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Wrong Door, Perfect Oppurtunity - DuskNote

After having lived his life through in the Potter world and having been offered a choice to continue in another picking the wrong door leads him to the last place he ever wanted to go. Equestria.

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The New World

Chapter 1: The new world

When I opened my eyes I knew something was wrong. This place was strange. I felt like I was floating in a black sea but had no form to speak off. I heard a voice call out to me then. “Hello wanderer. You seem to have stumbled across a portal to another realm.” I couldn’t tell whether the voice was male or female. I hated voices like that. Something about the way it had neither male or female tones just creeped me out. “But do not worry. I am here to make sure your trip in Equestria is as easy as I can make it.” Wait Equestria? That wasn’t right I was supposed to go to… Umm. Crap I’m losing it already. Okay focus. Can’t go back now I guess. Even though I really didn’t want MLP to be my first world…

“How can you help me? Who are you?” The questions I wanted to ask came to my mind and then seemed to slip out into the void. Yeah that wasn’t creepy or anything….

“I am the spirit of friendship and I am here to help you on your journey… but my power is limited and each bit of help I can give you will drain some of it. Here is what I can do for you.” With that the spirit showed me a set of different things. ‘Races, Equipment, Humanity, Perks, Talents’… It’s like a D&D game… really wish I took up Hermione’s offer to play a game with her family now… Scanning the lists I saw “AVAILABLE MANA=50” flashing at the top. Okay so it’s a number system…. Sure wish I could get more though. “I am able to grant you a few more points should you so desire. However, you must know that in order to do so you must accept a drawback.” As the spirit spoke one of the tabs expanded allowing me to get a better look. Let’s see; ‘Rival’, no thanks. ‘Solitude’, where the fun in that? ‘Outlaw’, interesting story arc but I have definitely had enough of being falsely hated.

What’s left… Elder Dragon… Hello what have we here. ‘Your existence in Equestria has enraged a very large and powerful dragon’ obviously… blah blah ‘wingspan blots out the sun’ blah blah blah ‘Conventional weapons and magic are useless’ blah blah blah ‘will find you one month after your arrival’ oh good, training time ‘it is said that only those with the truest understanding of friendship, love and magic can stand a chance against this ancient foe’… “Wait so you are saying that I get 20 extra mana and the chance to fight an all-powerful dragon? Oh yeah I am so taking that.” The spirit didn’t even ask me if I was sure, just blotted out the drawback section and added an extra 20 to the total.

The first list for selection was on races. There were your typical three pony types, Alicorn which cost 50 but came with royal duties so no dice, and pretty much every other race that has appeared in the show. Except of course for ‘Human’… Selected. ‘costs 10 mana… get memories perk for free… physical body remains precisely as it was in real life…’ … Wait… Exactly? My mind flashed over my years in the Harry Potter world. Blake said that I had become a character all my own so what else could he base that of off if not the condition my body was in when I died? Picked. And that makes 60 mana left and a whole host of perks and abilities rendered unnecessary. This is so not fair but hey I’m not making the spirits job any harder so why should I care?

Next is equipment. ‘Survival Kit’ for 5 mana… woah that’s a lot of neat stuff for 5 mana. Will sure come in handy when I need to leave town to fight the Elder Dragon. The change of clothes is neat too. Picked. ‘A Bunch A’ Bits’ for another 5 mana, gets me a sack of bits so I’m not penniless but… for an extra 5 I get it refilled each day? Picked. Now; ‘Melee Weapon’, useless. ‘Armor’, useless. ‘Ranged Weapon’, meh I think I have that covered. ‘Staff’, also useless. Well 15 mana on Equipment… I am so glad I did what I did in life. Next is the ‘Humanity’ tab. ‘Memories’, got that for free. ‘Laptop’, managed without the net for over 10 years now I think I’ll be fine. ‘Portal’, permanent way home… meh I’ll probably die in a month anyway may as well enjoy it.

So onto the ‘Perks’ now. ‘Civilisation’, Ehh I have the map, I can handle the Everfree forest fine. ‘House’ tempting… especially that safe haven bit. Could potentially hide from the dragon but I’d rather not risk it if it doesn’t apply to that circumstance. ‘Castle’, Oh now that could be nice. Especially the servants and guards thing. But I’d probably get bored having everything done for me and I’d be insulting Mitzy in a way so no. ‘Companion’, perfect girlfriend? No thanks I can make my own friends… probably. ‘Pet’, oh here we go. 5 mana for a regular pet but an extra 10 makes it more exotic or a beast of myth… Well I do miss the cat I got after that transfiguration accident… and it becomes more intelligent and combat capable so that’s good. And I’m pretty sure it fits in my height/weight range. Yeah fine picked. So that brings me down to 30 mana.

Man this feels like it’s taking forever. Finally, ‘Talents’. ‘Magic’, heh not needed. ‘Nature’, Sorry Fluttershy it isn’t my thing. ‘The Elements’, I think I’m fine on that front… Though I did focus more on brute strength than speed so… Oh why not I’ll buy the speed and agility bit of wind. And the tangible heroic aura is neat to. Boost’s morale and intimidation? Yep. ‘Darkness’ I think I’ll avoiding playing the thief this time. Pass. ‘Light’, hmm another aura that soothes emotions and spreads happiness along with some other benefits if I focus? Sounds kind of like an empath ability. Yeah I’ll take it. I could upgrade it but I wouldn’t call my intent pure so no good for me. ‘Fitness’, got it handled buddy, man do I love being me right now. ‘Flight’, yeah no wings. ‘Alchemy’, oh I can handle potions fine… Though this is a new world with new ingredients and poisons I would be unfamiliar with… Okay I’ll get the two 5 mana options. Allows me to brew simple potions and identify ingredients and spot the dangerous ones.

That leaves me with 5 mana to spend… which just so happens to be the amount needed to be put into the ‘Community’ talent. Let’s see here ‘will grant you natural skill and special talent in one creative skill, craft, or profession of your choice (smithing, singing, baking, mercantile, dance, art, carpentry and any other job can work), or amplify your ability in that field if you are already talented in it already.’ Wow… that’s a lot of choice… Hmm… well smithing does sound interesting… and I did learn a couple of things from the Goblins that one time… Plus if I pick it then that opens up so many other potential possibilities thanks to my magical past… God this must be cheating but screw it smithing it is. Kind of wished I picked the ore sense now but I’ll make do. With my choices made and finalised I saw a portal open in front of me and a strange power shifting my body and forcing new knowledge into my mind. It has been quite some time since my mind felt any sort of stress. So as I fell towards the portal I could feel myself pass out.

When I woke up I was lying down on the ground in some kind of forest. Looking down I noticed my clothes had changed. I was wearing all black. Black shoes, black pants, black shirt. I mean I prefer darker colours but I'm more of a dark blue or crimson type then a straight pitch black. I also had the sack of bits attached to my belt. Looking down told me one thing though. My skin was that stupid type of pale pink you get from those so called "skin coloured" markers. I had a good tan going damnit. Now it's ruined all because I'm in a bloody cartoon. Stupid writer me could have warned me I was going in the wrong door. But this is okay. I got a good deal out of the situation. Not that the spirit realised it… I feel a bit bad for taking advantage of the spirit of friendship but really it’s not my fault I had such a good skillset before I got here. Standing up I started walking after making sure to pick up the survival kit lying next to me, I did have a cat to find after all. It got a bit gloomy the further I went though, I must have been on the edge and picked the wrong direction to head towards. That would probably be for the best though, no point in heading for civilisation without my pet... I paused and looked around again at the forest that had now become dark with creepy shades of blue. Knowing my luck, and my own sadistic pleasure at torturing myself, I probably got stuck on the edge of the world map in a barren wasteland... Well barren except for the forest. What's the word for nobody around for miles again? ... I miss the little voice in my head... He could always help me out and it made me feel less crazy for talking to myself even if it is just in my head.

Getting caught up in my train of thoughts I almost missed the crunch of leaves being stepped on. In fact, had I not just gone through hell I might have missed it even if I had been paying attention. Turning to my right I shifted and raised my guard. I don't know how well my magic would work here considering the rules I got given but considering I can still feel my wand in its holster I should be able to handle anything a simple cartoon can throw at me... Then again this isn’t your average cartoon... This one had some dangerous creatures.... Had I not turned towards the noise I would have missed them again, I have got to stop letting my mind wander. Another thing Christian was good for. They stepped out slowly, there were three of them moving silently, and when I focused on them again the blood drained from my body. Not out of fear, handling them would be a breeze even if I had been stripped of my magic, but because dear God did I hate myself right now. Especially since it just occurred to me that even if I had picked the wrong door he could just change it after I went through. The door was my choice not me stepping into another universe.... Least I don't think it was.... I moved on reflex as one of the beasts lunged at me shifting to the left and slamming my open palm into its side, thankyou agility boost. With the firm blow the timber wolf collapses into a pile of the sticks and branches that made it up. Determined not to lose focus again I turned back towards the other two that were now watching me warily their green eyes glowing knowing that I wouldn't be some easy prey. I lifted my hands slightly away from my sides palms facing towards them with my fingers lightly curled. Now let's see here... If I'm right and my magic is largely unaffected then... With a thought and a slight force of will fire erupted into life in my hands flickering around my fingers. Slightly more effort than normal but not that big of a deal. I didn't spend years mastering wandless fire magic for nothing. Upon seeing the flames, the remaining timber wolves freaked out and ran for it.

Well time to get out of here. I know what my limits are and I could make a fairly accurate guess as to where exactly I am in the cartoon world, considering the timber wolves and all, so all that's left is to talk to a certain somepony and..... Oh god I said somepony... I shook my head and started walking out muttering to myself. "I mean sure I was a brony when I woke up in Harry Potter world but that was 10 years ago... For me at least. I've grown and changed. I mean Jeez the crap I've gone through... Not to mention I'm in my 30's now mentally. Hell after I went to Hogwarts I completely stopped caring about what episode was on... Actually now that I think about it I wonder why I made tv and technology current. Would have been funnier if nobody got the references I made and looked at me like I was crazy. Wait… did I even make it current? I know MLP was there but… Ah well doesn't matter. Getting to the edge of what I now know to be the Everfree forest I stopped and looked over ponyville. Leaning against another tree I took a deep breath. How in the hell was this going to work? I mean aside from Twilight none of these ponies have seen a human and few more know that they exist... Oh jeez how am I even going to explain all this? I mean I got caught up a bit because Rose begged me but that was only up to the end of season 5.... Memories that we're starting to become clearer.... Okay I can take a hint I'm at the end of season 5. That just makes things harder to explain if, oh who am I kidding with my luck it's a definite when, I mess up and say something I shouldn't know. In that case it would be better if I explained myself early... I sighed loudly. This was so not going to end well.

"Umm.... Excuse me?" A quiet question came from my left. Turning I saw a very familiar pegasus. Of course the one I had seen most recently was more of a silver outline instead of the yellow horse now before me.... Ohhh, that was why. More embarrassing if people know what my patronus is. Shaking my head, I focused back on the shy pony who was now shrinking back and hiding behind her hair.

"I'm sorry, I got lost in thought. That was terribly rude of me. Can I help you?" Soft, gentle and as kind as possible without being fake. Best way to make sure she doesn't run off.

The shy pegasus was now pawing at the ground looking away from me before responding. Her voice was even quieter than before and had it been anyone else I doubt they would have heard her. Especially since she was standing so far away. "It's just that... I saw you standing there... And you looked lost.... And the forest is kind of dangerous.... And I'm really really sorry for bothering you........ Please don't be mad at me..." After that I couldn't tell if she was still talking or if she actually started whimpering. I don't think I'm that scary so she may have been mumbling more things to placate me.

"Oh you're not a bother. And how could I hate such an innocent pony like you? I'm not a monster. As for the forest I'd already figured that out. Kind of hard not to when a trio of timber wolves jump you."

She squeaked and came hurrying over to me. "Timber wolves? They didn't hurt you did they? They can be really dangerous with their claws and their teeth. They aren't like other animals which can be nice and sweet once you get to know them.” She kept babbling as she checked me over for injuries. Man was she adorable. I could just pick her up and cuddle her.

So I did. I don’t know why I did. I hadn’t had anything to do with ponies outside my patronus for a long time now but some part made me do it. Something Im certain I had stopped feeling by around 4th year. Maybe it was the reset from entering a new world or something else entirely. All I knew was that hearing the yellow pegasus squeak as I picked her up and started petting her was the absolute cutest thing I could ever imagine. “It’s okay. No need to worry I can take care of myself. But thank you so very much for caring. It’s nice to know that there are ponies like you that are so very sweet and kind.” Okay maybe I was laying it on a little thick but it was all true and damnit I just couldn’t help myself. I was feeling more like a kid than I was when I first ended up in the Harry Potter world. Heck more than when I actually was a kid.

Fluttershy hadn’t said anything yet and at first I thought it was because she was frozen in fear, which made me feel quite terrible, but when I looked at her face it was to see her with her eyes closed and blushing fiercely as I scratched behind her ear. Pausing I brought my fingers back ever so slightly only to feel her press back against them. Correction. This was the cutest thing I’d ever seen. Especially since I don’t even think she realised she was doing it. I mean sure I was holding her a little awkwardly but no way was that going to make me stop. Nothing would in my opinion. At least that's what I thought until something barrelled into the back of my legs causing me to fall flat on my ass, thankfully I avoided crushing the survival pack. Fluttershy let out a squeak and flapped her wings as I hit the ground.

Ignoring the blushing and stuttering pegasus for now I turned my glare on the black ball of fluff that was responsible for my fall. Said ball of fluff was sitting on the ground staring at me while licking its paw and smirking. "I was wondering where you had gotten off to you little furball. What have you been up to?" I folded my arms and stared down at the cat who simply opened its mouth and kicked its lips. "Of course you were eating." Grumbling I got up and brushed myself off a bit. "Fluttershy meet my cat Merry. Fuzzball meet Fluttershy."

I turned to look at the pegasus only to see her stare at me in shock and a little bit of fear. Was it the talking to my cat? Or maybe being so fine with being knocked over? "H-how do you know my name?" Oh. Oh crap. Well stop the clock ladies and gentlemen barely made it a minute talking to my first pony and I've already screwed myself. Geez dude could you make a stupider mistake?

I glared at my cat again. "I blame you for this furball." The cat simply turned and started walking towards town. When I asked for a cat like the one I lost I didn't expect it to be the exact same blooming cat. I sighed and put my face in my hands. "Listen Fluttershy this is going to be one complicated story and I don't expect you to believe me. So I would appreciate it very much if you would just take it in stride and wait until I can tell all your friends at once." Especially Pinkie Pie. Pinkie definitely needs to be there. With my piece said I turned and started walking after my cat. A few minutes passed before I heard the flapping of wings next to me. I didn't turn to look not wanting to scare her off.

It was only when I realised that my cat had decided to take the way around ponyville to the castle that Fluttershy decided to speak up. "So.... Umm.... Why Merry?" It was spoken quietly enough that even I barely heard the question and yet somehow the fuzzball still turned and smirked at me. But I'd take what I could get.

"Well it's a bit of a long story actually. The short of it is that I found her and discovered she had a bit of a talent for turning into a much bigger cat. At first I thought she was some type of chimera so I called her Merra for short. However a friend of mine who really knows his animals said she was actually a species known as a Feraguan who have the ability to alter their size." Merry grew to the size of a small panther to show what I meant. "At that point though I had kind of gotten used to the name Merra so when I was thinking of different ones I noticed how happy she seemed to be all the time. So the name became Merry. She seemed to like it well enough so it stuck." I shrugged unsure if she was looking at me or not. It was by no means the whole story, or even all that truthful, but the less I had to explain the better.

We continued to walk a bit in silence until the front door of the castle came into view. Just as I was about to ask if I should knock or something Merry grew enough so that she could just push the door open. Sighing I followed after her calling out as I entered the door. "Hello? Anybody home? I don't mean to intrude. Blame the cat." Said cat glared at me and continued walking into the castle. How it knew where to go I had no idea....

"Umm.... we were supposed to meet up in the map room today.... It's at the end of the hall..." The yellow pegasus mumbled again seeming to have relaxed a bit once we entered the castle. I had already known that, or at least that it was at the end of one hall somewhere, but that wasn't what I was worried about. Merry had opened up the door to a different hall and walked off. Meaning that a) she did know where she was going somehow and b) she was most likely headed to the kitchen... What am I going to do with her....

So in silence we walked towards the big doors at the end of the hall. When I pushed one open I could hear the slight chatter come to a stop. "Jeez Fluttershy you sure took your...." The voice that could only belong to the rainbow pegasus herself fell silent as a slight gasp rang throughout the room. Looking around I saw the rest of the mane 6 staring at me. Rainbow was shocked, her mouth dropping open. Rarity just seemed stunned, though whether that was due to me being human or my outfit I couldn't tell, anything was possible with that girl. Apple Jack was looking at me suspiciously. Twilight kept glancing behind me looking worried, probably thinking something went wrong with her portal, speaking of which... I didn't see Starlight Glimmer anywhere, since she was now part of the group as of the season 5 finale wouldn't that mean she should be here? Unless of course the finale hadn't happened yet. Meaning the third Equestria Girls movie hadn't happened. Interesting.

Dropping that train of thought I looked for the one pony who I hoped to be here.... Who was no longer in her seat. Where on earth did she-

"Hey there!"

"Waak!" Said pony appeared right in front of my face smiling causing me to fall backwards in surprise and land on my behind again.

"Pinkie do you happen to know this here.... Uhh..." AppleJack trailed off.

"Human." Twilight supplied.

"Thank yeh. Pinkie Pie do you know this here human?" AJ hadn't taken my eyes of me as I stayed sitting on the ground. Fluttershy had flown off to her seat but Pinkie Pie stayed in front of me smiling before turning her head to face the others.

"Nope. Which is really unfair since he knows all about us. I can't even throw an introductory party. Maybe an everyone gets to meet you party? Or welcome to another world party. Oh maybe I could throw a-"

"PINKIE!" Several voices cried out at once. My own being one of them. Couldn't help it really, as much as I found her rambling cute every so often now was not a good time for that.

"Whaaaaat?" Pinkie said pouting slightly.

I cleared my throat and got back to my feet before speaking. "Well Pinkie Pie. Since you seem to somehow have an idea of what's going on mind filling the rest of your friends in?" I asked calmly but inside I was begging any higher power that would listen to not have her say too much. I had no idea what knowledge she possessed of my life and there are quite a few things I would prefer not to have brought up.

"Oh. Okie dokie Loki." She smiled and bounced back to her seat before taking a deep breath. "Well you see our new friend comes from another world except it's not really another world more like a separate reality with wizards and magic wands! But even that's not his original world. Instead he ended up in that worlds version of him because of reasons and since we're a cartoon he knows everything about us that could be shown! Isn't that cool?"

The rest of the ponies just stared at Pinkie in shock before slowly looking at me. All I could do was chuckle nervously and nod slowly. Did not expect that much.

"So.... We are a cartoon in your world? And you watch us?" Great I'm being judged for watching MLP by Rainbow Dash now. This is not my day.

"Uhuh. In fact there is an entire adult fandom out there that makes songs and art and stories all about us." Pinkie answered for me before I could even open my mouth to defend myself.

"Well while that is quite interesting sweetie I must ask how our guest came to be here?" It was Rarity that spoke up this time but once again it was Pinkie that spoke up.

"Oh he went through the wrong door."

"...... Beg pardon?" Silence broken by AJ of course. I expected Twilight to have started grilling me by now but maybe she was still trying to figure things out. Whatever it was I should probably try and clarify things... Least as well as I could.

"Okay.... Well like Pinkie said my last world wasn't my original one. I'll fill you in on what that means some other time if you'd like? Once I had fulfilled my purpose in that world I was given a choice. Stay in that world or move onto some others." Kind of true. No need to mention me staying in that world meant accepting death. "And since I was told I could keep the abilities I'd learnt in that world in the others, within reason, I decided to explore a different world..." I paused slightly embarrassed. "And.... I kind of picked the wrong world to enter and wound up here. I can't even remember what world I originally picked." No need to mention more than that for now I think. At least unless they ask.

"So you were brought to our world from your own by some powerful being correct?" Twilight spoke up at last. Seems she has figured out what she wanted to say now. Not sure how that will affect me though.

"Um.... Yes?" I mean that is probably the easiest way of putting it.... Especially without going into all the confusing details.

"And you trust this being?" She was looking at me seriously now... Oh I get it. She's worried that whatever magic was used to bring me here may have some long reaching affects.... That or she hopes to study me to find out what magic was used. Man I really cannot read these ponies.

"If I didn't I would not have agreed to their proposal." The ponies looked at each other unsure of whether they could trust me or not. May as well say something else. Not like I have been telling the whole truth already. "Listen whatever door I picked I could choose to either adventure or relax. I know this world, as Pinkie has explained." Said Pink pony smiled and started bouncing, that's probably not good for me. "I know how peaceful it is and what dangers may potentially arise. Me being here will not bring any increased danger upon you all." Except for the ancient dragon but that's a month away and he will only be after me.... Speaking off. "I don't intend to stay here for long anyway. I'll be able to pick another world to travel to in a months’ time."

"A month? Why can't you just leave now?" Brash as ever Rainbow....

"Because by the time a month has passed I'm certain I'll be able to fulfil the requirements that allow me to move on. Which I am afraid I am unable to share. In fact I'm amazed I could say this much." Mainly because I never believed you would hear me out and I doubt you want to know I'm going to die trying to fight the dragon. Times like these I'm not surprised I ended up in Slytherin. I'm too manipulative to have ended up anywhere else. "Though..." I trailed off not really wanting to say it.

"Yes?" The entire table spoke then in differing tones. Except for the still bouncing pink one though.

"If it would make you feel better I could leave? I'm quite capable of surviving for that long on my own. I wouldn't even have to meet another pony if I stayed away from towns." Not how I would like to spend my time in Equestria but if it's what they want.... I mean it is why I got that survival kit… even if I thought I would only need it when it comes to the end of my time here.


"What?" My voice joined Rainbow's and Apple Jacks in response to Twilights announcement.

"I will not force someone to cut of all contact with society until we have properly discussed this."

"What's to discuss. He gives a mean back scratch." I have no idea when Pinkie Pie ended up in my arms or when I started scratching her behind the ears but I probably should have expected that. "Right Fluttershy?" The yellow pegasus obviously didn't if the way she blushed bright red and sunk down under all the looks she got was any indication.

"Yeah I feel like I should apologise for that. Sorry if I made you uncomfortable at all, I just didn't really think before I did it." I continued to scratch and pet Pinkie Pie as I spoke. Not like I had much choice in the matter but I wasn't complaining.

"And what exactly caused you to act without thinking?" AJ turned to look at me and folded her front hooves. This would look really weird if it wasn't a cartoon...

"Hey she was fussing over me to see if I was hurt from my confrontation with the timber wolves. It was adorable. Nothing new for Fluttershy of course, she has a lot of those moments, you all do really, and well I am really not good at controlling myself when it comes to cute things." Speaking off. Pinkie had started purring and nuzzling more against me. I hope it was to prove my point because I'm pretty sure she is not meant to be this affectionate.... Or she's messing with me. Probably the latter.

"Err... Come again?" AJ spoke up again and seemed quite bewildered as to what I meant. I assumed she was referring to me saying they all have cute moments

"Well in my world you are a show aimed at young girls. Your morals and adventures won you favour with the adults and the males but can't really ignore what you started as. So cute happens all the time to all of you. Whether it be Fluttershy just being herself, Pinkie Pie being herself." I pulled my hand away causing her to glare at me. Definitely messing with me. "Or Rainbow Dash having one of her Wonderbolts freak outs.... Or her moments with Tank. All cute and adorable."

The entire table was silent and Pinkie had her mouth wide open in shock… Wait… Looking down I saw I was scratching thin air. How on earth did she…. Nevermind. I put my arms down by my side after fiddling with the straps of my survival kit. Well Twilight cleared her throat and everyone turned to look at her. “Well… I believe we know enough about you and your world. If you could please step outside while we discuss this?”

“Oh sure. No problem.” I turned and left the room feeling a bit more scared then I thought I would be… I mean so what if I have to wonder around for a month… It’s not like I’m aiming to truly understand the magic of friendship and love to beat the unbeatable dragon. It’s basically time to kill until it kills me and I can go to a different world… So why do I feel so sad…

Author's Note:

Well..... Did not expect it to be that long.... Im kind of new to this sort of formatting so if I have overlooked something or accidentally messed something up please let me know. Not sure when the next chapter will be up or how long it will be. I probably could have cut this up but I just kept writing and couldnt find a place where I wanted to stop until I forced it. I'll link the picture that gave me this idea once I find it again. I had it saved but I can no longer find it. Or post it here if I figure out how to without it being to intrusive.

Anyway let me know what you all think.

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