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Harmony Gems - Nova Arc

The Gem Homeworld is fighting a war. However, their work on Earth is being delayed. As such, the higher-ups believe it's time to step up their game and retake one of their old colonies: Equestria.

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Pranking and Pummeling

Dawn had been counting the days go by. He’d been grounded two weeks now, but at least things were less tense in the house. Amber and Fulgurite seemed to have calmed down and Obsidian wasn’t as mad either, although he was more reserved than usual.

Dawn had also been thinking about Nox and how she’d vanished. Even though the Gems had told him not to feel bad, he couldn’t help feeling somewhat responsible for her being on the loose. The fact that none of the Gems could track her made it all the scarier. Luckily, there were some things that helped take his mind off it.

“Gaia to Dawn? You there?” Sweetie Belle called, poking his head. He just realized he had daydreamed through the last thirty minutes of class and everyone was leaving.

“Jeez, any more spaced out and you’d might as well be in another universe,” said Scootaloo.

Dawn blinked out of his daze. “Sorry. Distracted,” he said.

“Yeah, no kiddin’,” said Applebloom. “What’s up?”

“You still thinking about that weird shadow thing?” asked Scootaloo.

“Yeah,” Dawn answered as he packed his bag and got up. “It’s kinda weird.”

“What is?”

“Well, Nox got what she wanted: a body. So how did she ghost out on us?”

The three looked confused, but Scootaloo spoke first. “Uh, ‘ghost out’?”

“Oh. That’s something Amber and Fulgurite say when they want to say that something vanished,” Dawn explained as they walked out of the school. “I guess I just picked it up.”

“Ooooh,” they three said together.

“Don’t worry about it, Dawn,” said Sweetie Belle. “Between the Gems and my sister and the Elements of Harmony, I’m pretty sure that even if Nox does show up, she won’t be much of a problem!”

Dawn smiled at her optimism. “Yeah. I guess you’re right.”

“You are so wrong!” Fulgurite said. Back at the house, the Gems were working on a way to find and capture Nox. So far, no one seemed to be coming up with anything solid and it didn’t help ease the tension - not one bit. “Nox doesn’t give off an energy signature. She’s a manifestation of an abstract concept with a similar formation as a Gem. Only her ‘gemstone’ doesn’t emit the same magic aura as a regular Gem.”

“Then we tweak the scanners,” said Amber. “Recalibrate them to track down her specific signature, whatever it is.”

“No point,” said Obsidian. “With her power growing, her aura would be in a constant flux. We won’t even be able to get a possible area, let alone an exact location.”

“Look, I say we still split up,” said Tourmaline. “Nox would most likely need some Gem artifacts if she wants to max out her new form’s power. I say we each take the warp pad to different locations and search.”

“That would be a waste of time,” said Amber. “Nox knows we’ll be looking for her. The last thing she’ll do is give us time to even get in her general area! We need to know exactly where she is because last time I checked, shooting in the dark against Nox usually led to being further behind than you started.”

“Well, maybe you shouldn’t have given the crushed remnants of gemstones a consciousness,” said Obsidian.

“You wanna start the blame game, Obsidian?” Amber said, turning to her comrade. “Fine. How about actually blaming the person responsible for Nox’s return!”

“I fully intend to,” he said. “This is one reason among many why I said we shouldn’t get involved with this planet’s species; they’re too similar to humans. They’re both stubborn, brash, reckless, and constantly get involved in dangerous things that don’t concern them.”

“Give it a rest, Obsidian,” Amber groaned, annoyed. “Did you forget that it was interacting with another planet’s inhabitants that made sure you didn’t die a suicidal berserker?”

“Well, maybe if I didn’t, I wouldn’t be in this mess.”

“Really? You’d rather still be Homeworld’s expendable loose cannon?”

“At least I’d have more peace and quiet in the void of oblivion, and have some respect from the Gems around me.”

“Oh, I’d be happy to help with that first part.” Amber’s gem glowed and moved from her stomach to the base of her neck and the handle of a weapon began to emerge.

“HEY!” Fulgurite got between them as Obsidian summoned his swords. “Knock it off, both of you! We should only be drawing our weapons at actual threats!”

“You sure we aren’t looking at one already?” Obsidian said.

“Oh-ho-ho! You have no idea,” Amber replied, her eyes glowing.

“Amber! Cool it!” Fulgurite looked at her friend, whose hair was rising and giving off a very noticeable heatwave. Fulgurite looked at the door of the house and stared for a while. “Okay, everyone chill out! Dawn’s home!”

With that, Amber sent the weapon back and her Gem stopped glowing, but remained in its new position, a hole around her top matching the gem’s shape now appeared. Obsidian also backed off, putting his weapons away.

Low and behold, Dawn walked in just a few moments later.

“Hey, guys,” Dawn said as he walked in.

“Hey, Dawn,” Fulgurite said. “How’d the day go?”

“Pretty good.”

“Well it’s about to get even better,” Fulgurite said. “You know what day it is?”

“Um… Friday?” Dawn replied, confused.

“Mhm… and…?”

Dawn still didn’t get it. He looked around subconsciously, hoping to find some kind of clue as to what Fulgurite was hinting to. His eyes then fell on the calendar in the living room. He noticed the note on today’s slot and gasped.

“You mean…”

“Yup. You and I…” Fulgurite zipped over to him and picked him up, “are gonna have a lot of fun!” Dawn’s smile was impossibly wide; it almost made Pinkie’s smile look like normal.

“Wait, Ful,” Amber said. “We have work to do.”

“Maybe we should give Tour’s idea a shot,” Fulgurite replied as she placed Dawn on her shoulders. “Why don’t you take the Whitetail Woods, Tour can take the Galloping Gorge, and Obsidian can go to… I don’t remember what it’s called, but I remember it has a volcano.”

Amber knew what Fulgurite was doing. She did need to calm down and where she was going was perfect.

“Okay. We’ll meet back here as soon as we’re done with our respective areas,” Amber said. One by one, they all warped out and Fulgurite sighed in relief.

“Okay, you need to get anything?” she asked.

“Nah,” he said, dropping his bag.

“Alrighty. Hang on tight,” Fulgurite said. She shot off out the door in a burst of speed, leaving a trail of lightning behind her.

Back in Ponyville, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie had been on one of their usual pranking sprees. They had just finished replacing the spa’s supply of scented candles with stink bombs and they had all had a big laugh out of it. Pinkie ticked off another victim from the list in her hand as she bounced out of the spa with Rainbow Dash close behind.

“Never thought they’d actually take it that well,” Rainbow said, rubbing her forehead. Unfortunately for her, she didn’t have the Pinkie Sense to avoid Aloe’s first reaction: throw the candle at the source of the laughter!

“I know, right?” Pinkie said, putting the list back in her cotton candy hair. “Next up: Twilight!”

“You’d think pranking Twilight would get old… it doesn’t. It really doesn’t.”

Just then, a blast of wind hit them, kicking up dust. As the two girls blew the dust away, the cloud cleared to reveal Fulgurite and Dawn standing in front of them.

“Hehe… WOOHOO!!!” Dawn cheered, even though he was currently so dizzy that if he were any more so, his brain might be moving in his head! “Let’s do that again!”

“Uh… yeah. Love ya, Dawn, but Amber told me never to go more than 150mph with you. If she knew how fast I went to get us here, she’d bury me alive… in a dead star!”

“Glad you could make it,” said Pinkie. “We’re off to prank Twilight next.”

“Sweet. Count us in,” Fulgurite said.

“Uh… you sure the squirt’s gonna be alright for this?” Rainbow Dash asked, looking as the, still dizzy, Dawn tried to stay upright and not turn and lean every two seconds.

“He’s survived being in the crossfire of a prank war between Tour and I. He’s picked up a thing or two.”

“Yeah,” Dawn said, a bit more steady. “Amber says they’re a bad influence.”

“Gee. I wonder where she got that idea,” Rainbow remarked, noting Dawn’s messier-than-normal hair. “C’mon! We ain’t got all day! Twilight usually arranges her books about now.”

Thirty minutes later…

“So that’s Twilight, Cheerilee, Big Mac, Applejack, and the Flower sisters!” Pinkie bounced about town, striking names off her list. “Wow. We really did a lot of work today, huh?”

You did a lot of work?” Fulgurite said, rubbing her back. “I literally took one for the team!”

“Hey, we’ve all been hit by Twilight’s misfired magic blasts at least once!”

“Have any of you been hit with 75lb of concussive force at point-blank range?”


“I rest my case.”

Rainbow flew over to Dawn and ruffled his hair. “You did good, kid,” she said. “Never met someone who could sneak around Twilight’s library completely unnoticed! Well… maybe except Spike.”

“Thanks,” Dawn said. “Uh… who’s Spike?”

“Wait, you never met Spike?” Dawn halted, seeing Pinkie in his face.

“Uh… no?”

“Oh. He must’ve been in dreamland when you and the Gems were in the castle. He’s Twilight’s little brother.”

“Twilight has a brother?” asked Fulgurite. “I thought Spike was some kind of dragon?”

“Oh, he is,” Pinkie replied. “But Twilight hatched him and took care of him since day one, so technically…”

“Wait, wouldn’t that make her Spike’s mom?”

“I guess so. But they’re not that far apart in age. Twilight hatched him when she was about six, so I guess that makes him about twelve now.”

“Well, Dawn, looks like you may find a new friend,” Fulgurite said, which made Dawn smile.

“Hey,” Rainbow called. “How about we make it an even ten pranks today?”

“I’m down,” said Fulgurite. “Dawn?” He replied with a nod.

“Count me in,” said Pinkie.

“Great, so how about we make it special; we walk a hundred feet and prank the first person we see!”

“That’s… risky,” said Fulgurite. “Don’t get me wrong, I’m usually the more carefree one, but what if we run into a golem or an ursa or a chimera or something else that probably doesn’t take pranks so well?”

“Well… we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.”

“Except we can’t,” Pinkie said, all eyes now on her. “The cakes put me in charge of a REALLY big order that I absotively have to get done by the end of the day!”

“What? C’mon! Just one?” Rainbow pleaded.

“Sorry, Dashie. These are baked goods we’re talking about. Baked. Goods.” With each word she got closer until she was nose-to-nose with Rainbow, who moved away slowly.

“Alright fine,” said Rainbow. “Look, I’ll help you out just so we can get that ten before night, deal?” Pinkie nodded frantically.

“Take your time,” said Fulgurite. “Dawn and I are going to hit our ten early.”

“What? Can’t wait?”

“Nope. Dawn’s still grounded, so he can’t be out past seven, and I’m pretty sure you’re not going to finish your ‘big order’ in four hours.”

“What makes you so sure?”

“Because from what I heard about Pinkie, every little detail is vital. Plus, I’ve seen what a ‘regular’ order looks like. Jeez, I’m surprised the bakery itself doesn’t take up half of Ponyville and that I haven’t seen any outside the town!”

Rainbow thought about it. “Fair enough. We’ll meet tomorrow and compare to see who’s prank was better, deal?”


They shook on it and went their separate ways.

“Alrighty, Dawn,” Fulgurite said. “We’ve got a few hours to find someone reasonable to prank.”

“Wait, I thought the plan was to walk a hundred steps then prank the first person we see,” said Dawn.

“Yeah, well if we can do this right, we should be able to find someone easy to prank within those one hundred steps.”

“Isn’t that technically cheating?”

“Dawn, there’s no such thing as cheating in a prank challenge!”

Dawn looked uneasily, but Fulgurite had never steered him wrong before… well not really… except when she did…

“Okay,” Dawn finally agreed.

It barely took thirty minutes before they finally came up with an idea. They stood just in front of a pond planning their next move.

“So, Rarity comes through here to find gemstones for her outfits in rocks just outside of town,” Fulgurite explained. “If we can catch her just at the edge of those trees, you distract her while I dump that bucket-” Fulgurite pointed at the five-foot-tall vat, “-of candy snakes on her!”

“Gotcha,” Dawn said.

“Remember, I need her still for at least ten seconds. I can’t hold the bucket in the tree because the branch can’t hold it. So wait for my signal, then move.”

Dawn nodded as Fulgurite vanished into a tree just as Rarity walked by, pulling a wagon of shiny gemstones. “Good afternoon, Rarity.”

“Oh, hello cutie,” Rarity greeted. “Please, no need to be so formal with me.”

“Oh, okay.” Dawn thought quickly of a way to keep her there long enough. He could see the locks of Fulgurite’s hair reaching for the bucket. “So, um, are those for new outfit designs?”

“Why, yes,” Rarity replied.

“Oh. How do you find them?”

“Well, if you must know, my special talent is being able to find gemstones of all kinds; crystals, diamonds, you name it.”

“Oh. Um… I was wondering if you could-” Before Dawn could finish, snakes rained from the sky, accompanied by Fulgurite’s skillful snake impersonation.


“AAAAHHH!” Rarity yelped and jumped up onto a tree branch with unexpected athleticism, shaking from the fright. “Dawn, dear, don’t you Gems normally run from snakes?”

“Well, according to Amber, snake venom doesn’t really do anything to Gems,” Dawn said, calmly. “But I’m half organic, so we don’t normally take chances.” He picked one off his shoulder… and slurped it down.

“Um… is eating snakes also normal for Gems?” Rarity asked, a bit weirded out.

“Only if they’re made of candy,” he said, tossing one over to Rarity, who caught it with her magic. After close inspection, she realized that she didn’t know of any breed of snake that was blue… and translucent.

“Gotcha.” Rarity jumped at the sudden voice in her ear and slipped off the branch. Luckily, Fulgurite’s hair caught her just in time.

Rarity looked up and grinned. “Haha, very funny. I take it Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie put you up to this?”

“Not exactly. We were going on a bit of a pranking spree, but the planning and all was our idea.” She slowly lowered Rarity back down to the ground, where she stared at the sea of candy snakes on the ground.

“Well, I must say, very well played,” Rarity said, dusting herself off and straightening her hair and clothes.

“You’re not mad?” Dawn asked.

“Dear, it was a harmless prank. After knowing Pinkie and Rainbow Dash for as long as I have, you gain a certain appreciation of these things,” she said with a smile. “Oh, by the way,” she added as she walked off, “if you really are interested in learning my little trick, I’d be happy to try and show you some time.”

Dawn nodded and waved goodbye before getting caught in Fulgurite’s headlock. “Nice going, kiddo,” Fulgurite said, ruffling his hair.


“So, how about one more?”

“I thought we were making it an even ten?”

“Yeah, well I want to see the look on their faces when I tell them we got one more in!”

“You sure? It’s getting late and…”

“Alright, alright,” Fulgurite finally agreed. “But tomorrow, we’re getting one in early.” Dawn nodded in agreement.

She stopped suddenly.

“What’s going on?” he asked.

“Um… Dawn?” She looked off into the forest behind them. “Start heading back home. I’ll be right behind you.”

Dawn nodded and sat down on a log as Fulgurite went in around a tree.

“I told you it may not work.”

Fulgurite’s ears twitched as she tried to track the new voice. It sounded like it was coming from some kind of radio.

“Look, you told me you could find this thing,” said another voice, which sounded more real, but also feminine. “You’d better not be screwing me over!”

Fulgurite looked around a tree and saw a lone figure talking to… no one. It had pale grey skin, long, wavy silver hair parted down middle that reached middle of it’s torso. She seemed slightly shorter than Fulgurite and wore a green tube top under a black jacket, black pants, and grey boots.

“Listen, it’s over a hundred years old. If anything’s still working, it’s probably jammed, locked, or worn beyond repair. Maybe you should’ve been more careful when you were flying,” said the disembodied voice.

“Locked, huh?” the red figure said, looking at the massive boulder in front of her.

“Yes, locked.” Fulgurite smacked herself; maybe she was hearing things… that just so happened to make sense…

“You know, sealed off so nothing can get in.”

“Huh.” The figure raised her right hand and the gem began to glow. She pulled the weapon out, which turned out to be a rather elaborate crossbow. She pointed it at the rock as an arrow of white light appeared and pulled the trigger. A heavy salvo of projectiles hammered at the side of the rock for almost ten whole seconds! When she finally stopped and the dust cleared, there was a rough opening like a shattered window in the side of the boulder. “That’s what I think of your locked door.”

“Crude… but effective.”

“Heck yeah!” The figure leaded in to look inside. There were what looked like a set of flat crystals. “Jackpot!”

“I take it you found them?”

“Oh yeah.” She reached in and grabbed a handful and stuffed them in the bag over her shoulder. “Ship’s totalled though. Think you can fix it?”

“I couldn’t fix it before you pummeled it with your weapon and smashed through the cockpit. What do you think?”

“Just a question. Yeesh.”

It was then Fulgurite realised that the boulder wasn’t a boulder at all; it was an escape pod! But it must’ve been through some crash landing because it was bashed up enough to be mistaken for a giant rock!

“Must have been a bad driver,” Fulgurite thought.

“Alright. I got everything.”

“Great. Get back here and maybe we can get some work done.”

The mysterious Gem didn’t move. But she did speak.

“I see you.” That warning was enough for Fulgurite to avoid getting hit by the bright arrow that slammed into the tree. “It ain’t nice to sneak up on people, y’know.”

Fulgurite stepped out of her cover. “Well, unless that pod is yours, it isn’t nice to take what doesn’t belong to you either.”

“Oh, it belongs to me alright.” The Gem noticed the star-shaped patterns on Fulgurite’s sleeves. “A Crystal Gem? Huh. Never thought any of you were left here.”

“Well, now you know.”

“And I still don’t care.” The Gem raised her crossbow and fired a rapid barrage of arrows. Fulgurite’s reflexes were just barely saving her from taking the hits as she spun and weaved around the shots. “GAH! I HATE stubborn targets!” The Gem stopped firing to pull back the arrow, which grew bigger and brighter. Once she pulled the trigger, the arrow split into ten rays, spreading out and converging on Fulgurite.

“Crud!” Fulgurite rolled out of the way and grinned. “Missed.”

“If you say so,” the Gem replied.

Fulgurite turned around and saw the arrows had still been going and turned back around. Fulgurite bolted off with the arrows in hot pursuit, weaving through the forest to try to lure each shot into an obstacle. She managed to avoid almost all, but as she ducked under the last one, sending it into another tree, she didn’t notice the arrow that had taken a different path… and was headed straight for her.

Her hair couldn’t shield her fast enough and she took the hit square in the chest, knocking her back and sending her rolling across the ground.

She got up shakily and barely managed to avoid another onslaught.

“Jeez! Just go poof already,” the Gem yelled.

“No thanks,” Fulgurite said. “I kinda like having a body.”

“Why would you like that excuse of a figure?” the Gem mocked.

“Hey! I’ll have you know that Gems have said I look cute!”

“They lied.”

Fulgurite had had enough and went on the offensive. In a burst of speed, she found herself face-to-face with her adversary, the gust from her movement blowing her hair back and revealing all the shock in her dark green eyes. Before she could blink, the Gem found herself getting knocked back several feet from Fulgurite’s kick. She steadied herself and saw her opponent’s boots.

“Nice kicks,” she said.

“Thanks,” Fulgurite replied. “Um… do you mean the actual kick or-”

“I meant the boots,” she said. “But at least the kick wasn’t all sisi.”

“Uh… thanks… I guess…” Fulgurite bolted at her opponent again and aimed her knee at the Gem, but her opponent caught her and flipped her over. Sadly, she had no idea that Fulgurite’s specialty was CQC and had many mental regrets as Fulgurite’s foot slammed into her face. However, she got another shot in on Fulgurite, sending her back as well. “OW! Yeesh! What’s your damage?”

“I told you. I hate being watched,” she replied. “Especially by Gems who don’t got the skill to take me.”

“Yeah, says the Gem who only landed two out of seventy-nine shots,” Fulgurite said with a grin. “Yeah. I was counting.”

“Count again.”

Fulgurite was confused by the smug remark, but soon understood when she felt a heavy, searing pain in her back; she missed one. She was knocked forward, right in front of her opponent’s, not one, but two crossbows… and her grin, before getting blasted back again and into the open cockpit of the escape pod. Her eyes were spinning from the force of the hit she took. She didn’t even know when the second crossbow came out! As her sense slowly returned to her, she felt something grab her shirt and pull her up.

“Asterix,” said the Gem, barely audible to Fulgurite, whose ears were still ringing a bit. “Just want you to remember the name of the Gem who whooped your sorry butt.”

“She said she’d be back half an hour ago,” Amber said, waiting impatiently with Dawn. “Where is she?”

“We were by the lake, but she said she’d be right behind me,” Dawn said.

“I could go out and look for her,” Tourmaline offered. Just as he did, an angry, yellow-skinned female stormed into the room. “Never mind.”

“FUL! Where have you been?” Amber asked worried. “And why do you look like you just rumbled with a class-7 golem?”

“Might as well have,” Fulgurite said, more irritated than anyone was used to as she collapsed onto the couch… in fact, her being irritated was a very rare occurrence. “We have a problem.”

“What?” Amber asked, confused.

“Turns out we may have a bit more to worry about than we thought.” Fulgurite looked around. “Where’s Obsidian?”

“In his room, as usual,” Tourmaline replied.

“Well, good. Because we definitely don’t want him to hear about this.”

Obsidian stood in front of a massive bubble, his face stern as usual.. Inside the dark orange bubble was an irritated green Gem.

“What do you want?” the green Gem asked.

“Last chance. Who are you and why are you here?” Obsidian asked.

“First off, ain’t none o’ your business. Second… ain’t none o’ your business.”

“We’ve been here for millennia and haven’t heard of a single Gem left here,” Obsidian said. “But suddenly, here you are. Out of nowhere.”

“What can I say. I’m good at keeping a low profile,” the Gem replied with a smug grin. “Y’know, I ain’t never met an Obsidian this calm and so far away from a battlefield. Normally, you Gems are a bunch o’ psycho, suicidal war machines on a constant war path! You… you’re way off.”

“This is me asking you questions, not you trying to psychoanalyse me,” Obsidian said, growing impatient.

“Yeah, yeah. Why don’tcha just pop me again. You ain’t gettin’ squat outta me.”

Obsidian cocked his head. “You remind me of quartz Gems. The only difference being that they’re much… much bigger,” he said. The Gem’s eye twitched. “I’m close, aren’t I?” Now, it was Obsidian’s turn to be smug.

But his detainee wasn’t going to make it easy. “Keep tryin’, but try not to give yourself a headache.”

“Hmmm… I read a story about a mysterious green Gem warrior,” Obsidian said, pacing. “He wasn’t common on the battlefield, unlike other quartzes, but when he was there, he was fierce. I also heard he had trouble remembering what side he was on.” Obsidian grinned, seeing the look of mixed anxiety and annoyance. “What was it Bismuth called you again… Emerald Quartz?” It was barely noticeable, but Obsidian picked up his slight shake. “What is it Fulgurite says again? Oh, right. Nailed it!”

“So you got my name,” Emerald Quartz admitted. “You think I’m supposed to be intimidated?”

“It takes time for some,” Obsidian said. “And you and me? We got plenty.”

Emerald Quartz froze in shock as Obsidian ran his blade through his chest again. “When I get outta here,” he said, groaning in pain, “You’re gonna be carbon dust!” He managed a grin just before exploding into a white cloud, leaving only his gemstone behind. Obsidian shrunk the bubble and tapped it away, letting it hover over the room.

“I’ll be waiting.”

Author's Note:

New chapter! So... a lot more sentient rocks on this planet, huh? Well, gems aren't as rare here as they are on Earth, now are they?:ajsmug:

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