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Wrong Door, Perfect Oppurtunity - DuskNote

After having lived his life through in the Potter world and having been offered a choice to continue in another picking the wrong door leads him to the last place he ever wanted to go. Equestria.

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Starting of on the wrong(?) claw.

Starting off on the wrong(?) claw.

Okay this was fine. Everything would be absolutely fine. I'm just stuck in a world full of ponies, that I'm betting writer me has grown to love more than I have, and I may be forced to be an outcast until I'm hunted down and killed by the dragon... "Why did I pick that option again?" I mumbled to myself as I kept pacing back and forth in front of the doors.... Oh yeah. Because I figured death would get me to move onto the next world quicker. A sound plan. After all that's how things went the first time through.... So why am I completely regretting that decision now? I've dealt with dragons before. Sure they were nowhere near as big and powerful as this one sounds like... Well except for that one time but I wouldn't really call that a dragon.... Demon? Yeah that's a better fit.... Where was I?

Coming to a stop I wondered how I managed to derail my train of thought so perfectly. I knew I was worried about something but I'd completely forgotten what that was.... Great. It seems I've lost my mind if I can be distracted and confused that easily. That won't come back to bite me in any way.... Sighing I leant against the wall and waited for something to happen. I did not expect that thing to be a small purple dragon rushing last me and into the room screaming for Twilight. However, I should have expected the black blur that was chasing after it, which didn't seem to notice me as it tried to run into the room amid shocked cries. The fuzzball sure did notice when I tackled it to the ground before it reached the table and pinned it there.

"Oh.... I didn't know she could grow that big." Fluttershy was the first to speak after seeing me hold a giant cat to the ground, where it continued to struggle.

"Yeah.... Sorry about that Spike. I keep forgetting how much trouble she can be...." I glared down at my overgrown furball Merry as she growled back at me having somehow managed to twist around to face me. "Every time. Just tell me why you have to make a mess and feel like picking a fight every time we go somewhere knew." It was bloody déjà vu of the first time I brought her home. Of course she was much younger then but the exact same thing happened. She ran through the house and I decided to be stupid and tackle her. Of course she settled down immediately once I had her still... But now....

I threw myself off of the not so merry kitty amid gasps as she took a swipe at me and managed to tear through my shirt. Okay something upset her and triggered her predator instincts. Not good. Especially since her attention was on me now. Okay think. What could have done it. I dove to the side as she leapt at me and just managed to grab her around the middle and toss her into the hallway. Well the only time she ever got this mad was when she caught her reflection in the rubies on Gryffindor's sword.... And I left her alone in a castle with a ruby eating dragon. I threw my hands out and blasted my giant cat back out of the room as she jumped again. "Could I be any dumber today?" I cried out in frustration as I ran after her this time. First the immediate slip up with Fluttershy, getting close to being exiled from pony contact and now I'm being attacked by my own cat. The one thing capable of hurting me that I can't bring myself to harm.

I tackled Merry to the ground again wincing as one of her claws pierced my shoulder and holding back a cry as she turned her head and chomped down on my right arm. But still I had her restricted now. And with a force of will that was never required of me before I pooled my magic and thrusted myself into the wild mess that was a furious cat's mind. Bursts of rage and buried instincts pushed against me as I searched for the trigger that had been flipped. Why a red reflection makes her go nuts and attack everything I never found out but as I could still feel her teeth and claws tearing at my skin I didn't really care. I found the light red pool that signified her berserker mode and upon dipping a finger in it turned back to its clear reflection of the surrounding world. With that I also felt the claws and teeth immediately withdraw from my skin so I did the same and retreated from her mind.

Coming back into my own head I saw Merry whimpering and licking at the wounds she had caused me. Nudging her head lightly I smiled as she looked at me upset. I didn't hear the shouts of the other ponies or feel their hooves as they tried to get me away from my monster of a cat. All I knew was that I was in more pain and feeling a whole lot more exhausted than I had for a very long time. So I passed out on top of my cat.

When I woke up I found myself laying on a bed with my feet dangling over the end. Kind of expected to be half on and half off any pony bed but I guess I was wrong about the dimensions of their mattresses. More important though was how my entire upper body was covered in bandages with my right arm bound tightly to my chest. Merry must have done more damage to me than I thought. Aside from piercing my shoulder and chomping down on my arm she must have gone nuts slashing at me when I entered her mind. I could practically feel where she broke the skin beneath the bandages. No wonder I passed out. Shirt is probably ruined too. Well at least I'm still in my pants.... Back to Merry though. I should probably see if she's okay.

Slowly using my left arm to ease myself up I turned and was about to stand up when the door opened and voices entered the room. "I don't know Rainbow... He was hurt pretty badly... Maybe we should take him to the hospital."

"Oh come on Twilight you heard Pinkie Pie. He heals quickly I bet he'll be just fine. Besides he's the one who decide to- oh." Said pegasus and alicorn had stopped and were now staring at me in surprise.

Tilting my head at them I figured being blunt was the best way to handle things. "I take it you still expected me to be out cold and in pain?" Two slow nods were my response. Smiling at them I stood up fully hiding my wince as the freshly healed skin pulled lightly. "Well Pinkie is right. I do heal fast. It's thanks to the magic of my world." Along with several painful rituals that would probably scare you and that I am extremely glad still apply here. "So umm... Where is Merry? And who do I have to thank for fixing me up?"

"Huh? Oh! Right. Well... After patching you up Fluttershy went to find... Merry was it?" I nodded and Twilight continued. "Well she's currently hiding under the table in the dining room." I frowned and quickly left the room with the two of them quickly following me.

"Uh do you even know where the dining room is?" Rainbow Dash asked flapping along behind me.

"Third door on the left as you enter the castle, second on the right correct?" I replied as I kept walking before stopping. "But... I have no clue how to get there from here."

Twilight stepped in front of me and kept walking so I followed her. "Close" she said sounding surprised. "It's actually the fourth on the left." I could hear Rainbow sigh behind me as we entered another hallway and was just about to say something when Twilight continued. "So... What happened? Fluttershy said your cat seemed friendly. If a bit..."

"Cheeky?" I offered as she trailed off.

"Yeah... And she seems calm now. Upset but calm." Twilight responded looking back at me curiously.

"Yeah..." I scratched the back of my head. "That's kind of my fault."

"Told ya..." Rainbow muttered from behind me but I ignored her and kept going.

"See Merry has done that before. She was smaller and so easier to deal with but she must have been trying to scare Spike away from whatever he was cooking when her switch was flipped." I'm really glad she was a tiny kitty the first time. She probably would have torn me to pieces back then.

"Her Switch?" Rainbow flew next to me as she asked her question.

"Yeah. We were never really sure why but for some reason she goes berserk whenever she spots her reflection in a ruby. Only rubies too. We must have tried hundreds of other red gemstones to see if she just had problem with the reflection of a gem or the colour red in general. Nothing." I shrugged. That confused everyone. Even Hagrid and he was the one who told me what she was to begin with.

"Could it be something to do with her species? And the magical properties they have?" Asked the ever curious Twilight.

I shrugged again as we came to a stop in front of another door. Guess she wanted me to answer before we entered. "Don't know. Feraguans were thought to be extinct. In fact, they were well on their way to just becoming a made up creature before I found Merry." I stepped forward and opened the door, holding it for the mares to enter behind me.

Looking around I saw Fluttershy peering under the table, Rarity and Applejack of in the corner talking about something. Pinkie Pie did not seem to be around anywhere but I did keep my eyes open in case she jumped me again. But to get the most important thing out of the way first I carefully walked up next to Fluttershy and smiled at her as she turned to look at me. I turned back to the table so I didn't notice how looks were exchanged behind me or how AJ quickly moved towards Twilight and started talking about something. Slowly I eased myself down onto my knees so I could look under the table. It took a while for my eyes to adjust enough but when they did I could just make out Merry's outline curled up and shaking lightly.

"Oh my poor kitty. It's okay. I'm alright see?" I spoke softly and smiled as Merry slowly turned towards me. "Come on Merry. You know I'm tougher than that. I'm fine." My now tiny chimera stood up and slowly crawled towards me before stopping halfway. "What's wrong sweetie?" I asked before seeing her eyes focused on the bandages wrapped around my chest. "Ah. Right." Sitting upright I reached behind me and quickly found the end of it and started unwrapping them before any of the ponies could voice an objection. When they were lying in a pile next to me I bent back under the table. "See Merry? Not a scratch." I reached both my arms under so she could see how not even a bite mark remained. After that she quickly bolted towards me purring and mewling softly. Smiling I held her to my chest and slowly stood up as she nuzzled against me. Had this been the first time I'd held a cat the fur against my skin would probably have tickled. As it stood it was kind of comforting in a way.

Noticing the ponies looking at me in shock I scratched Merry behind the ears and cast a silencing charm around her. I rubbed my nose against hers as she looked up at me to reassure her. I just cheered her up I don't want her scampering under the table again talking about what she did. "How in tarnation are you okay?! You were out cold for 20 minutes!" AJ's shock made me blink in surprise. Less than half an hour? It normally takes 5 times that before I'm fully healed. And that's with some magical assistance.

"I don't know... That's definitely a new type of record for me." I shrugged and kept petting Merry while the ponies looked at each other.

"Well... You have to admit darling... It is a bit strange. You were quite injured and now... Well you didn't even stain your bandages." Rarity was the next to speak up and she gestured at the bandages on the floor as she did so.

Looking at the bandages I raised my hand, causing Merry to look up at me again, and with another push of will and magic they rolled themselves up and flew into my hand. "Who do I have to thank for that by the way?" The ponies looked at me in disbelief as Fluttershy slowly raised her hand, err hoof, blushing. I smiled at her before looking back down at the bandages. "Well.... They may be clean but I'm not entirely sure you would want them back...."

Fluttershy blushed some more and looked at the ground before mumbling. "It's okay.... You can keep them.... You know... Just in case...."

I smiled and slipped them into the pocket of my ripped pants before looking over all of the mane 6. Wait... "Pinkie where did you come from?... And what's with the cake?"

"Well duh. This is for your 'Welcome to Equestria' party. Though I wasn't quite sure what to put as your name." Pinkie Pie had dragged a cake to the front that did indeed say welcome to Equestria on it.

"You know she's right, you still haven't told us your name." Rainbow spoke up crossing her forelegs while flapping in place.

"Huh. My apologies. I guess I was so caught off guard by everything it completely slipped my mind." While I spoke my thoughts moved rapidly. What should I call myself here...? My name would just be awkward but I'm not the same guy who made a pony OC so no way in hell am I doing that. So something pony like but similar enough to my name would be ideal... So the best choice would be... "Call me Striker." However, with that out of the way... "There a problem Twilight?" I asked the purple alicorn who seemed determined to hide and not look at me.

"What? No. No of course not. Why would there be a problem? No problem here." I folded my arms and walked towards her while she was rambling and crouched down in front of her.

"You sure?" I asked trying to look her in the eyes. She simply glanced at me then down to my chest before looking away and blushing. "Ah..." I said standing up. "My apologies. Of course being the only pony familiar with humans you would understand the importance we put on clothes. I did not mean to make you uncomfortable." I took a step back and held out my hand… and nothing happened.

“Something wrong?” Rarity asked me curiously as I stared out my hand

“No… my magic just isn’t reacting properly. Should have expected it honestly but it will take some getting used to.” That got Twilight’s attention. Rest of them too, guess they were glad to know that I was actually going to explain what I had been doing. Closing my eyes, I focused on the survival kit I’d had with me and pushed on my magic to summon it to me. However, something else happened instead… One moment I can hear the bag rushing into my hand and the next my magic floods back into my body and up to my brain. It felt like thousands of thoughts and memories had come shooting to the surface all at once.

I must have passed out because when I opened my eyes I was laying on the cold floor while being softly shaken. “Striker?” Huh…didn’t expect Fluttershy to want to be close to me… then again she did bandage me up so what do I know?

Letting out a quiet groan I pulled myself into a sitting position with my head in my hands. “Can someone pass me the backpack?” I asked holding my hand out. After feeling it pushed into my grasp I rummaged through it and pulled out a shirt that I quickly put on. “Thanks.” I muttered as I tried opening my eyes.

“You sure you ain’t still hurt?” AJ spoke and my gaze turned to her. I found her immediately on my right and at eyelevel. Man these ponies are small…

“Striker!” I shook my head and turned towards the voice that called my name. I must have zoned out staring at Apple Jack. Twilight was looking at me slightly worried.

“I’m fine… just… another side-effect.” I shook my head again and thought about standing up but I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. “I think… my memories just re-synched with my original world…” The ponies looked at each other in confusion.

“And that means what exactly?” Well Rainbow seemed to have calmed down… how nice she’s much cuter when she’s not mean… What the heck is wrong with my thought patterns?

“Well…” I trailed off as another wave of pain rushed through my head. This was nowhere near fun…. I feel nauseous…

“He’s remembering what the original him was like when it came to us!” Pinkie seemed happier for some reason. Then she patted my head. “Don’t worry. Pinkie will explain. Sleep tight Striker-wiker.”

I let out a moan of relief as she said that and, after moving the backpack into position as a pillow, I fell back and closed my eyes. “Pinkie I could kiss you…” I didn’t notice saying that out loud as I passed out again. I knew I’d be out for quite a while as the new memories were sorted. Then Id worry about just what triggered the memory influx.

What I should have been worried about was how much Pinkie knew. But at that moment I didn’t know there was anything to be worried about and even if I did I doubt I could have stopped her. Still… wish I did or the next day wouldn’t have been so awkward…

Author's Note:

And another chapter. Could have gone on but I think this is a good point. Am I doing okay so far?

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