• Published 26th Oct 2015
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Symphonic Fusion - Duelist925

Octavia will do almost anything for an old friend. Even go on a blind date with a wildly garish mare.

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Chapter 2: Poptarts

Octavia wasn’t quite sure how long she spent in the restroom emptying her stomach and rinsing her mouth as thoroughly as she could, but it was long enough that when she groggily stumbled down stairs she found her previous evenings companion in the kitchen. Vinyl was without her purple sunglasses, her red eyes--still somewhat surprising to the earth pony--focused intently on a toaster perched on the counter.

Octavia felt her stomach twist, but fought down the urge to rush back to the restroom. There was nothing left to purge anyway. She took a deep breath to steady her nerves. Come now. Just…a mare. A mare you had a drunken roll in the hay wi—not dwelling on the mistakes of the past Octavia! Just…get the awkwardness over with!

The gray mare took another breath and stepped closer to the unicorn. “Vinyl? I—“

The white mare held up a hoof, cutting her off. The gesture repeated when the now somewhat irritated and confused earth pony tried to open speak. Still, it gave her some time to study her…companion. She looked almost refined. Dedicated even, as she stared at the appliance. It was almost impressive, the calm stillness and patience she exuded. Octavia felt some of her irritation cool as she took in the almost zen like nature of her companion.

The silence lasted until the toaster disgorged its contents…a twin pair of poptarts. Vinyl plucked the steamingly hot pair of pastries up with her magic, setting them on a plate and grinning as the mood almost audibly shattered. “Aww, yeah. Most important meal of the day!” She said happily, her former reticence and still expression completely erased. Octavia stared as the white unicorn proceeded to wiggle and jam her way into the other room. It proved to be the living room when she stuck her head in to follow Vinyl as she danced her way to the couch.

“Mmhmm, mhmmm, aw—wait. Crud, forgot the Oj.” Vinyl turned, continueing her musicless strut and sway back to the kitchen. “Oh, yeah! You’re up. Wanna poptart?” Vinyl asked Octavia cheerfully, wiggling the plate at her face. “Theres some more on the counter. I don’t have any oatmeal or anything, but I got a good deal on a crate of these from a friend.” She nattered on, pouring a tall glass of orange liquid. “So, last night? Fun, huh?” She continued with a laugh. “Barely remember it, but damn filly.”

She was dumbstruck. So it had happened. She…with that? A pony like her? How in the infernal realms of Tartarus could she have ever lowered herself…she didn’t have one night stands! She didn’t sleep with ponies she barely knew! Oh, Octavia. How far you’ve fallen. She felt her eye twitch as the mare in question continued. She felt dirty. Sullied. How could she have made-have had-have done anything with such a crass, vulgar mare!

“Dude, like, I thought you’d have a major stick up your butt, but seriously, fun time.” She snickered. “Might be fun to try that sometime actuall—“

“If you’d be so kind as to shut up.” Octavia said. Her voice was cool, quiet venom. “I dislike listening to such vulgarity in the morning, especially a morning filled with as much regret as this one.” She registered the surprised and somewhat shocked look on Vinyls face, and ruthlessly squashed any reaction she might have had. “Perhaps a mare of your predilections might be ok with a drunken fling…” She almost spat the world. “But I hold myself to a higher standard. I cannot believe that last night occurred, and I will do my level best to forget it.” She shook her head with an almost theatrical sigh. “Enjoy your…breakfast.” She said, her tone making it amply clear as she eyed the plate of patries that she thought the term dubious at best, “I need to return home. I’m sure Strings has managed to enjoy a night with her coltfriend for once, and I simply hope she’ll find someone more suited to a, a filly such as yourself the next time she wants you out of her mane.” She sniffed once. “Good day, Vinyl Scratch.”

She turned and left. She somehow managed to find the door through the maze the mare called a home, and luckily it was the right door as she found herself on the canterlot streets. Judging by the sun, it was nearer to noon than she usually woke.


Two hours later, Octavia stared down at the fresh, bright green salad she’d bought for lunch. A shower and a new bow-tie had cheered her up a bit—she felt better physically at least—but now, as she let her gaze rest on the uneaten lettuce and spinach, the guilt she’s so ruthlessly quashed before was rearing up again. She had a right to be mad, didn't she? That mare had gotten her dru--no, no she hadn't. She narrowed her eyes at the salad as she admitted to herself that the previous night might have been a mistake, but if so it was one she had made herself.

“…Damn it to the hells.” She muttered with a sigh, stirring a fork around the salad, seeking out the lumps of onion she so detested. Flicking one then another out, she took a bite of the salad and chewed mechanically. It should have been a riot of flavors as the dressing and the fresh vegetables caressed her taste buds. Instead, it just tasted like green water with a sour tang. She swallowed and growled wordlessly to herself. Another bite, another mechanical swallow. Guilt continued to grow as she tried to eat, the mornings memories plaging her until she finally tossed her fork down in frustration, resisting the urge to let her head follow it.

Laying out enough bits to cover the meal and a tip, she set out from the café, back towards the mare she’d fled from so recently.


Octavia knocked at the door, feeling her insides twist and knot. She owed the mare an apology, at the very least. She had thought long and hard about it on the walk back and had a lovely little speech worked out to try and make amends. Or at least make up for her lack of civility.

The speech flew from her head when the door opened and Vinyl took a single surprised look at her before promptly cringing back and covering her face with her hooves. “Not again! Not the face! These glasses are expensive! “

Octavia stared. "...What...what are you doing?"

Vinyl paused, peeking out over her hooves. "...You didn't come back to slug me?"

"...Why in the--why would I do that?" Octavia asked in confusion.

Vinyl shrugged, visibly relaxing again. "Eh, wouldn't be the first time. Pretty mare gets liquored up, goes home with a rough date and gets pissy about it the next day. "

Octavia stared at her, mouth hanging open slightly. "That is terrible." She tilted her head, horribly curious. "Someone beat you up after a...um. A...roll in the hay?" She said, growing somewhat scarlet as she spoke.

Vinyl shrugged again. "Not really. She just broke my nose. Bitch." She stretched, breaking out into a yawn before continuing, "She bit off more than she could chew. Anyway, if that ain't why you're back whats up? You seemed pretty ticked off when you flounced out of here.

Octavia suppressed a sigh. “That’s…why I came back actually.” She said. “I wanted to apologize. I…reacted poorly this morning. You didn’t deserve what I said. “ she offered her a tentative half smile. “I had fun last night—“ She held up a hoof as Vinyl started to break out into a cheesy grin. “—before the alcohol fueled, uh, r-romp. I don’t even remember that.” She was definitely growing redder under her fur. “But I do remember having fun with you once the initial awkwardness wore off. And that’s not something I’m able to say often. Please, accept my apologies.”

Vinyl quirked a brow at her. The white mare chuckled and held out a hoof. “No harm, no foul. Gotta say, I’m surprised. Most snooty types I’ve met wouldn’t mare up and apologize for being that bitchy.” She said with a grin.

Octavia had to smile at that, tentatively bumping her hoof against the unicorns. “Well, a true aristocrat will always recognize and admit to it when they are in the wrong.” She said with a faux air of aloofness, before continuing more sheepishly, “And besides, I was, like you said, completely bitchy. I hope I can improve your view of the upper echelons of society somewhat.” She said with a small laugh, prompting an eye-roll and a snort from Vinyl. Then, Octavia did something she rarely ever did. She felt a surge of something well up within her, something a certain chimeric entity might call an “impulse”, and found herself saying:

“How about I make this morning up to you? Like, uh…” Octavia paused for a split second. It was Monday, so dinner was out of the question, and that left… “Lunch. Late lunch. My treat. I know a really nice pizza place near the castle. “

It was a tossup as to who was more surprised, Vinyl or Octavia. After a moment, Vinyl flashed a grin and nodded. “Free pizza? Buck yeah. I’ll never say no to that. Just, like, uh…” She paused and turned her head, trying to get a sneaky sniff in and failing. “I’ve been working on my gear since you left, so, like, gimme half an hour to shower and crud. You can come in and wait in the living room. Sound good?”

Octavia smiled, and shoved the little voice in the back of her head screaming that going on anything even remotely similar to a date with the pony she’d had a one night stand with was the definition of idiotic insanity into a box that she wrapped in chains. She owed her this, at least. Besides, it’s not like anything...vulgar would happen again.

“That sounds just fine. “

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