• Published 12th Apr 2016
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Strong Armed into Admitting Affection - Zaki

Sunset likes Twilight. she's not sure which one. Pinkie Pie, Applejack and Rainbow Dash try to make her admit her feelings for one of them,

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Canterlot High.

To any casual observer, this school was a normal high school with colorful decor covering its exterior. It was pleasant to look at if nothing else could be said about the humble school but as stories often went, nothing is ever as ordinary as it may appear. A once magnificent statue had stood sentinel before the doors leading into the building. For the moment however, there was yellow caution tape on several poles cordoning off the area immediately next to the shattered sculpture.

Events happen in life, both good and bad, and high school life is admittedly boring for the majority of those that attend. A plethora of average achievers and a scant handful of those aiming for the stars were the masses that rotated about in a strangely rhythmic pattern as periods ended, the crowd shifting back and forth as portions flowed to and from rooms. A mundane high school time was never exciting which in of itself was a redundant observation many would note.

Still, for most an event that happens that isn't planned by the faculty and the student council was usually the talk of the week. This week was no exception...

"...and then I managed to get by their last defender. All that was left was the goalie and I-"

"Goalie and me, Dash." Sunset corrected automatically, her textbook standing up as she scribbled in her notebook.

"Thank you, Sunset." The sarcasm could almost be seen dripping from her words before the athlete launched straight back into her story, her eyes excited and hands animated as she recounted the soccer game from the weekend.

The only person really paying attention to Rainbow Dash's story at this point was Pinkie Pie, the party planner gasping and cheering at appropriate intervals. Rarity was touching up her make-up while Applejack and Fluttershy talked about a solution for the rabbits who had been sneaking in the garden and making off with bits of vegetables every other night. Twilight, the new addition to the group was absent, pending an investigation into a certain former headmistress.

"And with one solid kick and two seconds on the clock, I nail the goal between her legs and win the game against the visiting team! Victory Wondercolts!"

Pinkie cheered loudly, startling Sunset and the rest of the table. The instinctive jerk caused the redhead's textbook to topple onto her notebook and she sighed, laying down her pencil and frowning at the pair across from her.

"We were all there for the game against the Timberwolves, Rainbow Dash. You don't have to regale us with a play by play every Monday." Rubbing her temples, the former unicorn attempted to stave off the faint headache threatening to form and mentally preparing for the battle against Dash's bullheaded stubbornness.

"I can't help but agree. Sunset does have a point, dear. Confidence is good but it should be tempered with a healthy dose of humility." Rarity interjected before Rainbow could retort, closing her compact with a brisk snap. A frown touched her lips as she fixed the athlete with a disapproving look.

"Hey, not everyone knows what it's like being on the field. I gotta share what it's like to slip by three defenders and a goalie in ten seconds." Rainbow Dash smirked, folding her arms behind her head as she propped her feet on the table in front of all of them.

Sunset gave a tired smile and a shake of her her head before lifting up her book to continue working, setting it up as a wall of privacy. Leaning forward and resting on her forearms, she didn't quite catch the look in Rainbow Dash's face as the athlete surveyed her setup. The cyan girl frowned slightly and raised herself slightly to try peeking over.

"Actually... why are you hiding your work like that?" Rainbow reached over and took a hold of the book as if to pull it down only to find Sunset gripping her wrist and looking at her with a serious expression. The pressure wasn't painful or light but rather firm enough to give the normally excessively bold Rainbow Dash pause.

"What do you think you're doing?" Sunset demanded, her tone just this side of suspicious.

Applejack looked up from her tray to the two girls locked in an intense stareoff. The table was quiet as glances went back and forth, the girls confused at the display. She cleared her throat pointedly and lightly tapped her tray, gaining the attention of everybody.

"Girls, I don't what's gotten into either of you but I think Sunset deserves to do her work how she likes. Right, Rainbow?"

After a long tense moment of the girls sizing each other up, the redhead's grip slackened and Rainbow pulled her hand back slowly, maintaining eye contact the whole while. Taking her seat, the athlete lightly rubbed her wrist while Sunset folded her hands in front of her face, resting her chin on her knuckles. Fluttershy looked between the two and shifted nervously, her hands folded on the table as she summoned up her meager courage to speak.

"Is everything alright, Sunset? I'm sure Rainbow was just concerned about your work..."

Sunset sighed and turned to reply when suddenly her notebook was swiped from under her hands, the book screen being knocked over in the commotion. Elbows slipping off the table, the redhead caught herself at the last moment to prevent her face hitting the table. Her answer completely gone, the former unicorn looked around to see where her notebook had disappeared to. A sneaking suspicion had been conjured as she looked up, a scowl crossing her lips.

"Wow, is this a picture of Twilight and you?" Rainbow asked incredulously, standing on the opposite end of the table. "I mean, the art needs work but I didn't know you wanted to hold hands and-"

"Rainbow Dash!" Rarity exclaimed, attempting to seize the notebook but the athlete merely laughed and held it out of arm's reach. Fluttershy and Sunset were turning varying shades of pink while Pinkie tried to see the images Rainbow was looking at.

"Lemme see!" Pinkie pleaded, climbing on Dash's back for a better view. Rainbow held still as the pink girl examined the pages, her expression serious as she hummed to herself. Applejack had gotten to her feet, an annoyed expression on her face as she yanked the book out of their view.

"Aww, I was still looking at it!" Pinkie complained, pouting and sliding off her schoolmate's back. "Sunny and Twilight look really cute together!"

"Thanks Applejack." Sunset muttered, her face bright red as she began stuffing her things away despite lunch barely being a third of the way through.

"You need to apologize, Rainbow." Rarity scolded, pointing at said offender. "It's one of the most basic rules: don't take things that aren't yours. Besides, it's none of our business how Sunset feels about.. er.. which Twilight?"

"Yeah, yeah. So which one do you like?" Dash asked, leaning into the table and looking directly at Sunset. "Our Twilight or your Twilight?"

"That's none of your business." Sunset replied crossly, zipping her bag shut and dropping it at her feet. Everyone looked uncomfortable save for Pinkie who had her usual manic grin plastered to her face.

"We're not going to judge you, dear but as you eloquently said it, it's none of our business. Right, Rainbow?" Rarity interjected, her voice somewhat muffled from behind folded hands.

"Alright, alright." Rainbow finally noticed the disapproving stares from Applejack, Rarity and Fluttershy. "I get it. But one question: have you told them?"

The hesitation in her voice could not have been plainer than words upon a page. "Well... um..."

"Wait, you haven't said anything to either of them?" Rarity had switched from active supporter to incredulous onlooker faster than Sunset had ever seen. "This simply won't do! Something must be done and soon!"

"What happened to 'not any of our business'?" Applejack asked rhetorically, her gaze shifting to and from Rainbow and Rarity. "We remember the last time you tried to meddle in another person's love life..."

"Please darling, unrequited love is the most serious of issues. A debilitating case of a lovestruck heart with unrequited feelings is the bane of the high schooler. To love and never admit is a burden no person should bear, let alone one of our very own!" Rarity declared, having raised herself from her chair, an expression of avid and slightly manic joy on her face.

Relative silence surrounded the table, save for the sounds of conversation surrounding them. Rarity looked to Fluttershy for support who currently looked like she wished she could sink into the floor. Applejack looked a bit torn and glanced downwards, her expression hidden behind the brim of her hat.

"Is anybody else agreeing with Rarity?" Sunset asked finally, her composure regained and a slow breath exhaled in an attempted to alleviate the traces of annoyance that whirled in her mind. "Apart from Dash and Pinkie Pie," she was quick to add, seeing their mouths open. "Girls, I appreciate the concern but it's fine! I know what I'm doing, trust me?"

"Are you sure?" Fluttershy's voice rose up, her usual timid demeanor somewhat gone. Her eyes were unusually shiny as she addressed the former unicorn, her hands balled into fists. "I know what it's like to have feelings for somebody but not act on them."

"Fluttershy-" Sunset began.

"You may not know exactly which one you like but it wouldn't be fair to not act on just because of that. There's only so much time you have before someone else will summon up the courage instead." Fluttershy's words had grown more steady as she spoke until her voice was steadier than anyone in the group had ever heard from her.

Sunset waited patiently until Fluttershy took a breath before speaking. "Ok, girls look, I'm fine. Not that its any of your business, I'm pretty sure I know who I like but don't you think it's my decision on when I confess?"

"If you're anything like Twilight, I'd say no. Sometimes you can be a bit stubborn and put things off until the last minute." Rainbow replied, idly tapping her fingers against her tray. The looks shot in her direction spoke volumes about the others thoughts on the matter, the girls having conflicts of interest on the matter and the way to approach it.

"As much as Rainbow's manners leave to be desired, she does have a point..." Applejack mumbled, hiding her face under her hat. Rainbow beamed at the farmer and clapped her on the shoulder.

"Just do it!" Pinkie Pie exclaimed, rocking back and forth in her seat. "If you don't, you might regret it!"

"Isn't it my choice?" Sunset said desperately, noting the look of sudden guilt coming across Rarity's face and the downward look at the table. The pale girl bit her lip as she fidgeted nervously. Looking around at the rest of her friends as Rainbow and Pinkie began chanting, Sunset noted they seemed in agreement with Pinkie and Rainbow's statements save for Rarity and Fluttershy, who at least had the dignity to be embarrassed with the way their friends were acting.

"Rarity?" Sunset secretly prayed to Celestia that her friend would have her back despite her thoughts on the matter. The young woman looked up, biting her lip in thought as she spared a glance at the chanting others. Others were beginning to look over in curiosity, some students craning their necks to see the commotion. "What do you think?"

"I think... that a lady should be allowed to decide her own course of action." The fashionista placed a supportive hand on her shoulder, smiling encouragingly. "Even if I don't personally agree, I will support your decision. As a friend should." She added pointedly, throwing a furtive look at the chanting pair who had begun to rhymically hit the table with their trays.

"Let's take a vote!" Rainbow dropped the chant and shooting to her feet, her fist slamming into her open hand. "All in favor of Sunset admitting her feelings to Twilight, raise your hands."

"What?! Rainbow, my life is not something that is just easily browsed by anybody who chooses!"

Sunset paled when Applejack and Pinkie raised their hands with Rainbow Dash. She spared a glance at Fluttershy who made no move to raise her hand, her gaze downcast as she chewed her lip, tucking her chin into her chest and holding her bag close to herself for a measure of comfort.

"Those in favor of letting Sunset keep her secret, raise your hands." Rainbow smirked when only Sunset and Rarity raised their hands but looked concerned when Fluttershy kept her hand down. Everybody looked at her expectantly, the smaller girl squeaking when she realized that everyone at their table was looking at her.

"Uh, 'Shy? Aren't you voting?"

"I'm abstaining." The young woman replied meekly, peeking at them from behind her bangs.

"Alriiiight. In that case, majority rules: you are hereby sentenced to confess to the Twilight you like!" Rainbow declared, banging her water bottle on the table in place of a gavel. The looks of interest and irritation from the other tables didn't even faze her as she plopped back in her seat. The atmosphere at the table had reached an oppressive weight, the sparks almost could be seen between the two girls as they stared at each other.

"And if I don't?" Sunset countered, rising half an inch from her chair. She was just as tall as Rainbow and as stubborn as Applejack when it came to it. The grin that spread across the cyan girl's face gave Sunset pause before she spoke, the athlete taking her feet as well to counter the move. The change in atmosphere was subtle, likened to the feeling one would get before lightning flashed down from the heavens.

"I'll tell both."

A brief silence filled the cafeteria as students finished eating, the bell breaking through their staredown. The audible groan of dismay echoed off the walls as the teenagers began grabbing their things, reluctantly returning to class. The two girls didn't move from their positions as everybody moved around them, their friends beginning to worry that one of them would end up climbing over the table to reach the other. The words that followed were a surprise to everybody who was listening.

"Alright. I'll confess. On one condition."

"Name it." Rainbow said instantly, her cocky grin growing wider.

"You three have to beat me in a competition of my choice." Sunset felt the stares from her group on her but now, she hardly felt them. She was determined to keep these feelings to herself for the time being and Celestia be damned if she surrendered this easily. There was a saying she had heard once from a relatively famous duo on the internet and she had every intention of testing it to its fullest. You can do anything if you're angry enough... she thought to herself. Then again... considering everything that had lead to my transformation...

"Done." Rainbow agreed, extending her hand across the table. Sunset looked down at her hand and back up to the cyan girl, her countenance taking on a serious look. The two girls shook on it, one smirking in her cocky way and the other simply with a determined expression.

"Meet me in the gym after school."

* * *

"So what's the competition?" Rainbow asked, bouncing around in her tanktop and shorts. True to her word, Sunset had been waiting for them, lounging on the folded up bleachers while the rest of the girls made their way here. "Basketball? Tennis? Running?"

"You'll see." Sunset dropped off her seat and onto the floor, her impact echoing lightly on the polished floor. There were a few students still around shooting hoops and hanging out, putting off homework in favor of physical competition. A few of the onlookers looked over as the doors opened and a large muscular student came in carrying a large wooden crate and straining from the effort. The girls save Sunset exchanged confused looks as he dropped the crate in front of them, the sound echoing loudly through the gym.

"Thanks, Bulk. Appreciate it." Sunset flashed him a thumbs up and a smile. The muscular student returned the gestured weakly, one hand on his knee as he caught his breath.

"Y-yeaaaah..." He mumbled, sweat trickling down his face. Fluttershy stepped forward with a bottle of water and a concerned expression while the others approached the crate. Sunset moved to the opposite side and began cracking her knuckles and rolled her shoulders, looking pointedly at Rainbow Dash. The athlete frowned at the crate before back up at Sunset, her confusion apparent.

"So what... we're going to see who can lift this? If Bulk was struggling, I don't think we could even budge it. Unless we're ponying up, then-"

"No. Its simple." Sunset cut across her. "You, Pinkie Pie, and Applejack against me in armwrestling. I beat all three of you, I don't say a word. Any of you beat me, I confess. It's that simple."

Rarity's face paled which was an impressive feat considering the particular hue the girl already possessed. She placed a hand on Sunset's shoulder and chuckled nervously, looking at the upper arms of Rainbow and Applejack. "Sunset, darling... there's no need for this. I-I'm sure the others would be willing to go with any other competition."

The former unicorn looked at Rarity with a confident smile and offered her a wink. "Don't worry, Rarity. It'll be alright. Besides, if I lose, then I get to confess my unrequited feelings, eh?"

She blushed and nodded, stepping to the side to referee as Rainbow laughed. "Are you serious? Me, Applejack and Pinkie Pie? There's no way that you're going to win this!"

"Maybe. I'll never know unless I try, will I?" Sunset set her right elbow on the crate and gripped the side with her free hand. "Now who's first?"


"Me, me, me!" Pinkie launched herself forward in a blur, gripping Sunset's hand with a manic grin upon her face. The pink girl's grip was strong and Sunset took a moment to lightly squeeze her opponent's fingers to gauge her strength. "This is gonna be fun!"

Rarity stepped forward as did Applejack and Rainbow, the latter wearing a self-assured grin as the pair of competitors gripped each other's hands. Several other students had wandered over to watch but Sunset paid them no mind while Rarity gripped their hands in her own to keep them in the center. Rarity spared a look at both of them as she steadied their hands, instructing them both to relax. Underneath her hands, she felt the tense quivering of Pinkie and the dead stillness of Sunset's grip.

"Ready?" They both nodded in unison.

"You got this, Pinkie." Applejack muttered in the partygirl's ear. Pinkie smiled in response and leaned forward slightly.

Rarity pulled her hands away abruptly. "Go!"

Pinkie pushed with every ounce of her comical strength but it was like she hadn't even tried. The back of her hand slammed into the crate with a resounding, bruising several of her knuckles in the process. The wood held unyielding against the blow and the dull thud was enough to echo through the gym. Sunset's friends looked at her in surprise as she released Pinkie with a curt apology, flexing and rolling her wrist.

"Owie! That hurt, Sunny! When did you get so strong?" Pinkie shook her hand and stepped away from crate, examining her darkening hand. Fluttershy stepped forward with an icepack and placed it on the party girl's hand. People had begun to gather around as Applejack stepped forward, looking eager. The farmer rolled up her sleeve, her upper arm showing the hours of hard work that she had undertaken at her home and everyone wondered how Sunset hoped to win against such odds.

Rarity glanced at Sunset worriedly, the fashionista wondering how she was handling her odds. What she didn't expect was for Sunset to be pulling off her jacket as well, withdrawing her phone from her pocket it and quickly shoving it inside her backpack alongside her jacket. Her keen eye for details noticed something about Sunset's upper arm that she hadn't noticed a few days ago in the midst of the Friendship games: Sunset's arm was muscular. Maybe not as large as Applejack's but there was a lean sinewy strength that was visible at a glance.

Applejack had noticed as well as they clasped each other's hand, her green eyes narrowing briefly before her own confidence returned. There was soft small talk from onlookers, a few whispered bets here and there as Rarity took both of their hands in hers. Unlike the previous match, Rarity could feel the strength in their hands, the tension in both was noticeable the instant she touched them. This was likely going to be a longer affair than the last one had been.

"Alright, relax both of you." Applejack shifted her grip ever so slightly and Sunset's gaze flicked from her hand to the farmer's shoulder, her mouth drawn in a thin line. "Okay, good."

"Ready?" Rarity looked at Sunset who nodded tersely. Applejack smirked, her hat brim obscuring her eyes as she leaned further forward.


"Go!" Rarity released their hands and Applejack was quick to move, using her shoulder more than her arm to push against Sunset's position. To her credit, Sunset hadn't anticipated that and was caught off guard, her hand giving a few inches before she pushed back. Her left hand tightened on the side of the crate, giving her the bit of leverage she needed. With a hiss of effort, Applejack's hand was forced backwards, slowly at first but faster as Sunset regained her ground. The farmer's teeth became visible as she strained back against the slow merciless descent towards the drop.

The expression on Rainbow Dash and Applejack's faces made it worth it as she took a breath, bringing the rest of her strength to bear against the farmer's death grip. Another dull thud echoed in the gymnasium as Applejack's hand made contact with the crate, the farmer staring in shock at her own hand before looking at Sunset. The former unicorn released her with a grin and dusted of her palms as the talking grew louder, Rarity taking a moment to gather her thoughts before speaking.

"Uh... so yes. That's two down, dear. G-good job!" Rarity patted Sunset on the shoulder, her eyes still focused on Sunset's upper arms. Maybe she could convince Sunset to come down to her boutique for some kind of design that would allow her to flaunt her muscles? Perhaps something Amazonian themed? Oooh, maybe something with a bit of mesh or something similar. Rarity thought giddily to herself. She was pulled from her thoughts by the sound of Rainbow Dash slamming her hands on the crate.

"What gives, Sunset?" The cyan athlete demanded as Applejack stepped back, waving off Fluttershy who had come towards her with an icepack as well. "Since when did you become so freakin' strong? Last time I checked, you were as scrawny as Twilight."

Sunset crossed her arms with a self-assured smile, the tint of the old alpha persona touching her features as she gazed at Rainbow. "I'm sorry, Rainbow. I'm only required to confess anything if you beat me, isn't that right?"

Rainbow's expression shifted from annoyed to incredulous to determined in a span of seconds, the girl slamming her elbow on the crate. "Alright, Sunset! You're going down, this is personal now!"

Taking the challenge in stride, Sunset stepped forward and grasped Rainbow's hand. Rarity was quick to take her position, her heart fluttering at the excitement that was infecting everyone. There was open bets being offered to others as they readied for the final struggle. Dimly, she heard Pinkie place twenty dollars on Rainbow Dash while Applejack was quick to counter with a placed bet on Sunset. The two girls under her hands stilled without prompting and Rarity needed only a glance to see that they were both raring to go.

"Go." She whispered, her hands barely off theirs before they began pushing against each other. Words of encouragement were being shouted from all sides but they fell upon deaf ears. Cyan eyes locked onto magenta ones as they remained deadlocked, one fighting for her private affairs and the other fighting to keep her reputation as an undefeatable athlete and her pride intact. So both gave their all in this match in front of their peers.

Rainbow Dash wasn't a slouch when it came to endurance and assumed that after two matches, she would have the advantage. She summoned full her strength and began pushing hard to bring Sunset's short reign to an end. Her theory had been sound but the truth was that Sunset had been toying with her, holding back her strength for when Rainbow Dash unleashed her all. Her slow descent halted as the redhead exerted her strength, Rainbow Dash feeling a trickle of sweat run down her face and spared a glance at Sunset.

The expression was of furious determination, not one of calm resolve as it had been. The sight gave her hope and Rainbow was quick to capitalize on the moment Sunset glanced up at her, pushing as hard as she could. Her elbow slipped and with a yell of victory, Rainbow shoved down.

Half an inch.

Its nothing in terms of measurement but in a game all about pinning the other, its a massive distance.

Somehow, Sunset had rallied and caught herself. Her hand shook with the strain of holding off the onslaught of Rainbow Dash's strength, all of her strength keeping herself from slipping further. She looked from her hand to Rainbow Dash, expecting a triumphant grin. What she got instead was a far cry from triumph.


Rainbow Dash was so close and yet Sunset was still able to keep her from winning. She just needed to push herself a bit harder and then it would be over but with the amount of effort she was using grappling with Sunset was rapidly making itself known on her shoulder, the muscles beginning to scream in protest. She was beginning to run on fumes and she had no idea how much endurance Sunset had. What have I gotten myself into? Rainbow finally realized as she felt her shaking hand lose a quarter of inch. How can she be so strong?!

Sunset had been careful. She had maintained the equilibrium by matching Rainbow's force and now that she had slackened for a moment, it was time to finish this. As the ground was regained, Sunset could feel the resignation in Rainbow's grip and let a smile touch her lips. It was about to be over and then she wouldn't have to confess to-

Her hand stopped.

She pulled herself out of her thoughts and looked at Rainbow Dash before her eyes widened in horror. She didn't understand.


"Sorry, Sunset. Can't let you win this." Rainbow Dash's resignation was gone behind her pony power up. Sunset realized how bad her odds were instantly as she recalled the giant plants that Rainbow had flattened with minimal effort. Reaching deep mentally into herself in a faint hope of being able to invoke her own transformation, Sunset felt a faint tingle in her body as her hand flew backward towards the crate once more.

"D-do you girls feel like this getting a bit out of hand?" Fluttershy asked nervously, clutching her first-aid kit as a golden aura enveloped Sunset. Everyone had backed up several paces and had grown quiet as the magical transformations took place, the revitalized girls straining harder at each other. She spared a glance at her four friend's, unsurprised to see Pinkie eating a bag of popcorn procured for somewhere and Applejack to be chewing on her bottom lip in anxiety.

As the girls strained against each other, a small portion of Sunset's mind was mulling over the strangeness at being able to summon up their power without it being awakened by their respective elements and attributes but the majority of her focus was on winning this absurd competition. The strength being exerted on each other would likely have seriously injured the other in their human forms which made Sunset glad that these forms were far more durable.While the two girls could in theory go for hours now with their respective transformations, the same could not be said of the crate.

With an explosive crash, the wooden crate exploded underneath them and the two girls fell forward with startled yelps, slamming headfirst into each other. The resulting dust cloud caused the onlookers to cover their faces as bits of shattered wood came flying towards them, Fluttershy taking cover behind Bulk's immobile form.

Nervous laughter broke out as everyone began to climb to their feet, dusting themselves off and approaching the two motionless forms of Sunset and Rainbow Dash. Evidently they were both unconscious but it seemed even in the middle of the chaos, there was a winner.

Sunset's hand was pinned by Rainbow's to the gym floor.

Applejack wordlessly handed over the twenty dollar note to Pinkie Pie who gleefully shoved it into her pocket.

* * *

"Told you I'd win! I'm undefeatable!" Rainbow crowed, pumping her arm into the air. Sunset raised an eyebrow at that as she crossed her arms across her chest, leaning back in her chair. Rarity and Fluttershy had headed home after all the excitement, Pinkie and Applejack had joined the duo in the trip to the doctor and then the cafe afterwards. Pinkie was currently on an emergency shift due to the Cakes having a cake order to fill.

"That's big talk from somebody who has their arm in a sling and used magic in an arm-wrestling match." Applejack came to her defense, chuckling as she sipped on her soda. Rainbow stopped her posturing and looked down at the table, looking embarrassed.

"Yeeeeah... sorry about that. I just couldn't stand losing and well..." She offered weakly, rubbing her left hand over her sling. "Sorry, Sunset."

"It's fine." Sunset waved her off, rubbing her own sore shoulder. "You've already received a lecture from Rarity and Fluttershy, not to mention that your shoulder is going to be out of commission for a few weeks. I think that's Destiny telling you to have a bit of humility."

"Yeah, yeah... You still have to honor our deal though." Rainbow pointed out, tossing Sunset her backpack. The former unicorn sighed and pulled it across the table, unzipping her backpack. Taking a moment to point at Rainbow before reaching in, Sunset's voice took on a stern tone.

"For the record, I won without magic."

Rainbow opened her mouth to protest when Applejack spoke up again, this time with a hearty grin. "You were about to lose when you used your lil pony-up, Rainbow. No use lyin' about that."

"Alright fine. You won the boring arm wrestling. Now hurry up already! Message whichever Twilight you like and ask her out or something!"

Shaking her head, Sunset reached in her bag and felt her fingers brush against her phone. The backside of her hand felt the embossed cover of the magical diary bearing her cutiemark. Smiling, Sunset pulled her hand back with the item needed to contact the Twilight she had grown to like.

Author's Note:

I have no idea. I just kinda wrote this as a thing for me because I thought it was silly. Feedback is always welcome~

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