• Published 26th Oct 2015
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Symphonic Fusion - Duelist925

Octavia will do almost anything for an old friend. Even go on a blind date with a wildly garish mare.

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Chapter 4: Ice Cream

Octavia opened her eyes, blinking blearily, and cringed from the sunlight that jabbed into her vision. Groaning, she rolled off the couch and stumbled into the bathroom. “Oh yes, prove you’re the mature one. Really mature. Drunkenly passing out is the perfect answer to insomnia.” She grumbled to herself, leaning against the wall and staring at the toilet for a moment. “Never should’ve opened that bottle from Stalliongrad.” She muttered, pushing a hoof to her mouth. She shuddered once, swallowing hard before she moved away from the toilet. “Lets not slip back into bad habits, Octavia.”

A loud knock drew her attention. She blinked blearily in the vague direction it had come from, wondering what had fallen over, before realizing it was the front door. She started and hurried to the sink, splashing some cold water into her face and trying to smooth her mane, before heading to the door. She wasn’t expecting anypony—had she missed a practice session? No, no, there wasn’t another until Tuesday, and it wasn’t Monday, so nopony would’ve come looking for her from--

Her thoughts came to a halt when she opened the door, and beheld the neon blue mane and the eyes that seemed a bit redder than last she remembered.

There was a moment of mutually awkward staring between the two mares, before both tried to speak.

“Hey, I wanted to say I’m sorry about earlier—“

“Oh! Vinyl, I’m sorry I blew up like that--“

Both stopped, and made the universal gesture for, ‘No, go ahead!’ to one another. There was another moment of tenseness, before Octavia held up a hoof. “I uh. I’m glad you came by.” She swallowed, running a hoof through her mussed mane. She hadn’t bothered with most of her usual morning routine when she’d woken, and felt like a tramp. “…Please forgive me? I shouldn’t have blown up at you like that yesterday. It was…just—“

Vinyl shook her head, cutting her off. “Nah, I’m sorry. You were right, I should’ve asked you or something about what to tell Strings, and not gone on like that. I uh, I guess I embarrassed you pretty badly, and—“

“No!” Octavia blurted. She rubbed a hoof against the side of her face and sighed. “Maybe…just. I don’t know. Maybe you went a bit too far, but…I over reacted. A lot. I was a total bitch.” She shook her head. “You didn’t—“

She was cut off by Vinyl’s hoof lightly booping her nose, going cross eyed for a moment. “Hey, before we start fighting about who was in the wrong in the last fight, how about we just both say we fucked up, and have awesome makeup sex?” Scratch said with a small grin.

Octavia felt one of her own start to grow in response, and nodded slowly. “If you insist. It does seem like a good idea. “ She stood a bit straighter. “Vinyl, I’m sorry I overreacted to the extent that I did yesterday. I may have felt a bit put off by your….uncouth way of explaining our situation, but I should have discussed it with you like a mature adult. “

Vinyl’s smile grew, and she matched Octavia’s stance. “Yeah. And I’m sorry for embarrassing you with Strings like that. Just, like, sex ain’t that big a thing to me, ya’dig?” She rubbed the back of her head, looking down sheepishly. “Shoulda figured it might not be the case with you. And uh…really sorry. Really, really sorry about the whole…mistake…and saying you had your head up your rump. That was out of line.”

Octavia shook her head. “My head was pretty firmly lodged there. Do you want to come in?” She stepped aside, gesturing to Vinyl to step into the foyer. The neon pony followed her to the living room, plopping herself down on Octavia’s couch and looking around, gaze lingering on a framed sheet of music for a moment before her attention wandered.

“Huh. Neat place.” She flashed a grin at the earth pony. “Why did we always wind up in my bed? Yours lumpy, or did you just not want me messing the place up?” She said impishly, sticking her tongue out at the mare.

Octavia rolled her eyes, but smiled at the playful little jab. “Oh,I imagine now that you’ve found my humble abode, it’ll be destroyed in a whirlwind of toaster pastries and empty beer cans.” She said dryly. She paused, looking thoughtful for a moment before asking, “How did you find out where I live anyway?”

Vinyl shrugged. She’d hopped off the couch and was examining one of the paintings on the wall, an impressionist landscape depicting a picnic in a thickly wooded area. “Asked Strings last night after Bass got off of work.”

The grey mare nodded. “Long as your not following me.” She said lightly. She trotted up and nudged Vinyl’s shoulder with her snout, directing her back to the couch. “Vinyl…please don’t be insulted when I as, as I swear I'm not trying to start another fight so soon, but you mention that sex isn’t that big a deal to you. Do you understand why I was so…put off by the way you explained that night to Strings?” She asked delicately, trepidation in her tone.

Vinyl pondered it for a moment before giving another expressive shrug. “I just figured you’re one of those ponies who thinks sex is a bigger deal than me, or thought I was making fun of you or something.” She said.

Octavia smiled. Honest, if a bit clueless. “I’d be lying if I said that wasn’t a minor part of it, but it’s more that…” She trailed off, before sighing and shaking her head. “A large part of it was that I felt a bit mocked, but it was more that, well…I dislike others seeing me lose control. It’s probably silly, but it hurt to think of a friend like Strings seeing me in that light.”

Vinyl’s eyebrow quirked up at that. “Huh. I…guess I can understand that?” She said, looking thoughtful. “Kinda. Maybe? Eh, I’m just used to ponies getting wild around me.” She grinned and stuck her tongue out at Octavia. “And mare, you get wiiiiild!”

Tavi snorted. “Oh, please. As if I could compete with your ilk.” She leaned over the coffee table and kissed Vinyl’s cheek. “You’re probably a bad influence on me though.” With a chuckle, she shifted around and perched on the couch next to Vinyl, leaning against her. “…Thank you for coming by.” She said softly. “Last night was a great deal harder than I anticipated. I felt simply awful after the fight. I could barely sleep.”

“It happens babe. I screwed up, you screwed up. “ Octavia felt Vinyl shrug. “I didn’t sleep too well either, though…that might’ve been more due to the coffee place I went to after work.” Tavi rolled her eyes, holding in a snort. “Still, I guess I just ain’t used to dating a serious mare. Most of the gals I’ve wound up in bed with were more like Strings. Part of my scene, you know?”

Octavia shrugged herself. “I can see that. Myself…I’ve rarely dated, to be honest. There was a brief thing with a painter six months ago.” She huffed. “Left me for a pianist.” She muttered. “And, well, I don’t think I’m quite use to…developing emotions for someone romantically. Especially someone like…well, you.” She said, cheeks faintly warm.

Vinyl cracked a grin. “Awww. You’re sweet.” She giggled, wrapping her hoof around Tavi’s waist.

Octavia stiffened slightly and looked up, eyebrow slowly raising as she felt Vinyl’s hoof settle in a very particular area. “You know, I wasn’t aware reconciliations and discussions such as this were an invitation to grope my flank.” She said dryly. She bit back a laugh at Vinys expression, and snuggled against her as the hoof began to move again. “Now now, I didn’t say stop darling.” She said sweetly.

Vinyl gaped at her for a moment, face slowly turning red. “How—how does a high class hoity toity mare like you make me blush like this!” She squeaked, sending Octavia into a hail of giggles.

“It’s always’s more effective when you’re not expecting it.” She said with a grin. “Speaking of, I believe you mentioned makeup sex?” She said archly, giving her a demure look. It might have been a bit spoiled by the fact that, from Vinyl’s angle, her face was upside down. Still, it allowed her to see the pink in her marefriends face turn to a bright red, which set off another giggling fit.

“You-You! Ah! How can you say I’m a bad influence on you?” Vinyl squawked, before dissolving into laughter herself. “Dang. Gonna have to give you a spanking if you keep this up.” She shifted over and grinned at Octavia.

Who promptly set her eyes to ‘Bedroom’, and purred, “Do you promise?”

“…My marefriend is a pervert.” Vinyl said, deadpan. “YES! Luckiest mare in the world!” She hopped up on the couch, gesturing wildly, which had the side effect of sending Octavia tumbling to the floor with a squeak.


"Woah, this place is sweet." Octavia felt herself grow a bit warmer at the mares words, smiling as she looked round. She'd brought Vinyl to one of Canterlots public garden-parks, one she rather enjoyed during her commutes to and from recitals. Even in the midst of fall with the chill of winter around the corner, the air was filled with the scent of a hundred different blooms. The earth pony mare bent her neck, smelling a particularly succulent smelling blossom--only to notice Vinyl pull her head out of a bush, chewing on a mouthful of petals with a thoughtful expression.

Octavia blinked at her, mouth open for a moment, before she laughed. "Well I am glad you think so, though I didn't think you meant it literally." She said, pulling a puff-cheeked grin from Vinyl.

The unicorn swallowed and trotted over, butting her snout against Octavia's cheek. "Pff, you should know I'm always literal!" She said cheekily.

Octavia quirked an eyebrow at her. "Really? So you meant it literally when you said I made you see stars after the movie last week?" She said sweetly. She burst out laughing when Vinyl turned just the slightest tinge of pink, leaning against her and brushing her lips against the mares cheek.

She shifted back as Vinyl shook her head, mane flying round and grinned cockily at her. "So what if I did? You gonna come with me and turn my place into an observatory then?"

Octavia stared at her, quelling the urge to burst out laughing again. Her ribs still hurt from some of her earlier outbursts. “You’re adorable when you think you’re being smooth.” She said dryly, grinning at Vinyl. Perching on a bench, she looked up, sighing happily as a passing breeze rustled the trees leaves. Glancing over, she eyed the DJ she was dating. Her hooves bumped together a touch awkwardly as her thoughts turned contemplative.

“…Vinyl?” She asked, voice hesitant. The mare turned, swallowing what seemed to be an Iris as she trotted over.

“Sup Tavi?” She said easily. Her ears perked as she looked over the grey mare. Was it her, or did Octavia seem…tense.

“I…look, I’m not trying to start another fight, but I’ve been thinking…”

“Probably a mistake. “ Vinyl commented, mouth working without her brains input. There was a pause, before she smiled weakly. “Sorry. Bad joke. Uh…thinking about what?”

Octavia looked like she was choosing her words carefully. “It’s been a few weeks. Not terribly long, but earlier, when you mentioned your views on sex…what are we?” She looked, honestly, a little lost. “To be honest, I’m not terribly good at relationships, and the way ours started can hardly be considered typical. Between that, and what you mentioned before, I have to admit to a little trepidation.” She looked up at the swaying trees for a moment. “Not saying you see, uh, well, us as just sex or anything, but I was just hoping for some…I don’t know. Clarification? It’s probably silly to bring up, really.”

Vinyl blinked, looking a little shocked. Her mouth worked for a moment, before she tilted her head, silent for a long minute. “Honestly? I haven’t been thinking about it.” She shrugged and perched on the ground in front of Octavia, looking thoughtful. “I’ve hopped into bed with a lot of ponies, and mostly it’s just not a big deal to me. Fun, yeah, and sometimes a bit more, but I guess I’ve never really had what you’d call a serious thing. “

She smiled. “Hells, the fight we had yesterday woulda been the end of things for pretty much any of my other marefriends or the like. But…you’re, I dunno. Different.” She looked down, willing herself not to blush. “I have fun with you, like arguing about food and music and junk with you, and the back and forth is just awesome. Don’t really know how else to say it. I think about you a lot. You’re…eh, it’s corny, but you’re always on my mind, and I don’t really mind it. It’s...nice. ” Oh, she was blushing now.

When she looked back up, she was started to see tears in Octavia’s eyes. The apology she was about to launch into for whatever she’d done was stilled by the feeling of hooves wrapping around her neck. And the abrupt mouthful of neckfur probably didn’t help either.

“That’s probably the sweetest thing you’ve ever said. Thank you Vinyl.” Octavia whispered to her. "I love you too."

Both ponies sat there, snuggled against one another in the midst of the park, cheeks warm, and smiles wide.