• Published 19th Mar 2016
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Equestrian war - Blackdust

Equestria after humans came into existance.

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Second Encounters and First Impressions: Explanation Chapter

Author's Note:

If you send me an OC, I'll feature them in the next chapter or the one I'm working on, if I can get it to work. I'll also copy and paste the background you send me in the explanation chapter for the character(s) you sent me.

Argon Rowshield: The long description I gave in the chapter is as good a condensed version as I could get without leaving something out. Here is the copied version of what Castok the Shadow sent me; Argon was once a peaceful human, never wanting to hurt anyone. He was friends with Johnathan, shorting his name to John. He grew in a loving family and would of been the next heir to the family's fortune and runes. But that all changed when the demons of the shadows raided his home and killed all of his family. Filled with lost of kins and a lust for demon blood, Argon used his family's wealth and runes to create a organisation, hellbent on destroy and slaying all demons. Those who lost everything because of the demons joined Argon's new force, giving their lives away to kill demons and to stop them from reaching their homes. They used dark runes to increase their strength and combat skills, however they get corrupted from using those runes but they learn how to control it and only use them against the demons. Argon and his legion strike at strong points of Demons, sometime they're sent into suicide missions. Johnathan usually see him back at home, looking for new recruits. But the Argon he knew in his childhood was no more, only rage, loss, bloodlust is all that remains in this human. All Argon wants is demons to be destroyed. He has a cold and hush tone with new people and doesn't trust them unless they're useful or not with the demons. However he despise anything that threatens his race, be it demons or not. So if a pony meets him, they'll be either killed or frighten away, never to return to human lands again.