• Published 26th Oct 2015
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Symphonic Fusion - Duelist925

Octavia will do almost anything for an old friend. Even go on a blind date with a wildly garish mare.

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Chapter 5: Strawberries

Octavia felt amazing. Three weeks since she’d used the three big words, and there hadn’t been any fights. She and Vinyl had been spending more time with one another, and they’d had no disagreements larger than what to eat, barring their tastes in musical selection.

Said musical selection being why she had plugs stuffed into both ears at the moment. Strings had gotten her into the latest club Vinyl was playing at to surprise her with a late night date. She sat at a table in the break room, waiting for Vinyl to come off of her last set, and resisting the urge to eat the small bouquet she’d brought. Skipping lunch for an extra practice session had not been a good idea…

The door opened and Vinyl walked to the little fridge full of water on the counter. She chugged nearly a whole bottle, coat shining with sweat, without seeming to notice the mare waiting for her, much to Octavia’s amusement. “Darling? I do hope you were intending on showering before bed tonight. Celestia only knows who’d climb between the sheets with you otherwise.”

Vinyl jumped like she'd just stepped on a nail before turning and tackling Octavia to the ground. "Tavi! You finally got into awesome music!" She squealed, hugging her laughing marefriend tightly.

Octavia pulled herself free and stood up, grinning at Vinyl. "I've always been into awesome music. Beethoofen is hardly amateur." She stuck her tongue out at Vinyl who just grinned back. "I came to walk you home, and surprise you with a bit of a treat. I hope you're not averse to that?"

Vinyl shook her head, kissing Octavia's cheek. "Why the hell would I be? This is awesome. C'mon, lets head out! Manager already paid me, and those flowers ain't gonna eat themselves!"

“So how was your night?” Octavia asked as Vinyl grabbed the flowers with her magic, and the two began to make their way out of the club.

“Not bad! Crowd was pretty bumpin, someone behind the bar actually knew how to mix a Manehattan without screwing it up, and I got to sic the bouncers on some idiot who tried to grab my flank!” Vinyl said.

Octavia stared, mouth working for a moment. “I’m sorry. What was that last part?”

The DJ glanced over at her as they approached the exit. “Oh, nothing. Some drunk kid who thought he could hop the stage and slap my rump. It happens sometimes, stupid bets mostly. Shoved him off the stage, and pointed the bouncers at him.” She snickered. “Old Red’s an ex-guard. He loves it when they try to fight.”

Octavia pushed a sigh back down, resisting the urge to roll her eyes. “Long as everythings ok.” She said lightly as they stepped into the cool night air. Just some things she had to accept about her loves…lifestyle.

“Speak of Discord.” Vinyl snickered, looking at the alleyways opening. Octavia’s gaze followed, where she saw that a rather gangly looking unicorn stallion was stomping towards the pair, looking rather put out.

He stuck a hoof out, jabbing it towards Vinyl. “You! You dumb bitch, you got me banned! The fuck did you get the bouncers for anyway?” Octavia wrinkled her nose. She could smell the booze on his breath from here. “Dunno how to treat a stallion tryna show you a good time, eh?”

Octavia wasn’t quite sure how to feel about this. Overall, it seemed almost amusing in an annoying and vaguely obnoxious way. The amusement receded as he tried to step closer to Vinyl, growling, “Or are you wanna them think’s your too good for a colt?”

“Woah, dude. Back off.” Vinyl said, putting a hoof out and taking a step back. “Don’t make me get the bouncers again.” This seemed to enrage the colt. He lunged forward, punching Vinyl with an inarticulate yell.

Time seemed to slow down as she watched his hoof connect with Vinyl's shoulder. She watched her marefriend stumble back, falling over a trash can and sprawling on the concrete.

She wasn't aware of moving. She was just aware that abruptly she was in front of the stallion, on her hind hooves as if she were about to begin playing, but without her cello there to help balance.

She fell forward and pushed with her back legs, lashing out with her forehoof. She felt it crunch into the unicorns jaw, sending him spinning. She walked over as he scrambled back up to his feet, swaying, and grabbed him by the lapels of the ridiculous vest he wore.

She brought her head down, and there was a resounding crack as it impacted into his forehead, just below the horn. His eyes rolled back, and he fell over, limp.

Octavia took a step back, suddenly dizzy, and turned, stumbling slightly when she saw Vinyl staring at her, open mouthed.

"....Octavia! That was bucking awesome!" Vinyl laughed, trotting over. She didn't seemed bothered by the blossoming bruise on her cheek, just leaning over to nuzzle her marefriend. "Seriously, sweet moves! Where did you learn to fight like that?"

Octavia smiled weakly at her, standing on three legs. "I honestly don't know. I just...saw him hit you, and reacted." She swayed abruptly, and shook her head.

Vinyl frowned, reaching out to steady her. "Hey, woah, Tavi, you ok?"

Octavia swayed again, and decided that leaning against the wall was a very good idea.

"I do apologize Vinyl, but I suddenly have simply the worst headache, and I feel rather dizzy." She paused, and glanced down at her leg. "And I believe I've split my hoof. And possibly broken my wrist. Could you be a darling and fetch an ambulance?"


“Vinyl, I’m fine! You don’t need to—uhg.” Octavia clumped along with a cast around one hoof, grumbling to herself and resisting the urge to blush. Vinyl trotted beside her, a duffel bag of Octavia’s possessions balanced on her back. Mainly extra bowties. “I can’t believe I let you talk me into this.” She muttered.

Vinyl grinned at her. “C’mon! It’s like a sleepover, but with makeouts. And it’s only for a week! Or two. Doc said you were all concussified, so I gotta make sure you’re ok!”

“I’m not an invalid! Besides, my wrist’s not even broken. It’s just a split hoof and a sprain!” Octavia protested.

“And! And a possible brain injurty! A battle injury you got defending me! What kinda marefriend would I be if I didn’t pamper you as much as possible while you healed?” She hummed. “Besides, now if I ever get a black eye or some crud like that defending you, you’ll have to return the favor! Mmmm. Octavia in a maid outfit….”

The grey mare in question rolled her eyes and snorted. “As if. And don’t give me ideas!” She threatened. “I agreed to stay with you until my wrist is better, but that won’t be long.” She grumped. “I will not be some free loader. I will contribute to the household chores, and help prepare meals.”

“…Well, I suppose you can use a microwave with one hoof.” Vinyl mused, causing Octavia to stop dead.

“You…don’t have any cookware at all, do you?” She asked, deadpan, getting only a shrug in response. Octavia facehoofed and immediately yelped, as she’d used quite the wrong hoof in doing so. “Oh…bother. You’re just trying to look out for me, and I’m snapping at you like a grouchy old maid.” She sighed, before sidling up to Vinyl and nuzzling her neck. “Thank you for inviting me to stay with you Vinyl. It’s very sweet, and I appreciate it a great deal.” She said softly.

Red began to creep up Vinyl’s neck as she sputtered slightly, flustered by the mood shift. “I uh…I guess the painkillers kicked in or something, but…yeah. I mean, it was cool, and you were defending me and all, and the doc did say you had a concussion, so I was worried about you and junk, so, yeah, I figured, uh, and we could hang out more, and maybe—“ she babbled on for a bit until Octavia shut her up with a kiss.

A few moments later, the two mares were smiling bashfully at one another. Octavia leaned over, snuggling against Vinyl, silent for a long moment.

“If I’m staying for a full week, we’re buying some cookware tonight. I refuse to eat every meal out of the microwave or toaster.” She mumbled. “You’re getting culinary lessons tonight. If you’re good, you can lick the bowl.”

Vinyl grinned at her, opening her mouth.

“And if you make some crass pun about that phrase, you’ll be peeling potatoes instead. By hoof.” Octavia grinned at her, nibbling her ear. “If you’re very good, I might see about buying some extra whipped cream and strawberries as well.” She whispered in Vinyls ear. “You know. For…pancakes.”

Vinyl stared at her before blowing a raspberry. “No fair. You get to make all the dumb sex jokes you want!” She complained.

Octavia arched an eyebrow. “Darling, I do not abuse the privilege. You, on the other hoof, cannot go more than five sentences without referencing my rump.” She said dryly.

“Well, can you blame me? Look at it!” Vinyl smacked Octavia’s cutie mark, drawing a surprised yelp from the mare. “Look at the jiggle!”
If looks could kill, Vinyl would have been a smear on the wall behind her.

“Vinyl!” She hissed. “What—that—we are in public you degenerate brat!”

Vinyl blinked at her, before looking around at the extraordinarily empty section of street they were in. “Oh, sorry. Don’t want anyone to see us making out.” She said with a voice dripping sarcasm. She darted in and kissed a now very wide eyed Octavia, who didn’t have the wit to pull back until Vinyls tongue had done a lap around her own.

“I! You!” She stammered, face bright red even through her grey fur.”Ahg! The things I put up with!” She grouched, before pushing a hoof in Vinyl’s chest. “You, Miss Scratch, are on potato duty tonight!” She growled, before turning to limp off towards the DJ’s home as fast as three legs and a cast could carry her. Still not fast enough to escape the laughter bubbling up behind her.


Octavia marveled at the fact that she’d survived five whole days under Vinyl’s care. She marveled even more at the spread the DJ had prepared for lunch. It had taken a single day and a pair of fires, but Vinyl was, shockingly, extremely adept at cooking. She could follow a recipe with ease once she knew the terminology—though she still had the most annoying habit of referring to cooking implements by childishly made up names—and had shown a knack for tinkering with them with surprising results.

The grey mare was just now looking at the results of such tinkering. A tall sandwhich crafted of a luxurious sourdough, piled high with a variety of grilled or roasted vegetables, with an avocado whipped mayonnaise, and three different cheeses, cut in half. It lay on either side of a small bowl of a creamy tomato soup, and, just before that, was a mound of potato chips. Home made, home fried, home spiced, potato chips.

Octavia took a bite of one, and chewed slowly. Cajun spice, with a hint of garlic.

“...Vinyl? Are you sure you weren’t secretly replaced by a changeling that used to be a world class chef?” Octavia called into the kitchen. The mare in question poked her head out and grinned.

“Maybe! But if I was, would I tell you?” she quipped, before trotting out, floating her own sandwich behind her. “Besides, this is just until I find wherever you stashed my poptarts.,” she said, crunching down on a few chips, tossing her apron aside in a wadded up bundle.

Octavia rolled her eyes. “And as I’ve said, you won’t. Because I threw them away,” she said dryly. “Half of them were over a month past their expiration date!”

“Bah! They don’t expire, they just age, like blue cheese! Which is amazing, by the way.” The DJ looked thoughtful. As thoughtful as somepony can look with their mouth stretched around a sandwich sized more for someone triple their size can at any rate. “Think I’m going to sprinkle some on the pasta I’m making tomorrow night. Mmm. Grown up mac & cheese is the bomb!”

Tavi paused. “Tomorrow? Oh…dear. Vinyl, I’m sorry but I won’t be able to join you for dinner tomorrow night.” She said apologetically. “I have a standing event that I must attend. It’s a weekly kind of thing. Perhaps you can save the pasta idea for Tuesday?”

Vinyl shrugged. “Eh, sure. So, where’re we headed tomorrow?” she asked, slurping at her soup.

Octavia coughed delicately. “Not…not we, darling. Just myself. I’m afraid it’s a very private affair, a sort of members only situation. You understand, right?”

Vinyl swallowed and grinned. “There’s not a club I’ve found that I can’t get into with the right mindset. And copious amounts of bribes to whoever’s got door-duty. I’m sure I can get in. Gotta take care of my hero mare!” she said with a cheesy expression that Octavia was sure she’d copied from some comic book.

Tavi shook her head. “No. I really must insist. When I say it’s a private affair, I mean that in the strictest of senses. It’s not your kind of event anyway. I’ll be fine, Vinyl, it’s only for a couple of hours. Perhaps we can go out afterwards? See a movie?”

Vinyl quirked an eyebrow at her. “I guess, yeah. What kind of place is this? I can’t say I’ve heard of any high class clubs that are that strict. I mean, this ain’t some freaky Nightmare cult, huh?” She chuckled.

Octavia snorted. “Hardly. It’s simply a gathering of…like-minded individuals.” She looked down at her plate as she spoke, nibbling at her sandwhich.

“Yeah? How so?” Vinyl asked.

“It’s…not something I’m at liberty to speak of, really,” Octavia said quietly, eating a chip. “Please, Vinyl, let it be. “

Vinyl paused her eating, swallowing a mouthful of sandwhich and giving Octavia a look she couldn’t seem to meet. “…Tavi, seriously. What kind of thing is this?” She asked. “Some, like…it’s not some weird noble pony sex masquerade or something, is it? I mean, how're you gonna play with a busted wrist anyway?”

Octavia sighed. “No, Vinyl, I promise it’s not a sex-anything. I really…really can’t tell you though. Please, drop it,” she said quietly, playing with her food a bit.

“You’re kinda weirding me out Tavi. Like, why can’t you tell me? Do you not trust me or something?” Vinyl asked, sounding a bit hurt.

“Wha—no! Look, it’s just something I can’t talk about. It’s nothing that out there or anything, I just can’t—Vinyl, please just drop it.”

“Look, I don’t think it’s too friggan weird for me to be asking about this stuff!”

“I’m not saying it’s weird! I’m just asking you to drop it!” Octavia was starting to sound annoyed, a bit of heat in her voice. “This isn’t about you, Vinyl! This is just something private, that I cannot, and do not want to discuss!”

“Well why not? “ Vinyl snapped. “Look, I get it, I’m hardly the responsible type, but I worry about you, and just wanna know you’ll be somewhere safe!”

“I will be! Honestly, drop it! Trust me, I’ll be fine!”

“Trust you? You won’t even tell me something this simple!”

Octavia opened her mouth, and stopped mid word. She leaned back in her seat and took in a single deep breath, followed by another. “Vinyl? I’m not having this argument with you.” She said quietly. “I am not discussing this, and I am not revealing where I am going tomorrow. I am sorry, really I am if that hurts you, but it’s not something I am comfortable or able to speak of. Now, thank you for lunch, but I think I’ll be heading home for now. We both need to cool off.” She stood, starting to head towards the front door. “If you like, we can meet for lunch Tuesday. I’ll see you then Vinyl.”

Vinyl heard the door click shut before she could think of a retort.