had just confessed your love for your new girl-- marefriend.

And as you both take a side on your bed, Twilight begins to nuzzle your face with hers, rubbing her nose on yours in the new affection that you always wanted to see from her.

"I am going... to do my best... to make you... happy with me, Twilight," you say to her as your lips kisses hers a bit longer.

"Thank you, Anon. I know... that... you will," she sighs while feeling your lips on hers.

The both of you take your positions and start to close your eyes. But not out of feeling tired, nor for the sake of thinking that you might just wake up from a good dream. But because you now had a special somepony.

"I love you, Twilight."

"I love you too, Anon."

And thank goodness for those months of being her good friend, first. If not, things would have been awkward. But you didn't give an inch for your 'what-if' scenarios to take a mile at.

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