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The Equestria Academy of Magic: A New Star - Sorcerer

Meet Jonathan Star, a direct descendant of Regulus Star- Equestria's greatest wizard. After his father is moved to a new law firm in Canterlot, he transfers to The Equestria Academy of Magic, makes some pretty weird friends, and unravels a mystery.

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Chapter Three: I Joined Some Clubs

It was around ten am by the time we all arrived at the central plaza. It wasn't as packed as before, due to the fact that the club booths for sports like soccer and basketball were gone. Sign up for athletic after-school activities were later that day, and to be honest, I wasn't too interested. Fraylick on the other hand, he was raring to sign up for any sport he could fit into his day.

The booths were set up around the center, past the perimeter of looming fir trees and vibrant flower beds surrounding the marble fountain in the center. We strolled down the wide sidewalk together, all our eyes fixated on the interesting displays. There was science club, which had a few intelligent looking students concocting a green chemical mixture. If I were to join science club, it would be utterly disastrous. Students combusting, blue flames engulfing the school, it wasn't a pretty thought, and I quivered a little as I imagined it.

Miles' face lit up as he saw the culinary club just a few booths away, and I expression become ecstatic as a pleasant aroma filled his lungs, tempting him to come over. He looked at us with the eyes of a puppy dog looking through a window. "The Culinary Club..."

"Go for it." Augustine rolled her eyes as she shooed him away with her hand, and he clicked his heels like a cartoon character as he darted over to the booth.

I stood in place with the others for a moment. We all seemed stumped, well, maybe not Augustine. She tapped her foot impatiently as she glared at us.

"So, what are you doing? My mom told me to pick at least one non-sport club, and I have no idea what to pick." Fraylick scratched his head as his eyes danced around desperately. He was as stumped as I was.

Well, I had to pick two at the very least, otherwise the little mother sitting on my shoulder would call me a slacker. So I thought. I wasn't a cook, wasn't really my forte. The last time I tried cooking was when my parents were out of town, and that ended with the microwave exploding in a horrifying inferno that left a scorch mark on the wall that we had to paint over. I also saw the chess club booth and thought to myself. It didn't take long for me to come to the conclusion that I was not suited for thought-provoking games involving a ludicrously asinine amount of patience such as chess, not for me.

"Hey, what about art club?" Mura gestured over to the booth at the end of the long sidewalk, by the entrance.

"Gee... I don't know about that. Professor Cordia is kinda..." Fraylick tried to look for a positive connotation to his word, but he couldn't find it. "Weird."

The Art Club stand was secluded at the end of the long line of booths, near the back entrance of the main building of the academy. It seemed to make sense to me. I always enjoyed doodling, making art in class, it was kind of my release. It was a way to just put my thoughts onto paper. Sure, they weren't masterpieces, but they were my way of passing the time, and I got pretty good at it. Well, that's what my classmates thought at least, back in Crystalline. My teachers didn't really approve of the drawings on my paper that should've been important schoolwork.

As we approached the Art Club booth, we came across some very odd and colourful pieces, all abstract and chaotic, like some kind of mad painter just vomited all of his hysteria onto sheets of canvas. Reds, greys, green, and blues, there was paint splattered all around the booth. The paintings were all gathered around the table in a nonsensical fashion, either stacked up on top each other unevenly or leaned up against nearby trees and the thick brush to the left of the display table.

The proprietor of the stand had his back turned to us as he flung paint at a canvas like a conductor directs his band, firm but with overwhelming ferocity. As he tossed paint at his abstract art, he hummed along to a classical tune that was playing on an old gothic-looking record player that looked like it was fashioned out of bronze and shined-up with oil to give it a prismatic sheen. Although the tune sounded familiar, it had a horror style mood to it, all overly abrupt and full of intentionally out of tune violins, yet the odd man still hummed as if the song was pleasurable.

"Excuse me, sir," I asked, trying to get his attention. There was no answer at first, and he continued with his work, still humming along to the broken symphony."Sir!"

The man jumped as if he was just hit with a fully charged defibrillator and he turned around with a shocked expression on his face. "Oh dear! My apologies, child. What brings you here?"

As he approached his booth I could see how slender this man was. He was about a head taller than Fraylick, but his proportions made him look taller. He had a small torso for a man of his height, and his long arms and legs made him look like a spider-monkey. He wore what I assumed was once a white business suit, but it looked as if it was caught in a multicolour explosion of paint. The suit like a wild and enthralling impressionist painting brought to life, filled with warm colours like orange, red, and bright green. His complexion offset the colours of his suit, grey and dull, yet his jolly and curious expression balanced out the dreary hue of his face. His medium length, dyed white hair was all swept to the side, and it concealed the one side of his face from view. His one visible eye was very out of place, it had a bright yellow iris and a blood red pupil. His cheekbones were very pronounced for a young man of his age too, and he seemed like an old-soul. He had an intriguing presence to him that was most definitely an enigma. He was intimidating yet humble, graceful yet clumsy, powerful yet contained. It was as if his whole demeanour was constantly shifting, changing, yet still remaining the same somehow. I suppose it was like that for every art teacher.

His smile grew wide upon his face as he looked down at us all and clasped his hands together with glee, and spoke to us in a soothing voice. "Are you all going to join my club?"

"Yes, Professor Cordia," Augustine chimed in when she realized I was out of words. "We wish to join Art Club."

"Really? Well, I expect only the best from you, my dear!" Professor Cordia pronounced his sentences all proper like a butler from those cheap horror flicks involving a haunted mansion, without the cliché accent, and I don't think he did it just for show, that was his voice. He looked over to Fraylick and rolled his eyes. "I assume you are Fraylick? Interesting. Ms. Ambrosia had many... colourful stories about you last year in Art Club."

"Oh, did she?" Fraylick shot Augustine an evil glare, and a smug grin stretched across her face as he did so.

"Well, no matter!" Professor Cordia cheered as he gave us each a slip of paper to put our signatures on, and took them once we all signed them. "We're going to have such fun together! Art Club shall start tomorrow, and repeat itself every second day until the end of the term!"

"Thanks, Professor," I said to him.

"Oh my, and you must be Jonathan Star! The campus is abuzz with talk regarding you!" Professor Cordia hummed as he patted me on the head. "I'm looking forward to seeing what you can do, Mr. Star!"

"Great..." I muttered to myself nervously as I turned away with the others.

"Toodles!" He sang in a flamboyant manner as he went right back to painting.

"What a strange guy..." I whispered to Fraylick, and he chuckled a bit in response.

"He prides himself on being weird, it's kinda his thing." Fraylick laughed as he looked back as the lanky man. "He likes things all messed up and chaotic."

"I think he's a genius!" Augustine added with snark as she raised her chin.

"I think he's cool," Mura mumbled.

After a while, we all found at least three clubs (excluding Fraylick). Augustine had had the most out of all of us, Science Club, Art Club, Music Club, Dance Club, Philosophy Club, and Mathematics Club. Mura had picked Culinary Club, Martial Arts Club, and Art Club. I also picked Martial Arts Club as well, because I actually was in karate for a few years back in my old school, and I figured I'd give it another go. As for my other club, I picked Music Club, mainly because I knew how to play piano, and because I ran out of choices. Miles was in Music Club with Augustine and me as well, and he also signed up for Philosophy Club. We all were pretty satisfied with our choices, however, there was one last club we were all interested in, one that we all scrambled towards once we saw it. Magic Duelling Club, run by Professor Dragoon.

There was a huge lineup, but after a few minutes we eventually made it to the front and signed up. We were all so excited to test our mettle in magical combat, and I'm sure many others were as well. Wow, I can't even describe how thrilled I was to be taught by one of The Ten Elites.

The Ten Elites were the ten most powerful magic duellists in the world who all gathered at Arcane Tower, a massive building in the center of Canterlot that was visible, even from the academy. Many of them were from Equestria, but there were some from faraway lands as well. Most were hardened battle-mages and wise philosophers, but there were teachers as well, like Professor Dragoon. It was kind of my dream to join them one day in Arcane Tower, to be the very best at magic, and based on Augustine and the other's determined expressions, I could tell they shared the same dream.

"This is gonna be sweet!" Fraylick pumped his fist in joy. "I've learned a lot since last year, you guys! I'm gonna mop the floor with you all!"

"Don't be so sure, Fraylick. We've all practiced too." Augustine smiled as she looked back at Miles and Mura, who both nodded. "How are you at magic-duelling, Jonathan? Do you live up to the family name?"

I thought about it for a little while. I wasn't fantastic, but I certainly wasn't a pushover. I could hold my own in my old school, but I think I'd have a lot more trouble keeping up with the others in The E.A.M. There were magic-duellists from all over in that school. "Well, I'm alright. I'm not great."

"I hope I'll be pleasantly surprised..." Augustine smirked as she tossed her hair to the side. I hoped I'd be pleasantly surprised as well.

"Hey, since we have a free day today, maybe we should all practice a little! Get to know where we all stand in the rankings!" Fraylick proposed, and we all were with the idea. "The after, we'll all meet up in Dragonflame House to relax a little!"

"Sounds like fun!" Miles grinned. "I'll watch you guys!"

"I'm in," Mura muttered.

"A complimentary idea." Augustine nodded.

"Alright." I said, although not with a lot of confidence. "Maybe I'll just watch with Miles..."


We found a perfect open area for us to practice after a few minutes of searching. It was secluded by trees and large boulders, and it was pretty quiet for an area only a few hundred meters from Dragonflame House, the house furthest west on campus. The green grass was cut short by the caretakers to keep it neat and tidy, and the sun was getting covered by the approaching rain clouds, the fresh smell of rain warning those below of the impending showers, although the warning was not urgent. The clouds were still far enough away to give us time. Miles and I sat on one of the big boulders facing away from campus together as we watched the other three duellists gather, Mura, Fraylick, and Augustine.

"Alright, this is just a casual duel, so let's not break any bones on the first day, okay?" Augustine urged Fraylick and Mura, but she was directing her concern mostly towards him.

"Roger." Fraylick saluted her as he stepped back a few feet along with the others. "Let's do this. We should all at least put on a good show for John, right?"

"Not too flashy, alright?" Augustine tried calming him down again, then looked around to make sure everyone was ready. "Okay, are we all ready? Go!"

Augustine showed-off first with her magic, plant-control. The grass around her feet began to overgrow wildly and form giant tendrils of green sprouts and roots. She whipped them around as she jerked her hands about in a hypnotic fashion, and she raised one tendril like a whip and aimed right at Mura. "Let's see if you can block this, Mura! Plant-Control: Verdant Whip!"

I gawked as I watched the towering pillar of vegetation come crashing down with Miles, who had an excited look on his face. "Woah, she can control plants?"

"Yep and she can talk to them too." Miles grinned as he watched Augustine's attack.

Mura grunted, and crossed her forearms in an 'X' shape. "Transmute Body: Stone."

Mura's body began to make crackling noises, and her skin turned grey as every inch of her skin took on the texture of a rock. "Wow, what's her magic?"

"She can turn her whole body, or any part of her body into a few materials, kinda like self-alchemy if you think about it," Miles answered.

"Transmute Attack: Precipice Fist!" Mura jumped up and broke the giant whip in two with her bare hands, and she landed with a great 'thud' as her stone body hit the earth. She took on the weight of the material as well.

"Nice block, Murmur! Now I'm gonna take a crack at August here!" Fraylick complimented Mura as he dashed past her and prepared his magic, raising his fist to activate a large rune on his forearm. It shone a bright red like fire. "Attack Rune: Fireball!"

Fraylick hurled a bright red ball of hot flame towards Augustine, and she raised her magic shield to deflect the attack. The attack was diffused, and it withered away as it struck the translucent green dome around her body. "Nice try, Fraylick!"

"My turn." Mura crossed her forearms again, and her body became black like a piece of coal. "Transmute Body: Vulcanite Rubber."

Mura's fist right hand stretched out like a rubber band and writhed around like a snake as she charged at Fraylick, readying her next attack. "Transmute Attack: Elastic Flintlock."

"Crap! Defence Rune: Ice Wall!" Fraylick shouted as a wall of cold ice formed in front of him to block the attack. Then, Mura's rubber fist snapped back to normal as she swung her arm, and the force of the elastic snap transferred into her knuckles, generating tremendous force as her fist made contact with the ice. It shattered with a deafening 'boom', but Fraylick was left unharmed by the attack thankfully. "That would've hurt..."

"Mura's pretty tough," I stated as I watched her rubber skin turn back to normal.

"Yeah, she's holding back too." Miles chuckled lightly as he analyzed the fight. "She's tougher than them, but she's too shy to show off."

He was right. Although that strike was powerful, I could tell she was without a doubt holding back a lot of power. It was a casual match after all.

"Alright, folks! Let's finish this, huh?" Fraylick charged up another attack.

"I couldn't agree more! Plant-Control: Vine Barrage!" Augustine shouted as a wall of whipping vines prepared to pummel the opposition.

"Transmute Attack: Elastic Musket." Mura's body turned back into vulcanite rubber, and her right foot extended towards the vines at supersonic speeds.

"Attack Rune: Thunderclap!" The sound of thunder roaring echoed as a concussive force escaped Fraylick's hand, barrelling towards the maelstrom of vines.

As the three attacks collided, they all were overwhelmed by one another, scraping and crashing in a cacophony of deafening noises. Mura's foot was slowed by Fraylick's thunder but thrashed apart the vines. Fraylick's attack shredded the vines, but it was dissolved by the force of Mura's kick. Their attacks seemed to destroy each other, like a three-way game of rock paper scissors, and everyone trumped everyone.

"Wow, that was cool!" I yelled over to the warmed-up fighters, who all shook hands and smiled (well, Mura didn't really smile). I jumped off the boulder along with Miles. "You were all so strong!"

"Yeah, well... I'm not that great." Fraylick said with a cocky attitude as he dusted off his uniform. "I was holding back for these guys!"

"We all were holding back, remember?" Augustine reminded Fraylick, who glared at her in response.

"Oh yeah? Because I saw you struggling back there!" Fraylick chuckled as he poked Augustine in the shoulder.

"Oh hush, you buffoon! I could wipe the floor with you any day!" Augustine growled at him, and the two became locked in a staring contest.

"Alright you two, settle down. We've should be heading back to Dragonflame House now." Miles sighed and split them up.

"Alright, alright," Fraylick replied as he broke away from his glare-off with Augustine.

As we all walked back to our house, Miles gave me a nudge to get my attention. I looked back at him with a raised eyebrow. "What's up?"

"So, why didn't you want to join them?" Miles whispered as he drew closer.

"I'm not that strong. I wouldn't even put up a decent fight against them." I said in a defeatist fashion. "Why weren't you in the fight?"

"I'm a healer, I can fire regular blasts of magic, but I don't know specialized offensive magic like them," Miles answered as he put his hands in his pockets. "And don't put yourself down. I'm sure you're a decent magic-duellist! You just have to get stronger! Isn't that what this school is all about?"

"I suppose." I brushed my hand through my hair as we kept walking.

"So, who's up for some ping-pong when we get back?!" Fraylick joyously bellowed as he turned around to face us, walking backwards towards our dorm. "I'll take you all down!"

"I doubt it," Augustine smirked as she tried to burst his bubble.

"You want a bet?!" Fraylick grunted.

"You're on!" Augustine replied with determination as she glared at him again.

"Will these two ever quit?" I thought to myself as I watched them argue back and forth all the way to the dormitory.

Author's Note:

Nothing beats a little action, am I right? :rainbowwild: