• Published 11th Jan 2016
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Librarian Twilight Commits Abduction, Extortion, And Treason To Solve An Inconsequential Friendship Problem - SoloBrony

Twilight Sparkle has been on a ROLL solving friendship problems lately, but there are some lines even she won't cross for a friend. At least, that WAS the case, until she became inspired by Rainbow Dash's antics; nice knowing you, Twilight!

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Librarian Twilight Plans For Everything Except Nothing

Celestia gently moved her limbs around, working the stiffness out of them as she slowly came to consciousness.

I feel like I've been sleeping for a few hours. I'd only meant to tease Twilight, not hold up the day like this...

Celestia suddenly shot a bit more awake, one eye cracking open, only to see sunlight pouring in through a gap in the curtains of a window.

Oh, right. I'm not literally holding up the day, today.

She forced open her other eye, and slowly sat up, stretching her neck a bit. She noticed her regalia gleaming in the sunlight on the unfamiliar nightstand next to her, and a wonderful aroma wafted up to her.

Is that... cinnamon? Apple cinnamon?

Celestia spared a glance behind her as she slid out of bed, and saw Twilight sitting at a table, pleasantly engrossed in a book. It seemed they were in a small hotel room. Celestia smiled at the sight, and silently donned her regalia before trotting over to the table. When she took her seat, Twilight finally noticed her, having a slightly startled reaction.

"Oh! You're awake!"

Twilight's horn almost instantly flickered to life, and two slices of steaming pie levitated from a small kitchenette area and onto the two plates on the table, one for each. Celestia smiled gently.

"This is very thoughtful of you, Twilight. Thank you."

Twilight waved a hoof dismissively, laughing nervously.

"Just trying to make up for disrupting your sleep! I, uh, didn't realize you needed so much more rest."

Celestia frowned gently.

"I didn't intend to push back the schedule. I apologize, I don't normally sleep in like this."

"No, it's perfectly fine! Sleeping in is, like... totally normal on a vacation. I think. I mean, you must have needed it – and don't worry about the 'schedule', we're fine. It's not like I planned out every minute of the day."

Twilight chuckled, but became slightly self-conscious when Celestia stared at her. After a few more seconds, she became slightly indignant.

"What? I didn't!"

"Changeling imposter!"

"What?! No! 'The best plans are flexible'! Right?!"

Celestia faux-glared at Twilight as her horn came to life. She charged up her horn in a theatrical display... only to use it to levitate some pie into her mouth. Twilight's wide-eyed expression slowly turned to one of wry amusement.

"Okay, maybe I deserved that. I actually did try to plan out every minute of the day, at first, but I realized that was silly. This is your vacation, Celestia. I – no, all of us – want you to have a good time."

Celestia smiled warmly as she ate another slice of pie in silence. It had been a long time since people had gone so far out of their way out of genuine concern for her well-being. Twilight beamed at her, and began eating and reading in silence as well. After a few moments of companionable silence, Celestia spoke up.

"Twilight, what prompted this?"

"Well, I had noticed that you rarely had time to talk any more, though I sorta thought that might just be relative to me. Luna made a comment to Rainbow a few days ago about how busy you kept yourself, and I asked into it."

Celestia sighed.

"I have been neglecting a few of my closer relationships. I tend to let myself be consumed by work..."

"Well, you have ruled over Equestria by yourself for a thousand years; that's got to be a little habit-forming. Thing is... well, to be honest, what sort of originally planted the idea was a newspaper article I read a couple of weeks ago."

"Oh? The same one that inspired the party for Luna?"

Twilight nodded enthusiastically.

"Yeah, the one that called me the 'approachable' princess. At the time, I just wanted to remind ponies that all of us are approachable, but... well, you're pretty busy most of the time. So is Cadance, these days. As much as I wanted to refute the idea... it sort-of made sense. And then it hit me; as the Princess of Friendship, I do sometimes have to take care of things, and I do help in organizing some state events, but when I'm not, I should be organizing something else."

Celestia smirked.

"Your fellow princesses?"

Twilight shrugged helplessly.

"Sort of? I mean... someone has to make an effort to take care of you. I know you and Luna have each other – and Cadance and Shining Armor have each other, too – but... well..."

Twilight trailed off, uneasy. Celestia nodded, finishing her pie.

"I understand, Twilight. I'm not criticizing the idea; far from it, I'm grateful to have a friend like you. You're certainly right that a long life – and heavy responsibility – leads to falling into a bit of a... routine. I've had to try quite hard to avoid that, and it is something of a constant worry; it is a relief knowing that you're there, now, to... breathe life into things."

Twilight smiled bashfully, looking down at the table and contemplating for a few long moments. Celestia glanced into the kitchenette area, giving voice to her thoughts before her stomach did it for her.

"By the way, is there any more of this?"

Twilight's expression immediately turned into a sly smirk.

"Oh, you liked the pie, huh? Well, I have good news for you – there will be lots of pie today!"

Twilight hopped out of her chair, and trotted towards the door, levitating her own remaining pie in front of her. Celestia followed her, a quizzical expression forming. Twilight popped the door open and glanced back at her, sly expression now betraying some amusement as she spoke.

"By the way... how's your aim with a catapult?"

Author's Note:

Twilight is asking that question for NO REASON IN PARTICULAR, CELESTIA. WORRY NOT.

Man. This entire chapter managed to take place without a single horribly bizarre thing going wrong? What a horribly bizarre thing to have go wrong in my fic— oh you clever, clever ponies.